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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Fusion, Erica tells Jack she has to meet with a man who owns a yacht which she will use for her next photo shoot. Greenlee comes in, and upon seeing Jack with Erica, is no longer hungry. Ryan welcomes David to the casino and encourages to gamble some more. At the airport, Adam tells Colby that there is no time to waste in finding Brooke. Brooke, on the airplane, relives memories of when she and Adam were married. Brooke finds out from the pilot  that she is going to Paris. Annie holds a fireplace poker on J.R. and blames him for ruining her life. Greenlee and Jack agree to disagree about the people in their lives but vow to keep seeing each other. J.R. takes the fireplace poker away from Annie as she begins to cry. Erica calls Opal to check in and to see how she is doing. Adam goes to see Erica and reprimands her for giving Brooke a jet in order to leave town. Adam asks Erica to call the captain and have him to turn the plane around. Adam hugs Erica for her help. Annie goes wild over Adam leaving her for Brooke. J.R. insists that she leave at once. Jack tells Erica that he and Greenlee have reached an agreement toward the people in their lives. Greenlee gets David away from the casino and offers to help him gain control of the hospital. Madison tells someone on the phone that she knows exactly what to do. Colby and Adam share some tender moments saying good-bye at the airport. After Brooke’s airplane lands, she and Adam come face to face, then go to the park to talk. Jack arranges to spend the night on the yacht with Erica. After she begs for a job to pay off her credit cards, Ryan hires Madison at the casino. Erica and Jack relive some very happy times from their past. David and Greenlee make love in front of the fireplace. Annie blackmails J.R. into letting her stay at the house or she will tell Marissa everything. Adam and Brooke fly off into the great unknown.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Terri, Jack and Liberty successfully defend Janet against the judgmental verbal attacks of her Aunt Marie and baby brother Eddie. Eddie finally apologizes to Janet once Jack explains that Janet was thrown out of the house when she was pregnant with Liberty. She didn't run away from home. Aunt Marie doesn't quite come around, but she does soften a bit once Liberty explains what she and Janet have been through since Brad died. Carly wants to go to the funeral to be with Jack because she is afraid to lose him to Janet, but Parker asks Craig to distract her with business, so he comes up with the idea to launch a perfume tied to the clothing line. Craig is shocked when he calls to talk to his accountant, Ellis, and is informed that he came in to clean out his desk and now they fear he is missing. Parker talks to Liberty and she tells him that she is having a rough time dealing with Janet's family but turns down his offer for him to go be with her and then she hangs up on him. Gabriel taunts Parker about Liberty not wanting him around anymore and they argue about which one of them knows what Liberty needs right now.

Gabriel pressures Craig to get him a debit card as well as give him a cash advance right way. Parker gets suspicious when he sees Craig give Gabriel cash and a debit card but Craig tells him that he gave those things to Gabriel because they are fixing things around the Monte Carlo warehouse. Parker fears that Liberty is slipping away from him and wants to go to the funeral and be with her, but Carly persuades him not to go because it could drive Liberty further away from him. Gabriel arrives in Melrose Park to help Liberty deal with Janet's family and she is happy to see him. Janet tells Jack when he fell in love with him was the first time she felt like a person worthy of love. Her family always made her feel like she was inferior because she got pregnant with Liberty and brought shame to the family name. Jack and Janet wonder why they couldn't make their relationship work but agree they will always be good friends.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tries to excuse herself to go back to the guest house. Donna tells her and Eric that she shouldn’t even be on the property. Before that is settled, Bill bursts in and tells Eric off. Eric wants him to leave, but Donna says if Stephanie stays then so does Bill. Eric says they have to all come together and support the family and Bill being there isn’t helping matters. Bill points out that Donna is Eric’s wife, not some stranger. He doesn’t deserve her if he is defending Stephanie. Donna begs him again to just get rid of Stephanie. Eric says they will talk about it again in a few more days. Bill bellows that he need to have his hearing aid checked; there won’t be a few more days. Eric tries to explain to Donna that Stephanie is the mother of his children. He loves Donna, but he can’t get rid of Stephanie. She says okay. He has made his decision and now she has made hers. She will always love him, but she needs her husband to be all hers. She walks out with Bill and cries on his chest. Pam fills in Thorne and Thomas on the circumstances at the Forrester home. Steffy blatantly comes on to Oliver since he doesn’t have Hope shadowing him.

Bill brings Donna back to his beach house. She feels like she has been thrown to the curb the day after her mother died. He tells her that she will find someone else far more deserving to love than Eric who is blind and self-centered. She can find someone better than that washed up pretzel. Thomas, Pam and Thorne visit Eric and he’s happy to see the family all together again. Thorne tells his mom that her perseverance paid off. Pam wants to give a Hallelujah and asks when she will be moving back into the main house. Oliver tells Steffy that she better button up; this isn’t happening. He and Hope share the view that making love is something special and won’t be shared. She gives him a kiss to remember her by. Bill builds Donna up and tells her that she is going to fight back. He reminds her of all the years that her mother fought for her, up against Stephanie. If their marriage is over, she is entitled to a lot, maybe even ownership of Forrester. He makes her see there has to be vindication. She has to strike back. She agrees; she will.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ tries to convince Sami to move into the mansion for the sake of the children. Sami agrees to consider it, despite Rafe’s insistence that EJ is manipulating her, and that he and his father are up to something. Later, when Sami learns from Will that Stefano seems to think her moving in is a done deal, Sami rushes off to confront EJ. Stefano calls Rafe with information about Sami. Hope and Dr. Baker come to some sort of monetary agreement, and Baker confronts EJ at the pier, not realizing who it is from behind. When EJ recognizes him, Hope knocks EJ unconscious. Thinking that Melanie and Daniel are cheating, Chloe and Philip seek revenge by making love. Later, Philip is stunned when Melanie tells him the truth about everything that has happened with Nathan, and that she has decided to choose Philip. Chloe is equally horrified when she learns that Daniel was in the hospital all night having surgery, and not in a seedy motel room with Carly.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claire comes to Dante’s apartment looking for Michael and finds Jason. Claire wonders if Dante found Michael and where the two are. Michael doesn’t understand lulu’s hostility toward Lulu. Maxie comes home and finds Michael with Lulu. Maxie admits she knows the truth and wants to call Jason. Lulu tells Maxie to keep Michael’s location quiet for now. Maxie goes to the penthouse but she doesn’t tell Jason and Spinelli she saw Michael. Sonny denies everything when Dante confronts him with the truth about Michael. Luke tells Tracy that Helena is up to no good. Olivia advises Carly not to “drive Jax away.” Carly is torn and says Jax crossed a “line.” Alice takes her job as foreperson of the jury very seriously. Sonny finally tells Dante what really happened the night Claudia died. Skye tells Luke she needs his help gaining access to Lorenzo’s “hidden” monies. Luke does some research for Skye. Sonny asks Dante to keep the truth to himself. Sonny says if he goes to prison, “justice” will “take its course.” Later, Jason and Sonny discuss the situation. Sonny believes Dante will protect Michael. Even though he promises not to, Michael leaves Lulu’s apartment. Dante tells Lulu it’s not “honorable” to let Sonny pay for a crime “he didn’t commit.” Out on the street, Michael makes a call to an unknown person and tells them his location.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Brody questions Marty about who she saw before she was pushed, besides Natalie, she names Todd. Cole confronts Todd outside his mom's hospital room. Marty concludes that Todd pushed her since he had motives. Starr confronts Hannah about leaving her boyfriend alone. Ford manipulates Langston into staying with him. Markko still has no clue.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lauren and Jana manage to start a fire so the fire department will come and they will be found. Ryder comes in and catches them with the fire. Sarah tells Patty to kill Michael, and Sarah will kill Phyllis. Patty refuses to kill Michael. Jack apologizes to Jamie for Emily not being home yet. Jack asks Jamie to tell him all about Emily. Victor tells everyone that he killed Adam, but Nick orders him to shut up. Victor tells Owen to let Nick go and he will tell him what happened to Adam. Owen wants the story first. Nick tells Victor to cut out the act since they all know he didn’t kill Adam. Victor wants Pomerantz called because he is ready to talk. Jamie tells Jack all about Emily being a “workalcoholic” and that she never told a lie and that they were both afraid of cats. Jack remembers his conversation with Patty. Jack gets a call from the police, who want to question Patty again. Ryder reprimands Jana and Lauren for their actions, but Daisy walks in and orders them gagged before the police arrive. Jamie and Jack arrive at Patty’s office and interrupt Patty and Sarah’s session. Patty makes a fool of herself by talking to Jamie about his antiques and his job. Jamie says he is not interested in antiques and he couldn’t hold a job. Patty realizes that Emily lied to her. Ryder and Daisy come up with a story to tell the police as to who started the fire which results in Ryder being arrested .Victor gives his statement to the police about Adam’s death which no one believes. Victor is arrested. Patty gives Jamie her prescription pad and tells him to write a prescription for whatever medicines he needs and to get out of her life forever. Michael asks Ryder what he did with Lauren. When Sarah calls her, Patty admits she is going to kill Michael.

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