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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Jesse demands to know which officer was circulating nude pics of Natalia. At Tad’s home, Colby and Damon play a video game. At the Chandler mansion, Liza walks in and serves Annie with divorce papers. Marissa walks into the living room and finds out that Adam is divorcing Annie because of infidelity. Colby lets Damon know that Adam left town with Brooke. Colby finds out from Damon that he has ADHD. At ConFusion, Jake has a surprise for Amanda, but gets interrupted by a phone call. Jesse orders Brot into his office to question him further. Brot explains to Jesse all about how Natalia was a model for Fusion. Natalia barges into the office, complaining about the photos. Jesse threatens to fire her. Marissa asks J.R. who Annie cheated with. Scott comes in and takes the blame. When Jake surprises Amanda with a new wedding ring. she kisses him. Colby encourages Damon to take his meds before she drives him to the hospital for his appointment. Jesse reprimands Natalia for the pics and starts to call Greenlee, but Natalia stops him. When Angie interrupts their argument, Jesse hands her the photos. After examining them closely, Angie thinks that they are fabulous. Liza encourages Annie to take the deal that Adam is offering. When J.R. thanks him for what he did, Scott informs him that he did it for Marissa. At the hospital, Liza sees Damon kiss Colby, and confronts her daughter. At home, Jake and Amanda make love. Amanda gets a package from her stalker. Scott and Colby worry about what Annie will do to J.R. if she has to move out of the house. Annie meets with Marissa in her bedroom and apologizes for her finding out that she had been accused of infidelity. Scott suggests to Colby that they keep an eye on Annie by allowing her to stay at the mansion.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Liberty is worried when Parker breaks into Gabriel's room to prove to her that he is a thief and a liar but Liberty just thinks Parker's jealousy is obsessive and scary. Liberty shares her concerns about Parker with Carly who is also very worried about Parker. Molly grows more worried about Holden's closeness to Lily after Silas tells her that Holden will always put Lily and his kids ahead of her needs but reminds her that he unlike Holden is single and will be there for her whenever she wants him to be with her.

Craig tells Carly that Ellis made some bad investments and they have lost all the Monte Carlo money. Carly is mad at herself for trusting Craig once again but he is determined to make things right no matter what he has to do. Parker is shocked when he discovers that his trust fund account has no money and he suspects both Craig and Gabriel of stealing the money from him when he looks at all the recent transactions on the account. Parker has a heated confrontation with Gabriel at the Monte Carlo office in which he ends up punching Gabriel who is knocked on conscious when he hits his head on the desk after Parker punches him. Parker leaves and Craig detonates an explosion of the Monte Carlo office hoping that the insurance will pay him the money he needs to launch Carly's clothing line. Lily and Lucinda have regrets that they didn't tell Craig that Gabriel was his son. Gabriel lays on the ground of the Monte Carlo office as the office starts to catch on fire.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill continues to tell Donna that she may love Eric, but her mother would want her to have justice for her death and go after Eric. She tells him she is going home and he puts papers in her hands and tells her to give it to Eric. Justin sees that Bill has a plan and indeed plans to get FC back. This might be Eric’s priciest divorce ever. Bill says all Donna is going to do is play second fiddle and that is not right. He hopes she realizes that and does something about it. Stephanie is packed and goes to see Eric to say goodbye. He shows her the photo making the rounds on the internet. She says that is hardly scandalous. Donna drops in and sees it otherwise. She thinks Stephanie planned it that way to show him how much he meant to his family and he misses them now and wants them all back. She had good thoughts driving over and thought they could get through everything. Then she saw the picture. He promises her that he will never hurt her again.

Despite Bridget’s hesitation, Nick blurts out that she is pregnant to Jackie and Owen. Jackie babbles and gushes away and Owen is absolute silent. Alone he chastises Bridget for making the announcement now before they know who’s the father. She has a bought paternity test in her purse and gets Owen to swab the inside of his cheeks so she can have it tested. She doesn’t know what she will do if it turns out that he’s the father of this baby. She won’t even allow herself to think of that. Donna tells Eric that her mother is gone and it is because of Stephanie and she is the reason that she can not stay here in this house again. She can not give her the benefit of the doubt. She loves Eric, but it always comes down to Stephanie and she will not share him with her. He promises that he will take her far away. He will make her first in his life and never disappoint her again. He begs her not to go.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nathan tells Stephanie about the letter Melanie wrote, and how she is committed to Philip, so he has decided to move on from her. Stephanie confides in Adrienne that she believes that Nathan is the one, and that they are on their way to being happy now that Melanie is out of the picture. Chloe nearly tells Daniel and Melanie about her and Philip sleeping together, but Philip is able to stop her and explain in private that he didn’t tell Melanie the truth. The tow then vow to make sure no one finds out, but Nathan overhears Chloe saying that she and Daniel will be through if he finds out she slept with someone else. Vivian learns that Chloe found out the truth before she could confront Carly, and worries that Chloe will eventually learn that she paid the nurse and motel clerk to lie to her about Daniel and Carly sleeping together. Rafe tries to get Stefano to tell him the real reason EJ moved back in, but Lexie interrupts, calling Stefano to let him know EJ was attacked and is in the hospital. Stefano vows to find out who did this and make them pay. Baker has all of EJ’s money transferred into a bank account he has opened under a false name. EJ doesn’t remember kissing Sami, and Rafe spies on the two as she tells EJ how happy she is that he is alright, and that he isn’t going anywhere.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maya runs into Michael at the Q pool house. Carly thinks Dante will turn Michael in but Sonny disagrees. Jason confronts Lulu and asks her to help “protect Michael.” Lulu feels bad but says she doesn’t know “where Michael is.” Carly goes to see Jason and gets upset when he says Lulu is involved in Dante’s plan with Michael. Kristina tells Alexis about the first time Kiefer hit her. Alexis wonders how Kristina could “stay” with an abuser. Elizabeth brings her boys to visit Shirley. Steven reminds Liz that Shirley is “terminally ill.” The jury continues to deliberate – Lisa doesn’t think Sonny should be found guilty. Nikolas and Patrick discuss their personal troubles while watching the kids in the park. Carly angrily confronts Lulu. Carly is upset when Lulu chooses Dante over her family so she relays the news to Jason. Kristina goes to see Sonny and the two of them discuss the “abuse” Sonny suffered as a child. The Q’s gang up on Ethan for theft and Maya sort of comes to his rescue. Ethan notices Maya’s suspicious behavior so he confronts her as she’s trying to sneak some food to Michael. Lisa is the only hold out juror. Michael calls Carly just to say he’s safe. Michael tells Carly he plans to “confess” if Sonny is found guilty.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Hannah knows how to get Cole to believe that she is telling the truth about who she saw push his mother down the flight of hair and cause her to lose her baby. Right then, Dani is beginning to consider bonding with Todd and invites him to join her and Starr and the others at the auditorium to talk. But before they can do that, Cole comes after Todd and is ready to kill him believing his "friend" is a credible witness that Todd killed his mother's baby. Meanwhile, Destiny reveals to Matthew that she has a problem playing Langston knowing that she's cheating on Markko and lying about it. Gigi talks to Viki and Rex talks to Bo about their uncertainly. They both get pep talks about Viki and Charlie getting past their issues and getting back and the same for Bo and Nora.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sarah refuses to take Fen home because she has a surprise for him. Michael interrupts them and tells Sarah that he was trying to call her. Sarah shows him the phone was turned off. Michael gets a phone call and instead of leaving Fen with Sarah, he takes him to Gloria’s. Nikki, Sharon, Phyllis, Rafe, Heather, and Billy all gather at Jack’s for a meeting. Jack tells them that this is all about the investigation into Adam’s murder. Billy lets them know that there is nothing to discuss since Victor confessed. Ashley announces that she has something to tell them about Tucker. Jack doesn’t want to hear anything about Tucker. Billy apologizes to Heather for not showing up at the room. Patty awakens from a nap and sees Jack carrying Phyllis into the house. Patty demands to know what Phyllis is doing in her home. Jack and Patty begin to argue. Jack tells Patty that they need some time apart. Nick goes to see Victor and asks him what is going on. Owen arrives for a discussion with Victor. Phyllis tells the group that although Victor confessed, Nick is still in custody. Phyllis suggests suing the D.A.’s office. Amber asks Daniel if there is enough between them to make their marriage work. Amber and Daniel argue over Little D. because Amber is concerned over the “Dragon Lady.” Patty asks Sarah to come to her house where she tells her she has to be stopped. Rafe and Heather refuse to help the Newmans. Owen accuses Victor of lying. Daniel agrees to let Amber call Little D. Patty and Sarah plan Phyllis’ murder. Billy agrees to help the Newmans while Jack refuses. Owen visits the Newmans and Abbotts and asks them to take a lie detector test. Amber decides to go visit her mom. Heather decides to have a DNA test run on the cup.

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