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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At ConFusion, Erica tells Jack that Amanda has a stalker. Jack finds out that Opal is meeting Erica for lunch. At the casino, Madison begs Ryan not to fire her. Greenlee tells David that Madison had been working for Ryan at the casino. A man comes in and holds a gun on Amanda. Everyone thinks that it is the stalker, but finds out that it is only an advertising gimmick for Natalia’s pics. Jake attacks Ciro. Erica tells Jack that what had happened on the yacht can never happen again. The stalker sends Amanda two final e-mails. Tad join Opal and lets her know that Damon is his son. Krystal is busy organizing Jack’s office when Jack walks in. Ryan comes in and join them and shows Jack a letter from Madison’s landlord, who is threatening legal action. Greenlee questions Madison as to where she had been and once again, Madison lies. David confronts Madison about her holding two jobs and thus, lying to Greenlee.

Damon and Colby are in the park and Colby offers Damon a drink. Damon refuses because of his medication. Liza runs by and sees the beer. Liza confronts them as to what they think that they are doing. Erica interrupts Jack and Krystal. Erica wants to discuss that things are really over between them because of Greenlee. Amanda is put out when she thinks of herself as a prisoner in her own home. Greenlee bumps into Ryan and apologizes to him for stealing Madison from him. Liza lets Colby know that Damon is Tad’s son. Damon overhears. Tad leaves home to go tell Damon the truth. The stalker watches Amanda in her own apartment.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At Fairwinds, Paul and Emily prepare to go to the courthouse for the custody hearing. At the farm, Meg comes downstairs, ready for her day in court. Holden listens from outside the door as Meg and Emma discuss the custody hearing Carly questions Parker as to what he is hiding from her. Parker is hesitant to tell her .Lily lets Craig know that Gabriel is his son. Craig refuses to believe Lily. Craig questions Lily as to how long she had known. Parker arrives home to find Liberty and thus, tells her that something had happened to Gabriel .Emma assures Holden that Meg will be fine. Meg comes to see Paul to try to settle things, but Emily refuses to let Meg see Paul. Emma arrives and interrupts Meg and Emily arguing. Meg begins to have doubts about the custody hearing. Emma encourages Meg to fight dirty in order to gain custody of Eliza. Meg makes a call to the newspaper in order to get Emily out of the courtroom during the custody hearing. Emily tries to boost Paul’s confidence that everything will be fine. Emily gets a call and rushes out. Liberty arrives at hospital and immediately goes in to check on Gabriel. Liberty refuses to leave Gabriel. Lily tells Craig that she has known about Gabriel being his son ever since Gabriel was born.

Craig lets Lily know that Gabriel is her problem. Paul asks for a continuance in the custody hearing, but the judge forges ahead with testimony. Emily follows up on the lead of the doctors at Deerbrook, but only gets put out of the hospital. Carly urges Parker to tell her what is going on. Parker opens up and tells Parker everything. Paul and Emily still regain custody of Eliza for 30 days. Craig visits Gabriel.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Beth’s funeral devastates the Logan family. Eric knows it is a bad time, but needs to speak with Donna about her intentions for a divorce. Bill tells Ridge that with all due respects that he thinks that Eric needs to leave as he is upsetting Donna. Ridge says likewise with all due respects that this is his house so maybe it is Bill that needs to leave. Stephanie warns Pam if she sees any of them today – be kind. Pam tells her that she is a better person than she is. Ridge tells Eric just to give Donna time, but he’s very upset when he sees the letter and knows Donna is going after the company. Brooke and Katie both tell Donna that going after Eric and Stephanie is not going to bring their mother back. But Bill is there to tell her that she needs to fight back for her mother’s sake. Katie explains to Bill that Donna is vulnerable and does not know what she wants right now. Brooke laments to Bill that he was outmaneuvered by the Forrester’s to get their company back and he doesn’t take well to losing. She hopes he is not using Donna for his own agenda. He tells them their sister has been treated unfairly and he is stunned they have not recognized that. Eric is now taking up with his ex-wife and he is going to pay. Oliver is working on Hope’s video when Steffy grabs his little behind and then gets in his face. She’s coming on to him strong when Hope gets away from the funeral and joins them. Steffy looks like she is going to barf when she sees Hope and Oliver kissing in her presence and not hiding it. Steven tells Bill that he has always wanted to fight that man, Eric, and he will join with him in making him pay. Bill says they have to make sure Donna does not go soft.

Steven takes Donna home to the beach house. He says he knows she does not want to hear this, but Eric uses people. That is what he does. Stephanie is there now because Eric allows it. And he points out he realizes all of this as the greatest regret of his life is not being there always to support Beth when she needed him the most. Eric did not do the right thing by asking Stephanie to move out and now her mother is dead because he didn’t. Now Donna needs to get what she deserves. She doesn’t want to talk about this now. Pam overhears Eric telling Ridge about the letter but he knows Donna still love him and she won’t do this. It’s imperative that they keep Donna and Stephanie apart. While Donna is alone, Stephanie happens by with a casserole for the family. She asks if she can come in and put it down. Then she offers her condolences and hopes Donna will be comfortable in her memories. She also hopes they can put this whole unfortunate situation behind them. Donna accuses her that it must be hard living with all this guilt as she caused it all. Stephanie hopes she and Brooke can move on and leave her family alone. Integrity always trumps sex and integrity will always bring Eric back. Eric calls and wants to see her right now; do not say any more or upset Donna. Stephanie tells Donna in parting that she has strength and substance and that will always last a lot longer than a little old bottle of honey. Bill steps in and hears this. He tells Stephanie that she is not going to abuse this woman any more than she already has. Stephanie counters with she wonders how Katie feels about Bill being Donna’s new protector. He gloats to her that he has a staff of lawyers that can sue the stripes off a zebra and she is looking at the new part-owner of FC. She and Eric don’t stand a chance. Donna will be back in the boardroom where she belongs, “see you in court.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Arianna and Nicole interview EJ, who blames Nicole for being behind his mugging. Nicole rips the tape out of the camera and vehemently denies it. Arianna tells Brady about it, and later, he reminds Nicole that she should have left town when he told her to. Nicole is upset that he isn’t on her side. Arianna overhears and is delighted. Baker confronts Hope at the pier, but she doesn’t remember him. Baker then decides to get out of town. Hope later questions EJ about the mugging, who insists Nicole was involved. Hope decides to question her. Rafe warns Sami about EJ and his motives for moving her in, but she tells him that she has made up her mind to move into the mansion. Rafe is called out of town and it appears as if the police have found Anna. Kate tells Stefano about Madeline threatening her, and Stefano confronts her. She implies that the truth about the past coming out would make him suffer more than her. Mia tries to ingratiate herself to Madeline to get on Chad’s good side. When that doesn’t work, she tries to make him jealous instead.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly begs Olivia for help finding Michael. Olivia says it’s in Dante’s hands, not hers. Jax agrees with Carly and thinks they should get Michael out of the country. Olivia refuses to press or “trick Dante” to get information about Michael’s whereabouts. Dante tells Claire she’s using Sonny’s trial to advance his career. Sonny, Diane, and Jason discuss the possible outcomes of the trial. Sonny just wants the decision to be made as soon as possible. Alexis comes home to find Michael with Kristina. Johnny continues to try and sway Lisa against Sonny but he doesn’t succeed. Kristina begs her mom not to “turn Michael in.” Alexis calls Mac but Michael takes off. Johnny tells Olivia about the murder cover up. Sonny has complete “faith” in Dante but Jason has his doubts. Dante tells Ronnie that Michael killed Claudia. Claire is confident the jury will find Sonny guilty. The jury takes another vote. Claire and Carly go head to head again at the courthouse. Claire tells Carly she knows Michael is back in Port Charles and says he will testify soon. Kristina and Molly head to the Q boathouse to check on Michael. Morgan is there. Diane calls Sonny and says the jury “reached a verdict.” Sonny and Jax quietly have it out in the courthouse. Sonny tells Johnny that Claudia got “what she deserved.” Diane advises Sonny to stay “calm.” Just as the jury’s decision is about to be announced, Dante interrupts and tells everyone Michael killed Claudia.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lauren and Jana beg Ryder not to let Sarah kill Michael and Phyllis. Phyllis is startled by Sarah’s visit. Daniel wishes that Amber would not go to California to check on Little D. An argument erupts and Amber stalks out .Michael checks on Kevin to see how everything is going. Kevin assures him that it’s all right. Kevin tells Michael that he had talked to Ryder and he knows that Ryder knows where Jana is. Michael tells Kevin that he and Lauren have agreed to separate. Michael tells Kevin that he is going to see Emily to discuss Lauren’s condition. Chance and Patty discuss clarifying her statement. Chance tells Patty about the new evidence that they had just discovered. Michael and Kevin find out that Amber is going to California. Phyllis gets a call from Daniel telling her that he is coming over for a visit which unnerves Sarah. Chance tells Patty about the stuffed cat that they had discovered in Adam’s things. Kevin catches hold of a little boy and Amber recognizes him as Little D. Sarah pretends to go get her cell phone so she can talk to Daisy. Sarah tells Daisy that she has to stop Daniel from coming over. Sarah begins to question Phyllis about Michael. Michael calls Sarah. Amber questions Little D as to how he had found her. Daisy comes to see Daniel and is crying. Daisy puts all the blame on Ryder. Daniel tells Daisy that he is going to lie down and Daisy join him. Sarah gets a call from Gloria telling her that she has Fen tucked in. An argument begins between Phyllis and Sarah and Phyllis asks Sarah to leave. Michael arrives and finds out that Sarah was there and she was all over the place in her attitudes. Ryder agrees to let jana and Lauren go, but cannot find the keys.

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