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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the courtroom, the jury finds David “not guilty.” The judge announces that David is free to go. In the park, Adam talks about his feelings for Brooke. Brooke tells him that she is not his to lose. Brooke wants to know what Adam wants from her. Annie catches up to Adam and Brooke in the park and hugs Adam. J.R. tells Marissa that he was wrong to try to find dirt on Annie and thus throws the disc into the fire. At the airport, Jesse tells Erica that he is here to take Kendall in to be questioned as to the accusations that Greenlee had made against Greenlee. Ryan arrives at the airport and lets Erica and Jesse know that Kendall had called and she is not coming back to Pine Valley. At Fusion, Greenlee gets a message to get to the courthouse. Greenlee is about to leave when Jack gets off the elevator. Jack lets Greenlee know that he wants his daughter back. Marissa tells J.R. to apologize to Annie. J.R., without telling Marissa the truth, tells her that he was protecting Colby. Marissa urges Colby to let this vendetta go against Annie. Marissa leaves to go to class while Colby pressures J.R. to tell her what had really happened in D.C. J.R. is reluctant to answer, but by the look in J.R.’s eyes, Colby knows that J.R. had slept with Annie. In the park, Annie tells Adam about J.R.’s remarks toward her. Colby mentions to J.R. that Adam loves Brooke and Brooke loves Adam. Adam and Annie walk in on J.R. and Colby. Adam lets J.R. know that Annie had told him everything. Adam wants to know what is the meaning of this. Erica walks in on Jack at Fusion. Erica lets Jack know how that Greenlee had crucified Kendall on the stand. Greenlee gets a call from David. Colby pulls Adam away while Annie and J.R. talk. J.R. tries to let Annie know that she will stand to lose everything if Adam finds out about them. Greenlee and David are re-united. Erica suggests to jack that they spend the evening together. At home, Greenlee tells David all that Ryan had said to her. David and Greenlee hug. Adam goes after Brooke. At the Confusion bar, Jesse confronts Liza about her getting David off. J.R. watches Annie undress. Adam is in the Chandler living room when Brooke walks in. Brooke tells Adam that it is Palmer. At Fusion, Erica gets a call from Opal telling her that Palmer was gone.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gabriel continues to be a thorn in Craig’s side. Craig even takes satisfaction when Gabriel burns himself and has to go to the hospital. Dusty is horrified that Rocco has died, knowing he now has to face Janet and tell her. Jack and Carly get into an intense argument about their situation and Carly’s feelings on the matter. They are interrupted when Jack has to go to work, but he leaves only after promising Carly that they will make it through this and that the situation with Janet won’t last forever, so can she hang in there. However, he isn’t aware how tough things are about to get. Jack soon learns from Dusty what he and Rocco were up to before Rocco died. Janet and Liberty are anxiously awaiting her latest cancer results when Dusty calls Janet and implores her to come to the police station to see him. Janet agrees to go only after Parker and Faith come to see Liberty at this appointment. Liberty is happy them, but she is also happy to see Gabriel at the hospital too, and they all stay with Liberty, as she receives her good news – her cancer has retreated. Everyone is thrilled, as they head out afterward, but Parker can’t help but still hate Gabriel being around especially as he whisks them around in his brand new sports car. Faith is uncomfortable as Gabriel and Parker continue their rivalry over Liberty. Janet is horrified to learn of her father’s death and how it happened. Dusty tries to explain, but Janet doesn’t understand how he could allow her father to accompany him to go find the shooter and walks away from him. She goes to ask Jack to take her to see her dad in the morgue. Janet breaks down more when she sees her dad and shares more of her feelings with Jack. Dusty asks to speak to Janet, as she continues to direct her fury at Dusty. She can’t look at him because he is the reason her father died. Carly is venting to Craig about Jack and Janet, as the always-supportive Craig listens while adding some snipes at Jack. He convinces Carly to get a massage with him, and in the middle of it, Craig pours his feelings out to Carly, who is moved, but it convinces her more that Jack is the one for her. Parker is asked to help at Al’s and Faith decides to stay behind with him. However, Liberty goes with Gabriel promising to meet up with Parker later. Faith immediately tells Parker he deserves better then what Liberty is giving him. Outside, Gabriel dotes on Liberty while she decides since she still can’t reach her mom, can Gabriel can take her out instead of back home. Craig talks with Ellis about making an investment with a high return so he can return the money to Parker’s trust fund quickly. He feels he is making headway with Carly, but he still can’t figure out how to get rid of Gabriel. A renewed Carly comes to see Jack at the station but bumps into a saddened looking Dusty. He tells her what happened to Rocco. Carly is upset to hear this and wonders where Jack is. Dusty thinks she knows, as she follows his intent stare to see Jack giving Janet comfort in the other room.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill makes plans with Katie to bring her mother there to the beach house during her illness. Katie says she is very persuasive and thinks she can talk her dad into that. She feels lucky that she will be able to spend some quality time with her mother in her last few years. Donna looks for her mom and finds her unconscious in the pool. She screams and all come running. They give CPR but too late. Stephanie sees the commotion and Eric on the phone to the paramedics. She sees the lace in the water and remembers that she threw it there. While they all discuss how this accident might have happened, Stephanie finally steps forward and says she was there by the pool. They hear her version, but obviously because there was bad blood between them way back when, they do not believe Stephanie now when she says she would never want anything like this to happen to Beth.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and Stefano get into an argument, and Sami vows to never let Stefano see his grandchildren again. Stefano confides in Kate about it, who threatens to start baking brownies. When EJ learns from Rafe that Anna has been arrested, he panics, but Stefano informs him that he set Rafe up to have the wrong person arrested. When Rafe learns the woman taken into custody wasn’t Anna, he immediately guesses that this was a set-up and vows to Sami that he won’t let it stop him. Lexie confronts Nathan and Melanie about Nathan’s patient dying. Later, Nathan admits to Melanie that she was more on his mind at the time than his patient was. Melanie begins to consider that her returning to nursing school was a mistake. Justin and Adrienne have a frank talk about their marriage, and Adrienne apologizes for all the mistakes she made. Hope, who is acting strangely, tells Ciara that Justin may one day be her new daddy. Later, Lexie finds Abe unconscious at the pier.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax finds Ronnie on the island looking for Michael. Michael ducks while Jax and Ronnie talk. Carly takes the stand with the baby in her arms and Claire objects. Carly returns to the witness stand without the baby. Carly tells the courtroom what happened on the night of Claudia’s party. She says Sam delivered the baby at the cabin. Carly says Claudia took the baby from her and Sonny arrived just in time to save them. The kids get upset watching Kiefer’s dad badmouth Alexis on the Internet. Dante tells Jason that Ronnie is off looking for Michael. Kiefer’s dad demands “justice” from Alexis. Morgan calls on Dante for help when Molly gets upset about Kiefer’s dad’s accusations. Dante says he can’t take “sides” because of the legalities. Molly worries that Alexis will end up in prison. Max calls Jason and says he sent Ronnie packing – he also says “Jax covered for Michael.” Kristina continues to blame herself for Kiefer’s actions. Sam tells Kristina to “stop romanticizing Kiefer.” Claire doesn’t believe Carly’s story. Molly goes to see Jason for help with Kiefer’s dad. Sam finds Kiefer’s dad insulting Alexis and Kristina at the PCPD so she sends him flying with a punch. Kristina has flashbacks of Kiefer’s abuse. Claire tells Dante the jury totally bought Carly’s story. She says they need Michael or Sonny will go “free.”

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marty gets pushed down the stairs by an unseen person right after Todd has confronted her and told her he wants her gone. Todd has also informed Tea that he believes that Marty and her son are in town to get revenge upon him and he wants her dead. Viki comes back and tells Charlie she has her reservations about getting back together but wants to give them another chance. Bo and Nora are ready to get married. Matthew is happy but Clint is not. Rex and Gigi find the nurse who remembers when he got abandoned at the hospital as a baby. She does not have a clue who his real parents are. But she's kept a necklace with a moon and star that somebody left when Rex got left at the hospital as a baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Chloe walks around the Chancellor living room and finds out from her cell phone that Victoria was arrested for Adam’s murder. Mac and Reed come in. Chloe lets Mac know about Victoria. Chloe finds out that Billy interrupted the proceedings. In the courtroom, to Billy's surprise, Victoria denies that she was with Billy the night that Adam was killed. Neil and Ashley walk into the newly decorated Athletic Club. As Tucker and Katherine sit at a table, discussing business, he tells her to turn Jabot back over to him, but she refuses. Tucker shows Katherine his laptop in which Adam was looking at the bids so that Victor could outbid the competition. Katherine insists that this is blackmail, but Tucker insists it is business. Ashley gets a call from Abby, telling her that Victoria was arrested for Adam’s murder. Victor tries to comfort Victoria, but then finds out that she had been with Billy. Nikki asks J.T. to call the judge and delay the custody hearing for a while, but he refuses. Outside in the corridor of the courthouse, Jill finds out that Billy slept with Victoria. Billy fires her for Twittering the story. Nikki calls Katherine and lets her know that Victoria was arrested. In front of Neil and Ashley, Katherine turns over control of Jabot to Tucker. Ashley accuses Tucker of just using her to get control of Jabot. J.T. visits Victoria and demands to know who she is covering for. Billy walks to see Victoria and she promptly orders him out .Victoria accuses Billy of lying to the court, then informs him that she lost custody of Reed.

Ashley asks Katherine why she would give control of Jabot to Tucker. Chance refuses to discuss Adam’s murder case with Heather. Owen commends Chance for the arrest of Victoria. Neil offers Ashley support after her run-in with Tucker. Katherine watches Ashley out of the corner of her eye. Jill joins Tucker and Katherine. J.T. tells Mac and Chloe what happened in the courtroom with Billy and Victoria. Chloe and Chance spend some intimate time together until he gets a call from Owen. J.T. and Mac spend time with Reed. Billy and Heather spend time together and make plans for the evening. Michael meets with the Newman family to discuss Victoria’s case. Nick recognizes the pen as being his. Victoria claims the pen is hers that she purchased in Dubai. Nick tells everyone the pen is his.

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