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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee reveals herself to Ryan, Madison and David that she had been listening to their conversation. Greenlee asks for a few moments alone with her husband. J.R. takes care of Marissa in the bar when she almost collapses from the Scotch that she had drank. J.R. takes Marissa home to the mansion to care for her despite her protests. When she touches Trevor, Amanda realizes that he has a very high fever. David tells Greenlee that he wants Ryan out of her life for good. Madison lets Ryan know that she will never forget him sticking up for her against David. Amanda and Krystal take Trevor to the hospital. Ryan and Jesse discuss what David has on Madison North. When Ryan tells him that David tried to blackmail Madison, Jesse pretends he knows nothing about it. Greenlee assures David she doesn't have feelings for Ryan. Jake assures Amanda and Krystal that Trevor only has an ear infection, but they will keep him overnight. J.R. takes Marissa upstairs and puts her to bed. J.R. asks Marissa for another chance, but she falls asleep without answering. Greenlee tells David “no more stunts” or she will leave him. David gives Greenlee his word that he will be good. Jesse goes to Fusion to confront Madison, but runs into Randi instead. Randi confesses that it is all her fault that David knows about the murder of Henry. Amanda tells Jake what Janet said to her. Jake tries to relieve Amanda’s worries about Trevor. Jesse goes to Wildwind to confront David about Madison. Madison assures Randi that everything is fine. J.R. gets the lab results back that he is fine. Though he thinks she's asleep, Marissa hears the good news and weeps. Madison apologizes to Greenlee for lying to her about quitting her job at the casino but says she needs the job to make ends meet. Greenlee catches Madison and Ryan hugging.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Tom sees that Lisa is not herself, as she talks about something missing in her life right now, as she realizes it will be 5o years the next day since she came to Oakdale. Tom talks with Bob and Kim, who were just in the middle of talking about building a custom retirement home in Arizona, about throwing Lisa a party, but when Lisa overhears their plans, she is annoyed. She decides to take this fete into her own hands and decides she wants to have a musical about her time in Oakdale, as this boosts her mood. Carly finds out that Jack knows what Parker did, as they try to explain to a furious Jack. Later, Jack and Carly go for a walk to talk about it, but their discussion winds up in a fight because Jack feels betrayed that Carly lied to him again and made things worse for Parker and Carly is angry that Jack can’t stop being a cop for a moment to protect their son. She urges him to let Craig take the wrap. Jack isn’t sure what he will do. Margo finds out from Lily that Gabriel is Craig’s son and that Craig supposedly found out before the fire. Margo is shocked, but supports Craig, as they talk by Gabriel’s bedside. Craig is thankful Lily ended up telling Margo, but he is worried Lily will change her mind and say he didn’t find out before the fire; Lily promises to keep that secret as long as he does right by his son. Margo asks to speak with Parker when she sees him outside of Gabriel’s room, but Parker explains he is late for something and high tails it out of there leaving Margo unsure as to what is up. Margo wants to talk with Jack, as does he with her, and it looks like he may tell her about Parker, but Tom interrupts them to talk with Margo. As Tom and Margo are talking about Gabriel, Jack overhears Margo’s tough stance on whom might have left Gabriel to burn alive in the fire, as Jack has second thoughts. Parker is teetering on the edge with all this guilt when Jack calls Carly and Parker and tells them that he is not going to tell Margo. Carly promises Parker everything will be alright now.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Straddled on top of him, Steffy tells Oliver that if he helps her get rid of Brooke and Hope that he won’t regret it. She knows he wants her. He’s flashing back to moments with Hope. As Steffy continues, Oliver looks at Hope’s photo on the desk and pulls away. He tells Steffy he can not do this to Hope. Hope tells her mother that she could be falling in love with Oliver. She reveals she thinks Oliver is ready to make love and part of her did too, but it was too soon. She’s glad Oliver is so sweet and understanding. She’s lucky to have a guy like him. Whip brings a pint of ice cream to bed and declares that it’s all for him as he has to keep his energy up. Taylor defends Steffy and her antics as just a means of crying out of pain, but she won’t cross that line. She’s not the villain Brooke is making her out to be.

Despite her continuing to paw all over him, Oliver tells Steffy that he’s not going to be her pawn and allying himself against the Logan’s. So even if she manages to get rid of Hope and Brooke leaves too, Ridge will be a force to be reckoned with. He won’t be happy at all with these results and will know that he and Steffy were behind it all. Brooke advises Hope to take things slow, enjoy herself and treat herself with respect and everyone else will too. Don’t worry about Steffy. If Oliver really loves her then he will dodge anything Steffy can throw at him. Oliver lets Steffy down gently and reminds her that she is one terrific girl…..someone to be reckoned with. She gloats that she is not giving up. She may not make it on the first try, but she’s going to take Forrester’s into the next decade and it will be Logan free and he can be right up there with her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Rafe questions Anna about her involvement in Sydney’s kidnapping. EJ expresses remorse over his role in it all, and decides to get Sami’s house fixed so that she can move back home if that is what she wants. He also counsels Will to forgive his mother. Will, Sami, EJ, and the kids bond over a game of poker. EJ worries that Rafe has found Anna, and will make her confess everything. Hope decides that she wants to move on with Justin once she finishes working the mugging case. Ciara confronts Hope about a conversation they had the night before, but Hope doesn’t remember it. Nicole moves forward with her plan to frame Arianna for the muggings. Brady grows concerned over Arianna’s seeming obsession with Nicole. Arianna accuses him of having feelings for Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason gets word that his jail time has been approved. Jax and Sonny argue over Morgan’s adoption. Dante interrupts the argument and says he agrees with Jax adopting Morgan. When Sam fills Spinelli in on Jason’s plan, Spinelli worries for Jason’s safety. Michael gets advice from another inmate. Jason tells Carly not to “do anything crazy” while he’s gone, but she vows to “make Dante and Lulu pay.” Luke warns Lulu that Dante could be using her. Ronnie again accuses Dante of trying to protect Sonny. Sonny tells Carly he won’t allow Jax to adopt Morgan. Dante is determined to get Michael released and Lulu vows to stick by him. Carly calls Sonny selfish and says he should go to prison. Lucky tells Luke he thinks Dante is on the level. Elizabeth tells Nikolas she’s uncomfortable with her child being “a Cassadine.” Morgan walks in on Carly and Sonny’s argument. Sam arranges some quiet time for Jason’s last night as a free man. Dante wonders if he’s spending time trying to free Michael as a way to “avoid” going after Sonny. Sonny finally agrees to distance himself from Morgan. Sonny and Morgan have a tearful goodbye.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The prom is underway. Many people sing songs about their love lives. Starr is missing Cole. Dorian arranges for John to let him out of jail so he can be at the prom with Starr to surprise her. It appears that Langston finds out that Ford is not faithful to her and sleeping with Karen while Markko plays the video where Destiny tells Matthew that she saw Langston cheating on Markko with Ford. Brody still wants to get Jessica back but she still has Cristian on the brain. Natalie concludes that since John did not respond to her letter that he's made the decision to be done with her. But Roxy seems to somehow know that that is not true. And all the while John has been unaware that Natalie wrote him the letter since Marty hid it from him. But when she reveals the letter to him, he might be changing his priorities for who he wants to be with.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Kevin gives Jana the good news that she is going home tonight, but she is less than thrilled. Kevin promises not to pressure Jana into having feelings that she doesn’t. Emily asks if there is any position open on staff, but she gets turned down. Emily tries to talk to Lynn, who doesn’t have a kind word to say to her. Lynn threatens to sue Emily for her remarks toward her. Reed asks J.T. to let him see Victoria. At the airport, Victor sees Billy with Victoria and wonders if this is his way of getting back at him. Victoria tries to referee the argument between Jack and Victor. Tucker shows Ashley her new offices. Abby protests downstairs in the lobby against Jabot’s cruel practices of using animals in their testing. When they meet at the coffeehouse, Kevin asks Emily’s help with Jana. Emily goes to see Jana. Ashley and Tucker confront Abby about her demonstrations and posing nude. Abby finds out that Ashley is the new C.E.O of Jabot. Abby calls Kent to meet her at Crimson Lights to discuss their project. Ashley tells Victor about Abby’s stunt on television. Victor finds out that Ashley is the new C.E.O of Jabot. At home, Jana asks Kevin to move out to give her some alone time. Kevin agrees. Jack asks to talk to Emily, but she refuses. Emily lets Jack know what's going on with her. Victor talks heart to heart to Abby. Abby forges ahead with her plans for the reality show. J.T. brings Reed by to see Victoria. Victoria calls Michael about an annulment.

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