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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Brooke brings a letter to Tad for Damon’s appearance in court. Tad tries to talk her out of leaving town, but with no luck. Adam catches J.R. and Annie in a very compromising situation. Annie tries to put all the blame on J.R., but Adam orders her out so he can talk to his son. Natalia tells Brot that the kiss was uncalled for as she leaves for her photo shoot. At the hospital, Angie lets Damon know that he has ADHD. J.R. tries to explain things to Adam about Annie, but he remains furious with both. Brooke tells Tad good-bye. Natalia arrives for her photo shoot and finds out that she is going to be nude but covered in leaves for the Fusion Natural cosmetics line. Brot is against the idea. When Brooke informs her that she is leaving town, Angie divulges what an admirer of hers she has been. Adam tells Annie that he is to blame for this whole situation. Adam lets Annie know that they don't love each other. Colby brings a letter to Adam from Brooke. Brooke asks the pilot where they will be going. J.R. assures Scott that he has no feelings for Annie, but Scott disagrees. Damon tells Tad about his ADHD. Annie is furious when Adam and Colby leave to find Brooke. Annie tears up the living room and picks up a fireplace poker. J.R. walks in and watches her. With Angie's help, Damon gets off from all the charges against him. When Damon asks Tad why he is helping him, Tad claims it's because they're friends. Angie and Jesse share some intimate moments in the park. At the airport, Colby and Adam find that Brooke just left.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Molly and Holden make plans for the day. Lily lets Ethan know that Holden will not be living here anymore. Lily gets a call from Luke to take Holden to the foundation’s banquet. Lily has her doubts but agrees. In the hotel room, Luke and Reid await the ruling in the malpractice suit. Katie comes home, wearing Chris’ jacket. Henry inquires as to what had happened. Vienna lets Barbara know that she intends on getting pregnant before her wedding. Reid and Luke visit a nightclub where there is mechanical bull riding. Luke surprises Reid by riding the bull. Lily brings Ethan to the ranch and asks Holden to accompany her to the foundation’s banquet. Holden agrees. Faith hurls insults at Lily for wrecking their picnic. Vienna looks at a pregnancy test as Katie approaches. Vienna lets Katie know that Barbara is designing her wedding dress. Katie suggests to Vienna that they slow down the wedding .Vienna is confused as to why Katie would suggest that. Barbara lets Henry know that Vienna intends on getting pregnant right away.

Henry and Barbara discuss the baby that Vienna lost. Reid also rides the mechanical bull. Luke sees his cell phone and finds out that the decision is in in his malpractice suit. Reid calls and finds out that the charges against him have been dropped. Molly gets a call from Silas about doing the interview. Molly has her doubts, but Faith talks her into it. Holden is upset when he calls Faith and finds out that Molly is interviewing Silas and that Faith is alone with Ethan. Holden goes upstairs to talk to Molly and promises to be there through the interview. Lily comes home to find Ethan sick, but only from candy that he ate. Reid kisses Luke and reveals that he wanted to for a long time.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The next morning Eric laments to Stephanie that he just wonders how his marriage is and what Donna is doing. Donna is huddled on Katie’s couch still crying over what happened to her mother. Jackie tells Bridget that she is so sorry for her grandmother’s death and to let them know if there is anything they can do. Bridget meets with the rest at the beach house. Bill tells her that Eric won’t be there as he has defended Stephanie over his own wife. Donna has hesitations about going home as she can not face Stephanie today.

Donna does return and Eric comforts her and gives a lovely tribute to her mother’s fighting spirit in the throes of Alzheimer's. Donna apologizes for walking out on him last night and leaving him here in the house alone. He tells her no more talk about mistakes. She keeps harping that she wonders if they could have prevented the accident from happening if they had watched her mother more carefully. She warns him though that he can not be there for her and Stephanie at the same time. He doesn’t want to talk about Stephanie. This is a day of grieving, not blasting. Stephanie walks in and Donna is aghast that he let her stay here for the night. She tells him that if he wants this marriage that he will have to sever all ties with her or this is it!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami expresses remorse for hiding her pregnancy from EJ, and wishes she had never done so. EJ asks her to move into the DiMera mansion with the children so that they can all be together. Melanie tells Nathan what the letter she wrote him on her wedding day really said. Nathan kisses her, and Philip witnesses it. After he leaves without confronting the two, Melanie tells Nathan that she intends on staying married to Philip, and that it is over between her and Nathan. Nathan decides to move on, too. Vivian arranges for a nurse to tell Chloe that Daniel and Carly went to a seedy motel together. She also arranges for the hotel’s manager to tell Chloe that Carly and Daniel checked in. Devastated, Chloe goes home, and Philip shows up at her doorstep. Daniel’s eye surgery is a success, and he decides to call Chloe to give her the good news. Hope sneaks out of the Kiriakis mansion to play poker. She wins all of Dr. Baker’s money, and the two decide to go out for a drink together afterward.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason discovers Michael is missing. Claire waits on Dante to return with Michael. Dante has the blood on Michael’s shirt checked. Lulu finds Dante with Michael at his apartment. Michael tells Lulu he killed Claudia. Dante tells Lulu that Michael will most likely get a “suspended sentence” if he’s guilty. Diane gets Sonny ready for the courtroom. Luke wonders what Skye’s “plan” is and where he “fits into it.” Helena interrupts Luke’s visit with Skye. Helena asks Luke to help her make certain the new baby “is reared” as a Cassadine. Luke wonders to Tracy what Helena is up to. Meanwhile, Helena visits Liz at GH. Jax hears Claire throw Sonny’s “thank you” kiss in Carly’s face. Jason is told Michael left the hotel with someone who sounds like Dante. Ronnie testifies that he went to the island to find Michael and “was forcibly removed.’ A “surveillance photo” showing Michael on the island is presented in court. Coleman talks out of turn so the judge removes him from the jury and has him taken in for contempt. Sonny gets nervous when both Jason and Diane get a “missed call” from Jason. Dante gets a call that says the blood on Michael’s shirt belonged to Claudia. Diane and Claire present their closing arguments and the jury goes behind closed doors. Jason goes back to Port Charles and heads to Dante’s to look for Michael. Meanwhile, Lulu takes Michael to her apartment. Dante tells Sonny he knows the truth.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Suspicion about who pushed Marty down the flight of stairs and made her lose her baby casts over both Natalie and Todd. After Marty demands that John arrests Natalie, he calls Brody to take a statement from Brody. Natalie protests to Brody that she did not do it but follows him to the hospital and the scene of the crime and makes herself look very suspicious. Todd is completely distracted and calls the hospital disguising himself as Cole in order to find out information about Marty. Langton looks suspicious to Starr and Cole when Ford makes it clear that he was sleeping with somebody. Langston wants to prove that she's done with Ford. But is she really? Jessica still can't get Cristian out of her mind. So she doesn't want to go to the prom knowing that he will take Layla. Viki hopes that she will get back to her life in the present but encourages her daughter to go the prom.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victor and Phyllis at the P.D. want to see Nick, but Chance refuses to let them since he is with his lawyer. Sharon joins them. Michael meets with Nick in the interrogation room and asks what really happened the night that Adam was murdered. Phyllis demands to see Nick. Once again, Chance refuses to let any of them see Nick. Jack comes downstairs to see Patty coming out of the kitchen. Patty tells him that she has some coffee ready if he wants some. Jack reminds Patty of the lies that she has been telling him. Lauren asks Jana about her headaches. Jana is worried that they getting worse. Sarah comes to visit Lauren and Jana. Lauren asks Sarah for help concerning Jana. Sarah tells Lauren that Jana is expendable and Lauren will be soon. Sharon and Phyllis argue about not turning in the tuxedo jacket sooner. Patty comes to visit Emily at the psych hospital to find out all she can about Jamie. Jack gets a call from Jamie. Chance tells Sharon that the tuxedo jacket was not found at the dry cleaners but in the hands of a homeless man. Chance begins to question Sharon about her whereabouts the night that the tuxedo jacket went missing. Victor and Michael meet with Owen. Victor issues a warning to Owen to stay away from his family.

Lauren and Jana try to find ways to escape from their prison. Sarah is on the phone and plans a meeting with Patty. Jamie arrives at Jack’s home. Phyllis and Sharon visit with Nick and vow to get him out of here. Nick is taken to the courtroom for his arraignment. Patty tells Sarah about the lies that she told Jack concerning her false pregnancy and how she lost the baby. Patty also tells Sarah that Emily’s brother, Jamie, is coming to town. Lauren and Jana devise a plan to get out. Emily prays for Jack and Jamie. Jack calls Patty, but she refuses to talk to Jamie since she is in a session. Sarah and Patty plan a murder. Victor tells everyone that he killed Adam.

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