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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In Rio, Ryan and Greenlee discuss the effects that losing their baby had on them. At Wildwind, Madison refuses to hurt Ryan by going along with David’s manipulating plan. Liza calls David about Madison. Marissa comes to bear her burdens on Tad and Krystal and let them know that J.R. slept with Annie. At the Chandler Mansion, Annie blasts J.R. for drugging her and leaving her in the hotel room. J.R. tells her he hates her and will never touch her again. Scott offers his apologies to Marissa for what happened between J.R. and Annie. Marissa throws Scott out of Tad’s home, blaming him for lying to her about J.R.’s and Annie involvement. Tad goes to see J.R. and confront him about sleeping with Annie. At Fusion, Madison asks Randi to cover for her while she gets out of town. Randi talks Madison out of leaving town and wants to know what is going on. Madison reveals everything to Randi about David knowing that she killed Henry.

Ryan insists that Greenlee let him handle the meeting, but she refuses. David insists on going to Rio to find out what is going on, but Liza persuades him to stay put in Pine Valley until Greenlee comes home. Marissa asks Liza for her job back. Marissa lets Liza and David know that J.R. slept with Annie and she had left him. Tad reprimands J.R. for his actions with Annie. Annie joins Liza and asks for her help. Liza refuses by telling Annie that she is representing Adam. Annie decides to take Adam’s offer, but it is no longer on the table. Scott joins a bewildered Annie when Marissa walks in and splashes a glass of ice water in Annie’s face. At the Chandler Mansion, David punches J.R. Ryan gets a pregnancy test for Greenlee, but she refuses to take it. Greenlee thanks Ryan with a kiss and leaves the hotel room. Madison agrees to help David with his plan to get Ryan into her bed.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly asks Jack to move out. He can’t believe why Carly would be asking him to leave; he thinks it is more then Carly trying to do the right thing and not taking him away from his looking after Janet. Carly isn’t sure if he is on to her so she waits to see his theory. It is that she is very mad with him; so Carly goes with it, but she also claims she wants to save their relationship by taking this stand and asking him to leave – for now. Parker learns Jack is leaving and is even more racked with guilt. Carly tries to convince him it is for another reason, but she finally admits that the stress of trying to keep this from Jack would be too much if he were living there. Parker struggles to deal with his growing stress and guilt. Janet moves into her apartment and almost catches Dusty ‘helping’ her out. She invites him to stop by as soon as she is set up. Janet later sees Jack and realizes Carly kicked him out. She offers him the extra bedroom, but they both know that won’t work considering. Jack is sure that he and Carly will work through this just like the other times. Jack learns that Janet’s ‘inheritance’ is not from her father. He confronts Dusty and realizes that Dusty is funding her newfound independence. He finally agrees not to say anything for Janet’s sake. Parker and Craig hold vigil at the hospital and are both visibly upset when Gabriel is rushed into surgery. Craig claims it is because he is his employee and a kid and Parker claims he is there for Liberty, but Parker is focused on Gabriel’s head injury and how he is happy that is not why he was rushed into surgery. Liberty goes to Dusty for help trying to find out about Gabriel’s family; they let themselves into his room, but they find nothing. Liberty decides to take Gabriel’s mom’s necklace to the hospital for him. Liberty is later upset to learn Gabriel is in emergency surgery. Janet shows up and pulls Liberty away to get some food, but she promises that Gabriel now has the both of them in his corner. Margo pleads with Tom to take Craig’s case. Tom is very hesitant at first but then decides to look into it. Tom later shows up when Margo is talking with Craig at the hospital; he has Gabriel’s medical reports and he wants to go over Craig’s story. Craig will cop to borrowing Parker’s money, but he would never hurt Gabriel. He is intrigued when he learns that Gabriel was in a fight before the fire; he didn’t fight him; he will take a lie detector. Tom talks with Margo about how Gabriel was in a fight first and he tends to believe Craig wasn’t involved. Craig goes to see a preoccupied and stressed out Carly, who is inquiring about the next AA meeting; he tells her they have to have a long talk – about Parker, as Carly looks nervous.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick feels like something is going on between Jackie and Bridget and he’s not going home until he gets some answers. Saved by the bell, the shipping department calls and needs Nick’s input. Bridget explains that she can not lie to her husband the rest of her life, but Jackie says that is exactly what she has to do and will. She points out that if Nick knows the truth that he will probably leave her and end up hating Owen. She might lose her own marriage over this. Brooke tells Hope that she has as much right to be there at FC as Steffy does. She confides that she really likes Oliver. He’s cute, smart and creative and no one makes her laugh like he does. Brooke tells Hope to talk to Taylor and get Steffy to back off. Oliver confesses to Whip that he’s dating Hope, but Steffy is on his radar too. Whip tells him that is not a problem; that is a fricking disaster. Oliver says Steffy is definitely tempting, but trouble. Whip tells him not to blow it with Hope.

Whip tells Oliver that he doesn’t need to just hang out with Hope, but he could ask her out on a real date….a little romance. Oliver calls Hope his girlfriend which makes her feel good. She said she told her mom the very same thing about him. Bridget tells Brooke that she is pregnant. Brooke is elated although this is coming as a surprise and she knows the odds of carrying a baby to term. Nick says this baby is a blessing and he won’t listen to any negative thoughts from Jackie. From now on they will not dwell on the past, but keep good thoughts. Later Jackie tells Bridget that she can see that things are as they should be. There is peace, contentment and harmony. Bridget says she is sorry. She made one horrible mistake, but she is going to tell Nick the truth that he is not the father of this baby. She has betrayed him once, but she is not going to keep betraying him for the rest of their lives. She can’t live this lie. She will talk to Owen and convince him to stay with Jackie. Jackie begs her not to. She says Bridget owes her. She slept with her husband and all she is asking is that Bridget wait to see if the baby makes it to term. Brooke returns for her purse and sees enough through the window to know Jackie and Bridget are in an intense, heated battle.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole learns that the man running the gambling ring received Brady’s money clip from another player. Later, she and Baker run into one another. Hope is forced to go home and watch Ciara, even though the police had planned a stakeout to catch the mugger. Melanie decides not to tell Nathan what she knows about Stephanie’s birth control pills. Later, Stephanie throws her pills in the water. Maggie asks Melanie to give Victor another chance. Will catches EJ and Sami nearly kissing. At first, Sami admits that she might have feelings for him, but she later tells EJ that there is nothing between them. Calliope almost gets Anna to tell her who she was working with, but she passes out before she can spill the beans. Arianna wants to help Brady catch the mugger. Later, the two get into an argument about Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr has a dilemma between loyalty to her father and to Cole. Markko goes to visit Cole and finds out that Starr believes that Hannah is falsely accusing Todd so that she can break up Starr and Cole. Starr tells Langston the same thing and reveals that she wouldn't put something like that past Hannah since she was desperate enough to try to kill herself over Ford. Hearing that, Langston is startled to find that out but does not reveal her secret with Ford to Starr. Meanwhile, Ford talks to Jessica and appears to be similarly interested in her as he has been with other "young girls". Cristian and Layla want to be together although she wishes Jessica would leave him alone. She is ready to go to the prom with Brody. Hannah goes to talk to Todd, first attempting to "cut a deal" with him knowing that they both want Starr and Cole to break up. But he tells her he does not trust her and knows he can discredit her accusation of him pushing Marty because he knows that she is unstable and tried to take her own life over a guy.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Jack urges Emily to hang on as he orders the mortician to find adrenaline. Patty tries to get Paul to help her escape, but he refuses. Patty grabs a syringe from under the mattress and orders Paul and Heather to stand back as she aims the needle toward her neck. Victoria remembers her conversation with J.T. in which she found out that he was suing for full custody of Reed. Victoria gets a call from Julia, telling her that the custody hearing is tomorrow. J.T. and Mackenzie are embarrassed and a little surprised by the kiss that they shared. Olivia finds Lily looking at pictures of the babies. Lily lets Olivia know that Mac is having a boy and a girl. Olivia tells Cane and Lily about a group that was looking into using the amniotic fluid from babies to help cure cancer and that Lily was part of that group. Paul urges Patty to put down the needle, but she refuses. Paul learns from Patty that she tried to kill Emily. Emily begins to revive. Patty finds the syringe empty. Victoria comes to see Reed. Cane catches up with Mackenzie and tells her about the stem cell research using amniotic fluid. Jack finds out from Heather and Paul that Patty tried to kill herself. Emily agrees to try to help Patty. J.T. and Victoria try to make peace between themselves. Olivia tries to explain everything to Mackenzie and Lily. Mackenzie becomes alarmed that she will miscarry. Heather tells Paul that they are moving Patty to jail to solitary confinement until it can be decided what to do with her. Victoria becomes upset when she finds out that Mackenzie had been helping out with Reed. Emily lets Jack know that she is not going home with him.

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