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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica tells Randi that with Greenlee out of the picture, she will have the only new product line. Greenlee walks in and tells Erica that there is no way that she will let her have Fusion. Ryan questions Madison about her black eye. Madison reveals that she cannot do this to him and tells him that the black eye is a fake. Madison opens up and tells Ryan about David blackmailing her. At the hospital, David sees his new “Executive Director” sign. David sees Marissa standing in the hall. Marissa tells David that although she is so angry with J.R. but doesn’t want him to die. Amanda urges Janet to wake up so Janet can take back the things that she had said about Amanda and Trevor. Amanda asks Jake to give Janet something to help her to wake up. Marissa lets David know that J.R. almost missed his doctor’s appointment. David apologizes for his earlier remarks. Erica lets Greenlee know that she is out of time in order to win Fusion. Ryan wants to know how David is blackmailing Madison, but she refuses to tell him. Greenlee asks for Jack’s help in getting Erica out of town for 24 hours so Greenlee can gain the upper hand, but he refuses to help her. Madison realizes that Ryan paid her back rent and she had thought it was David. Ryan offers Madison his help so David will never blackmail her again. Madison explains everything to Ryan on how she killed Henry. Opal blasts Erica for what she did to Greenlee. Madison and Ryan confront David over his blackmailing scheme. Ryan reveals that he knows that Madison murdered Henry.

David insists to Ryan that he will never let him hurt Greenlee again. Opal gives Erica some helpful advice in dealing with Jack. Jack joins Opal and Erica at the Yacht Club. Jack tries to talk to Erica, but she is still as insistent as ever on getting Fusion away from Greenlee. Marissa sees J.R. with a scotch and to keep him from drinking it, she downs it herself. Later, Marissa feels the side effects of the drink. Krystal visits Amanda to see how they are doing, but is quite upset when Amanda doesn’t pick Trevor up when he starts to cry. Amanda, after a few moments, does check on Trevor and finds him burning up with fever. Greenlee listens to Ryan and David’s argument and then reveals herself to them all.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Liberty gets wonderful news from her doctor. Since her blood work is so good she can stop having radiation. Liberty tells Janet the news and then sets up Janet and Dusty to have a celebration lunch alone. Dusty apologizes for the mistakes he made with Rocco and reminds Janet that everyone makes mistakes. Janet is touched when Dusty tells an upset Johnny that he isn't sure if his other daddy will go to jail but since he is family and everyone makes mistakes he should give Craig a break and support him because Craig needs his support very much. Janet tells Dusty that she wants to take their relationship slowly so they agree that the lunch can be their first date.

Liberty brings Gabriel his mother's pearls and tells him the good news from her doctor and hopes that the pearls will bring him good luck and he will awaken soon. Margo drops by Gabriel's room and she recognizes the pearls and knows they were made in Montega. Liberty tells Margo that the pearls belong to Gabriel's mother. Liberty calls immigration and finds out that Gabriel is from Montega. Margo later questions Craig and asks him why he would want to hurt Gabriel and Lily tells Margo Craig would never hurt Gabriel because Gabriel is his son. Liberty wonders why she cares so much for Gabriel when she doesn't know anything about his life.

Jack grows more suspicious of Carly and Parker's behavior so he decides to pick Parker up from baseball practice and take him down to the Monte Carlo office to talk to him about what happened the day of the fire. Parker grows nervous as he remembers what happened with Gabriel that day and he starts to get the story he and Carly worked on confused and finally admits everything to Jack Carly finds out that Jack picked up Parker from baseball practice and rushes to stop parker from talking to Jack but when she arrives Parker has already admitted everything to Jack.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge just to keep doing what he is doing. As it turns out, Steffy is lashing out because she lost her sister. But she needs to be stopped before she goes too far. Taylor confesses to Whip that she thinks Ridge taking away Steffy’s job may backfire. She doesn’t think it will help her with her hurting. Steffy tells Pam that she doesn’t want her to say anything, but now she is going to work on Oliver Jones. He’s going to help her get the Logan’s to leave the company. He can break little Hope’s heart and that little old college back east will look better and better. Pam gets the implications that Hope is a nice, sweet, little girl and will not give Oliver what a grown man needs. This is where Steffy comes in. Oliver tells Hope that he feels badly for Steffy. He’s glad that Hope is not going to leave the company. He admits that he has never felt this way before. He wants to make love to her until she confesses she has never done this before. He puts the brakes on and says he will wait until their first time is special. She apologizes, but says she needs time. She is not ready. He agrees that he doesn’t want to do anything until she is ready. Stephanie chastises Pam for helping Steffy and being a bad influence on her; she must stop.

Oliver returns to his beach pad and finds a romantic setting filled with lit candles. He thinks Hope has returned, but finds Steffy in a black sexy teddy and she sidles up to his ear and purrs that she bet he heard no tonight and she’s here to say yes. She starts dancing then joins him on his lap, all the while teasing him that she just wants to have a friend with benefits. That way no one gets hurt. She promises to do anything that he wants. He knows her intentions is just to come on to him and hope to break him and Hope up. She tried to humiliate Hope and send her packing to college. That didn’t work. She tries again to convince him that Hope is a naive little girl who will not give him what he wants. She on the other hand can give him anything he wants, here and in the office with money, promotions, just for helping her get rid of the Logan’s.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Anna learns Calliope is working for the police, and tries to run, but Rafe confronts her. With the threat of prison, Anna is ready to talk about who she was working for. Stefano grows angry when he learns about the FBI jacket Rafe gave Johnny, and warns EJ to teach Johnny to respect his family. Will tells Sami that he hates her. Sami vows not to let Nicole ruin Brady’s wedding plans. Nicole moves forward with her plan to frame Arianna for the muggings and takes some of her hair and a fingerprint from her glass. Baker calls Arianna with a n anonymous tip for the news.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny tells Morgan they won’t be seeing each other anymore. Jason asks Claire to get him into prison as Michael’s cellmate. Carly tells Jax their “marriage is over.” Claire agrees with Jason but tells him she’s not sure when she can get him out. Michael gets harassed in prison. The judge rejects Dante and Lucky’s request to “reconsider” Michael’s sentence. Lucky thinks he and Dante can find a “dirty secret” about the judge and use it to free Michael. Jax agrees to adopt Morgan. Alexis and Diane discuss the “wrongful death suite” brought forth by Kiefer’s family. They tell Kristina she may be called to testify. Kristina blames herself for not telling the truth about Kiefer from the start and she goes to Nikolas for advice. Sonny isn’t happy when Carly says that Jax will be adopting Morgan. Carly drops the bomb that Morgan will take Jax’s last name. Jason fills Lucky in on his plan. Lulu asks Luke if he has any info on the judge. Sonny confronts Jax about Morgan. Jason tells Carly about his plan after she tells him about Morgan.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is getting ready for their prom. Starr is not planning on going while Cole is in jail, but Blair persuades her to join her friends. The students perform the musical Starr Crossed Lovers. All of the women get their hair done at Roxy's. Jessica still has Cristian on the brain, but Brody is determined to get her back. Blair invites Téa and Dani to the house before the prom. Although Dorian wonders why, Blair does not reveal the reason.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis tells Nick that she and Sharon asked Michael to get Adam’s cell phone records. Victor visits Nick. Billy and Victoria wake up with a terrible hang-over and realize that they got married. Malcolm finds out that Devon is going to be an artist. Devon feels guilty that he is so happy and Lily is going through a bad time. Devon lets Malcolm know that he turned down a job offer in New York. Tucker interrupts Neil and Ashley because he needs her decision by the end of the day. When Jack joins Neil and Ashley, she asks to speak with Jack. Ashley tells him that she was offered the position of C.E.O of Jabot. Jack advises Ashley to take the deal until he finds out that he will not be part of the package deal. Jack immediately calls Billy, who is in Jamaica. Victor calls Victoria to handle Nick’s work load and finds out that she is also in Jamaica. Victoria calls for a lawyer to handle the annulment of her marriage to Billy. Devon tells Neil that he turned down a job offer in New York but accepted a job with Malcolm. Ashley accepts Tucker’s offer. Jack meets Billy at the airport. Victor meets Victoria at the airport.

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