Tuesday 5/4/10 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/4/10 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Lisa R.

Janet from another planet is arrested after tying Amanda and Natalia up, shooting Natalia, and almost shooting Jake. Natalia is not hurt badly. Jake reasons with Janet to go with the police. Brot gets his badge back after Natalia tells Jesse it was all her fault he got suspended in the first place. Natalia finds him in the park and gives him his badge.

Greenlee gives Ryan a ticket to Rio to straighten out Fusion business. Ryan suggests it first and makes a condition to let Kendall go of the blame of her accident. David tries to blackmail Madison into seducing Ryan because he overheard her and Randi talking about DA North's murder.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie's matchmaking doesn't go well as she tries to set Chris up with Alison for a movie date Alison almost leaves but then sees the movie with Chris and they talk and laugh after the date but Casey sees Chris and Alison together and is hurt because Alison turned down a date with him earlier to go have coffee. Chris and Alison explain that the date was a match made by Katie but Casey doesn't believe the story. Alison later tells Chris their date was a big mistake. Chris Later tells Katie that she is trying to fill the void Brad left in her life by being a matchmaker and asks her to stop because she is making things worse between him and Alison. Chris decides that he needs to find a man for Katie so that she won't be so lonely.

Barbara's date with another Katie match the local TV anchorman Rex doesn't go well because Rex only wants to talk about himself. Joe a pilot rescues Barbara by pretending to be her date. Barbara likes Joe a handsome pilot but all she can do is talk about Henry on her date. Joe is understanding and tells her that when he returns from making a phone call they can talk about anything but Henry.

Henry tells Vienna that he needs time to ease into marriage because he doesn't feel worthy of her love and he is afraid he will make another mistake and she will leave him again. Henry asks Vienna to move into another hotel room and he tells her he could lose her and leaves his room. Casey and Vienna run into each other at Metro and share their relationship troubles while they get drunk. Vienna decides that Casey is the perfect man to get her pregnant and asks him if he wants to go some place private unaware that Vienna only wants to use him to make a baby. Katie persuades Henry that if he doesn't marry Vienna and give her a child he could lose her for good this time. Henry sees Barbara sitting alone at the Lakeview and almost talks to her but then Joe arrives and she tells him that she has forgotten all about Henry.

Noah is nervous about his operation but Luke and Reid assure him that everything will be okay. Katie tries to drop hints to Luke that Reid is in love with him and he has changed and become more human because of him. Luke tells Katie that she has to be wrong and besides he still loves Noah even though they are not together anymore. Reid has an unforeseen complication during Noah's operations when he discovers a leak in one of Noah's blood vessels. Reid tells Luke that Noah could suffer brain damage because of the blood vessel but they won't know until Noah awakens.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dr. Caspary checks with Bridget first to be sure she is ready for the answer of paternity. Bridget looks at Jackie who says yes, they need to know. Bridget says that she is ready to handle this. Still she is devastated when Dr. Caspary tells her that there is no mistake, the baby is Owen’s. Bridget tells Jackie that everything changes now. She doesn’t think Nick will forgive her. She will be alone. She is sorry she is ruining everything and doing this to Jackie. She loves and respects her and to know that she hurt her just kills her. She hates what she has done and wishes she could make up for it. Jackie says she can; just do exactly what she tells her. Aggie is shocked when Nick confides in her about Bridget expecting a baby. He wants her to share in the joy. He gloats to her and Owen that he can’t wait to be a father again. Aggie tells him that she is okay with this. It was meant to be and all she wants is for him to be happy. He deserves that.

Owen calls Bridget and tells her that he can’t wait any longer. She tells him to meet her at her place. Jackie realizes that it was her husband. Bridget says no more lies; everyone will know the truth tonight. She will tell Owen first, then Nick. Jackie says no, she is not going to do that. This is Nick’s child. Gently she says Nick is the father of this baby. Her son finally has the life he always wanted and she will not let Bridget take that away from him. She doesn’t care how Bridget feels. Both of them will lose everything if the truth comes out. Jackie states that Bridget ruined everything and now she is going to fix it; be clear on that. This baby may not even make it to term, so why risk it all now. Bridget isn’t sure that she is capable of keeping this big a secret. Jackie says she has to and she wants to be there and hiding to see Owen’s reaction when Bridget tells him. That’s the only way she can judge his reaction and if he truly still loves her. Jackie makes Bridget repeat it over and over that is it Nick’s child.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nathan and Stephanie make love. A homeless woman finds the birth control pills that Stephanie discarded in the trash. Philip tells Melanie about Chloe’s insecurities regarding Carly, and suggests that they give Chloe and Daniel some space. Chloe starts to confront Carly about what she thinks she did, but Daniel interrupts. Once alone with him, Chloe tells him about the nurse and the motel clerk lying to her about him sleeping with Carly. Daniel, angry, tries to find the clerk to confront him. When he and Chloe find the man, he claims he has no idea who Chloe is. Daniel assures her that he believes her story. Brady is branded (literally) by Hope, and Baker steals his money in order to play poker. He ends up losing the money and Brady’s money clip. Hope dreams about branding Brady after she goes to bed, but thinks it was just a strange dream that she doesn’t totally remember. Roman accuses Nicole of attacking Brady, but Gabi is able to provide an alibi for her thanks to an argument the two got into over Brady and Arianna. Nicole accuses Arianna, who has no alibi, of attacking Brady.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

In the courtroom, Michael admits he killed Claudia, complete with all the details of the situation. The judge isn’t happy with all involved for trying to cover the truth up. Sonny and Carly are told they may be charged with perjury. Carly later blasts Lulu for Dante’s actions. Michael is taken into custody and the judge says his sentence will come at the end of the week. The murder charges against Sonny are dropped. Sonny tells Olivia that Dante’s life will be spared. Jason wants to take revenge on Dante and Spinelli strongly advises against it. At the PCPD Dante tries to explain to Carly that he wanted to help, rather than hurt Michael. Carly has no interest in what Dante says. Carly visits with Michael and warns him to beware of big brother, Dante. Michael tells Carly he’s sorry for everything. Morgan is understandably upset when Carly tells him what happened in court. Lulu comforts Dante and tries to reassure him his decision about Michael was the right one. Jason listens in as Sonny has a visit with Michael at the PCPD.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After discovering the devastating news that she's going to die, Téa does now know what will become of Dani. Not knowing about her news, Blair tells her she needs to get over Todd and it might be better for Dani to be rid of him the way it's too late for her kids to be. Téa knows she does not have that choice yet doesn't know how to come out and tell Blair. Reed Wagner, a friend of Kelly's from Europe comes to see her. he seems to be very interested in her personal life. Dorian wants her niece to start seeing him but Kelly is less enthused. Langston finally confesses to Markko that she can't be with him and is in love with Ford. Little does she know, however, that Ford is sleeping with Karen and not committed to her. Gigi promises Rex she will be there for him while he looks for his real parents. Brody and Natalie are getting along really well, becoming friends and it looks like they might become more than friends in the future.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

A man at the jail notifies Nick that Owen would like to talk to him. Owen asks Chance about the new software that he is installing on the computer so that he can make out the message on Adam’s cell phone. Chance calls Chloe to let her know that he is going to be tied up for a while. Littleton interrupts and tells Chance that there was a shooting at Twin Lakes. Amber walks in and asks Chloe who called. Chloe tells Amber about the shooting at Twin Lakes. Amber remembers that this is the place where Kevin was looking for Jana. The doctor orders a neurologist called for Jana. Michael urges Lauren to put the gun down, but instead Lauren shoots Sarah and keeps on firing the gun. The bullets ricochet and hit Phyllis in the leg. Chloe arrives at the hospital to check on Jana. Chloe calls Chance to let him know that they found Jana. Michael assures Lauren that Fen is fine as they arrive at the hospital to check on Jana.

Amber lets Lauren and Michael know that Eric is in town. Kevin thanks Murph and Katherine for their help in finding Jana. Chloe decides to go to the police station to see what Chance knows about Daisy and Ryder’s whereabouts. Chance meets with Nick. Michael gives Kevin some Tarot cards for Jana. Lauren tells Amber about Sarah being the one who threatened Eric’s life. Chloe brings Chance his dinner to the police station. Chance lets Chloe know that Daisy and Ryder got away. Daniel brings Phyllis home and notices that someone is in the house. Phyllis is surprised to see that Nick is home. Nick lets Phyllis know that he is a free man as she hugs him. Phyllis lets Nick know that Sarah tried to kill her. Nick worries that Daisy and Ryder will come after Phyllis and Summer. Amber also worries that they will come after Eric to avenge Sarah’s death. Daniel arrives home to comfort Amber. Kevin sits by Jana’s bedside as she awakens. On the road, Daisy picks Ryder up and they leave town together. Daisy vows to be back someday. Lauren is reunited with Fen. Nick and Phyllis make love.

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