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AMC Recap Written by Eva

David takes credit for paying Madison's back rent which was paid for by Ryan Madison offers to pay David the money but all he wants is for Madison to distract Ryan and keep him away from Greenlee. Madison refuses to do it and starts to walk away until David asks her how she managed to not go to jail for killing her husband. Tad is angry with Liza because she told Damon that he not Paul Miller is his father before he had a chance to do it. Tad tells Damon the story of he and Hillary's relationship and says that if he had know that Hilary was pregnant he never would have walked away from her . Tad begs Damon to allow him to have some kind of relationship with him but Damon packs his things and leaves the house. Brot shares with Ryan how memories of his accident in Iraq each year won't let him have the life he wants and Ryan tells Brot not to let memories of the past ruin his future and advises him to go after what he wants in life.

Janet arrives and admits to Amanda that she is Amanda fan and shares her plans to take her and Baby Trevor to Milan and become her manager so that they can have the life they always dreamed. Amanda refuses to leave Jake whom Janet be lives is keeping Amanda away from her career as a top fashion model. Janet takes Amanda and Natalia hostage but and once Natalia awakens from being knocked unconscious by Janet she helps Amanda get free from the ropes. Erica promises Jake that she will protect Amanda from this fan and pleads with him not to ask Amanda to give up a career that makes her so happy. Janet tells baby Trevor that if Amanda won't go with her to Milan she will threaten to go to Milan with him and then Amanda will have to come because a mother would never leave her child. Brot gets worried when Natalia won't answer her phone so he goes to the police station to find out where she is then he heads to Amanda's house. Jake sends Amanda a text message saying he is coming home but forgot his key and Janet sees the message and loads her gun ready to kill Jake as soon as he comes inside the house.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Barbara struggles to not worry about her upcoming doctor’s appointment. Her frustration reaches a boiling point when she goes to show Vienna her wedding dress sketches and finds Henry in a compromising position. Barbara later tries to give herself a pep talk to forget about Henry and finds herself calling Katie asking her to set her up. Henry continues to struggle to keep Vienna’s advances at bay, as Vienna is oblivious until Henry practically throws her out of way to get out of bed. Vienna wonders what is wrong and he blurts out about her trying to get pregnant without his knowledge. Jack and Margo go over the facts of the case with Monte Carlo and Gabriel while Parker secretly listens… and worries. Jack worries about Janet going back to work at Metro. Janet explains she has to stand on her own so she has the funds to move out. Janet goes back to work believing she can handle working with Dusty. They even experience her baby kicking for the first time, which makes them feel closer, but Jack shows up and Janet and he bond sharing this experience as well. Later, Janet realizes she can’t continue to work for Dusty. Dusty promises to be waiting when she comes back. Carly finds a drunken Craig, as he is muttering about his son and how this shouldn’t have happened this way. Carly helps him home and talks out loud to a now unconscious Craig about how he ruined her life, stole from Parker and how she hates him. She considers smothering him with the pillow when she puts him in bed, but she decides to print out the withdrawals from Parker’s trust fund account and leave it out for Margo, whom she calls feigning that she is concerned about Craig’s well being because he is so drunk. Margo later does find the papers and is stunned to now find out Craig is stealing from Parker. Jack wonders what is going on with Carly and Parker, as they had their heads together because Carly is trying to keep Parker from losing it and sharing what he did with Jack. Carly changes the subject with Jack by kissing him and telling him how much she misses him, as she eyes a guilt ridden Parker out of the corner of her eye.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie and Taylor tell Brooke they’d like to take a second look at the Brooke Bedroom Line. The conversation turns antagonistic fairly quickly. Nick tells Owen that if this child survives that he would like him to think of this child as his too. Owen is touched that Nick would even consider him to be like a second dad. He thanks him, but would rather he and Jackie just stay as the doting grandparents. Jackie questions Bridget and begs her to tell her that this isn’t true…..that Owen couldn’t possibly be the father of her baby. Bridget explains how it happened that night with grief when Aggie lost their baby. Her life was over; she could not go home; she felt like her world was ending. Owen was there for her and would not let her be alone. Bridget says that they made a terrible mistake, but Jackie should not to give up on her marriage.

Stephanie surprises Brooke by calling in Steffy in one of the skimpy bedroom numbers. Stephanie taunts Brooke that she can’t be the spokesperson/model forever. They need a fresh approach if they are to continue. Then she challenges Brooke that both she and Steffy can walk down the aisle together. Brooke definitely nixes that idea. Bridget and Jackie both lament that they might be losing their husbands because of this. Bridget tries to convince her that Owen does love her and only her so there is no reason for her to think that way. She is so sorry she has put her in this position. Dr. Caspary comes in and says she has the results of the paternity test.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nathan is reluctant to consult with Daniel at home since Chloe might show up. Daniel thinks Nathan’s problems is in regards to his feelings for Melanie and Daniel’s relationship to her, but Nathan assures him that he respects Melanie’s marriage to Philip. The hotel clerk won’t tell Chloe anything other than that someone is manipulating her. She assumes Carly must be behind it and tells Philip as much. He counsels her to stay cool, and to try to stay away from Carly, but Chloe ends up confronting her when she finds Carly in her apartment, and she tells Carly that she knows exactly what she did. Stephanie is sure something is up with Philip, and confides in Adrienne that she could lose Nathan if Philip screws things up with Melanie. She decides she must try to get Nathan to commit to her, and throws away her birth control pills. Nicole goes to Brady for help in regards to EJ trying to frame her, but she blows it when she unbuttons her top and tries to seduce him. Arianna is upset when Nicole informs her that she was spending time with Brady. Baker tries to leave town, but Hope persuades him to stay and help her. Later, Hope attacks Brady as Baker watches. Brady is knocked unconscious.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claire gets mad at Jax when the truth about Michael comes out. Claire says it all depends on what Michael tells the judge. Carly is upset with Lulu for taking Dante’s side. Lulu says Michael wanted the truth to come out. Dante tells Sonny he wants to “save” Michael. Kristina and Molly confirm to Morgan that Dante turned Michael in. Johnny thinks Dante’s actions are to “protect Sonny.” Olivia worries about Dante’s safety once Johnny fills her in on what happened in the courtroom. Lucky takes Michael to the PCPD against Jason’s wishes, but he doesn’t place Michael under arrest. When he gets there, Mac officially places Michael under arrest. Jason sends Diane to the PCPD to make certain Michael doesn’t confess. Mac won’t allow Diane “access” to Michael. When the judge asks why Lucky didn’t “arrest” Michael, Lucky says he was simply serving the subpoena. Lucky says he had no knowledge of the arrest warrant. The judge knows anything Michael said to Lucky prior to the arrest is inadmissible. Lucky says Michael “deserves mercy” from the court. Kristina, Morgan and Molly confront Dante. Dante says he’s sure Michael won’t get prison time. Sonny tells Olivia what Dante did is “unforgivable” and anyone else would pay with his or her life. Sonny tells Lulu she isn’t “the person” he “thought” she was. Olivia supports what Dante did about Michael. The judge warns everyone that any “coaching” of Michael will have repercussions. Michael is brought in and he takes the stand.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dr. Greg tells Téa that he's run many tests on her and she has an inoperable brain tumor and only 3 to 6 months to live. Meanwhile, Hannah wants to convince Starr that she saw Todd push Marty down the stairs. But Starr does not believe it and tells her she just wants Cole to believe that so that she can take him from Starr. Cole and Marty both believe that Todd pushed Marty and caused her to lose her baby. Dani is wondering what to do and talks to Nate.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At Twin Lakes, Katherine, Kevin and Murph continue to look for two people that they see running on the ground. Daisy runs off from Ryder. Ryder yells for Daisy to stop. Michael and Phyllis head for Twin Lakes to look for Lauren. Lauren and Jana try to escape from Sarah by hiding on the Merry-Go-Round. Sarah yells out as to where they had gone. The music begins to play on the carousel to the tune of “Which One Am I?” Amber remembers seeing Daisy in bed with Daniel. Amber calls Chloe. Daniel comes to see Amber to try to explain. Jack confronts Patty with Patty’s diary which Patty denies as being hers. Patty denies that this is her diary. Michael lets Phyllis know that Lauren must have been drugged. Phyllis promises that they will get Lauren help. Daisy lets Sarah know that Ryder had let Lauren and Jana go. Lauren tries to strike up a deal with Sarah. Kevin runs and gets on the carousel and wrestles with Sarah until Jana yells out that that is Sarah. Sarah fires a shot at Kevin .Kay and Murph hear the gunshot. Kevin and Sarah struggle over the gun. Daisy holds a gun on Kevin and Jana as Lauren detours Sarah away from them. Kevin grabs the gun and holds it on Ryder as Daisy gets away. Lauren and Sarah have a confrontation. Michael finds Sarah and thinks that it is Lauren. Lauren appears and lets Michael know that that is Sarah. Ryder tries to convince Daisy to leave town with him. Jack accuses Patty of tricking him into marrying her. Jack calls Patty “a phony.”

Patty lets Jack know that she has had enough of his accusations. Jack demands to be put on the list to see Emily. Kevin realizes that Jana’s headaches are back. Ryder apologizes to Kevin and Jana for his actions. Phyllis catches up to Kevin and Jana. Sarah denies that she is Sarah, but she is indeed Lauren. Amber lets Daniel know that she and Eric belong together. Patty mumbles to her kitty that she and Jack belong together. Kevin, Murph, Katherine and Jana arrive at the hospital. Phyllis realizes that Sarah is not Lauren. Lauren holds a gun on Sarah. Michael urges Lauren to put the gun down.

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