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AMC Recap Written by Mary

As Damon leaves his session at the hospital, Liza catches up to him and confronts him about kissing Colby. Liza demands that Damon stay away from Colby. Tad overhears their conversation and interrupts. At the police station, Jesse reprimands Brot from hitting another officer. Jesse demands Brot’s badge and gun and suspends him. Colby and Scott discuss how Annie has to keep her mouth shut .J.R. lets Annie know that she is not wanted there. At Fusion, Jake opens the package and sees it is Amanda’s wedding ring returned by the stalker. Amanda doesn't agree with Jake who tells her she may have to quit. Jake suggests going to police. Liza tells Tad that Damon kissed Colby. Tad asks Damon what happened in the session. Scott lets Colby know how hard he has been working on trying to keep the company together. When J.R. insists that making love to her was a mistake, Annie thinks he will not be able to stay away from her. Marissa walks in to see Annie hugging Scott. Brot orders Natalia to leave this alone. When Amanda and Jake tell Jesse about the stalker, he suggests using Natalia as Amanda’s bodyguard. Jesse and Jake come up with a plan to lure the stalker out of hiding. Tad leaves yet another message for Hillary, who finally texts back and wants to set up a meeting. Colby tutors Damon. Damon reads a song that he wrote for Colby. Annie tries to set up a playdate between A.J. and Emma, but Marissa refuses, because she doesn't trust her. Natalia gets a message from Jesse that he has a new case for her. Amanda's fans begin to arrive at Fusion. Annie watches J.R. and Marissa making love. Tad is surprised when Hillary's husband confronts him about Damon. Paul demands to see his son. Tad and Paul walk in on Damon and Colby kissing.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Luke and Reid arrive home to find a note from Katie. Faith and Parker discuss his trust fund. Craig assures Carly that he will find the money to get Monte Carlo back on its feet. Craig invites Carly to dinner in Chicago. As Lily starts to call Craig about Gabriel being his son, Lucinda stops her. Parker and Faith report to Margo how he was robbed when she gets a call about the fire in Craig and Carly’s office building. Carly and Craig are about to leave when Carly gets a call about the fire. Luke and Reid discuss Noah’s surgery. Parker and Faith arrive at the building and meet up with Carly. Parker tells Carly that there may be someone else in the building and starts to go in himself, but Carly stops him. When Luke answers Reid’s phone, Noah tells him that his surgery is planned for tomorrow. Luke asks Reid why he didn’t told him that Noah’s surgery was tomorrow. Parker asks fire chief if someone else was in the building. Gabriel is brought out of the building on a stretcher.

Parker tells Faith about the argument with Gabriel and how that he pushed him. Carly overhears Parker telling Faith that he was robbed and asks what he is talking about .Parker makes up a lie to tell Carly. Reid gets a page from the hospital and has to leave. Craig tells Carly that Gabriel is in serious condition. Faith comes home and tells Lily and Lucinda about Gabriel and the fire and that he is in serious condition. Margo questions Carly and Craig about Gabriel. Lucinda questions Faith about Gabriel. Luke finds Noah outside of his home. After Noah talks to him about his surgery and his fears, Luke promises to be there for him. The fire chief tells Margo that this may be a case of arson. Carly asks Parker what is really going on. Lily tells Craig that Gabriel is his son.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Despite Eric’s pleading with Donna, she pulls away and tells him that it is too late. Before she goes, he asks for one more dance with her. She cries and he tells her that he will wait……when she needs him, he will be there for her. Upon leaving, she slips the letter Bill gave her on the table. Ridge returns from Europe and Brooke fills him in on the details of her mother’s death. He only wishes he could have come back sooner and been there for her. He has not spoken with anyone else so he doesn’t know Stephanie’s involvement. Katie confronts Bill about advising Donna to leave Eric. He thinks she needs to leave him now with her pride and dignity in check, not to mention a big fat check.

Eric finds the letter and reads it. He knows it is not from Donna but straight from Bill’s hand. Bill tells Donna that divorce can be ugly and she is going up against some powerhouses here. That is why she needs him to help her avenge her mother’s death. He will make sure she gets what she deserves. Eric calls but gets Bill instead. Eric assures him that his marriage is not over and he warns Bill to stay away from his wife. Eric tells him that his list of demands is absurd and it is right out of his playbook and he is sinking lower and lower every day. No shares are ever going to be owned by Spencer Publications again, not ever! Bill sits back and gloats that Eric will see; “game on.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole and Arianna secure an interview with EJ about his mugging, and EJ ends up accusing Nicole of being behind it. Meanwhile, Baker pays off an associate he owes money to and starts looking for Hope. When he finds her, she doesn’t recognize him. Julie is concerned about Hope taking sleeping pills. Hope spills some on the floor of that station and gets her prescription refilled, despite her doctor’s initial concerns. Kate and Madeline warn both Will and Chad about each other. Madeline later confronts Kate, and threatens her to stay away from her family. Will and Chad talk about the fact that they are done with Mia, as she isn’t the girl they thought she was. Mia vows to make Chad see that he still wants her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Helena spends some time giving Spenser a rather violent history lesson on the family. Nikolas sets Helena straight on what’s appropriate with Spenser. Ethan follows Maya to the pool house as she delivers food to Michael. Ethan confronts Maya after Michael takes off. Steven worries that Elizabeth is getting too personally involved with Shirley. Liz takes Shirley to the park. Claire tells Johnny that Lisa is the only hold out on the jury. Johnny offers to change Lisa’s mind, off the record. Patrick and Robin get a glimpse of Michael walking through the park. They disagree on how to handle it. Patrick wants to call and report Michael’s return to the police and Robin wants to let it go. Claire goes to Dante’s looking for Michael. Carly begs Olivia to ask Dante where Michael is. Johnny pays Lisa a visit and tells her about the abuse Claudia suffered at the hands of Sonny. Johnny says Claudia needed “self preservation” and “she was Sonny’s victim.” Johnny tells Lisa that Claudia “deserves justice.” Claire thinks Dante is hiding Michael. Kristina tells Alexis about her visit with Sonny. After Alexis leaves, Michael comes to the lake house to see Kristina.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Hannah babysits some Hope while Cole and Starr are at the high school. Cole beats up Todd while Blair, Starr, Langston, Tea, and Dani look on in horror and Markko tries to pull Cole off Todd. Todd is taken to the hospital. Blair, Tea, and Dani go to sit vigil with him in the intensive care unit. Starr is furious with Cole.

Dani tells Tea that she was beginning to see Todd in a different light until she discovered that he pushed Marty down a flight of stairs and killed her unborn child in the process. At the Buenos Dias Cafe, Dorian and Charlie discuss their renovation project. She tells him that she is glad that he and Viki are back together.

Kelly Cramer and John McBain discuss a possible connection between Ronald's murder and Kelly's mother Melinda's probable murder. Kelly tells John that the ceramic piece that her mother made was the only thing Melinda ever made for Kelly and the only ceramic piece she is aware that her mother ever made. After Charlie leaves, Kelly meets Dorian at the Buenos Dias cafe. Dorian tells Kelly that whoever murdered Melinda and Ronald could be after her next, but Kelly doubts it. Meanwhile, someone watches them from outside the window.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis asks Nick if he heard from Michael, because she saw him and he looked terrible. Sarah and Patty go over their plans to murder both Phyllis and Michael. Michael comes home to get a movie for Fen and asks Sarah how they can fix things between them. Sarah says she's giving Michael the space he asked for. Michael suggests counseling, but Sarah tells him that she is already seeing a psychiatrist. Michael tells Sarah he is considering a legal separation. Jack is startled that Patty is home, wanting to talk. When Jack tells her that he is going to see Phyllis, Patty goes berserk. Jack reminds Patty that she hadn’t been acting like herself in a long time. Phyllis tells Nick that she, Sharon, Nikki, Victoria and Billy are suing the D.A. Ryder visits Jana and Lauren and asks how Jana is feeling. Jana lets him know that she is better. Lauren asks where Sarah and Daisy are. Sarah tells Daisy about the double murder that is about to be committed. Sarah tells Daisy to kill Phyllis. Owen interrupts Nick and Phyllis. Michael serves Owen with papers. Patty blames her change of attitude on Adam. Patty hears Emily’s voice in her head and orders her to shut up. Owen offers Nick a deal. Patty calls Sarah to let her know that they have a problem. Ryder overhears Daisy and Sarah’s conversation. Ryder urges Daisy not to do it. Ryder warns Lauren and Jana that Michael and Phyllis are going to be killed as he speaks. At the police station, Patty and Michael plan to meet later to discuss Lauren. Patty asks to speak to Chance. Sarah comes to see Phyllis.

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