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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica arrives in Pigeon Hollow to meet with Doc Waller. Madison apologizes to Ryan for her actions of the previous day in which she pulled away from him. J.R. is in his bedroom when there is a knock on the door. J.R. opens the door thinking it is Marissa, but it is Annie. Marissa confronts Scott about Annie being in the mansion. Greenlee takes a run in the park and sees a butterfly. Opal stops by to check on Greenlee. David finds Greenlee’s note and gets a call from Tom. Opal warns Greenlee about marrying David. David walks up to join them. Madison gets a call from Randi to get to work immediately. Greenlee begins to have second thoughts about what they are doing to Erica. Annie tries to make amends to J.R and climbs into his bed. Marissa walks in. At Fusion, Greenlee and David are confronted by the press release that Erica embezzled money from the Miranda Center to finance her Fusion Glam campaign. Jack comes in and wants to know what is going on. Jack defends Erica, sure that she would never do anything like this. Doc Waller gives Erica a letter that Palmer wrote and a metal box. Upon seeing Annie in J.R.’s bedroom, Marissa orders her out. Erica calls Opal about Palmer’s letter and finds out that she needs to go to Fusion as soon as she arrives back in town. In checking the Internet, Erica finds out about what is going on at Fusion. Erica calls Greenlee and blasts her for setting her up to take the fall. Greenlee acts as though she cannot hear what Erica is saying. David commends Greenlee for her calmness in all of this. Erica argues with the pilot to take off immediately. Greenlee runs into Ryan and Emma in the park. Emma invites Greenlee to her birthday party and gives her a bracelet. Marissa suggests that she, J.R. and A.J. take a vacation, but J.R. doesn’t want to go. Scott tells Annie about a deal that he and Palmer were working on before he died. Erica’s plane has technical difficulties and crash lands.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Janet and Dusty go out for their first official date but the mood is ruined when Janet remembers it is Rocco's birthday. Janet misses her father and tells Dusty that whenever someone in her family was born Rocco would plant a tree in their honor. Janet is touched when Dusty surprises her by planting a tree to remember Rocco's birthday and honor the new baby that will soon be born. Janet and Dusty playfully fight with a water hose and share a kiss.

Parker can't stand to see Jack and Carly fight over how they will protect him so he confesses everything to Margo and Jack and Carly have to different views about Parker's confession. Jack is proud of his son for being so brave as to confess and do the right thing. Carly fears that Parker could be sent to jail for a long time and blames Jack for teaching Parker such a strong sense of right and wrong. Jack and Carly promise Parker that he won't be the reason they break up and that they will remain united and face this crisis as a family. Once Parker is taken down to be booked, Carly tells Jack that she will never forgive him for not doing more to protect Parker. Margo takes Jack off the case and there is a possibility he could lose his badge because Margo thinks that Jack wanted Craig to go to Jail for attempted murder and kept the information about Parker a secret from her for that reason.

Lucinda is the first person to talk to Gabriel and she tells him that she was a friend of his mother and that Craig deserves to go to jail for all the pain he caused him and his mother. Gabriel is questioned by Margo and he tells her that parker did punch him but he got up a few minutes later and he saw Craig who punched him again and left him in the burning building.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Cowabunga; Owen is delighted that he is going to be a dad. He’s shocked though when he finds out Jackie knows all about it and in fact it was her command they let Nick think it was his. He does need to know if Bridget hopes she won’t carry this baby to term. He wants her to think positive; this baby will survive. Hope presents herself well and does great at the photo shoot despite snide remarks between Brooke and Steffy. Steffy tells Stephanie that maybe she won’t have to mess with Oliver after all. Hope can break his heart all by herself by holding out. She speaks with Hope and warns her that Oliver will tire of just holding hands and that is where Steffy comes in. Brooke talks with Oliver and tells him to stay true to his word about waiting for sex and they will get along just fine. She calls her dad and really has to prod him to get out and meet her for lunch.

Oliver gives Hope a matching Chinese necklace meaning hope. Brooke overhears Steffy bragging to Stephanie that she will be there for Oliver when he is ready. Brooke tells her to have a little more self respect and back off when it comes to Hope’s boyfriend. Owen tells Bridget they have to stop focusing on stress. They need to keep positive and her in good mental and physical health. He says she will talk to Jackie and assure her that he loves her and this won’t change anything. Whatever happens to the baby after it is born, they will figure that out. She leans her head on his shoulder. Steffy tells Brooke that if she and Hope stay here it is going to be uncomfortable for both of them. She thinks it is time for them to go. Oliver tells Hope that he will take it slow and easy. He wants not just to have sex but to make love. He feels like the luckiest guy in L.A. just to hold her and look into her eyes. Brooke is given an alarm that her dad is out around the loading docks not acting like himself. When she goes to check on him, she waves and he steps out in front of a car that is leaving and is thrown onto the hood.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Anna begins to wake up from her coma, much to Rafe’s delight. Sami grounds Will for poor grades in math. EJ lays into Stefano for trying to mentor Will, and Sami, proud of him for standing up to Stefano, nearly kisses him. Will, however, decides that Stefano isn’t so bad after all. Maggie interrupts Stephanie and Melanie’s fight, and Stephanie accuses Melanie of still being hung up on Nathan. Daniel confronts Philip about the dinner invitation from Vivian. Philip is relieved Daniel doesn’t know about him and Chloe sleeping together. Later, Daniel confides in Father Matt about an idea he has to help Chloe. Chloe argues with Nathan about keeping her affair a secret. Carly overhears them arguing, and thinking that Carly knows everything, Chloe blurts out that it was a one-night mistake. Carly figures out that Chloe must have cheated on Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carter, the inmate that rescued Michael from the Guard Frank giving him a beat down, tells Michael that he owes him. He touches Michael's hair and Michael recoils. Later, Carter has a guard let him out of his cell and into Michael cell. He tells Michael that he owes him more than he did before and he has to pay up. Mayor Lowell tried to delay Jason's transport from the PCPD to Pentonville. Dante tells him that if he doesn’t expedite Jason going to Pentonville, the he will be forced to tell the press about the mayors philandering. Jason finally goes to Pentonville. Olivia has dinner with Sonny. Dante sees them together and tells Olivia that he thought she was smarter than to let Sonny manipulate her. He tells sonny that the only relationship he wants to have with him is being his arresting officer. Lulu tells Maxie about her fear of telling Dante about her abortion and Maxie suggests that Lulu not say anything about it. Lulu thinks it is better to be honest because she doesn’t want someone else to tell him first. Later Dante comes to her office and gushes about how brave hi smother was to have him at 15 instead of having an abortion. Carly has Spinelli look up information about Ned Ashton's daughter Brook Lynn because she knew Dante in Bensonhurst. Carly won't tell Spinelli what she plans to do with the information. Carly goes to Bensonhurst to find Brook Lynn. She tells her that in return for her cooperation, she will give her money and make her credit card fraud charges go away. Sonny goes home and finds Johnny there. Before he can shoot Johnny, Johnny tells him that the ringing phone is Bernie with bad news.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John assumes that Natalie has taken off on the last flight and it's too late for them, after reading her letter and finding out that she loves him. But Kelly encourages him not to give up on her. She assumes that John has made his decision and has dumped her for Marty. She visits Brody who is similarly distraught over losing Jessica. They drink and end up sleeping together. And she concludes that she has to move to London. Jessica is ready to sleep with Ford and let him help her get over both Cristian and Brody. But she somehow senses that it would not be right. She then remembers everything in her life including her daughter, her relationship with Brody and her present. And when Brody least expects it, she comes to see him and admits that she now remembers everything. Rex and Gigi get arrested by Otto in Santa Fe for breaking and entering. He attempts to call Bo to ask him for help but cannot bring himself to admit that he screwed up. He tells Gigi that he is ready to give up on finding his real parents. But she somehow knows that he cannot do that.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Kevin tells Ryder that he doesn’t trust him. Lauren begs Michael to keep Ryder away from her. Lauren demands to know what Ryder is doing here and where Daisy is. Ryder tells everyone that he has come back to turn himself in. Jana tells Lauren that Ryder helped her in bringing her medication for her headaches and he is nothing like Daisy. Kevin calls the police on Ryder. Ashley tells Abby that Victor is on his way to talk to her. Ashley begs Abby to come home. Nick is home and spends time with Summer and Faith. Victor visits. Nick questions Victor about Frank Ellis. Nick accuses Victor of bribing Ellis to make it look as though it wasn’t safe for him in jail. Victor confesses that he bribed Ellis. Victor finds out that Sharon and Phyllis went to Minneapolis to try to find clues on who killed Adam. Phyllis begins to put the pieces together concerning Mr. Hightower and Adam. Abby charges an $85,000 necklace to her credit card. Ashley and Victor meet to come up with a plan on how to deal with Abby. Lauren meets with Ryder in jail. Phyllis comes home to Nick. Sharon arrives and she and Phyllis tell Nick what they found in Minneapolis concerning Adam and Mr. Hightower. Nick, Phyllis and Sharon go to Chance with the info. Chance makes some phone calls and finds out that Mr. Hightower disappeared to Miami. Victor finds out that Abby charged a $85,000 necklace. Ashley and Victor refuse to give Abby her trust fund. Jana visits Ryder in jail. Abby and Kent go forward with their plan for the reality show. Ashley and Victor get served with papers to release Abby’s trust fund.

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