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AMC Recap Written by Lisa R.

Marissa grills Scott about what is going on since Adam left and gave Chandler Enterprises to Scott. He manages to avoid telling her the truth, but Marissa knows there is more to it. Annie and JR meet in a hotel room and he drugs her, then leaves and has it out with Scott. JR informs Scott that he intends to tell Marissa everything and is about to do so as the show ends.

Amanda confides in Jake that she is afraid she is going to be like her mother. After he comforts her, they proceed to go see Janet in the hospital. Angie gets a page to come back to the hospital during some quality time with Jesse. Jake sees Angie at the hospital where they find out that David has bought Pine Valley Hospital!

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke and Reid almost make love but Luke puts a stop to things before they go too far and he tells Reid that he can't do this while Noah is in the hospital. Reid asks Luke to admit that he wanted to make love to him but Luke doesn't say anything only that he has to concentrate on helping Noah recover from the operation. Reid later sees Luke at the hospital pleading with Noah to wake up and advises him to stay with Noah and talk to him because that could help him wake up. Luke also apologizes to Reid telling him that he knows that he cares about his patients and he would never make a mistake intentionally no matter how strongly he felt about him.

Dusty secretly helps Janet by asking Terri to tell Janet that Rocco left her an inheritance in his will which is enough to pay for a place to live for her and Liberty even though Dusty is the one who is giving Janet the money. Janet and Dusty have lunch together and almost kiss but Janet tells Dusty she has to go back to work.

Parker tells Carly that he doesn't know how much longer he can lie to Jack about his part in Gabriel's accident. Liberty is determined to discover what really happened and why Gabriel was caught in the Monte Carlo building. Craig is upset when he calls Ellis and hears waves in the background leading him to believe that Ellis stole Parker's money instead of losing it in a bad investment and he vows to find Ellis and get Parker's money back from him. Craig tells Jack and Margo that he was only borrowing the money from Parker until Monte Carlo could get back on its feet but Ellis stole the money from him. Carly makes it clear to Craig that she will never be involved with him in business or her personal life but Craig is hopeful that she will realize that jack isn't the right man for her. Carly tells Parker that Craig will soon go to jail for stealing his money and setting the fire of the Monte Carlo office so he should keep quiet about leaving Gabriel unconscious inside the building because Craig is the guilty person not him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill apologizes for walking in on Donna’s privacy. He tells her that Eric should be begging her for her forgiveness if he wants her back. She deserves that. He doesn’t say it will be easy. And the dynamics have changed since she left Eric. If he can have Stephanie investigated and sell the house and the company, then Donna has a chance. Ridge tells Brooke that he’d like her to call her sister off. He doesn’t want to see Bill with his foot back in the door. Eric walks in and doesn’t want to hear them talking about him. He does want Donna back, but it is not that easy. Thorne asks Stephanie what is going on between her and his dad. He realizes she is not staying at the guest house any more.

Bill calls Eric and informs him that Donna wants a meeting with him. Stephanie sees her first and warns her that Eric will not go after her or the company. Eric does not want Bill to be present, but Donna insists. She starts that she wants to be sure that their marriage is his #1 priority. Ridge has a really bad feeling about this and sees this as Bill just throwing out another set of demands. Eric wants to go someplace and talk by themselves, but Bill keeps sticking his nose in it. He suggests Donna go ahead and tell Eric what she wants. She tells him there are three important things she needs from him. She can’t live in the house where her mother died. She can not have him working at FC with Stephanie. He will have to let the company go and she wants Stephanie fully investigated by the authorities. Ridge speaks up and points out that surely Donna can see that Bill is setting her up. He wants her to divorce Eric, but to have it look like it’s not Bill’s idea or he won’t be at fault. Eric understands her demands and if he doesn’t come through then the marriage is over.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Calliope is working for Rafe in order to get her and Eugene out of some tax trouble. Rafe forces her to wear a wire, and Anna, unknowing, agrees to tell Calliope everything. Arianna is sure that Sami will get back together with Rafe if he catches Anna. Sami wants to move out of the mansion, but Stefano arranges for her townhouse to be flooded. Sami is forced to stay. She and Will have an argument about EJ, and later, Sami tells EJ about their kiss on the pier. Chad and Will see a picture of Madeline and Kate together. Madeline lies and tells Chad that she was once a lawyer for Kate’s company. Chad vows to find out the truth.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky steps in when Helena barks orders at Elizabeth. Helena and Lucky threaten each other. Dante and Lulu wake up together blissfully happy. Lucky arrives at Dante’s loft at an inopportune time. He tells Lulu that Maxie needs her at the office immediately. Carly takes Morgan to the PCPD to see Michael. Michael figures out that Carly lied in court to protect him. Carly tells Michael not to “worry” about her. Mike is concerned about Sonny so he pays him a visit at the office. Kate is less than kind to Maxie, who wonders what she (Kate) is “really upset” about. Skye fills Maya in on the Q’s but Tracy interrupts their time. Helena warns Nikolas that “Lucky is reverting to type” and in “protection mode” for Elizabeth and the baby. Liz gets upset when she learns that Shirley’s been admitted to GH due to a fever. Kate pays Sonny a visit and admits she kept the truth about Dante from him since they were teens. Sonny wonders if Kate would have told him the truth had they married. Kate advises Sonny to show Dante the “good” in him. Helena takes a meeting with her “man servant” Thor and they discuss the new baby. Tracy hears bits and pieces of the conversation and wonders why Helena has such an interest in Liz’s baby. Lucky and Nik argue about Helena and Liz. Sonny tells Dante his “protection” status may have been vetoed because of what he did to Michael. Sonny gets word that Michael’s punishment has been decided.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nora and Eli both try to get Cole a light sentence for assaulting Todd. But the judge wants to throw the book at him and appears like Todd might have paid him off. Tea talks to Blair about what it's going to be when she is dying. Blair tells her she wants to help her even though they've never been friends. Starr goes and talks to Todd and admits that she believes that Hannah is lying to say she saw him push Marty. But she's torn when John informs her that it looks like Todd paid off the judge who that he puts Cole away. At the high school, a new boy wants Destiny to go to prom with him. But she has Matthew on the brain. He has Dani on the brain. She has Nate on her mind but notices another girl asked Nate.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the coffeehouse, Reed spends time with both Victoria and J.T. At the police station, Nick is re-arrested. A body goes down the hall on a gurney as we hear the voice of Adam. Amber begs Daniel to leave town with her, but he refuses. Amber asks Daniel if their marriage is over. At the ranch, Sharon gets a call from Victor that Nick had been re-arrested. In the background, you hear the voice of Adam talking about his life with Sharon. Phyllis lets Nick know that he is not a murderer. Daniel tells Amber that their marriage is over. Kay and Murph arrive at the hospital with Eric. Amber lets Kay and Murph know that she is leaving town with Eric. Amber goes in to see Jana to let her know that she is leaving town. Kevin tries to talk to Daniel about his decision.

Eric finds out that Amber is taking him and leaving town. Chloe lets Amber know how much she will miss her. J.T. catches up with Reed at the police station and is disturbed that Victoria would bring Reed here. Victoria questions Victor if they can take the recording of Adam seriously. Adamís voice talks in the background and lets the audience know that the Newmanís will never figure it out how he had set Nick up to take the fall for his murder. Nick persuades Phyllis to move to the big house for her own safety. Victoria looks for Reed and finds out that J.T. took him. Daniel remembers when he had asked Amber to marry him. Amber, through tears, pours her heart out to Katherine. Katherine tells Amber that Ericís needs come first. Amber tells Katherine that Tawny is on her way there. Victor promises Nick to get him out of jail. Kevin sits with Jana and talks to her. Jana asks him who he is. Daniel and Amber say good-bye. Phyllis moves into the farmhouse with Sharon.

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