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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Greenlee agrees to go to Rio with Ryan to save the Fusion Natural campaign by buying back the rights to the packaging she wants to use. Greenlee gives David an expensive watch right before she tells him that she has to go to Rio with Ryan for business. David isn't happy about her going on the trip alone with Ryan, but he doesn't want to look like a husband who doesn't trust his wife by tagging along. Madison again tells David that she won't help distract Ryan and keep him away from Greenlee.

Damon gets in trouble with the police once more for throwing a rock through the window of a liquor store, but Tad pays the owner to say that Damon wasn't the one who did it. Damon doesn't want to return to Tad's house so Colby tells him that he can stay with her at the mansion.

JR is stunned when he gets a letter from Adam saying that Scott is in control of the company with 51% of the controlling interest in Chandler Enterprises. Marissa wonders why JR is being punished when Scott is the one Adam suspected of sleeping with Annie. Marissa doesn't want to move out of the mansion since A. J considers it his home. JR struggles to fight his attraction for Annie and kisses her then later he meets her in a motel room.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Henry oversees Barbara asking Captain Joe what she has to do to prove she is over Henry. When she goes to the little girl’s room, Henry quickly slips into her chair and tells Joe that going dancing with that woman is a very bad idea. Barbara catches him, and Captain Joe mistakes him for her son and takes off. Henry says she can thank him later. She pours a drink over his head. Later he tells her that he is not marrying Vienna nor having a baby with her…….that idea is on hold. He offers to support her by going with her to her cancer checkup. He is sorry he ruined her evening and would like to make it up to her by giving her that evening of dancing she wanted. Vienna comes on to Casey and tells her this is what she really wants. She shoves him back on the bed and has her way with him. She lies and says she is on the pill and has been tested recently so is good to go. Afterwards she can not wait to get him out of her bed. Molly cooks a special meal for Holden and tells him that Emma will be away and they will be all alone. Holden has to disappoint her by saying that he’s going with Lily to check on Noah. He asks her to keep the dinner warm. She yanks the apron off and is out the door. Luke questions Reid about Noah’s complications. Dr. Oliver explains there was far more damage than he originally thought once he got inside Noah’s brain. Luke lambastes him for not knowing the risks when he originally bragged that he was the only doctor who could fix Noah. Holden and Lily try to convince Luke to settle down and give them a chance to see if Noah is okay. Molly shows up. Luke gives them a hug and says they can go since it will be hours yet. Holden does like Lily being alone, but she convinces him that Craig won’t hurt her and she will be all right. Bob speaks with Dr. Oliver and tells him he understood it was brilliant surgery. He should not be second-guessing himself now. He advises…… no he demands that he go home, get a bite to eat and take a long nap as Noah won’t be awake for some while yet.

Luke shows up at Reid’s apartment and blasts him for leaving and not caring if his patient dies….even wants to know if he did this on purpose. He accuses Reid of having feelings for him and can’t stand the thought that Noah might be preventing them getting together. Reid is hurt that Luke would think that. Reid tries to get Luke to talk him through this and they end up kissing. Molly plies Holden with her meal and then gives him a neck massage. Vienna is glad she ran into Casey and that he is not upset that she used him just for sex – works for him too. At her utter disgust, Henry takes Barbara to Metro and enters them into a disco contest. He says she would not believe what he can do on the dance floor. They win by default. Vienna calls and apologizes and wants Henry to come home right now so she can make things right. She cries and apologizes again that she was wrong in trying to get herself pregnant so he would marry her. She now wants him to take whatever time he needs. Molly and Holden put their meal plan on hold and start to head to the bedroom. Lily calls and tells him that she came home and found the door open. She is afraid someone might have broken in. He tells her that she should stay outside and he will meet her outside. Second time in one night, Molly is disappointed. She spends a lonely night alone drinking and Barbara dances alone with her trophy. Holden goes in the house with Lily and they find it was a total false alarm. It was probably one of the kids. He’s glad she called him and they hug.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget tells Jackie that Owen is on his way, but her husband loves her and she doesn’t have to test him like this. And besides she is bad at lying and Owen might know. This is all wrong. Jackie says what is wrong is that Bridget betrayed both her and Nicky when she was unfaithful and now she is going to make that right. Jackie goes upstairs to hide from Owen. Nick tries to call Bridget, but tells Aggie that she must have let the batteries run down. Aggie knows that Bridget wasn’t supposed to get pregnant, so she hopes everything is all right. She hopes he gets his miracle. She wants him to be happy as he deserves it. Owen arrives and wants to be sure they are alone. He asks Bridget not to drag this out. He needs to know if the baby is his or Nick’s. Aggie confides in Oliver that the tests Bridget is having could also prove paternity. He knows there has to be some hope on her part that it is Owen’s and it might be the end of Nick’s marriage. Aggie says it might be the end of his marriage but also his happiness and she loves him too much to hope for that.

Bridget leads Owen into a conversation so that he has to admit they were wrong in having sex and now regrets it. It has forced them to lie to their spouses. Bridget says that Nick is the father. That’s what they both wanted so they can go back to their lives. He admits that he is a little disappointed as he wanted so much to be a father, but he loves his wife and he could never think about losing her. Jackie had total trust in him and he did this to her. She thinks he is the perfect husband and that’s what he wants to be for her. He loves her so they can go back and protect both of their marriages and not tell either Jackie or Nick about this. Bridget is giving them their grandchild and he knows how much that means to Jackie. Jackie comes down the stairs whispering to Bridget that Owen really loves her. Nick walks in on them and can feel the tension in the air and asks if everything is all right. Jackie leaves and Nick dotes on Bridget. Likewise, Jackie asks Owen how was his day and he states that he doesn’t want to ever live his life without her. He’s got everything he ever wanted, but sometimes it is good to be reminded like he was today. Nick still feels that Bridget is keeping something from him. He didn’t mean to be so insensitive and says he knows she must be scared. This baby is their miracle and they are finally going to have the baby they always wanted.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope accuses Ciara of using her makeup, not remembering that she used it the night before when she mugged Brady. When Roman tells Hope about the mugging and shows her a picture of the branding, she recognizes it as a Celtic symbol of female empowerment. Vivian warns Arianna about Nicole, who has made up with Brady. After an argument with Kate, Sami decides that moving into the mansion isn’t a good idea. Stefano tells Kate that EJ is in love with Sami. Calliope meets up with Anna in the country she is hiding in, but it turns out that Rafe is using Calliope to make contact with Anna.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax is unhappy with the situation at hand so he confides in Skye. Jax tells Skye he wants to “salvage” his marriage. Michael breaks down in front of Jason. Michael asks Jason not to tell Sonny. Jason does his best to help Michael cope with being in a jail cell. Johnny makes it clear to Olivia that Sonny will pay for his treatment of Claudia. Lulu spends some quality time with Dante. Jason turns to Robin for advice about Michael. Jason apologizes for getting upset with Robin all those years ago when she told the truth about AJ being Michael’s father. Jason blames everything bad that happened to Michael on himself. Johnny tells Olivia she can’t “change” him. Jax goes to the jail and apologizes to Michael. Michael says Jax need not apologize and he (Michael) wants to take responsibility for his actions. Robin later tells Patrick about her visit from Jason. Sam assures Jason that Michael will be ok but Jason feels helpless. Dante and Lulu finally spend the night together.

OLTL Recap Written by Gisele

Nora hovers over Bo when he returns home but finally goes to work, leaving Matthew to watch over his dad. Bo receives a present and card from Rex who thanks him for saving his life. Matthew tells Bo he never heard back from Dani. At Rodi's with Shane and Gigi, Rex makes up an excuse for leaving town, but assures Shane he'll always be his dad. Realizing he needs to know the truth, Rex tells Shane all about his parents. Roxy walks in and assures Shane she loves him, then she agrees to take care of him when Gigi goes on a trip with Rex.

At The Palace, Greg asks Destiny what happened between Todd and Cole. Meanwhile, Greg's watching Dani arguing with Téa about her defending Todd. Dani decides she wants nothing to do with Todd after what he did to Marty, and she doesn't want her mother defending him or she will cut her out of her life. After Destiny and Dani storm out, Téa tells Greg that she got a second opinion and will begin treatment for her inoperable brain tumor.

Cole waits for his mom in the courtroom wondering if she's going to show up. Hearing Starr's theory that Hannah made up the story, John considers Todd's innocence, to Mary's dismay.  Cole can't believe that Hannah would lie. Eli sends someone else to defend Cole. Nora is trying to keep Cole out of jail. The DA and the defense want to lessen the charges because there was no intent and no weapons, but the judge feels differently. At the mansion, Eli finds out from Blair about Tea's condition. Blair asks Eli not to say anything. Remorseful about the way she talked to Tea, Blair asks her to come to the mansion and tells her she knows about the tumor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Heather meets up with Paul and lets him know that when she visited Patty that she gave her a paper cup to have tested. Heather gets the call that the lab results are in. Patty wonders why Jack hates her so much and then asks God for help. Patty is happy when she finds a kitty outside the door. Kevin tells Daniel that the doctor told him that Jana could have brain damage. Kevin asks Daniel as to where Amber is. Daniel lets him know that Amber didn’t come home last night. Amber tells Chloe that Katherine told her that she could stay as long as she liked. Chloe tells Amber that she is glad that she is coming to the party and that she is so good with Eric. Nick marvels at how big Faith has grown. Phyllis tells him that she really perks up when she sees Summer. Summer asks for a picnic and Phyllis and Nick reluctantly agree. Victor refuses to talk to Chance without Michael. Chance lets Victor know that he is being released. Chloe and Amber see Daniel at the hospital. Daniel pulls Chloe aside to talk to her. The doctor gives Kevin two alternatives to make Jana better. Kevin tells Jana that she has an aneurysm. Jack comes in and sees the pics cut up and also sees Patty with a cat. Jack mumbles to himself that he caught up with her. Nick receives a call to pick Victor up from the police station. Daniel tells Chloe that he is too young to be a dad. Amber mentions to Kevin about leaving town. Jack lets Paul know that he married Patty instead of Emily. The lab results show that it is indeed Emily who is in the psych hospital. Patty comes to see Emily and tells her that she is getting out of there. Amber tells Gloria that she is leaving town. Amber tells Tawny that she is coming to get Eric. Nick is played a recording of Adam’s conversation in the basement. Amber lets Daniel know that she is leaving town. Victor calls Phyllis to let her know that Nick was re-arrested. Patty leaves a good-bye note for Jack.

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