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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Amanda tells Janet good-bye and then feels badly when Janet has a seizure because she can't bear that she has cut her out of her life. Amanda is also worried because before Janet had her seizure she told her that she is just like her because she loves Trevor so much that she will do anything it takes to keep him with her. Amanda is also stunned when Janet admits that she killed her father because Amanda loved him more then her and that was just unbearable to her so Trevor had to die.

David gloats to Jake and Angie that he is the new owner of the hospital and asks them both to resign Jake refuses to resign from the hospital and Angie briefly considers giving up her position as chief of staff and just treating patients but then decides she won't let David bully her into giving up her job.

Greenlee feels lightheaded while in Rio with Ryan and almost faints twice so she suspects she might be pregnant but she tells Ryan that she can't face losing another baby since she knows it is medically impossible for her to carry a baby to term. David worries that he will lose Greenlee to Ryan so he orders Madison to go to Rio and seduce Ryan or he will find evidence that she killed her husband and send her to jail.

JR tells Marissa that he slept with Annie and Marissa is angry and heartbroken so she gives JR back his wedding ring and leaves the mansion. Scott finds Annie at the Valley Inn and tells her that JR is telling Marissa the truth right now because he doesn't want to lose her. Annie admits to Scott that she fell into JR's trap because she does have feelings for him . Annie also tells Scott that all she has ever wanted in her life is someone to make her feel loved and safe and that she managed to get all the Chandler men to want her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lucinda advises Lily to focus on getting Holden to move back into the house so that he can protect her from Craig. Molly goes to talk to Silas so that Holden will rush to her side and take her home. Molly later admits to Holden that she only went to see Silas to get some attention from him (Holden) since she is tired of taking second place to Lily in his life. Holden doesn't know what else he can do to show Molly that he doesn't want to be with Lily.

Dusty pays off Janet's new landlord to take excellent care of Janet and Liberty. Dusty also tells the landlord that he bought new appliances for the apartment but he should tell Janet they come with the apartment. Craig is upset when Johnny has a minor accident under Dusty's care and he tells Dusty he doesn't want him anywhere near Johnny.

Parker fears that his part in Gabriel's accident will come out now that Craig is out of jail and determined to find out why Gabriel was inside the building. Carly assures Parker that everything will be okay as long as he keeps his mouth shut. Craig and Parker are both worried when they stop by the hospital to see Gabriel and are told he is in surgery.

Jack isn't happy that Janet is moving to a dangerous part of Oakdale and they argue but he finally sees that no matter what he thinks Janet is moving out of the house. Carly uses Jack's concern for Janet as an excuse to tell him that their relationship will never work out because he clearly wants to be with Janet and the baby more then he wants to be with her. Jack is stunned when Carly asks him to move out of the house but the truth is that she is afraid that if he stays he will discover Parker's involvement in Gabriel's accident.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna tells Eric that she needs proof that he wants their marriage and will not put Stephanie first. Eric says he will put the house on the market, but Stephanie is an integral part of FC and he won’t ask her to go. Likewise the police have already had their investigation and he won’t go there again. He tells Donna they need to talk alone. Bill says too late for that; Eric will hear from Donna’s lawyer. Donna accuses Eric of not being able to let go of Stephanie. And she can not accept her in their life. She can not share him with her. She takes off her ring and gives it back to him, kisses him and says good-bye. Nick comforts Bridget that she will carry this baby to term. He informs the rest of the office, especially Aggie and Owen that everything is okay with this baby.

Stephanie finds Eric just after Donna has left. She asks if there is any chance for him and Donna. He says he still love her, but no. She then visits Donna and tells her again that she is sorry for her loss. Stephanie says she always thought she’d get her husband back, but not under these circumstances. She doesn’t delight in any other person’s pain. She is glad Eric came back to his senses and she will never give up on that dream with the company back in their hands. She warns Donna not to try to take any part of that company away again or she will see that so many of her skeletons come dancing out of her closet. Donna fires off that she will never forget the part that Stephanie played in her mother’s death, and for Stephanie not to forget that. Bridget tells Jackie that she may not be able to keep this secret for the rest of her life. Nick catches them arguing again and feels left out with these intense little talks. Donna leaves by the loading dock where she signs for a box. Pam has arranged for a pest control company to be there and Donna ends up being hauled away to the delight of Pam. Stephanie offers to come over and make Eric a martini tonight, even call the family and make like old times. With Brooke and Ridge and then Steffy looking on, they herald the reuniting of the Forrester’s. Eric and Stephanie seal it with a kiss and she says he’s not such an old fuddy duddy after all.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ and Sami have a dip in the pool and the two nearly kiss. Calliope works on getting Anna to tell her who helped her kidnap Sydney. Melanie finds Stephanie’s birth control pills in a homeless woman’s bag, and confronts her about it. Stephanie claims she just lost them. Suspicious, Melanie tells Brady what is going on, and decides to tell Nathan, too. Maggie decides to support Victor’s bid to get back into Philip’s good graces. She later collapses in Victor’s arms.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claire is still upset with Jax about the trial. Everyone gets word that the decision about Michael’s punishment is ready. Lulu heads for the courthouse after Olivia calls and says Dante may need her by his side. Sonny isn’t terribly happy with Dante, given what he did to Michael. Kristina takes Morgan and Molly to the courthouse when they learn the judge has reached his decision. Liz tells Shirley how great it was when Lucky stood up for her against Helena. Tracy and Helena argue over Luke. Later, Tracy does some investigating at GH and learns the technician who did the paternity test on Liz’s baby is dead. Before sentencing Michael, the judge asks Johnny to say a few words. Johnny says Michael acted out of defense for Carly and he shouldn’t “pay” because of Claudia. The judge gives Michael a sentence of five years in Pentonville. Dante and Sonny ask the judge to change his mind but he wouldn’t budge. The judge points the finger at the people in Michael’s life who chose to lie about Claudia’s murder. Michael is taken out of the courtroom.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Cole is sentenced, Starr comes to the courthouse and urges Cole, Marty and John not to believe Hannah that Todd pushed Marty. Yet they all believe that Todd must have something to do with the judge having Cole sent away without any leniency for assaulting Todd. Tea attempts to drop the bombshell upon Todd that she is dying. But he is obsessed with getting her to represent him and helping him beat the false charges. So he still has no clue about what has happened to her. Reed tells Kelly he wants to be there for her and she must agree that they have a connection. She then agrees to have dinner with him. Natalie goes to visit her brother, Kevin, in London and tells him about the news involving Marty losing her baby and John's accusing Natalie and the suspicion that now surrounds Todd. Rex and Gigi go to Santa Fe, NM, to find the jeweler who designed the necklace that was left when he was abandoned at the hospital as a newborn baby and hope it will lead them to his real parents.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy and Mackenzie bump into each other in the coffeehouse. They reminisce that this is their anniversary of their marriage which had been annulled. Billy surprises Mackenzie with a package. Victoria blasts J.T. for taking Reed out of the police station without her knowledge. Michael and Lauren arrive at the hospital to check on Jana. In her hospital room, Jana doesn’t recognize Kevin. Kevin calls out for a doctor for Jana. Jack sits by Patty as a doctor examines her. Emily is shown, unconscious, on a metal slab in the mortuary. Emily screams. At home, Paul looks at a pic of Emily, all cut up. Heather tells Paul that he is not to blame himself for Patty posing as Emily. Victoria tells J.T. that she is re-appealing for custody of Reed. Billy finds out that J. T. is trying to keep Victoria away from Reed. Mackenzie finds out that Billy is sleeping with Victoria. J.T. reminds Victoria of all her past indiscretions and her lies. Paul and Heather arrive at the psychiatric hospital and tell jack that Patty is here. The mortician attempts to start work on Emily to find out what had killed her. Emily screams out that she is not dead.

Jack tells Patty that he don’t know what he would do if he saw Patty right now. All Patty wants to do is to go home. The doctor tells Kevin that he is going to order Jana to see a neurologist. Kevin finds out from the doctor that Jana may never be the same Jack sees through Emily and knows that it is Patty. Jack demands to know where Emily is. Patty lets him know that Emily is gone. Jack hurries to the morgue. Billy visits Victoria. J.T. and Mackenzie kiss. Jack finds Emily, but fears that he is too late to save her. Through tears, Jack begins to talk to her and he sees a tear, rolling down her cheeks. Jack checks her and finds that Emily is still breathing.

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