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AMC Recap Written by Mary

When Damon attacks a “bouncer” at the casino, Jesse is there to intervene. Liza apologizes to Tad for being so hard on Damon. Tad gets a call about Damon being in trouble. Jake, at the Yacht Club prepare to decorate. Jake asks for Opal’s help in decorating the Yacht Club . Amanda talks to Trevor that Jake is trying to prove that she is crazy just like Janet. Angie visits Amanda to get her to come to the Yacht Club for a cup of coffee, but Amanda refuses. Angie tells Amanda that she is not leaving without her. David and Greenlee put their plan into motion against Erica. In New York, Jack and Erica wake up together. Jack promises Erica lunch before she goes home. Erica intercepts a text message from Greenlee to Jack. Erica lashes out at jack for lying to her and being on Greenlee’s side. Jack tells Erica that he wants Greenlee to get her company back. Jesse lets Tad know that he cannot keep on getting Damon out of trouble. Tad and Damon overhear Liza telling Colby that Damon doesn’t deserve to be a Dad. Angie finally manages to get Amanda to the Yacht Club, but when Amanda hears Angie and Jake talking, Amanda leaves. Colby defends Damon to Liza. Erica confronts Greenlee at Fusion.

Erica gets a call from one of Palmer’s long time friends that he left her something in Pigeon Hollow, WV, and wants her to come and get it. When Erica calls Opal to let her know the news, she encourages her to go. Jake shows Opal the engagement ring that he has for Amanda and Opal begins to cry. In the park, Amanda devises a plan to get even with Jake. Everyone arrives at Jake’s for his surprise for Amanda. Amanda arrives home and has a surprise for Jake when she opens her coat and doesn’t have anything on underneath. Amanda gets a surprise when everyone comes out and yells, “surprise.” Amanda yells. Jake drops down on one knee and proposes to Amanda. Amanda accepts. Amanda confesses to Jake that she had thought that he was trying to make out like she was crazy.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Carly asks a nurse about Gabriel’s condition. Lily arrives and explains everything to Carly about Craig being Gabriel’s father. At the police station, Jack remembers his argument with Parker. Margo informs Jack that Craig is Gabriel’s father. Craig and Johnny play a video game. Craig lets Johnny know that he has a big brother and it is none other than Gabriel. Jack comes to visit Craig and tries to strike up a deal with him concerning himself and Parker. Craig refuses to fall for Jack’s line. Luke and Noah are at the lake, enjoying a day to themselves, but Noah still knows that things aren’t the same between them. Noah sees something like a ruffle on the water, but then has a sharp pain in his head. Luke hurriedly takes him to the hospital. Liberty overhears Lily telling Carly that Craig is Gabriel’s father and cannot believe her ears. Lily warns Reid to treat Luke right. In talking to Margo about the pearls that were Gabriel’s mother’s, Margo finds out that Parker searched Gabriel’s room. Margo visits Carly and Parker. Carly orders Parker to stay put while she gets rid of Margo. While Margo asks Carly about the Monte Carlo fire and Gabriel, Parker listens to their conversation. Jack visits Carly and they argue over Parker’s involvement in all this. Luke tells Lily that it is all his fault that Noah is having these headaches. Reid assures Luke that Noah will be fine. Noah ends things with Luke. Parker listens to the argument between Jack and Carly. Parker confesses to Margo that he hit Gabriel and left him in the building.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells her dad that Oliver is not married so he’s available…..nothing wrong with that. He laments that he just doesn’t want another generation of rivalry in the family. Taylor says there are boundaries and Ridge says he doesn’t want Steffy to be the cause of more tension. Steffy wants to just drop the subject as she has something more important to tell them. She wants them to forget the Hope line and get back to old time Forrester with elegance. She proposes a fashion show. Brooke tells Oliver that she needs to speak with him. Hope is there and Brooke says it is okay that she stay. They need to get this out in the open….just where do things stand between him and Hope and Steffy. Hope cringes when Brooke brings up the word sex and explains that Hope is not ready for that. Oliver assures her that he is only interested in Hope and he won’t pressure her. They end up going to the zoo as Brooke recommended, but even at the movies and art museum, everyone is having sex….they can’t escape it. Bridget forgot about the New York trip and tells Nick that she is a little tired because of the pregnancy and doesn’t want to go. Jackie asks Aggie to fill in instead. Nick feels like it is more than what Bridget is saying and asks what it is.

Steffy tells her mother that she is not out to ruin Hope, but they will all be better off without Hope and Brooke at FC. Bridget can’t get that night with Owen out of her mind. She’s dwelling on it when Owen comes to find out if Nick has left for NY yet. He reminds her again that she has Nick’s baby inside her. She needs to focus on that and she will forget about everything that happened between them. She says it is not that simple. She breaks down and admits that this is not Nick’s baby; it is Owen’s. He’s stunned, but elated and hugs her. He is going to be the father he always wanted to be.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope takes Arianna in for questioning, and plans to test Arianna’s DNA against a hair found on Roman’s body. Nicole is delighted. Bo returns to Salem and visits Roman in the hospital. Philip learns that Nathan knows that Chloe had an affair. Nathan and Chloe discuss said affair, and Carly overhears Chloe telling him to keep his mouth shut. Melanie talks to Daniel about his and Chloe’s relationship. Later, she and Stephanie get into a fight when Melanie demands to see her birth control pills.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lulu confides her fears about telling Dante the truth in Carly. Sonny tries to pull strings to get Michael released. Another inmate saves Michael from getting a thrashing from the guard. Luke worries when Tracy doesn’t show up on their anniversary but Maya brings word from Edward that Tracy is in Fiji. Robin suggests that Sonny turn to Olivia for help with his relationship with Dante. Luke calls Ethan on money he took – Ethan says he “got a loan from Johnny Z” and will pay the money back. Luke warns Ethan about getting involved with Johnny. Ethan runs into Kristina when he’s in the park pondering his problems. After Ethan tells Kristina he owes someone a lot of money, she offers to take a loan from Nikolas. Ethan refuses Kristina’s offer. Carly finds a sad and depressed Spinelli when she goes to the penthouse. Carly asks Spinelli for help getting revenge on Dante. Sam isn’t receptive when Jason asks her to help Kristina “understand Sonny.” Ethan decides to go to work as Johnny’s “partner.” Olivia refuses when Sonny asks her to be his “bridge to Dante.” Spinelli researches Dante for Carly. Maxie advises Lulu not to tell Dante about her abortion. The inmate who helped Michael asks for him to “pay up.” Just as Jason is about to be taken to prison, the mayor arrives and halts things.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After the prom, an unexpected twist of events happen to many people. Natalie assumes that John has made his decision to be with Marty and done with her when he's late meeting her at Rodi's. She goes to see Brody who concludes he's struck out with Jessica. And Natalie and Brody look like they are going to sleep together. Meanwhile, John goes to find Natalie and Rodi's but Roxy warns him it's too late. Jessica goes to see Ford after he's apparently been rejected for good by Langston as well as Karen and Hannah. She concludes she has the perfect opportunity to "become an adult" and he has the perfect opportunity to sleep with a new person. Markko tells Langston what she has done with Ford is irreparable and he will never forgive her. Yet she tries futilely to apologize. Matthew tells Dani he loves her. But she seems interested in Nate. Destiny is beginning to like Darren. Blair is helping Tea and they are secretly talking while Dani is out yet nobody else knows that Tea is dying.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon and Phyllis hurry to check on Nick, who had just been assaulted in jail by Frank Ellis. Michael tells Owen that Nick should never have been left in the same room with Ellis. Owen assures Michael that Ellis will be moved to another location. Mac visits Lily to tell her about her visit with Cane and why she told him “no.” Cane meets with Olivia and finds out about another treatment option. Cane asks Olivia to talk to Mac and Lily about taking some of the amniotic fluid from the babies. Kevin informs Daniel that he is taking Jana out on a date. Jana lets Lauren know she has a date with Kevin. Jana assures Lauren that Sarah is gone. After Kent tells her “no money, no show,” Abby assures him she will get the money. Daniel asks Kevin if he blames him for Amber leaving. Fen runs in to see Jana. Phyllis asks Michael why Ellis would attack Nick. Sharon tells Nick about the parking receipt. Olivia tells Cane about another treatment option. Abby joins Daniel. Phyllis and Sharon decide to go to Minneapolis. Lily is all for the new treatment option although it is in France. Lily wants Cane to accompany her, but Olivia decides to go instead. Sarah haunts Lauren. Nick is granted bail. Jana runs into Ryder at the coffeehouse. Lauren calls Michael to meet her at Crimson Lights where she runs into Ryder. Cane checks to see if he can sue Mac for access to the amniotic fluid.

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