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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall tells Zach that she is going home to Pine Valley for Greenlee’s sake. Erica finds out from Ryan that Kendall is coming home. David and Liza meet in court for his trial to begin. Adam kisses Brooke, but she pulls away from him. J.R and Annie kiss, then he abruptly pulls away from her. Zach gives Kendall an ultimatum; it is either him or Pine Valley. Mr. Kuckley, the assistant medical examiner, is questioned about Greenlee’s fake death. David starts to testify, but Greenlee barges in. David tries to talk Greenlee out of testifying and even threatens to fire Liza as his attorney. Greenlee testifies and lays all the blame at Kendall’s feet, insisting that she tried to kill her. Ryan and Erica both jump up and tell Greenlee that she is lying. Greenlee continues insisting that Kendall wanted her dead so she could get Ryan. After the judge puts Ryan out of the courtroom, Greenlee continues her testimony. J.R. and Annie have an intimate talk. Greenlee tries to talk to David, but the officer orders her away. Erica confronts Greenlee about her lies on the stand and how that they will come back to haunt her. Jesse and Erica argue over Kendall being responsible for the attempted murder of Greenlee. Adam tries to talk to Brooke about his feelings, but she doesn’t want to hear it . Marissa and Annie talk. J.R. watches the pics on his cell phone. Marissa walks in and wonders what he is looking at. Marissa is upset that J.R. is doing this to Annie after her saving his life. J.R. reconsiders what he is doing and throws the film into the fire. The jury reaches a verdict. Ryan goes to Fusion to talk to Greenlee and tells her that he is done trying to defend her after she turned on Kendall. Erica waits for Kendall at the airport when Jesse arrives with orders to bring Kendall in for questioning in the attempted murder of Greenlee.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly tells Jack to come home right away because it's an emergency. Thinking she is in danger, he calls for back up and heads home. The policemen have a good laugh when they discover Carly meant a romantic emergency not a real emergency. Jack is angry at first because Carly took him away from work and embarrassed him in front of his men, but later he forgives Carly and they begin to make love until they are interrupted by Janet. Carly has had enough and tells Janet that she's tired of her taking away her privacy with. Janet understands and thanks Carly for putting up with so much and tells her she and Liberty are moving out of the house. Jack and Carly argue because he is upset with her for ruining a perfect arrangement. Carly tells Jack he should try to figure out why he cares more about putting a roof over Janet's head than their relationship.

Rocco asks Janet for forgiveness for all the pain he has caused her in the past and tells her he wants to sell the hardware store and move to Oakdale so they can make a fresh start. Dusty once again asks Janet to forgive him but she doesn't know if she can ever trust him again. Rocco tells Dusty where to find the hit man who tried to kill him. Dusty wants to catch the guy and have him arrested. Rocco insists on going with Dusty even though he is still very weak. Rocco distracts the hit man while Dusty jumps the guy and knocks him out.  Rocco's heart can't take it and he tells Dusty to tell Janet he loves her and then he dies. Janet and Liberty anxiously wait for the results of Liberty's latest tests. Janet cries happy tears as she tells Liberty that she has forgiven Rocco.

Lily and Molly share a tense family lunch with Holden and Faith. Molly is insecure when the casserole she made doesn't taste good at all. Lily tries to encourage Molly by sharing experiences of when some of her recipes turned out badly in the past. Holden and Lily laugh as they remember those bad recipes and Molly is once again reminded of the strong bond they share together. Faith makes things worse by telling Molly that Lily wants to get back together with Holden. Molly feels more insecure so she agrees to interview her former lover Silas for the TV station. Liberty tells Faith that she doesn't want to have a romantic relationship with Parker, because she doesn't want to ruin their strong friendship.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie realizes the harsh reality that Eric has chosen Donna over her. He wants her to leave. She says she is a strong woman, but not that strong. When he kicked her out, she went to Jackie M and started over. She put up a wall, but that wall came down recently when they got the company back and he kissed her. So now if his future is with Donna he needs to tell her. He thanks God that Stephanie is back in his life every day and he admits he loves her, but she thinks he still just wants his cake and to eat it too. She announces that she will move out tonight. Beth gets agitated and the girls want to assure her that she is not to worry about Stephanie being in the house.

Bill comforts Katie about her mother’s illness and wants to make this time very special for her. He surprises Katie by suggesting they move her mother there to their house on the beach and they can arrange for Hospice and meals catered by the Executive dining room. Beth tells the others she is going to the bathroom and does not need help. She ends up at Stephanie’s cottage and demands that she move out. Stephanie is worried that Beth needs help and wants to walk her back to the main house. Eric tells Donna and her dad that he realizes the bad situation and he has asked Stephanie to move out. Stephanie follows Beth and they argue. Stephanie grabs the lace cloth photos of the family that Beth constantly carries and caresses and throws it in the pool. Stephanie leaves since Beth won’t accept her help. Beth panics and tries to reach the lace and falls in. She is helpless to help herself since she is now fearful of water and has forgotten how to swim. Brooke goes to Stephanie to look for her, but Donna finds her mom in the pool and screams.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady tells Nicole that he is through with her for good. Later, she does an interview with Titan’s roving reporter, and Philip likes it so much that he offers Nicole the reporter’s job, since she is moving to New York. Nicole accepts. Meanwhile, Arianna learns that she will be the reporter’s production assistant. Not knowing that Nicole is the replacement, she’s elated. Philip overhears Melanie telling Nathan that she no longer has feelings for him. Later, however, Nathan and Melanie end up consoling one another over the death of a patient. Rafe is angry when he learns that Sami allowed Sydney and Johnny to stay with the DiMeras. Despite that, the two admit that they miss one another, but Rafe tells Sami that they can’t fix their problems, so he can’t allow himself to get closer to her. Later, Rafe confronts EJ about Stefano’s illness and suspects something more is going on between EJ and his father. EJ admits to Stefano that he is in love with Sami, and Stefano promises not to tell Sami that EJ kidnapped Sydney.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Michael thinks Jax wants his approval on what’s happened with Sonny. Carly doubts her testimony will be “enough to save Sonny.” Jason says he has faith in Carly. Alexis tells Mac that Kiefer’s parents want her to “pay” for the accident and he promises to help get them to back off. Michael can’t accept Jax’s hatred for Sonny. Michael says he “accepts” Sonny for who and what he is. Morgan gets ready to testify. Kiefer’s dad brings Kristina his journal and invites her to the memorial service. Then Kiefer’s dad tries to get Kristina to say she lied about the beatings and Ethan is the guilty party. Diane warns Sonny to keep his cool in court. Alexis gets upset when she finds Kiefer’s dad with Kristina. Jason apologizes to Sam for deciding to go to prison without talking it over with her. Dante vents his frustrations about Sonny’s case to Lulu. Morgan tells the truth on the stand without incriminating Michael or Sonny but Claire mentions she thinks he’s been “coached.” Michael tells Jax he’s staying on the island as long as he needs to. Morgan goes home and tells Carly he’s afraid he said something that may get Sonny “convicted.” Just as it looks like Michael will again try to leave the island, Ronnie goes to the island to find him. Carly takes the stand. Carly enters the courtroom with the baby in her arms.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki comes home unexpectedly. Dorian contacts Charlie and tells him she wants him to build a community center and encourages him to get back with Viki. Natalie and Marty are at odds. Todd comes to confront Marty and demands she gets out of town since he blames her for Dani hating him and after it appeared that Marty's son might be cheating on Todd's daughter. Starr admits to Cole that she is not entirely ok with her friendship with Hannah. Right when Natalie comes to see Marty, Marty takes the hospital stairs and falls down the stairs. Rex and Gigi are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery about who his real parents are who abandoned him at birth. Right then, Kyle introduces them to a nurse who might know the answer to that.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick comes home to find Phyllis fussing that she cannot wash her hair. Nick asks her where Summer is. At Jimmy’s bar, Billy watches Mac as she polishes a glass and wonders what is on her mind. J.T. comes in and tells Mac and Billy that he won custody of Reed, but Victoria hasn’t shown up. At the police station, Victoria is arrested. At the courthouse, Victor and Nikki wonder where Victoria is .Victoria calls Victor and tells him that she was arrested. Lauren wanders around the cell as Jana wakes up. Lauren and Jana decide to work on Ryder to get him on their side. Ryder brings Lauren and Jana some food. Daisy listens to Lauren talking to Ryder, then walks up and orders him away from the bars. Jack checks on Emily’s doctor’s appointment and realizes that she lied to him. Michael joins him. Sarah tells Patty that she knows she is not Emily, because she is not Lauren. Patty insists that she is Dr. Emily Peterson Abbott. Sarah makes Patty remember who she is and where she knew her before. At the coffeehouse, Jill meets with a police officer who tells her about Victoria’s arrest and her arraignment. Owen congratulates Chance on the arrest of Victoria. Nikki calls Nick and tells him about Victoria’s arrest. Victoria finds out from Victor and Nikki that J.T. was granted custody of Reed. Victor promises to help Victoria. Billy calls Victoria, but cannot get an answer. Daisy gives Ryder orders to put Lauren into a different cell from Jana, but he refuses. Sarah divulges to Patty what Lauren did to her sister. Jack wants to talk to Patty. Jill sends Billy a text message and threatens to post it on the internet. Billy is against the idea, but Jill will not give in to let this go. Billy hurries to the courthouse where everyone gathers for Victoria’s arraignment. The arraignment begins. Jack finds out from Phyllis that Victoria was arrested. Phyllis asks Jack why he is here. Jack begins to tell Phyllis about Emily. Lauren commends Ryder for standing up to Daisy. Victoria is denied bail. J.T. listens as Billy stands up and announces that Victoria was with him.

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