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AMC Recap Written by Mary

When Jake asks Amanda where her wedding ring is, she owns up that someone stole it. The stalker is shown with Amanda’s wedding ring. Annie blackmails J.R. into letting her stay at the mansion. Madison shows Ryan her new cocktail waitress outfit. David and Greenlee have just finished making love, but when he tells her that he loves her, she cannot return the sentiment. Greenlee kisses him. Ryan warns Madison about the dangers of working at the casino. Amanda apologizes to Jake for losing her ring. Natalia interrupts them just as Amanda gets another text message from her stalker. Annie begs J.R. to find a way to get Adam to let her stay at the mansion or else Marissa will know everything. J.R. offers Annie enough money to build a house of her own or buy one. Natalia runs a check but can't find any info on the stalker. J.R. tells Marissa that he messed up everything. Annie tells Emma that Adam doesn’t want to be married to her anymore. J.R. tries to explain to Marissa what happened, but Colby interrupts them with news that her dad is gone. Greenlee wakes up and finds David gone. David gets drunk sitting on a park bench as he remembers telling Greenlee that he loves her. Liza joins him.

Jake tells Amanda and Natalia about “Charlie’s Angels" when Ciro joins them. In talking to David, Liza realizes that he has it bad for Greenlee. Colby tells J.R. and Marissa that Adam left town with Brooke. Marissa tries to console Annie while J.R. watches. Greenlee catches Jake trying to break into Amanda’s e-mail account. Greenlee helps him to gain entrance. Jake begins to give Greenlee advice on her marriage to David. Greenlee puts Jake out. When Madison tells her about her night job, Greenlee forbids her from working for Ryan. Madison reports to work at the casino. David watches Madison with Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Craig is livid trying to track down Ellis and his missing money. He even hires a PI to find him. Lily and Carly catch up; they even put their heads together and come up with a good fragrance idea for Monte Carlo’s line. When Carly bemoans the fact that she needs to focus on something other then Jack comforting Janet, Lily has an idea. She introduces Carly to her friend, Rhonda, who is a genius in marketing fragrances. They all talk shop and Carly is convinced this woman can help launch the fragrance line. Carly calls Craig and tells him about this woman and how she can help them. He needs to meet her and bring $500,000. A preoccupied Craig comes to meet them but explains to Carly that he doesn’t think they should go this route anymore, but now Carly thinks there is no turning back and she is determined to go forward. Craig gets a call that Ellis is found and takes off. He finds Ellis at a movie theater and demands his money back. Ellis tells him that it is gone, as Craig is livid and threatens him that the money better not be gone… just as Carly is besides him saying the same thing. Liberty and Gabriel bond more, as Parker is more infuriated and picks a fight with Liberty when she comes home – even going as far as implying she might have slept with Gabriel. He accuses Gabriel of being a drug dealer because of the pills Faith had and is determined to find out what he is up to. Liberty asks Gabriel about Parker’s accusations, as he explains, which draw them in even more closer. They go to Gabriel’s room to watch a movie and find Parker inside going through his stuff. Lily sees Gabriel in the hotel, and she seems very rattled. She asks the hotel manager of his name and seems even more unnerved. She heads home and opens a locked box with a photo inside of a baby that looks like Gabriel. Lily calls Sierra and asks her for an updated photo of Gabriel; the thing they feared the most has come true. Janet prepares for her father’s funeral, as Jack continues to lend his support. Dusty calls and asks Terri how Janet is, but Terri offers up that Jack is helping Janet through this. Dusty decides he can no longer stay away. He interrupts them at the funeral and Janet tells him she can’t handle him. Eddie is furious with Dusty, whom he blames for his dad’s death and verbally attacks Dusty, which causes Dusty to be defensive, which ends with Dusty punching Jack by accident. Janet’s aunt continues to hurl insults at Janet when she finds out Dusty’s connection and Jack defends her. Terri convinces Dusty to leave. Later, Dusty and Janet talk, as she tells him that she can’t stay engaged to him right now, as she hands back his ring. Dusty promises to wait until she can forgive him, as Janet is devastated. Terri leaves with Dusty and Jack and Janet commiserate, as Janet decides she has had enough of her reunion with her family and they decide to leave as well.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie makes Eric coffee and tells him that she hopes he is not blaming himself for Donna’s leaving as it was her decision. He knows that he didn’t handle things well and it’s not fair to either Donna or Stephanie. He laments to Stephanie that he realizes now that she should not be living out in the guest house while he’s married to Donna. She says he does need to know where he stands with Donna before he moves on with his life. She will finish packing and be gone today. Bill tries to convince Donna that her mother would never want her to be mistreated the way Eric is doing. He goes so far to say that just let Eric have Stephanie as they deserve each other. And Donna deserves something too; a healthy settlement which could include part ownership of Forrester Creations. Donna tells Bill that she appreciates all that he is trying to do for her, but she was upset before and she knows she can not sue Eric. Jackie doesn’t understand why Bridget no longer wants to be their spokeswoman for their lingerie campaign. She hammers Nicky to get to the bottom of this; there is no such thing as a shy cougar. Aggie hugs Bridget and tells her that all is cool between them. She previously told Oliver that what Bridget and Owen did was wrong, but it was a one time thing when she was grieving and she doesn’t believe they will ever cross that line again. And she has no intention of telling Nick. Bridget doesn’t feel well and leaves the office early.

Eric shows up at the beach house. Bill is protective and tells him that Donna doesn’t wish to see him, but she overrides Bill and says she will. Eric tells her that he’s asked Stephanie to leave. He can not let her walk out on him and their marriage. Justin comes by and hands Bill some papers. Bill assures him that although Eric is there, Justin will have another chance with Donna. He’s going to see that she gets a hefty settlement and when she ends up with FC he will make her a very generous offer. He always said he would get FC back and Donna can help. Eric tells Donna that she does not have to compete with Stephanie. That is not the woman he fell in love with; Donna is. He is sorry that he has put her in pain and he will make it up to her if she will give him a second chance. He tries to convince her they can get past their differences about who is responsible for her mother’s death. They can repair the damages but not if they are apart. He wants her to come home with him. At home, Pam tells Eric that he made the wrong decision. His whole family and FC is waiting for him to come to his senses and get back with Stephanie; back to the glory days. She shows him the photo of Eric kissing Stephanie after his tribute. Eric knows he’s in trouble if Donna sees this. Bill tells Donna there is no room for three people in a marriage. He shows her the kissing photo. He says she has to face the facts. Stephanie will always be a part of Eric's life. And she has terrorized Donna’s family for years. Nothing can bring Beth back, but they can avenge her death by hitting Eric and Stephanie where it hurts the most. Make them pay; they can do it together.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Will and Sami argue about her considering moving into the DiMera mansion with Johnny and Sydney. Later, Sami finds EJ passed out at the pier, and the two end up kissing. We learn that Hope is behind the recent muggings in town, and she and Baker go into cahoots to target more men. Philip nearly tells Melanie the truth about he and Chloe having sex, but a call from Carly about Daniel’s surgery interrupts the conversation. Later, Melanie begins to tell Daniel about her fight with Philip, but Chloe, thinking that Melanie knows the truth about her and Philip, interrupts, begging Daniel to forgive her. Vivian, sure that Chloe will kill or harm Carly, fantasizes about how it might go down. She’s later delighted to overhear that Chloe called Carly a miserable bitch.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Morgan notices the tension between Jax and Carly and tells them to get their act together and “love each other.” Carly and Jax agree to get along and have a normal, family evening as a family. Michael calls Kristina and the two meet and discuss the situation with Kiefer. Tracy is jealous when she finds Luke with Skye. Luke and Skye flirt. Tracy accuses Skye of wanting money. Jason wants to find Michael but Sonny objects. Dante is torn about Michael so he calls Lucky and fills him in on Michael’s guilt. Kristina begs Michael not to turn himself in. The jury continues to discuss the case. Kristina continues to “blame” herself for Kiefer’s treatment of her. Maxie breaks and tells Jason and Spinelli she knows where Michael is, and then she heads to Italy. Sonny and Alexis discuss Kristina. Sam tells Kristina that Michael is in town and missing. Dante feels uncomfortable letting Sonny pay for a crime he didn’t commit. Sonny interrupts family night at the Jax house by summoning Carly. Sonny fills Carly in when she gets to his house. Maya runs into Michael at the pool house. Jason heads to Lulu’s to get Michael.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marty is distraught to have lost her baby regardless of who pushed her. Cole tells Starr he knows that her father did it. She asks him how he can assume that without proof. Hannah reveals to Cole that she knows who pushed Marty. Kelly and John notice that Rodney travelled all the way from the California hospital to find her and tell her who killed her mother and somebody killed him. And they assume it's the same person who killed her mother. Langston and Ford are making out assuming they are alone in the high school gym when Destiny sees them. They don't know that and Langston continues to play her "role" with Markko. But Destiny informs Matthew what she saw and admits she had problems playing Langston in the school musical now that she knows she's a hypocrite.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Jill is concerned over the way that Cane is looking so tired. Jill wonders if Tucker is working Cane too hard. Cane lets Jill know that all Tucker is centered on is Jabot. Jill wonders who Tucker will put in charge of Jabot. Lily and Mac join Cane and Jill. Lily tells Cane that Dr. Kershaw wants her to start back on chemo, but she is having her doubts. Neil and Ashley are interrupted by the doorbell. It is Tucker. Jana is vomiting up blood. Lauren tries to get her mind off her sickness by telling her that they will get out of here. Daniel asks Amber what she is working on and finds out that it is a sketch of Little D. Michael calls Kevin and lets him know that Ryder was brought in. Sarah asks Kevin if he is going to see Ryder. Sarah offers to watch Fen, but Michael wants Fen to be taken to Daniel’s. Michael questions Ryder as to the whereabouts of Jana, but Ryder refuses to tell him anything. Cane begs Lily not to give up. Tucker tells Ashley that he wants her as the C.E.O of Jabot. Jana and Lauren make plans for a vacation when they get out of here. Kevin tells Ryder that he wants Jana back. Ryder agrees to help if he can but refuses to tell Kevin where Jana is. Sarah arrives to pick up Fen but finds out that Daniel just left with him. Sarah agrees to wait until they come back. Sarah asks Amber what Deacon told her about the “dragon lady.” Sarah remembers her threat to Deacon about Little D. Kevin realizes that Ryder sent him the text, but Ryder denies that he was the one who sent it. Mac, Lily and Cane find out that Mac is having a little girl and a little boy. Jill and Tucker call a truce, temporarily, until she finds out that she won’t be the one running Jabot. Lily decides to take the chemo. Michael finds out that Sarah picked up Fen.

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