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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan and Greenlee arrive home from Rio. David walks out, kisses and hugs Greenlee. David thanks Ryan for taking care of his wife and bringing her home safe. Colby comes into the Chandler living room and sees Damon trying to saw the cast off his arm. Damon asks for Colby’s help. Amanda grieves over the fact that her mother Janet is in a coma and for one fleeting moment she wished that she had died. Jake tries to console Amanda. At home, Tad cannot believe that J.R. would ever cheat on Marissa with Annie of all people. Tad blames himself for this drama. Erica and Randi discuss the new campaign line at Fusion. Erica wonders where Greenlee is since she hadn’t been in the office for two days. Erica finds out that Ryan went to Rio with Greenlee. Erica calls Ryan to meet her at B.J.’s for breakfast. David informs Greenlee that they are the proud owners of Pine Valley Hospital. Liza comes to visit Colby and Damon and lets them know that Bailey is going to study abroad for a month. Bailey needs for Damon to care for Stuart while she is away. Damon can't go to Ohio because of his probation, so Colby offers to have Stuart stay at Chandler Mansion with them. Amanda tells Jake that she feels responsible for Janet’s stroke. Erica comes to visit David to remind him of the deep attraction that Greenlee has for Ryan and insinuates that David could lose Greenlee to Ryan. David, in moving Greenlee’s purse, finds the pregnancy test. Erica tells him that this may be a way for him to hang on to Greenlee. David is speechless.

Greenlee goes to visit Jack with the papers that she needs for him to file. Amanda remembers her conversation with Janet in which she told her that she would always be her daughter. Liza runs into Colby at the hospital and fears that she is pregnant. Colby pretends that she is pregnant with twins, but then tells the truth. Damon visits Tad at the casino and tells him that Bailey is bringing Stuart to Pine Valley for him to care for. Erica visits Jack in his office and finds the envelope that Greenlee left for Jack to file. When Jack leaves the office, Erica steals the envelope. When Ryan sees Madison, she inquires about his trip to Rio. Greenlee proposes they go to New York to celebrate, but David is less than happy. Revealing the pregnancy test, David wants to know why Greenlee lied to him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Craig tells Carly that the medical report on Gabriel says that he was punched in the face before the fire and he thinks Parker was the one who punched Gabriel. Craig keeps his mouth shut about his suspicions and doesn't say a word because Carly asked him but he wants Carly to help him figure out a way that both he and Parker can get out of this mess. Parker is surprised that Faith gives him the same advice as Carly which is to keep quiet about punching Gabriel before the fire because telling the truth would make things worse for everyone. Faith offers to lend a sympathetic ear when parker needs to talk and Parker thanks her for lying to Jack and saying that he didn't see Gabriel until after the fire because he was helping her study for a math test. Faith kisses Parker and when he wonders why she did it she tells him she wanted to see what it was like to kiss him.

Margo and jack search Gabriel's room and find a scrapbook full of pictures and newspaper clippings of Craig. Jack talks to the bank manager of his bank about possibly recovering parker's stolen money the bank manager says there is no chance of that even though he wishes they could recover the money. The bank manager tells Jack that he spoke to Parker and told him that his trust fund had been stolen before the fire at the Monte Carlo office.

Meg is hurt when she goes to the hospital to ask for her job back and is told she will have to pass a psychological evaluation and get several references before she can return to work. Emma advises Meg that it isn't good for her to become dependent on Paul because he wants Eliza and he won't give her a reference. Meg discovers that her mother is right when Paul won't give her the reference because he doesn't think that Meg is ready to spend time alone with Eliza.

Emily gets carjacked when she takes Eliza with her to do research on a story the man points a gun at Emily and forces her to leave Eliza alone in her car. Emily manages to get away from the man but is horrified when she returns to her car and Eliza is gone.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke confides to Ridge that she went back to Jackie M’s office after her purse and found Jackie and Bridget in a very intense situation. She hopes Bridget will tell her when the time is right. Ridge comments that he wants to help Hope find the college she is interested in. Brooke hopes she will stay here and work at FC too. Ridge tells her the presentation tonight will be the test. Steffy tells Pam that two Logan’s down and two more to go. She thinks Hope should just go away to college and leave FC’s to the Forresters. She tells Hope and Oliver to give it a rest with the kissy face and concentrate more on her work. Hope is offered the Presidential award with full scholarship too, but the college is on the East Coast. Steffy conspires with Pam to make sure Hope’s future ends before it begins here at FC. Taylor overhears Brooke talking to Oliver where he says he and Steffy are just friends. Hope is the only girl he wants. He doesn’t buy it when Steffy is coming on to him. He believes Brooke when she says that Steffy does not have genuine feelings for him. Taylor lights into Brooke later for having the audacity to say that about her daughter.

Steffy tells Hope that she realizes Hope thinks she is a Ho, so she can pull her claws in. Hope says wearing lingerie doesn’t make her a Ho, but what she does when she is in it. Steffy gives Hope some presentation papers for the press conference tonight and Hope is not prepared. She knows a lot is riding on this. Oliver suggests a teleprompter. Steffy agrees but snaps at Hope that she better not make it look like a book report. Taylor tells Brooke that she is very aware that Hope is dating Oliver, but that is no reason to say Steffy has emotional problems. Brooke points out the things Steffy did to get the company back. Taylor doesn’t think that makes it a conspiracy. Brooke accuses Taylor of encouraging this or just not caring. Ridge walks up and Taylor spills to him just what Brooke said about their daughter. She thinks it is understandable why Steffy has this anger toward the Forrester’s. Brooke doesn’t care what psychiatrists say about this being natural. She states that Steffy is in a lot of pain and is not in control of her actions. She says she has had a lot of tolerance toward Steffy but……..if she does anything to Hope, she will have to answer to Brooke. Hope admits to Oliver that if tonight bombs she will have to go away to college on the East coast, but if it is a hit she can stay here and go to college and work at FC too. Oliver promises she will be a hit. But Steffy is in the wings and sees them kissing again and vows all the pieces have fallen in place. She tells Pam to crochet a sweater with a big B for Boston as that is where Hope is going. She knows exactly what she has to do to get rid of both Brooke and Hope.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole confronts Baker with Brady’s money clip. He decides to leave town. Nicole nearly turns him in, but then decides not to provided that he make Arianna his next mugging victim. When Hope learns that Nicole recognized Baker, she claims their partnership is off. Hope runs into Carly and tells her that she now blames Bo for their marriage ending, not Carly. Vivian is upset to find Victor and Maggie bonding. Chloe vaguely confronts Carly about what she did, but Carly has no clue what she is talking about. Daniel confronts the motel clerk, who tells him that Chloe is crazy. Daniel begins to wonder if the pregnancy and the stress with Melanie and Carly hasn’t caused Chloe to lose it a little. Chloe overhears him saying as much to Carly. Later, Vivian finds her sulking and suggests they work together.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Anthony has a little chat with Michael. After he learns about the bargain with Anthony, Johnny tells Jason he intends on destroying Sonny, deal or not. Lulu asks Sonny to stop Jason from killing Dante. Carly warns Dante that Jason is “lethal, with or without a gun.” Dante apologizes to Carly for thinking his “arrogance” could save Michael. Carly opens up to Dante and blames herself for Michael’s incarceration because she allowed Sonny to be his father. Carly says she’ll make certain Dante is safe from Jason’s vengeance. Anthony tells Michael about his deal with Jason. Maxie tries to talk Lucky out of having a drink. Jason tells Sonny about his deal with Anthony and says, “Johnny is untouchable, no matter what.” Jason and Sonny disagree about Dante’s fate. Carly tells Lulu she blames herself for Michael going to prison. Elizabeth heads to Jake’s when she learns that Lucky is there with Maxie. Olivia heads to church to pray for Michael and she runs into Sonny there. Carly tells Jason she lied and told Dante she was to blame for Michael’s situation. Carly goes on to say that she’ll make Dante and Lulu “suffer” for betraying Michael. Dante tells Lulu he has to “get Michael” out of prison.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Hannah knows just how to drive another wedge between Starr and Cole by telling Cole that Todd threatened her and revealing that Starr told the secret he trusted her not to reveal about Hanna's overdose, to Todd of all people so he can use it against Hannah to discredit her testimony. Starr is angry with Cole for believing and trusting Hannah and vilifying her. It looks like Cole is stuck in jail. Todd is also going to spend time in jail after he's released from the hospital. But Blair knows that he must be told that Tea is dying before it's too late and she wonders what to do. Tea still has not told either Dani or Todd that she is dying and Dani wonders why she is so emotional when she sees her in her prom dress. Dani also has a dilemma about whether she's interested in Matthew or in Nate. Rex and Gigi are determined to unravel the mystery in Santa Fe about the necklace that was left with him when he was abandoned as a baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis visits Daniel and asks him out for a cup of coffee. Phyllis sees that Daniel is going through Amber’s things. Phyllis offers to help him, but he refuses. Phyllis begins to bad mouth Amber when Tawny walks in and defends her. Tucker lets Jill know that there is no way his shirt can be saved. Lily lets Cane know that she is not risking the twins' lives. Reed and J.T. spend time together before the custody hearing. Victoria lets Nikki know that Reed is scared. Victor assures Victoria that Reed will be home with her by tonight. Victor gets a call from Judge Wiley. Victor tells Victoria that he will not be in court with her today. Victoria lets Nikki know that Mackenzie has a key to J.T.’s home and lets herself in at any time. Olivia, Neil and Malcolm arrive at Lily’s. An argument erupts between Neil and Malcolm when they find out that Lily will not subject the twins to the testing in order to save her life. Tawny demands to know where Amber and Eric are, but Daniel refuses to tell her. Tawny demands that Daniel call Amber and tell her to come home. Phyllis begins to remind Tawny of her past indiscretions in abandoning Eric. J.T. joins Tucker to discuss business thus leaving Reed alone to play. When Reed disappears, Tucker and J.T. have to search for him. Victor gives Reed a package. Neil and Malcolm argue over Lily’s decision. Phyllis tells Daniel to give Tawny the phone so she can call the police. Cane orders Neil and Malcolm to stop arguing. Jill orders Neil and Malcolm to take the argument outside. Bruce assures the judge that J.T. will be there. J.T. finds Reed at the gym with Victor. Victor lets JT. know that he was watching Reed. J.T. arrives in court just in time. J.T. lets Victoria know that Victor tried to keep him from going to court. The judge rules against joint custody. Phyllis orders Tawny out. Malcolm meets with Tucker and reveals he will no longer be his mole. Victoria loses custody of Reed.

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