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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake and Amanda arrive at Fusion for her photo shoot. Amanda is swamped by e-mails from her secret admirer. At home, Tad and Jesse discuss the possibility of Damon spending time in jail. At the hospital, Angie tries to get Damon to see a psychiatrist, but he refuses. Damon orders Angie to “but out” of his life. Brooke starts to leave, but Adam encourages her to stay for the meeting that he is having with his family. J.R., busily conceals a video camera, inside of a picture frame, in order to catch Annie coming on to him. Annie walks in and questions J.R. as to what he is doing. Annie tells J.R. that they need to talk about what he had said about he needed her. J.R. and Annie make plans to discuss this later on tonight Annie tells Adam that they need to talk now. Damon lets Angie know that he had seen her giving Frankie back his bottle of pain pills. Angie tells Damon that she had given her son a break. Tad meets Brooke in the park and asks a favor of her to help Damon from going to prison. Brooke is apprehensive, at first, but then agrees, but she sets conditions on her helping Damon. Tad agrees to the conditions. With all of his family present, Adam announces his retirement from Chandler Enterprises. J.R. and Annie have daydreams of each other.

Marissa offers to be Annie’s friend. Marissa hugs Annie. J.R. sees Marissa hugging Annie. Amanda thinks that Jake is her secret admirer and even sends him a reply back. Jesse has a talk with Damon about his seeing a psychiatrist. Annie questions J.R. as to how he feels about her. Amanda kisses Jake when she thinks that he is her secret admirer. Jake insists that he is not her secret admirer. Amanda confesses that she had sent a reply to the man. Annie draws J.R. into a kiss. Adam kisses Brooke.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Paul wakes up in bed with Meg and Eliza. Emily sits in a chair across from them. Luke and Reid go over his testimony for the hearing. Silas comes to see Molly at the farm Molly is more than a little surprised to see him. Lily gets up because she can’t sleep. She is careful not to awaken Holden, who is asleep on the sofa. Holden gets up and stand behind her. Paul tries to explain to Emily what is going on, but Emily doesn’t quite believe him. Meg walks into the room and takes the blame for what had happened. Reid and Luke discuss the little girl that had died of cancer. Faith gets up and hears Lily and Holden discussing her and her problems. Faith blames Lily for all of her mistakes. Lily thinks that Faith will be a bad influence on Natalie and Ethan. They argue as usual. Silas questions Molly as to where Mr. Wonderful is. Molly explains that Holden is out of town with his family. Emily pushes Paul away when he tries to get close to her. After a small discussion, Lily agrees to let Faith go and live with Holden on the farm.

Emma arrives at Paul’s to pick Meg up to take her back to Deer brook. Emma asks how did things go and Paul tells her that they went just fine. Emily doesn’t agree with Paul’s assessment of things. Reid arrives at Luke’s door just as Luke is getting out of the shower and only has a towel wrapped around him. Luke goes to quickly get dressed. Holden and Molly reunite. Holden and Molly kiss just as Lily and Faith arrives. Emma urges Emily to tell her the truth as to how things had gone. Emily tells Emma what had happened. Paul lets Meg know that his marriage is real important to him. Reid gets a call from Noah. Noah worries that Reid will lose his medical license. Noah finds out that Luke is with Reid in Dallas. Silas interrupts Holden and Molly. Faith confronts Lily that this is killing her that Lily wants Holden back.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna tells Stephanie that she needs to leave. Her mother gets too agitated when they are in the same room. Eric won’t ask Beth to leave, so Stephanie needs to. Stephanie explains that Beth needs to be in a controlled, confined atmosphere and she should not force Eric to be the caregiver. Stephanie says she is here by Eric’s invitation and she is not going anyplace else. So it is up to Donna to pick up her family and leave. That will be the best thing for everyone. Steven tries to calm Beth down that he won’t let Stephanie near her again. Stephanie will have to go. Ridge tells his dad that Stephanie wants him back and he thinks maybe Eric wants that too. Now is the right time so he should not let anything stop him. Eric admits that he cares very deeply for Stephanie, but he has a wife who is going through a very tough time right now. It’s not fair to either and he intends to change that right now.

Brooke tells Donna that their mother has calmed down for now. Donna says she has not been able to change Eric’s mind about Stephanie leaving. Ridge has to go to Forrester International now that he is CEO. Brooke asks him to hurry back as this is a bad time for the family. Eric visits Stephanie and announces that Donna is right. The situation is unbearable and he’s the one who has to change it. Stephanie misunderstands when he tells her that he always wants her near him. She hugs him and thinks he has made his final decision about her staying and them getting back together. He has to explain that while he loves her and they are working side by side again, Donna is still his wife and going through a very tough time with her mother and he won’t walk away from that. He needs Stephanie to leave; perhaps go live with Pam.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

After seeing how much Ciara cares for Justin, Hope beings to reconsider her decision to only see Justin as a friend. She admits to Adrienne that it was a mistake tricking her into coming back to town. Carly tries to get Adrienne to work on her marriage. Chloe catches Daniel and Carly bonding. Philip isn’t satisfied with Melanie’s assurances in regards to their marriage, and confides in Chloe about the letter he overheard her and Stephanie talking about. Philip decides he must see Melanie and Nathan together before he can decide if Melanie still has feelings for Nathan. Melanie confides in Daniel about her feelings for Nathan. Nicole tries to get a job, but has trouble because everyone knows about her having kidnapped Sydney. Brady tries to get her to leave town, but she refuses. Later, she accuses Arianna of setting her up to be ambushed by a reporter, but in reality, Arianna is interviewing for a job.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Helena criticizes and compares Elizabeth and Alexis to Nikolas. Liz is less than happy to find Maxie at Lucky’s apartment helping him decorate. Maxie gives Lucky some friendly advice about Liz. Meanwhile Liz vents her frustrations to her terminal patient, Shirley. Robin gets jealous when she finds Patrick at Jake’s with Olivia. Carly gets in Sonny’s face about Jason’s plan to go to prison in his place. Jax goes to the island to talk with Michael. Claire gives Sonny one more chance to accept her deal and he refuses. Dante is upset that Morgan will once again be questioned. After a talk with Sonny, Dante wonders if he is indeed innocent. Since his plan failed, Jason tells Carly it’s up to her to “save” Sonny with her testimony. Mac tells Ronnie that Jax took a trip to Sonny’s island and he assumes Michael is hiding out there. Sonny listens to Dante tell Morgan to say what he needs to say on the stand. Dante tells Morgan not to worry about him (Dante).

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Langston observe the freshmen playing them and their boyfriends. They both relive all that Todd has done to all of them and how he terrorized Starr and Cole and all of their friends. Meanwhile, the real Todd walks in on Cole and Hannah right after she's taken off her blouse when she's spilled something on it. And he assumes that Cole is cheating on Starr. Cole confidently tells Todd that she is going to disown her father if he gives them any more grief. But Starr reveals that maybe she is not entirely ok with Cole's and Hannah's friendship and the time they spend together. Marty is similarly insecure about John's commitment to her when Natalie tells her that John is staying with Marty only out of obligation since she is pregnant. Meanwhile, John accompanies Kelly to the hospital where her mother stayed and is determined to find out form a nurse and a patient what they might know about the mysterious calls Kelly has gotten about her mother's death. Jessica has Cristian on the brain and is still ignoring Brody. Brody seems to really relate to Natalie's situation with John since they both live with wanting somebody they can't have.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Patty comes downstairs just as Jack is reading the newspaper article about the investigation into Adam’s death. Jack mentions to Patty that he wants to accompany her to her doctor’s appointment, but she refuses to let him go. Michael, on the phone with Victor, is apologetic that he will not be able to be in court for Victoria’s custody hearing. Then he tells Victor about Lauren coming home. Michael reminds Lauren (Sarah) about her doctor’s appointment. Sarah refuses to go to the doctor. At Jimmy’s, Mac is doing paperwork when J.T. reminds her that the custody hearing is today. Mac offers J.T. help in getting Reed’s room fixed up in the new house. At the Newman ranch, Victoria panics when she finds out that Michael will not be in court with them. Victor offers Victoria his help in winning custody of Reed. Chance shows other police officers the pen he found at the murder scene and requests that they find out all they can. Billy tells Chance that he can supply him with the jacket in exchange for an exclusive. Chance isn’t that easily manipulated and will not give in to Billy’s demands. Chance lets Billy know that he had his hotel room searched and found the jacket. Chance asks Billy who the woman was with him the night that Adam was murdered. Billy refuses to give any info. J.T. and Mac discuss Victoria’s relationship with her father, since that that isn’t a proper environment for Reed. Mac presents J.T with a birthday present which is a pic of himself and Reed. Michael reminds Sarah all that she has forgotten the last couple of months and that she needs to see a psychiatrist, but she refuses. Sarah wants to get intimate with Michael, but he pushes her away, so she promises to give him space. The nurse practitioner arrives. Victor meets with Judge Riley in the sauna.

Chance gets the results back on the pen and who it belonged to. Emily sets up the doctor’s appointment. Michael and Sarah arrive at Jack and Patty’s. Victoria gets a call from Billy telling her all that is going on with the investigation into Adam’s death. Victoria is about to leave for the courthouse when an officer arrives and insists that she come with him. Sarah and Patty talk. Mac tells Billy about J.T. and Victoria’s custody hearing. Jack checks on Patty’s appointment and finds out that it is with a cardiologist. Victor can’t get in touch with Victoria anywhere. The judge rules in favor of J.T., granting him full custody of Reed. Victoria refuses to give Chance any info and is thus arrested.

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