Wednesday 4/21/10 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/21/10 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda and Randi come into Fusion as Erica looks through the pics of Amanda’s photo shoot. Hearing that Amanda is nervous about the pics, Erica tells her she is disappointed that she doesn't have more confidence in herself. Erica assures Amanda that her pics are wonderful and gives her pointers on how to have a winning attitude toward her modeling career. The computer stalker puts kisses all over Amanda’s face on the screen. Angie, Jake and Frankie devise a plan to get vengeance on David. Annie dreams that J.R. kisses her “good morning’ and asks her to marry him. Downstairs in the living room, J.R. lets Marissa know that Adam and Brooke had not come home. Adam and Brooke have stayed in the park all night. Brooke lets Adam know that she is not going to break up his marriage. Marissa urges J.R. to call Brooke about Adam. Marissa still defends Annie when J.R. lashes out and starts to bad mouth Annie. While having breakfast together, David and Greenlee decide to remain married since they have no one else. David vows to Greenlee to get his job back at the hospital. Annie lets J.R. know that he needs her. Brooke tells Adam that she is moving out of his house. Erica agrees to have dinner with Jack. While in the park, Adam receives a visit from Stuart.

Annie finds out from J.R. that Brooke is moving out. J.R. kisses Annie to keep her from confronting Brooke. Erica and Greenlee argue over Fusion as usual. Greenlee vows to win back Fusion because it is all she has left. J.R. lets Annie know that he set her up. Greenlee finds out that David didn’t get his job back at Pine Valley Hospital. David has another plan in mind of buying the hospital. Brooke meets Erica in the park and her to help Adam find someone to replace her at Tempo. Erica agrees. Annie and J.R. fight which results in them falling down on the bed, kissing. Adam walks in and sees them. Amanda and Randi search for Amanda’s wedding ring and cannot find it any place. The stalker has the wedding ring.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Paul and Emily meet up with Emma outside of Old Town. Meg meets with her doctor and wants to know when she can go home. Paul and Emily shop for clothes for Eliza. Emily gets a call from Meg’s doctor asking her how the visit went with them. Emily tells the doctor the truth. Katie and Henry discuss wedding preparations. Vienna walks up and watches them together. Henry sees Vienna and asks her to join them. Paul meets up with Barbara and blasts her for having a relationship with Henry. Katie, Henry and Vienna discuss wedding plans. Vienna looks through wedding books and finds her perfect wedding dress, designed by none other than Barbara. At the television station, Chris and Alison finish filming “Oakdale Now.” Chris tells Alison to admit that she is having fun. The doctor asks Meg how she gets along with Paul and Emily. Emma arrives to check Meg out of the hospital and take her home. Emily tells Paul about the phone call from Meg’s doctor which results in an argument. At the hospital, Chris attempts to kiss Alison, but she pulls away. Vienna visits Katie to discuss Henry and his attitude. Henry asks for Barbara’s help. Henry asks Barbara not to design Vienna’s wedding gown. Paul and Emily argue over Meg. Meg and Emma arrive at Fairwinds to pick up Eliza.

Henry tells Barbara to tell Vienna that she will not design her wedding gown. Barbara tells Henry about her visit with Paul. Alison asks Chris why he kissed her. She explains that she is not interested. Vienna asks Katie what happened between her and Henry while she was away. Emma plans a family dinner for Meg, Eliza, and the rest of the family. Paul and Emily arrive home and find out that Meg took Eliza. Vienna watches Henry with Jacob. Chris tells Katie what happened between him and Alison. Chris drops a drink on Katie’s coat. When Vienna visits Barbara and asks her to design her wedding gown, she hesitates, at first, but then agrees. When Paul confronts Meg for taking Eliza without his permission, Emma blasts him for his treatment of Meg. Paul and Emily take Eliza home. Meg asks Emma what she is up to. Vienna informs Barbara that she plans on getting pregnant by her wedding day.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Stephanie that Lt. Baker called and wants to see them. Baker thanks them for their time and gives condolences for their loss. Donna ends up at the beach house talking to Bill. He says Eric was warned time and time again about Stephanie yet he did nothing. Donna doesn’t know what crime Stephanie could be charged with; only that she knows without Stephanie being in the picture that her mother would still be here. Donna tells Bill that she does not blame Eric. Bill says he is too passive. Donna should not settle for life except on her own terms; nothing less. He will show her how.

Stephen and Brooke stand by as Katie wants to see her mother at the morgue. She sobs uncontrollably while her dad vows they will always be there for her. Stephen blames himself for not taking her to the doctor right away, but Beth wanted to see the girls. But in the end that was his job and she did not know what was best for herself. Stephanie is packed and ready to go, but Eric tells her things have changed now and he asks her to stay. When Pam calls, Stephanie tells her not to come for her; she is spending the night. Stephanie makes martinis for Eric and asks him to play something for her on the piano. They both remember some happier times. They kiss and say goodnight both lingering on each side of the door thinking of what might have been.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Victor and Justin get into an argument about Bo and Hope. Justin feels he still has a chance with Hope. Hope goes to bed with a splitting headache but strangely, she later gets up and gets dressed to go out. Arianna and Nicole butt heads on their first day on the job for Titan TV. Brady finds out what is going on, and offers to get Arianna a different job, but she refuses. Daniel goes into surgery with Carly assisting, and Vivian finds out about it from Victor. When she learns that Chloe thinks that Daniel is simply assisting on a surgery, she arranges for a male nurse to lie to Chloe and tell her that Daniel and Carly left the hospital together.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky advises Luke to make sure Ethan stays in town. Morgan hears Claire tell Jax that Dante will bring Michael in to testify. Morgan calls and warns Michael that Dante is on his way. Michael says nothing about Dante being with him. Michael tells Dante the truth about killing Claudia. When Dante is skeptical, Michael shows him the bloody shirt he saved from that night. Dante still doesn’t believe Michael’s confession. Carly comes home and gives Claire a piece of her mind. After Claire leaves, Carly and Jax argue about the motivations behind their actions. Later, Jax confides in Skye. Patrick and Matt take some dance lessons from Elizabeth’s new patient. Maxie tells Jason in confidence that she wants a more “dangerous” man than Spinelli. Maya goes to Luke for advice about Edward. Johnny looks for a new luxurious apartment. Olivia turns down Johnny’s invitation to move in with him. Robin cancels on Patrick so he ends up talking with Claire at Jake’s. Patrick tells Claire that Robin “romanticizes Sonny.” Michael heads back to Port Charles with Dante.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

John suspects Natalie of pushing Marty down the stairs and Tea suspects Todd. Starr assures Cole that she will never let her father come between them. Langston is in a hotel room with Ford. Knowing that the room is registered to a well-known film director Alfonso Del Toro that he would love to meet, Markko pays the bellhop to let him take up the room service order. Langston goes to answer the door in her underwear, but modesty takes over so Ford answers the door instead. After Markko leaves, Langston yells at Ford and storms out.

Nate and Dani get to know each other. Destiny wonders if Matthew is jealous of Nate. He says he isn’t happy about Dani and Nate's kissing scenes in the play. Destiny reminds him that Dani will also have to see Matthew kissing Destiny in their scenes as Markko and Langston so they can make Dani jealous. He says it won't work because Dani already knows nothing is going to happen between them. Destiny concludes that Matthew thinks something is going to happen between Dani and Nate.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Paul brings Heather to visit Patty (Emily). Patty goes berserk when Jack doesn’t believe that she was pregnant and lost the baby. Jack also finds out that Patty went to see Phyllis. Jack tells Patty that it is over. Gloria reads a story to Fen when Jeff comes in and complains about the toys being on the floor. Michael arrives and asks Gloria if she heard from Lauren. Sarah searches through papers on the desk and finds Lauren’s bank statement and sees how much money she has. Lauren tells Jana that she wishes Ryder wasn’t afraid of Sarah. Kevin is in the coffeehouse and calls out Jana’s name. The Ouija board comes flying off the shelf. Jeff orders a cup of decaffeinated coffee and a cookie for Fen. Sarah, on the phone orders a sports car for Michael. Emily insists to Heather that she is Emily Peterson. Patty accuses Jack of defending Phyllis. Emily tells Heather that she can prove that she is not Patty. Emily asks to talk to Jack, but Heather refuses. Emily asks Heather to do a favor for her. Michael comes home with Fen. Sarah lets him know that she bought him a sports car. Michael cannot understand why she would do such a thing and refuses the present. Lauren recalls better days with Michael. Jeff, Gloria and Kevin question the Ouija board which responds that Jana is at the zoo. Patty visits Emily to ask for her help. When the meds are brought to Emily, Patty takes them. Ryder brings Jana medicine for her headache. Sarah comes in and orders Lauren to talk to Michael. If Lauren says anything wrong, Sarah will break Jana’s neck. Lauren calls Michael and apologizes. Lauren asks Ryder to call Michael and find out where she and Jana are. Michael asks Sarah for some time apart. Jack lets Patty know that he called her brother, Jamie.

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