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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In New York, Erica is on the phone when she gets an unexpected visit from Jack. Meanwhile, in Pine Valley, Greenlee and David are plotting Erica’s downfall. J.R. offers Marissa a green drink when she wakes up with a bad hangover. Marissa is thrilled that J.R. is in remission. Damon is concerned when he cannot reach Bailey who's supposed to be driving from Ohio. Krystal, Opal, and Colby decorate the house to welcome Stuart back. Liza drops by to let Damon know that Bailey has decided not to go study abroad and won't be bringing Stuart to Pine Valley to be with his father. Seeing that he's exhausted from working all night, Annie makes Scott breakfast, then presents him with a box of his things from his childhood. Scott remembers how Stuart adopted him after his mom died and helped him realize he couldn't be perfect. A.J. runs into J.R. and Marissa’s bedroom and begs her not to leave them again. Erica models dresses for her gala for Jack. Jack receives a phone call from Greenlee, thanking him for getting Erica out of town, but he wants no part of her plan. When Erica asks Jack who was on the phone, he lies to her. Erica sees through him and wants to know why he is lying to her. Jack admits lying to her, but instead tells Erica another lie. Colby accuses Liza of keeping Bailey from coming to Pine Valley. Tad assures Liza know that he believes her explanation and apologizes for the way their relationship ended. As they discuss what went wrong, Krystal walks in and interrupts them. Liza realizes that it is Krystal whom Tad wants. Liza leaves crying. Upset, Damon runs out of the house, so Colby takes him to her house and tells him he's her safe haven in a storm. When Damon shares the same feelings, Colby asks him to make love to her. Jack and Erica make love. Marissa agrees to come back to the mansion for A.J. but demands her own bedroom and tells J.R. that he'll have to prove to her that their marriage is worth saving. Annie arrives at the mansion through the front door and J.R. orders her out, but she pushes her way in, claiming she's their for the rest of her stuff, and shouts that she can't believe that Marissa is giving him a second chance. When Scott joins them in the foyer, Annie comments that once again, they're one, big, happy family.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

The television show for Lisa begins by Bob telling a few things about her before formally introducing her. Lisa talks about her marriage to Bob. Katie and Chris have a slight confrontation. Henry calls Barbara to check if she knew about her test results before Vienna join him. Vienna goes to see Katie, but Katie is so pre-occupied with Chris that she leaves abruptly. Both Chris and Henry watch Katie’s actions. Barbara join Henry to thank him for standing by her as she awaited her test results. Barbara gets her test results that she is cancer free. At the television show, Lisa tells everyone about her marriage to Bob. Casey calls Vienna to ask her if she is watching the show.

Lisa urges Katie to calm down. Chris and Katie exchange glances as he comes up behind her. Lisa tells everyone about her list of husbands. There is a clip of Lisa with Don Hughes. Barbara and Henry hug and kiss. Vienna watches them. Margo finally joins Tom and the party for Lisa. Lisa introduces April Brooke to sing a song. Katie confronts Chris about why he is here. Barbara pulls away from Henry and apologizes to him for kissing him. Vienna quickly hides to keep anyone from seeing her. Barbara confronts Vienna about her seeing them kiss. Henry joins Barbara and Vienna. Vienna lets Henry know that she is pregnant. Alison warns Casey about Vienna.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope brings Oliver some of his favorite homemade cinnamon rolls and a few kisses. She thanks him for what he did for her last night. He has to confess that when she left him Steffy took over. Hope is fearful of just what she might have done. Oliver advises her to give it time. She might end up being friends with Steffy after all. Steffy fills in Pam and Stephanie of her plans. She is playing games with Oliver, but she realizes she may have true feelings for him. Steffy shows up for her photo shoot. She struts her stuff in skimpy virginal white lingerie in front of Oliver. She tells him she is beginning to re-think last night. She twists the knife a little when she mentions the word virgin in front of Hope.

Rick has a talk with Hope about Oliver. He wants to know how Steffy fits in with this. He gives his experience with her. They got together after Phoebe’s death under very extreme circumstances. It’s different now. She’s tougher, more self protected, but he still sees that smile in her eyes occasionally. He’s not going to get together again with her, but they can accept hanging out together. Hope would probably like that so Steffy wouldn’t go after her man. Rick could remove Steffy’s temptation by going out with her himself…….for his favorite baby sister. Steffy makes sure that she and Oliver are alone so she can flash some more flesh. Hope spies them and when Oliver leaves, she tells Steffy they need to talk. She wants to be friends with her again, but it will take both of them to do that. Steffy thinks that is great strategy, but she knows Hope is only saying this because it is about Oliver and Hope knows she can not compete. Newsflash – Oliver gets her and likes her and Hope is just a schoolgirl and can not give an older guy what he needs…..so he’s single, Steffy is single so let the best woman win. And since Hope is just a schoolgirl, Steffy boasts that woman will be her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole makes sure that Arianna doesn’t have an alibi. Hope refuses to allow Baker to help Nicole frame Arianna, but Baker takes the fake evidence along with him, and Hope ends up making Roman her next victim. Sami confides in EJ over her worries regarding Sydney’s lack of attachment to her. EJ assures her she is a wonderful mother, and that all of her kids love her. Rafe learns that Anna has been poisoned, and that she may not make it out alive. We learn Stefano was behind the poisoning. Maggie convinces Mia to stay in Salem and graduate from high school.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny visits Michael in prison and tells him about Jason. As Sonny is about to leave the prison visiting room, Anthony confronts him about Johnny’s safety. Sonny makes no promises about Johnny’s safety. With Jason going to prison, Olivia worries about Johnny’s safety if he goes after Sonny. Johnny refuses to back down so Olivia says she won’t stand and watch him get hurt. Robin tells Patrick she’s “consulting” on some HIV patients. Nikolas and Alexis discuss her civil lawsuit as it pertains to Kristina. Nik says he plans to put “financial pressure” on Mr. Bauer to help Alexis. Later, Nik confronts Mr. Bauer and warns him to back off. Robin isn’t surprised when Maxie tells her about Jason’s decision. Maxie thinks flirting with “another guy” (Matt) will get Spinelli’s mind off Jason’s prison sentence. Alexis wonders to Nik if she left Kiefer to die on purpose. Ethan turns to Johnny to earn some extra money. When Johnny tells Ethan about the new dangers of working with him, Ethan changes his mind. Claire tells Lucky she wants a child when she sees him at the park with the boys. Dante visits Michael in prison. Michael tells Dante that Sonny is working on getting him release. Dante tells Michael it’s Sonny’s fault he’s in prison. Sonny gives Johnny “a warning” that he’s no longer under protection. Olivia hears the two go head to head. Patrick observes Lisa’s interaction with Steven.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the prom and outside, many revelations are made. After Langston tries and fails to contact Ford and overhears Cristian and Layla saying they know he's back at the apartment sleeping with Karen, the pizza girl, she goes over and catches him going at it with Karen. Markko sees the video for the first time where Destiny reveals to Matthew that she saw Langston cheating on Markko with Ford. And he's devastated. She is ready to realize that Ford cannot be trusted. But he somehow manages to seduce her again. And Ford walk in on them and sees it with his own two eyes. Marty gives John the letter that Natalie wrote to him and admits she was ready to prevent him from ever seeing it because of her insecurities. And she concludes that because of that, she knows that John cannot give her what she wants and needs so she has to break up with him. Roxy finds Natalie and demands that she finds out from John what his true feelings are before going off to London. She seems to somehow know that Natalie cannot give up on John. At the prom, Layla concludes to Cristian that she can see he still has feelings for Jessica. She can't deal with it. So they are through. Jessica still has Cristian on the brain and is ignoring Brody. Starr and Cole still have their very serious issues involving the fact that she believes that Hannah is falsely accusing her father of killing his mom's baby, but they decide to enjoy the night together regardless.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lauren is with Michael in bed but is shaken when she imagines seeing Sarah. Kevin stops by to see Jana and sees that she had all her hair cut off. Cane serves Lily breakfast in bed to celebrate their anniversary. Billy and Rafe catch up with each other's plans. Billy apologizes to Rafe for Jill’s article in the newspaper about Rafe being at the cabin with Adam and the rest of the Newman family. Rafe mentions to Billy about opening up his own private practice. Mac approaches Billy and Rafe and finds out that Rafe is opening up his own law office. Mac offers to throw him a party. Victoria interrupts them and pulls Billy away, demanding to know how he could have told them. Billy lets her know that Rafe is opening up his own law office and Mac is throwing him a party. Victoria blames Billy that she may never see Reed again. While looking at a website of Abby, Victor and Ashley cannot believe their eyes that Abby would pose nude in front of cameras. Abby marvels at how many people are watching her website. A woman lets Abby know that she watched Abby’s website over and over. Olivia calls Lily to get her decision about the clinical trial. Cane tries to persuade Lily to go through with the clinical trial, but she refuses. Abby comes to see Victor and Ashley to get her first inheritance check, but they refuse to give her any of the money which angers Abby. Abby tells Victor and Ashley her plans for the reality show, but Victor forbids Abby to do this. Lauren visits Jana to let her know that Michael wants her to see someone. Mac interrupts Billy and Victoria discussing a disaster and questions them about it. Billy and Victoria quickly cover up what they were discussing. Cane asks Mac to talk Lily into going through with using the stem cells from the babies, but he refuses to talk to her. Kevin asks Jana out on a date, and she accepts. Abby asks Rafe to be her lawyer to sue Victor and Ashley.

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