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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Yacht Club, Tad joins Liza and tries to explain that their break-up has nothing to do with Krystal. It's just that Tad has too much going on in his life right now, including Damon. In bed together, Colby urges Damon to make love to her, but he pulls away from her and decides to get his act together and act maturely. At the casino, Ryan asks Madison to have lunch with him, but then gets called away to a meeting. While Madison waits for Ryan, Randi joins her to thank her for helping keep the Hubbard’s name out of the limelight. All Madison can do is to watch Ryan. Amanda is upset thinking that Jake does not want to go to work and leave her alone with Trevor. Angie checks on Janet and finds her awakening from her coma. Jake answers the phone when Janet calls for her daughter and demands that she not call Amanda again. He then lies to Amanda and refuses to let her answer the phone when it rings again. She finally does take Janet's call and is quite upset that Jake didn't tell her. When Tad and Liza find Colby and Damon together, they are not happy. While Liza yells at Colby, Tad believes Damon that nothing happened. He then promises to help Damon get visitation with Stuart. When Tad calls Bailey to set something up, she asks to talk to Liza. Liza then informs Damon that he's not Trevor’s father. When Ryan finally joins Madison for lunch, she is so nervous that she makes stupid jokes. After Madison realizes that Ryan is not interested in her romantically, she pulls away when he goes to touch her hand. Amanda visits with Janet and pours out her heart, telling her she no longer loves her because she killed her father. Janet warns Amanda not to trust anyone, because they're just trying to put her away. Jake asks for Angie and Ryan’s help in his plan to ask Amanda to marry him again. Amanda overhears and misinterprets his intentions. While they hug, Tad is puzzles by Liza's comment that although he doesn’t have Stuart, he still has her.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Vienna informs Henry that she is pregnant. Although Barbara congratulates Vienna, she and Henry are less than thrilled by the news. Alison warns Casey not to get too close to Vienna for fear that she will only hurt him. Noah confronts Luke about what is going on between him and Reid. Reid comes in to examine Noah but leaves abruptly. Noticing that something is off, Noah tells Luke to go and talk to Reid. Luke tells Reid that he cannot do this anymore. Reid cautions Luke not to say anything to Noah about them for fear that it will kill him. Katie and Chris argue over the kiss that they exchanged. Vienna wants to tell everyone their happy news.

Henry catches up to Barbara and tries to explain to her about Vienna, but she ends it with Henry. Vienna finds Casey at the hospital and lets him know that she and Henry are back together. In the tape storeroom at the station, Katie comes up with a plan to trap Alison and Chris together, but her plan backfires and it is Katie and Chris in there together. Alison arrives and rescues Chris and Katie. When Alison asks what is going on, Chris divulges Katie’s attempt to trap them in there together. Luke decides to take Noah outside.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy continues to taunt Hope that she can’t compete with her. If she wants Oliver there is no way Hope can stop her. Hope confesses to her mom that Steffy isn’t going to stop until she gets Oliver. She’s obsessive and won’t give up. She feels like she has to do anything she can to stop her. Steffy admits to her parents that she is interested in Oliver and compared to other guys she has dated, she’d think he would be a parent’s dream. Ridge says yes except that he is already dating Hope. Steffy says she will let Oliver decide. She is not going to walk away from him, not for Hope or for them, not for anyone. Moments are tense at Jackie M’s for Bridget and Jackie. Bridget says she does not have to remind her every time they talk that she is carrying Owen’s baby and that must be kept a secret. She needs to let go of the guilt and just think of the child. Bridget is grateful that Jackie has managed to forgive her. Nick and Owen as well as Aggie and Whip notice the tension too, but the Cougar shoot must go on.

Rick seeks out Oliver and has a talk about Hope and Steffy, in particular that Steffy can be trouble. Ridge tells Hope that he is proud of her and he doesn’t want anyone else to get in her way. Brooke finds Steffy sitting at the CEO’s desk and comments that she seems right at home there. Steffy gloats that she is a Forrester and belongs there, unlike Brooke. Taylor bursts in and can’t believe that she heard Brooke lecture Steffy about using her sexuality. Brooke tries to reason with Steffy about leaving Hope’s boyfriend alone. She begs Taylor to help her not push this feud into another generation. She pleads with Steffy that Ridge wants the entire family to work peacefully together. That is his dream. She begs Taylor to make Steffy understand. They need to end this feud today.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Baker plants the flashlight Nicole prepared near Roman’s body, and the cops find it. Much to Nicole’s delight, Abe announces to everyone that Arianna’s prints were discovered at the scene. Hope reveals that she plans on attacking Bo. Chloe and Daniel find that therapy isn’t working. Daniel wants Chloe to be open and honest with him, but she is unable to confess to her tryst with Philip. Melanie, who is concerned about Chloe and her dad, asks Philip and Nathan for their advice. Philip defends Chloe, but Nathan says he doesn’t think Chloe is right for her father. Stephanie senses Philip has done something wrong, and asks him to tell her what it is.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claire gushes over Lucky’s parenting skills. Lucky talks to Claire about his relationship with Elizabeth. Nikolas asks Mr. Bauer to leave Alexis and Kristina alone. Nik promises that Kristina will tell all about Kiefer’s beatings if she’s forced to testify. Dante points out all of Sonny’s bad qualities to Michael. Jason gets ready to turn himself in. Luke plans an anniversary surprise for Tracy. Meanwhile, Helena has Tracy locked in a cell. Helena says she has “plan” but she needs Luke as well as Tracy. Nik talks with Carly about protecting Kristina from the Bauers. Jason asks Sam to look after Spinelli. Steven calls Patrick out for acting like Lisa’s “jealous boyfriend.” Steven gives Patrick a cryptic warning in front of Robin. Patrick later apologizes to Lisa for being “jealous.” Skye pays Luke a visit. When Luke makes a move on Skye, she backs off and reminds him of his love for Tracy. Ethan tells Luke the Q’s haven’t heard from Tracy so he wonders if she’s “in trouble.” Nik tells Lucky that Helena has “vanished” and he’s sure “she’s plotting something.” Lulu has a little visit with Carly as she waits for Jason to surrender to the PCPD. Lulu tells Carly that Dante will “change” his feelings about her when he learns about the abortion. Jason arrives at the PCPD. A prison guard harasses Michael.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Markko walks in on Ford and Langston kissing in Ford's apartment. He demands to know what exactly her relationship with Ford is and how long itís been going on. When Ford tells him that they have been sleeping together, Markko punches Ford. Ford says it was just sex; he doesnít love Langston. Markko tells Langston that it appears he wasn't the only fool. Markko leaves and Ford breaks up with Langston and tells her that the secrecy made it fun. Cole and Starr dance alone together after the prom has ended until the police officer tells him he has to go back to jail. Cole tells Starr that he loves her and asks her to hold on to the good things they have, but he still doesnít want to consider Hannah as the person who pushed his mother down the stairs. He later tells his Marty that he isnít sure if he and Starr can get past it. Cristian proposes to Layla at the prom while Jessica watches. Jessica cries to Brody and tells her he will never understand being stuck in the past when everyone else has moved on. In an attempt to help Jessica remember her life, Brody tells her that her father, Mitch Laurence gave her electroshock, drugged her, and tried to rape her. Jessica thinks he is lying. Jessica goes to Cristian and Layla's apartment and Ford opens the door. Marty breaks up with John and tells him to go meet Natalie at Rodiís. Natalie sees them kissing goodbye. Natalie goes back to Roadies where Roxie tries to convince her that John loves her. Natalie leaves Rodi's later and goes to Brody's room at the Angel Square Hotel.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Tucker is on the phone while Jill listens in the background. Jill asks him if he is having any problems. Jill lets Billy know that something is going on between Tucker and the Newmans. Jill tells Billy that she wants her job back at “Restless Style” but he says he is out of Newman business. J.T. visits Victoria to discuss visitation hours, but she insists on having equal time with J.T. Victoria agrees to do whatever J.T asks as long as she can have Reed back in her life. J.T. turns her down by telling her that she can never shake being a Newman. When Nick tells him that he misses seeing his daughters grow up, Victor assures him that he will be out of here soon. Frank Ellis walks into the room and makes some snide remarks toward Victor concerning Adam. Michael blasts Phyllis for getting Lauren involved in talking to Patty while pretending to be Sarah. Michael lets Phyllis know that he has Adam’s cell phone records. Sharon visits her old room at the Athletic Club and starts to go through Adam’s clothes. Victor offers to help her, so they may find a clue. Tucker is on the phone when Jill joins him at his table. Tucker reminds her that she told him she didn’t want anything to do with losers and then asks her what she wants. Rafe joins Billy to find out what he wants. Billy tells him that he wants an annulment. When Rafe wonders who he married, Billy tells him that it was Victoria. In searching through Adam’s things, Sharon finds a very vital piece of info. Victoria visits Nick and divulges what happened between her and J.T. Nick suggests to Victoria that she hire a private investigator to follow J.T. to find out what he is up to. Tucker orders J.T. to look into Victor’s past business dealings. J.T. doesn’t want to get involved, but Tucker tells him what he did for him. In Michael and Phyllis’ search, they find out from Tiffany that Adam met with a man and his son. Victor visits Owen to discuss Nick. J.T. goes to Victoria’s house to search her computer and encounters Billy. After he rehires Jill to work at “Restless Style,” Billy tells her to find out what she can on Tucker and the Newmans. Michael gets a call that Nick was attacked in jail.

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