Tuesday 4/20/10 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/20/10 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Fusion, Erica cannot believe that Palmer is dead after Opal calls her with the news. Erica tells Jack that she needs to call Kendall and Bianca. Jack and Erica hug. At the Chandler mansion, Adam is also stunned that Palmer is gone. Brooke tells Adam that Jake found Palmer dead. At the hospital, Daisy makes plans with Angie and Jake about a candlelight vigil for Palmer. At Tad’s home, Tad, Krystal and Opal make preparations for the candlelight vigil. Daisy and Nina meet in the park. Daisy tells Nina that she knows what Palmer wanted to talk to her about. Daisy remembers happier times with Palmer. Daisy and Nina arrive at Tad’s and is introduced to everyone. A messenger brings an envelope to Opal. The envelope contains a CD of the documentary that Hillary had done on the people in Llanview. Everyone watches Palmer’s contribution to the documentary. Daisy tells Opal why she is really here in Pine Valley. Daisy tells Opal that Palmer was coming back to Opal. Adam and Brooke arrive for the vigil. Each person has his/hers memories of Palmer. Kendall calls Erica to let her know why she didn’t come back to Pine Valley. Erica lets Kendall know about Palmer’s death. Kendall wants to come home, but Erica talks her out of it. Kendall decides to light a candle at midnight for Palmer. After Adam tells Brooke that he loves her, she tells him that she loves him, too. Opal urges Erica to get on with her life, meaning Jack.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At home, Craig is on the phone when Parker comes in. Parker tells Craig that he wants to discuss his trust fund. Parker tells Craig to make it very hard for him to get a hold of his trust fund. Craig is surprised to hear this. Liberty spends time with Gabriel in Old Town. Liberty finds it hard to believe that her leukemia is gone. Dusty, at Metro, has a drink. Teri comes in. Teri questions him as to how he is feeling. Dusty pours Teri a drink and starts to tell her about Rocco’s death. Jack comforts Janet as Carly comes in. Carly offers her condolences to Janet over the death of her father. Carly offers to let Janet stay at her home as long as possible. Janet lashes out at Carly and orders her to back off. Parker orders Craig to put his trust fund where he cannot touch it. Janet tells Jack that she has to tell Teresa. Parker comes home to find out that Rocco had died. Parker leaves to find Liberty and finds her with Gabriel. Parker pulls her away to tell her the news and to take her to Janet. Teri lashes out at jack. Jack agrees to go to Melrose Park with Janet. Dusty asks Craig to spend time with Johnny, but Craig refuses. Craig lashes out at Dusty for his relationship with Janet being over. Carly interrupts and defends Dusty. Janet tells Teri that it is her fault that Rocco is dead. Teri tries to tell Janet that it is no one’s fault. Teri tells Janet not to blame Dusty. Janet lets Teri know that she cannot give Dusty another chance. Liberty arrives and tells Janet that she is in remission. Janet is thrilled by the news. Liberty insists on accompanying Janet for the funeral. Craig lets Carly know that he will always put her happiness first. Carly leaves. Dusty comes to see Janet at “Fashions” and attempts to talk to her. Janet lets Dusty know that every time she looks at him, she is reminded of Rocco. Jack comes home to Carly and tells her that she is who he wants. Carly is relieved, but it is short lived when she finds out that he is going with Janet to the funeral. Janet and Liberty arrive to pack their clothes for the trip. Dusty stops by to bring Janet Rocco’s personal effects. Craig finds out that Gabriel is moving next door to him at the hotel. Craig orders Gabriel away from Johnny.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie is devastated that all the Logans think Beth is dead because of her and what she did. Donna calls Katie to let her know and Rick tells Hope and Marcus at the office. Donna accuses Stephanie of killing their mother and she vows to the others that Stephanie will go to jail for this. Hope laments to Oliver that she thought she had more time with her grandmother and she feels so badly about this. Donna is thrown for a loop when Eric believes Stephanie that it was only an accident and she had nothing to do with her mother’s drowning. He comforts Donna and tries to tell her she is confused in grief and needs to settle down. She announces she is pressing charges. Eric tells her the police have already been here. Her mother had Alzheimer's, she wandered away and fell in the pool….it was an accident. She needs him to stand by her side and give her some justice. She wants him to say it, but he can’t. He will stand by her; he does not want her to go. The last thing she tells him is that she will always love him, but she walks out into the night. Stephanie drops back in to thank Eric for standing up for her tonight, but she is worried about Donna and where this might lead. Stephanie tells him that she is packed and ready to move out and not be a problem to all of them anymore.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Carly surprises Daniel by arranging for him to have a state-of-the-art eye surgery. Nicole warns Chloe about Carly as Vivian listens in in delight. She confides in Gus that she hopes she can get Chloe to murder Carly, and that way, her hands won’t get dirty. Later, Daniel overhears Chloe telling Nicole that she wishes Carly would fall off the face of the earth, and the two get into an argument about Carly, and Chloe’s trust issues. Ciara is caught stealing at school, and Hope talks to her about it. Later, Ciara finds something in a box under Hope’s bed and thinks it must be a secret. Hope is upset to learn that Bo is in contact with Carly and Victor more than he is with her. She interviews Abe about the mugging, and he worries about her stress level. Hope talks to Victor about the mugging, and tells him that she must find out who is attacking people before someone really gets hurt. Victor warns Arianna about Nicole. Nicole and Arianna find out they are working together.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Michael calls Morgan and tells him he's at a new location. Sonny thanks Carly for her testimony. At Claire’s urging, Dante heads off to find Michael. Dante stops by to see Morgan before he leaves town. Morgan tells Dante where Michael’s staying. Warren (Kiefer’s dad) confronts Lucky and insists Ethan is Kristina’s attacker. Jason tells Molly no harm can come to Kiefer’s dad at his hands. Diane tells Sonny she’s confident after Carly’s testimony. Luke has less sympathy for Kristina than Ethan does. Skye pays Kristina a visit. Claire asks the judge for a 24-hour delay and he agrees. Kristina goes to the casino and apologizes to Ethan. Ethan is more than kind and forgiving with Kristina. Molly tells Alexis and Sam she asked Jason “to kill Mr. Bauer.” Jax tells Morgan about his visit with Michael. Morgan mentions Michael’s phone call to Jax. Sonny gloats to Claire about Carly’s testimony. Alexis worries about Warren’s wrath. Lucky tells Luke and Ethan the “DNA evidence” unfortunately points to Ethan. Jax tells Claire that Michael isn’t on Sonny’s island. Sonny and Jason celebrate Carly’s testimony. Dante finds Michael and says he’s to testify at the trial tomorrow.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Markko is still unaware that Langston is cheating on him with Ford and planning on breaking up with him. Cole and Starr don't know that she's still continuing to do it. But Markko almost catches them when he believes that a university film maker is in town and finds that Ford is taking the hotel room before the film maker arrives. He still has no indication that Ford is in the room having sex with Langston. Dorian persuades Charlie to build a community center for her. Viki reluctantly agrees but warns Dorian. Markko loses her baby and informs John that somebody pushed her down the stairs The two main "suspects" (Todd and Natalie) both look worried and appear guilty. Marty tells John that she believes Natalie pushed her and that she would have motive to do it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Ashley and Neil watch Katherine and know she is hiding something. Ashley wonders if Tucker had something to do with Adam’s murder. Katherine talks to Murph on the phone when Neil offers his help. Ashley approaches Tucker for a conversation about Jabot, but Tucker will not divulge any information. Patty talks to Sarah on the phone and asks for her help, but she hears Jack coming and quickly hangs up. Jack informs Patty that they are seeing a doctor who Phyllis recommended. Phyllis tries to call Nick but doesn’t get an answer. Daniel comes in to join Phyllis. Nick insists to everyone that the pen in question is his. Chance tells Owen that they found blood on Nick’s tuxedo jacket and that Victoria is covering for Nick. Nick confesses to everyone that the pen is his. Patty is surprised to find out that Jack told Phyllis about the baby. Ashley calls Jack to tell him to come and meet her and Neil, because they have news about Jabot. Patty sneaks out of the house after Jack leaves. Nick gives his statement to Chance about the night that Adam was murdered. Ashley lets Jack know that Katherine gave Jabot back to Tucker. Phyllis becomes startled by a noise outside, looks out the window and sees Patty.

Jack and Ashley confront Katherine about Jabot. Katherine and Murph meet at the Athletic Club. Jack, Ashley and Neil discuss why Katherine would turn Jabot back over to Tucker. Jack calls Victor for help. Tucker meets with Katherine and Murph. Murph orders Tucker to leave Katherine alone. Patty confronts Phyllis and orders her to “butt out” of her marriage to Jack. Phyllis calls Jack about Patty’s visit. Tucker meets up with a woman. Neil and Ashley get intimate. When Nick is arrested for the murder of Adam, Victoria is released. Jack comes home to pick Patty up for her doctor’s appointment. Patty comes downstairs, crying, and tells Jack that she lost the baby. Jack doesn’t believe her and tells her that there was no baby.

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