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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Randi catches Madison stealing cash from the “petty cash” fund at Fusion. When confronted, Madison lies and claims the money is for lunch. Colby gets a visit from Tad asking about Damon. David meets with Liza at the Yacht Club to find out info on Madison. Amanda, Jake and Trevor spend time together before he goes to work. Amanda wants to go to work as well, but Jake insists that she stay at home for her own safety. Jake inquires about Natalia, and when she is arriving, but Amanda lets him know that Natalia is not coming. Jake warns Amanda about the stalker. Brot meets up with Natalia, in the park, but when Natalia offers her help, Brot refuses. Colby lets Tad know that she knows that Damon is his son, and encourages Tad to tell Damon the truth. Colby catches up with Damon at the hospital after his session, but he is far from wanting to talk to her. Tad reveals to J.R. that Damon is his son. Jake calls Natalia and asks for her help in watching out for Amanda. All this time, the stalker watches Amanda from inside the apartment, inside the closet. Jake questions J.R. as to what he had done when it comes to Annie. Natalia arrives at Jake and Amanda’s. Natalia tells Amanda that Brot had been suspended, but when she tried to help, he refused. Damon and Liza meet at the Yacht Club and argue as usual, with Liza revealing to Damon that Tad was his father. Damon doesn’t want to believe her, but Liza insists that Damon is just like Tad. Tad appears up behind Damon. Liza tells Damon to ask Tad if he is his father. David walks into Fusion and overhears Madison and Randi arguing over all the things that Madison had done to Randi and the Hubbard family. Natalia is knocked unconscious in the closet. It is revealed that Amanda’s stalker is none other than Amanda’s mother, Janet.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily continues to feel guilty about keeping the truth from Craig and Gabriel and she wants to tell Holden but Lucinda stops her because she thinks it won't help to bring up the past. Carly is in protective mode as she tells Parker not to tell Jack that he was in the building and had a fight with Gabriel and left him unconscious before the fire started. Parker later discovers that Margo suspects that someone knocked Gabriel unconscious and started the fire to cover their tracks. Parker also discovers that Margo has put Jack in charge of the investigation.

Liberty tells Janet about Parker breaking into Gabriel's room to search his things and she tells Janet that Parker and Gabriel were fighting over her. Janet later tells Jack and Jack can't believe that Parker would behave that way. Craig is very angry with himself for starting the fire but he is also angry with Lily and Lucinda for keeping the truth about Gabriel from him. Craig is so angry that he chokes Lucinda and throws her out of his room. A very scared Lucinda goes to the farm and tells Holden about Gabriel and asks him to protect Lily in case Craig comes after her and Holden vows to protect Lily from Craig.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget is apprehensive while waiting for the lab results. Owen shows up to make things worse. She needs this secret paternity test to find out who’s the father of her baby. He tells her she will be relieved when she finds out that Nick is the father of the baby. She is still worried that he might be the father. Nick wanted to come and she persuaded him otherwise. Jackie is also concerned and tells Nick that she will pop in at the hospital and come back with a first hand report. She’s surprised when Owen says he came to show his support just as she has. Taylor and Whip take advantage of the steam room and he shows off his painted on abs.

Nick praises Owen about how hot the Cabana Boy shots are. His love for Jackie shows in every picture and that is what sells. Jackie gushes on and on how happy Bridget has made Nicky and they are so anxious for this sweet addition to their family. This baby is going to be a blessing to all of them. Dr. Caspary comes in and does not see Jackie. She immediately announces to Bridget that the paternity results will be within a moment. Jackie can’t believe what she is hearing…..that must mean that Bridget slept with another man. She wants to know his name. She wishes she had not heard what she did, but she did and this is her son they are talking about and her grandson….at least it was supposed to be. She demands to know who she betrayed her husband with and is floored when Bridget is badgered into admitting it was Owen.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Philip continues to feel guilty about sleeping with Chloe. Melanie tells Nathan that she told Philip about their kiss, and both decide that they have finally moved on for good. Chloe, for her part, tries to find out why both the nurse and motel clerk lied to her about Carly and Daniel sleeping with one another. She learns the nurse skipped town, but she does catch up with the motel clerk, who tells Chloe that someone is yanking her chain. Philip confides in Stephanie that he made a big mistake. Carly advises Daniel that they spend less time together so that he and Chloe can work on their relationship alone. Despite finding the shattered photo of the two of them, Daniel assures Carly that he and Chloe are fine, and that it will be smooth sailing from here on out. Baker tries to skip town before he runs back into Hope, but she catches him at the warehouse playing one last game of poker. Hope questions Nicole about EJ’s mugging. Afterward, Nicole goes straight to Stefano, threatening to do stories on television about his family if he doesn’t get EJ off of her back. Stefano promptly throws her out. Caroline warns Sami that it is a terrible idea to move into the DiMera mansion, but she decides to do so anyway and tells EJ as much.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante announces in the courtroom that Michael Corinthos killed Claudia, not his father Sonny. Judge Carroll makes Carly testify again and she denies that Michael killed Claudia. Judge Carroll adjourns court until he makes a decision about whether to admit the new information, but says Sonny is still the defendant in this case. Judge Carroll issues a warrant for Michael.

Claire tells Jax that if Michael really did kill Claudia, he is going down. Carly asks Lulu how she can let some son of a bitch that she didn’t know a year ago to destroy her cousin. Sonny asks Dante how he could hurt his brother to get back at him. Johnny goes to Olivia’s apartment and informs her that her son just rolled over on his brother to protect his father. Ronnie goes to Carly's house looking for him and informs Morgan that Dante told the court what Michael did.

Jason goes to the lake house looking for Michael. When he tells Molly and Kristina what Dante did, they tell him where Michael is and decide they can never trust Dante again. Lucky finds Michael at the Quartermaine boathouse. Michael tells Lucky what really happened. Lucky says he has to turn Michael in but that Michael has the choice of telling his story in court or not. Michael says Lucky that he is the first person that has given him a choice. Jason arrives at the boathouse and says he is taking Michael but Lucky says he can't let Michael go because Michael already told him what happened to Claudia. He says it is Michael’s choice to confess on the record. Jason tells them that it is already on the record because Dante gave Michael up in the courtroom.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd has awoken and is going to be ok. But everybody is torn on whether to believe that he did not cause Marty to lose her baby. Tea is ready to represent him when John is ready to arrest him. But Blair admits to Starr that it wouldn't surprise her if Todd pushed Marty and that would be unforgivable. Dani is torn on what to do and to think. So is Starr. Matthew is not certain how to help Dani and talks to his dad about that. Cole has to go to jail for assault. Eli represents him. Meanwhile, it appears that somebody is watching Kelly. Dorian is very worried her niece will get killed since her mother did and then Rodney died when he was ready to reveal what he knew about her mother's death. And Kelly seems to somehow know that Todd is being falsely accused of pushing Marty and that somebody else did it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Amber quickly hides Eric before she goes into the apartment and finds Daniel in bed with Daisy. Amber orders Daisy to leave and demands an explanation from Daniel. Sarah gives Daisy instructions about what to do concerning Lauren and Jana. As Kevin begs Jana to send him a message, Kay and Murph interrupt. Ryder informs Lauren that he cannot find the keys and remembers that Daisy took them. Ashley stops by Jack’s to discuss Tucker taking over Jabot and putting her in charge, but Jack shows Ashley Patty’s diary. Patty and Michael meet but end up arguing about Lauren’s and her mental health. Phyllis tries to get the phone to work as she hears glass shatter. Kay and Murph agree to Ouija with Kevin. Phyllis calls out for Lauren as she hears the door open and close. As Amber and Daniel argue over Daisy, Eric interrupts. Jack realizes that he has been living with Patty. Jack decides to go to Walworth to see Emily. Ryder calls Kevin but only gets voicemail. Daisy interrupts and orders Lauren and Jana to change clothes. Kevin, Murph and Kay look for Jana via helicopter. Sarah attacks Phyllis. Michael tells Patty that Sarah was ordered to leave Phyllis’. Patty realizes that she was tricked. Jack goes to see Dr. Jasper but is told that he cannot see Emily by orders of his wife. Patty comes home and finds Jack gone. Michael goes to see Phyllis and finds out that Lauren tried to kill her. When Michael calls Sarah, she tells him it is over. Lauren remembers something about the old amusement and he decides to investigate along with Phyllis. Amber leaves Daniel. Jack confronts Patty. Ryder lets Lauren and Jana go. Kevin sees two people running and goes in to have a look.

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