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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Annie fights back when a mugger tries to take her purse in the park. As the mugger gets a stranglehold on her, Scott chases him away, but Annie is angry that he didn't get her purse, because it contained all the money she has in the world. After she whines that Adam threw her out of the Chandler Mansion, Scott takes her back there to wrap up her sprained ankle. When he sees Annie back, J.R. goes ballistic and wants her gone immediately, but Scott goes to bat for her and offers her the gatehouse to live in. Marissa stops by the Chandler Mansion to visit A.J. and is surprised that J.R. is there instead of at the hospital for his check-up appointment. After yelling at him for neglecting his health, Marissa convinces J.R. to go see his doctor, but she refuses to stay with him.

Jack is angry when he realizes that Erica stole Greenlee's contract with Bahia Cosmetics off his desk and goes to warn his daughter that Erica has undone her deal with the Brazilian company over packaging of her new line. Holding him responsible for his girlfriend's actions, Greenlee wants Jack to distract Erica so she can blindside her. When David takes flowers to Fusion for his wife, Erica informs him of her act of subterfuge. David promises that Greenlee isn't going to sit and cry over the setback, and he will help her win Fusion. As Randi applies make-up to give her a black eye, Madison fills her in on David's blackmail plan involving Ryan. Meeting at the Yacht Club, Ryan informs Madison that he knows she's been staying in vacant rooms at the casino and offers her a free room to get her through this rough spot. When Ryan notices her "black eye," Madison implies that her new boyfriend is to blame, but when Ryan gets angry, she says she can't do this to him.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Barbara discusses with a nurse her lab tests. Henry catches up with her. Vienna comes out of the bathroom in the hotel room when she gets a call from Casey. Vienna gives Casey the brush off when he mentions them doing something later. Leaving the pregnancy tests on the desk, Vienna leaves the hotel room. When Alison asks Casey if he is seeing someone, he doesn’t really give her a straight answer. Katie and Chris finish the segment of “Oakdale Now.” Katie adds that they are having a contest to win a date for Chris. Chris is quite upset by Katie’s actions. Luke lets Noah know that his feelings for him have changed. Vienna meets up with Henry and Barbara. Vienna lets Henry know that there will be no more talk about weddings and they will take this slow and easy. Henry is quite surprised by Vienna’s change of attitude. Henry gets a call from Barbara and goes to help her. Chris reprimands Katie for her actions in trying to get him a date via the internet. Noah mentions to Reid that he and Luke are getting along better since their trip to Texas. Reid lets him know that Luke only helped him and that that was all there was to it. Luke walks in and is upset that Reid was only using him. Luke surprises Noah with a CD copy of the movie that Noah made. Reid watches Noah and Luke through the window. Reid apologizes to Luke but tells him that he no longer wants to be his friend. When they play “strip poker,” Barbara gets the upper hand on Henry and leaves him out in the cold, literally. Chris accuses Katie of “playing matchmaker” in order to get over Brad. Luke asks Reid why he is treating him so badly. Katie tells Chris the qualities that she would like to see in a man. At the hospital, Vienna and Casey make love in an exam room. Alison notices the kiss exchanged between Casey and Vienna. Reid orders Luke to stay out of his way. Alison tells Katie to fix her up with someone. Alison decides to try to get back with Chris. Noah witnesses the interaction between Reid and Luke.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Humiliated, Hope stands there on the runway with no teleprompter to guide her and is silent at the start of her presentation. She re-gathers and gets command and makes a good speech about the Hope For The Future. She gives special credit to her parents, Brooke and Ridge Forrester, to Oliver and even calls out Steffy. To her contemporaries she advises – get up, get active and take back the world. She’s a big sensation and everyone loves her. Brooke tells Stephanie that she knows exactly who is responsible for this sabotage – Steffy. Hope tells Steffy thanks. Today she realizes now that she is good under fire….indeed great so there is no way she is going back East to college. She is going to stay here and promote her line and be close to Oliver. Steffy says Hope needs to come down off her high horse and realize that this Hope campaign is not what Forrester needs.

Taylor rants to Brooke that this is just sour grapes. There is no way her sweet little girl would sabotage Hope. Ridge says he will get to the bottom of this. Brooke repeats again that Steffy is not innocent. She will do anything to get back and undermine Hope. Steffy ends up throwing it in Hope’s face about Brooke and her art of seduction that she mastered…..not only with Ridge but Eric, Thorne and Deacon. She points out that for herself she started in shipping and worked her way up….unlike Hope who just had it handed to her. And then there was her sister, Phoebe, who had it all snuffed out in her prime. Hope knows Steffy wants to just cut her out of the picture. But it was Oliver who pulled her out of this despite Steffy’s tricks. She tells Steffy that she is not going and is not going to get rid of her. Ridge interrupts and wants to know how all of this happened with Steffy in charge. He wants to know that she did not have anything to do with it. She’s appalled that he would think that. She feels like she is being under attack after she got the company back for him. She finally admits that she doesn’t like Hope there. It should be just the Forrester’s. It isn’t right that he treats Hope like his daughter when she is his only real daughter. He tells her what she did was wrong and he’s pulling the plug on it – not the campaign, but her as head of PR. She’s upset with everyone looking at her. Ridge hugs her and says he loves her, always will….Brooke hugs Hope as Ridge and Brooke both look at each other with their daughters.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ is upset when Johnny receives an FBI jacket from Rafe. Sami tries to assure him that he is a good man, and that his children will love him no matter what. Calliope tries to pump Anna for information, but Anna discovers that she is wearing a wire. Daniel thinks Chloe only confided in Philip, forgives her, and sets them both up to start couples therapy. Vivian grows increasingly jealous of Maggie and Victor’s friendship. Melanie is concerned about her father. Mia tells Chad that she wants to move to New York. When Chad finds out, he decides to stay in Salem instead of going away to college, much to Madeline’s horror.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Shirley tries to be friendly with Helena, knowing full well who she really is. When Elizabeth tells Helena to stay away from Shirley, the two argue. Steven tells Helena to leave the hospital before he has her removed. Nikolas later tells Helena to “stop antagonizing Elizabeth.” Sonny visits Luke and tells him about Michael’s sentence. When Ethan comes into the casino, Sonny apologizes to him. Diane and Alexis get ready for her hearing. Carly tells Morgan he can no longer have contact with Sonny. Sam agrees when Jason says he plans on getting sent to prison to look after Michael. Carly pays Claire a visit. Tracy finds out Luke “took a road trip” to Hong Kong for Skye. Nik wonders if Liz is “over reacting” when she asks him to back Helena off. Helena learns that Tracy is trying to get info on the deceased lab tech. Sam gives Alexis her support before the hearing. Jason tells Sonny about his plan. Tracy tells Helena she’s off to get “a quickie divorce.” Thor sneaks up on Tracy and chloroforms her. Jason goes to Claire “to confess to anything” in order to go to prison “with Michael.” Alexis gets community service and a suspended sentence but Mr. Bauer says he plans on filing a lawsuit against her. Sonny goes to say goodbye to Morgan. Jax tells Carly he’s working on helping Michael. Carly asks Jax to adopt Morgan.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica is ready for her prom, detecting that Cristian may be concerned or even jealous over hear interest in other guys. She appears friendly to both Brody and to Ford with the sole intent being making Cristian jealous. Viki and Clint talk to Marty about their concerns for their daugther. Marty is able to "intercept" the letter that Natalie left for John so that he does not have a chance to read it. ANd he finds out that she may hae taken a letter from his office. Langston is less than enthused about her prom since she wants to break up with Markko yet cannot admit it to anybody. Kelly has a date with Ford. But Dorian insists that Shaun Evans goes with her as her bodyguard.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Paul sits with Patty until she is transported to the psych hospital. Chance asks Paul how Patty is doing. Paul has his doubts about Patty being sent to a facility for the criminally insane. Paul is upset when he finds out that Patty is a suspect in the murder investigation. Sharon tells Phyllis that Patty may have killed Adam herself. Phyllis thinks of someone who may get through to Patty and get her to confess. Lauren, after thinking about it, agrees to talk to Patty. Mac notices how relieved J.T. is after the custody hearing. J.T. tells Mackenzie that he received his final divorce papers. Mac lets J.T. know about the stem cell research using the stem cells of the twins. Billy and Victoria arrive in Jamaica, but she is put out when she sees the room and a lizard. She is even more put out when she finds out that the room has no bed. Victoria lets Billy know that this is a mistake. J.T. suggests to Reed that he, Reed and Mackenzie have an adventure. Lauren comes to see Patty and pretends to be Sarah. Patty lets Sarah know that she broke her promise to her. When Sarah questions her too much, Patty begins to cry. Chloe interrupts which unnerves everyone. Chance lets Chloe know that this investigation comes first. Patty tries to get Sarah to help her get away. J.T. takes Reed and Mackenzie to a drive-in where they are showing “The Three Stooges.” Paul interrupts and is quite upset that Lauren is questioning Patty about Adam. Paul agrees to talk to Patty about Adam. Patty opens up to Paul about giving Adam Jack’s handkerchief. The transport arrives for Patty. Chloe calls Billy. Victoria and Billy crash a wedding and have the time of their lives which results in them getting married.

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