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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. and Marissa hug as Annie watches them from the door. In ConFusion, Jake wants to sit down and eat, but Amanda suggests that they order take out since she has to get in bed early for a photo shoot the next day. Jake joins Brot at the bar while Amanda talks to Natalia. Kendall urges Ryan to fight for Greenlee. Kendall tells Ryan that she and Zach aren’t the same as they once were. Kendall tells Ryan about Spike learning Spanish and going fishing. Zach tells Greenlee that he doesn’t love Kendall as much as he once did. Zach defends Kendall when Greenlee lashes out against her. Amanda and Natalia discuss the photo shoot which is being planned for the next day. Amanda offers Natalia encouragement. Amanda notices that Natalia is interested in Brot. Brot is against Natalia being a model and giving up her career in law enforcement. When Scott questions him about the hearing, J.R. says that Annie wants control of the Chandler family. J.R. lets Annie know that what happened in D.C. can never happen again.

Greenlee realizes that Zach blames her for everything. While he tries to convince Greenlee to let this vendetta go, Kendall and Ryan arrive. As Ryan is reunited with Spike, Zach watches Greenlee's reaction. Amanda lets Natalia know that Brot has it bad for Natalia. Natalia responds that she is not ready for a relationship. Kendall promises to be there for Greenlee in Pine Valley. Annie sees that J.R. cannot forget her. J.R. lets Annie know that he wants her. Brot kisses Natalia.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Katie, Chris and Alison finish up the taping of “Oakdale Now.” Katie calls Vienna about the engagement party that was planned for that night. Vienna runs into Barbara and invites her to the party. Both Henry and Barbara try to make up excuses why Barbara should not be there. Emily and Paul spend quality time with Eliza. Emma helps Meg ready for her night away from the psych hospital. Meg lets Emma know that she is not going back to the ranch to spend the night. Emma doesn’t’ think that this is a good idea. Meg calls Paul to spend the night at his house with Eliza. Paul agrees, but when he tells Emily the news, Emily objects. Barbara walks in and interrupts Paul and Emily’s discussion. Barbara needs to talk to Paul. Chris lets Katie know that Alison is leaving town. Meg and Emma arrive at Paul and Emily’s. Paul gets a call from Katie about the engagement party. Paul and Emily decide to go. Barbara is ready for party, but imagines that Henry is behind her kissing on her neck. Chris invites Alison to party. Barbara arrives at the party, drunk. Katie starts to propose a toast to Vienna and Henry but Barbara interrupts with a toast of her own. When Katie sees that it is getting out of hand, Katie steps in and stops Barbara from going any further. Paul confronts Barbara about her feelings for Henry since Henry is Paul’s half brother. Barbara leaves the party. Emma is upset when she finds out that Paul and Emily had left Meg alone with Eliza. Henry catches up with Barbara and insists on driving her home. Vienna searches frantically for Henry. Alison blames herself for everyone leaving the party. Emily gets a call about Silas Whitman. Emily leaves Paul alone in the house with Meg and Eliza. Meg overhears that Emily is leaving. Henry and Barbara get intimate in Barbara’s hotel room. Katie barges in and interrupts them. Barbara puts Henry out by telling him it is over. Vienna interrupts Katie and Henry in his hotel room, arguing over Vienna. Paul is asleep in the bed when Meg and Eliza join him in the bed. Emily walks in and sees them in bed together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The family tries to cope with Beth’s illness and strange moods. Her memory goes in and out. She clings to a piece of lace with their pictures pasted on and won’t let anyone else touch it. It seems to comfort her. Brooke tells Ridge that she is worried about the situation with Stephanie and what she might cause staying at the same place. Ridge says he will talk to her. Speaking with Pam, Stephanie says she has made a decision. She goes to the main house to tell them and glad that she found them all together. She repeats her doubts about Beth staying there and upsetting Eric’s life. All try to show her that she is wrong; Eric was not pressured; this was his decision. He tells her so himself. He will not ask Donna’s parents to leave.

Donna tells Stephanie that if she can’t understand the situation, then just leave them in peace. Donna pleads with Eric to make Stephanie go. That’s the one thing he can do for Beth to make things better. Donna drops in on Stephanie at the guest house and explains to her again that Beth needs them and she needs her mother to be close by so they can watch over her. This is not Stephanie’s home anymore and her mother can not have another run-in with Stephanie. She needs to move out. Stephanie turns the table on her and says that she is the one who needs to take her family and move out, including herself and to get out of Eric’s life.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Philip overhears Stephanie and Melanie arguing about the letter Melanie wrote Nathan on her wedding day. He tries to get Melanie to confess without coming right out and saying that he overheard the truth, but all Melanie will say is that Stephanie is paranoid that she is going to come between her and Nathan. She admits that she had some lingering feelings for Nathan before her wedding, but now she only loves Philip. Stephanie, for her part, vows to make sure Nathan forgets all about Melanie. EJ tells Sami that Stefano is ill, and that that is why he wants him to see the kids. Sami reluctantly agrees to allow it, but accompanies EJ, Sydney, and Johnny over to the mansion. Later, she’s furious to learn that they’ll be spending the night there. Stefano tells EJ that he refuses to play sick for Sami’s benefit, and suggests he come up with another solution. Rafe is released by Roman since he was in jail when Justin was attacked. Roman also asks Rafe to try to get EJ out of Sami’s life. Arianna advises him to find Sydney’s kidnapper if he really wants to repair his relationship with Sami.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli gives Carly a heads up that something’s going on with Jason, in that he seems to be “tying up loose ends.” Meanwhile, Jason informs Sam he’s “going to prison” to save Sonny and Michael. Sam isn’t happy with Jason’s decision. Kristina blames herself for Kiefer’s death and says she isn’t ready to go home. Steven re-assigns Elizabeth to the terminal ward, where she befriends a cancer patient. Nikolas pays his cousin Kristina a visit at the hospital and she ends up going back to Wyndemere with him. Kristina bonds with Spenser. Jason explains his plan to Carly and asks her to support his decision. Carly tries to talk some sense into Jason. Diane and Jason go talk with Claire. Carly fills Spinelli in on Jason’s plan. Carly says only Sonny can talk Jason out of confessing. Tracy accuses Helena of sticking around to capture “Luke’s attention.” Lucky and Maxie fight over a lamp. She agrees to let Lucky keep the lamp if it fits in with his décor. Liz shows up at Lucky's place as the two are arguing over where to put the lamp. Alexis runs into Helena at Wyndemere. Jason asks Claire to “offer” him “the same deal” she “offered Sonny.”

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

John and Kelly visit the hospital where Melinda died. The administrator identifies a picture of Alison Perkins and says she was there the day Melinda died. They look at the phone records and discover that someone made calls to Kelly from the administrator's office. John and the administrator leave Kelly in the office while they go to look at security tapes. While Kelly is alone in the office, someone opens the door with a key.

Marty realizes that Jessica's memory stops at a point in her life when she was a virgin. Natalie admits to Brody that she is falling in love with John again. Marty overhears Natalie tell Brody that she thinks she and John would have gotten back together if Marty hadn't gotten pregnant.

Langston makes a date with Ford. Cole challenges Langston about her affair with Ford. Langston gets mad at Starr for betraying her confidence. Hannah goes to Cole's apartment and while they are talking, she "accidentally" spills her drink on her shirt so she has to take it off. Todd comes in and sees her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the police station, Chance is on the phone with the dry cleaners. He inquires if they were always accustomed to losing tuxedo jackets. Chloe comes in with a basket and tells Chance that Esther prepared it. Chance fills Owen in on the suspect list for the murder of Adam. Patty sits at the desk, doing some work when Jack comes in. Jack tells Patty that Ashley is coming by. Jack asks Patty not to let Ashley know that she is pregnant since it is too early since she lost Faith. Ashley arrives and lets Jack and Patty know that the police searched her home. Victor goes over the funeral arrangements. Nikki asks him why he is burying Adam after all the things that he did. Victor gets a call from Owen to meet him for some interesting information concerning Adam. Nick tells Phyllis and Sharon that someone must have found his jacket since he couldn’t find it himself. The homeless man stands outside of Jimmy’s with the jacket on. Mac accuses Billy of lying about his whereabouts the night of Adam’s death. Billy tells Mac that he was with a woman, but he can’t divulge her identity. Over coffee. Victoria tells J.T. that he cannot keep Reed away from her. Nick asks Sharon if anyone saw her throw the jacket away. At the coffeehouse, Owen shows Victor, Nikki, Jack and Ashley Adam’s computer and what exactly he was up to. Ashley remarks that if Adam wasn’t already dead, but then she suddenly stops. Owen asks Ashley what would she do.

Billy and Mac discuss the woman who he was with. Victoria agrees to let Reed stay with J.T. Jack puts all the blame for this situation on Victor. J.T. and Victoria overhear Jack and Victor argue. J.T. tells Victoria that he will see her in court. Victoria tells Nikki all about her conversation with J.T. about the custody of Reed. Victoria vows to play dirty in order to win custody. Nick suggests going to the police, but Phyllis and Sharon talk him out of confessing. Billy gives the homeless man money. Mac brings him a coat in exchange for the one he has. Billy searches the coat. In searching around the dumpster, Chance finds an ink pen. Patty remembers having Jack’s handkerchief at the Athletic Club. Billy shows Mac a poster which has a pic of the tuxedo jacket wanted by the police. Victor tears up the funeral arrangement papers and pushes the crate out the door. Chance wonders about the ink pen that he found at the dumpster.

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