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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad reveals to Ryan that someone has been sneaking into vacant casino rooms using a duplicate key. At Fusion, Madison assures Randi that she will find a way out of her problem and make it go away for everyone. At Wildwind, Greenlee and David argue over the pregnancy test and why she kept it from him. At Tad’s home, Marissa prepares to go to school and assures Krystal that she will be fine. Marissa tells Krystal her plans to get her law degree. J.R. is in the living room of the Chandler Mansion when Annie walks in, screaming at him. J.R. starts to leave when he sees Liza and a Federal Marshall. Liza tells J.R. and Annie that Adam wants her out of his house in an hour. When Annie sees that she cannot win this battle, she starts to leave, but vows that she will be back. When Krystal urges her to take time to heal, Marissa gets angry and insists she's not a helpless wounded bird and can take care of herself just fine . Randi urges Madison to go talk to Jesse or Frankie about this, but Madison refuses to get the Hubbards involved. Annie goes to the casino and asks for Ryan’s help in caring for Emma. David urges Greenlee to take the pregnancy test, but she refuses. Greenlee informs David matter-of-factly that she doesn’t want children.

J.R. goes to see Krystal at Jack’s law office and asks if Marissa still loves him. Liza goes to the casino and shows Tad a brochure of a school in New Hampshire for Damon. Tad sees through Liza's scheme to separate Damon and Colby. Tad is adamant that Damon is not going anywhere. Greenlee searches out Ryan at the Yacht Club and lets him know that David found the pregnancy test and they had an argument. Madison and her friend watch Ryan, waiting for their opportunity. When Marissa goes to see her father, David tells her not to take J.R. back no matter what he does. Marissa accuses David of trying to control her and storms out. In the park, Annie tells Emma that she will be living with Ryan for a while. After Emma leaves, Annie sits on a bench crying. A mugger approaches Annie, but she refuses to relinquish her purse. Marissa goes to visit J.R. Greenlee takes the pregnancy test and tells David that it is negative. Tad reveals to Ryan that Madison has been sneaking into the hotel rooms. After Madison introduces Sebastian as her boyfriend to Ryan, she calls David and tells him that their plan is in motion.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Molly arrives at the farm to find Holden working outside. Molly tries to talk to him, but Holden is cold as ice to her. At the hospital, Luke is asleep when Reid wakes him up to tell him about Noah. Lily walks up to join them and asks Luke what is going on. Emily searches frantically for Eliza but cannot find her. Emily asks her attacker what he did with Eliza. At the hospital, Paul lets Meg know that she is not ready to go back to work yet. Meg doesn’t agree with him and is upset that he won’t help her. Emily calls Paul and lets him know that Eliza is gone. When Molly brings Holden a glass of lemonade, she finds out that he is still upset with her. Paul searches for Eliza but cannot find her. Meg blasts Emily for letting this happen. Luke lets Lily know that Reid has feelings for him. Lily is upset because she wants Luke to have a future with Noah. Luke is having second thoughts about his relationship with Noah.

Paul and Emily and Meg find Eliza at the police station with Emma Slurs and innuendos begin to arise as to who is really to blame for this situation and everyone puts the blame on Emily for leaving Eliza alone. Paul reminds Meg that he has custody of Eliza. Meg turns Eliza over to Paul and he leaves. Molly goes to see Silas after being rejected by Holden. Luke is reunited with Noah. Noah can see Luke, and they hug . Reid sees Luke hugging Noah and interrupts them. Reid checks Noah's memory. Holden visits Lily and informs her that he hired a security outfit to take care of her from now on. Holden lets Lily know that they cannot go back to the past. Molly rebukes Silas when he tries to make advances toward her. Emily and Paul argue that he blames her for what had happened to Eliza. Paul tells Emily that he may lose custody of Eliza because of Emily’s actions. Noah notices that things aren’t the same between him and Luke. Molly and Holden reconcile.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy and Hope are working on the new campaign and Brooke thinks that is Bill’s disaster. Steffy thinks it will be another of the Logan scandals. Stephen tells Donna that her mother would want no more tears. And he vows that Stephanie will pay for what she did. Donna hopes Pam will go down with Stephanie after the pest exterminator debacle. He’s livid and says he will do whatever it takes. Katie and Donna convince him they should be concentrating on Hope and her success. He tells his girls that those days are over of the Forrester’s looking down on them…..and they are going to know it. He doesn’t know how much humiliation they can all take. Steffy and Pam huddle together and giggle over seeing that Hope bombs in this presentation and they can send her back East to a college and get her out of FC. Brooke warns Donna that she has to have a little chat with her when this press conference is over. And if anything at all happens today, she will be over both her and Steffy so fast.

Oliver advises Hope to just take a deep breath and she will be fine. She will have the audience in the palm of her hand. Ridge makes the public statement that the company has reverted back to the Forrester’s and now they proudly present Hope For The Future. Steffy tells Hope that if she wants to be a professional, then go out there and be one….just read from the teleprompter. Katie begs Stephen to let her husband take care of this. Stephen says he has lost a son and now his wife and Stephanie and Eric are to blame. He’s sorry that he was so weak, but no more. The Forrester’s will never hurt the Logan’s again. Hope takes her place on stage. Right after she says thank you, Pam unplugs the teleprompter and Hope stands there is awkward silence.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Despite Philip’s warning, and Vivian’s offer to help her bring down Carly, Chloe decides to confess to Daniel. Meanwhile, Daniel confides in Carly and Melanie about his worries regarding Chloe. Hope warns Baker not to tell Nicole about her. Nicole decides she wants Baker and his partner to frame Arianna for the muggings. Hope advises Arianna and Brady to watch out for Nicole. Arianna nearly chases after Nicole to help with the news story, but later decides to spend the night with Brady.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Dante blames himself for Michael’s situation. When he goes to her for help, Clare tells Dante he shouldn’t have chosen to protect Sonny over Michael. Even Edward tells Lulu he can’t do anything to help Michael. Robin looks over her diary entries from her days with Stone. Patrick comes home to find Robin very affected from looking at the entries from her past. Jason wants to kill Dante but Carly thinks it’s best to make him suffer. Carly visits Sonny and says it’s her fault Michael’s life is ruined. Sonny plays the blame game as well. Morgan forgives Jax. Carly kisses Sonny and the two end up getting intimate. After it’s over, Carly tells Sonny he can’t have anymore contact with Morgan. Jason forgets it’s Sam’s birthday. Jason apologizes to Sam then vows to keep Michael safe in prison, no matter what.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Rex and Gigi are caught trying to break the box that contains information about Rex's parents. Otto, the store proprietor tells his daughter to call the police, who arrest Gigi and Rex, Otto's daughter asks him if he really does know something about Rex's parents and why he won't tell them. He tells her it is not his place to tell. Natalie tells Roxy that she is moving to London. Roxy concludes that Natalie is trying to get away from John so she encourages her to stay and fight for him. Natalie says John already chose Marty and she can't take any more Humiliation. She finally agrees to write a note telling him that she is moving to London and leave it at the station.

Starr tells Hannah to stay away from Cole and back off of her family. Hannah continues to taunt Starr. Starr figures out that it was Hannah that pushed Marty down the stairs to get what she wants from Cole. Cole and Todd are in lockup together. Todd reveals to Cole and John McBain that Hannah offered to recant her testimony for a price. He tells them that she is a mentally unstable teenager who would do anything to get in Cole's pants. He tells John that anyone could have pushed Marty, including Natalie or any of Marty's patients. John watches Hannah at the Buenos Dias.

Blair stops Tea from leaving the hospital to get Todd out of jail. She advises her to follow through with the treatment for her tumor because she will be no good to Todd or Dani if she dies. Dani admits to Matthew that she kissed Nate as an instinct when she was upset about Todd being accused of pushing Marty. He tells her that he sent her a text that day saying that she could talk to him. She tells him that she didn’t get the message. She assures him that there is nothing between her and Nate and she feels bad for hurting his feelings. He tells her not to worry about it and thanks her for telling him the truth. He leaves after they agree that they are going to prom tonight. Once she is alone, Dani stresses about having to kiss Nate in the play. Tea comes home from the hospital and tells Dani they are going to have a pre-prom spa day.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon brings Nick some things to the jail and runs into Billy who wants to do a story on Nick being away from his children. Sharon warns Billy that if he does a story, he will be joining Adam. Michael shows Nick all the materials that Owen had on Nick. Nick insists to Michael that he did not kill Adam. Chance talks to Patty about Adam, but with no luck. Paul tells Heather the police wouldn’t let him see Patty. Heather tells Paul that Owen wants prosecution and prison. When Billy notices that Chloe keeps checking her phone, she tells him that she is supposed to meet Chance. Billy asks Heather about the DNA test that she ran on Emily, but she refuses to give him any info. Victor checks on Victoria but is disturbed by her attitude when he only tried to help. Victoria blames Victor for her losing custody of Reed. Victor promises to fix the situation. Patty asks Chance to let her call Jack, but he refuses. Paul comes to see Patty. Heather talks to Owen about Patty being put in a psychiatric hospital. Sharon joins Michael, Nick and Phyllis. Phyllis realizes that Patty may be Adam’s accomplice. Billy calls Victoria to see how her hearing went and finds out that she lost custody of Reed. Victor hits Billy in the eye. Chance finally joins Chloe and they make plans for later. Michael, Phyllis, and Sharon go to courthouse. Victoria tells Billy her divorce is final. Upon seeing Phyllis, Patty orders her to go away. Michael finds out about Sarah’s plan to have him killed and Phyllis. Billy and Victoria make plans to go away to Jamaica. Heather tells Chance that Patty was sent to a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. Sharon questions Patty but with no luck.

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