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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler Mansion, Brooke hovers over Adam like a mother hen. J.R. and Annie arrive home. J.R. gives a passing glance at Annie as he remembers them making love. Liza tells David what happened in the courtroom. Liza still wants Greenlee’s testimony to help free David, but he still refuses to let her testify. Glad to see Ryan, Erica tells him all about Kendall and Greenlee’s meeting, but he refuses to get involved. He only wants to see Spike. David and Liza discuss where Greenlee is. Marissa tells Colby that she hopes David will go to prison. Annie declares to Adam that she will never leave him again. Adam tells Annie and J.R. about his condition. Annie begins to lash out at Brooke, but J.R. stops her. Annie and Brooke have a confrontation. J.R. tells Adam that he can count on him. Liza denies telling Greenlee, who had ran her off the road, but confesses that she had told Greenlee that there was another car involved. Ryan locks Erica in the room to keep her from leaving. Kendall asks for Greenlee’s forgiveness. Adam wants to know how J.R. will handle Annie. Colby asks J.R. about his trip to D.C., but J.R. refuses to tell her anything. David tells Jack that learning the truth could destroy Greenlee. Zach and Greenlee come face to face and talk about his true feelings for Kendall. Colby tells J.R. to let this go when Annie comes out to join them. J.R. tells Annie that he loves Marissa, and Annie tells J.R. that she loves Adam. Kendall goes to see Erica and comes face to face with Ryan. Zach admits to Greenlee that he will never love Kendall the way he did before.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Liberty arrives late to her treatment in a fancy sports car driven by Gabriel because he took the car for a test drive. Gabriel intends to buy the car with the money Craig is going to give him to keep quiet about Craig using Parker's trust fund to fund Monte Carlo. Parker is jealous of Gabriel's closeness with Liberty and admits to her that he has always loved her and wants to be more than friends. Liberty tells Parker that she can't think of being anything more than friends right now. Gabriel tells Craig that Brian was a friend of his and he is blackmailing him because he deserves it for causing Brian's death. Parker asks Craig questions about his trust fund but Craig assures him that the trust fund is fine and will be available for him when he needs to use the money.

Rocco takes the gun away from the hitman Ralph hired to kill Dusty and tells the hit man that he doesn't need his services anymore. When Rocco goes inside Metro with a gun, Dusty thinks he is the man trying to kill him, so they fight each other until Rocco has a heart attack. Rocco is rushed to the hospital where Dusty tells Janet everything and apologizes to her for lying to her and thinking that Rocco wanted to kill him. Janet is angry with Dusty and doesn't know if she can forgive him. Jack is also upset with Carly for helping Dusty with his plan but eventually forgives her. Jack tells Dusty that the surveillance tape at Metro shows that Rocco took the gun away from the hit man, so Dusty is grateful that Rocco saved his life.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick questions Bridget as to what she needs to tell him. She starts with that she loves him so much and she doesn’t know how she is going to tell him this. He says whatever it is, they can handle it. He has a good life and he doesn’t need anything else. They make love although she really isn’t into it at this moment. He’s stunned when she tells him that she is pregnant. She has not gone to the doctor, but has taken a home test. Owen pours Jackie some wine and she promises there is nothing he can do now to let her down or get rid of her. Steven tells Eric and Donna that the dementia has set in for Beth. He opines to Eric that he thinks he is being unfair to let Stephanie stay there on the grounds. Point made as Stephanie pops in for drinks and is surprised to find Steven there. Eric tells her they are going to stay with him for a while. Steven explains they are becoming strangers to each other so he wanted to return home to loved ones while Beth still can remember. Beth walks in and greets Stephanie as someone she remembers but does not like.

Nick tells Bridget that she doesn’t have to apologize. There are things they will have to discuss of course. Her phones rings and Nick encourages her to get it. Owen calls and warns her again that she can not say anything to Nick. He wants to meet her down by the gate and discuss it. They meet and Owen tells her not to rob herself of this chance for a family. Do not tell Nick until she has a test and knows whose baby it is. Stephanie tells Donna that she feels for her, but she doesn’t think her mom staying with her during her illness is going to help matters at all. It could make it worse. Donna knows Stephanie just wants Eric back so every word she utters is suspect. Donna begs Eric not to give into Stephanie and believe her. Steven visits Stephanie at the guest house and tells her that she does not belong there. An angry Beth follows and demands to talk to Stephanie alone. She rants and starts picking up things and stuffing them in a bag and tells Stephanie that she must leave while Beth can still protect her family.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stefano tells EJ that he must move Johnny and Sydney back to the mansion. EJ goes to tell Sami the news, but she refuses to allow it to happen. Kate confides in Stefano about seeing Madeline. Justin is mugged outside the bar, and when Chad hears about it, he believes the mugging is similar to the attack on his father. Adrienne invites Carly to move in with her, as she is staying at Steve and Kayla’s old place. Carly readily agrees. Daniel and Chloe have a heart to heart when he finds some baby clothes she’s been hiding. Daniel assures her that he loves her whether or not they can have kids, and that Carly will never come between them. Stephanie and Melanie get into it when Stephanie learns Melanie is going back to nursing school. Later, Stephanie admits she read the letter Melanie wrote Nathan, and Philip overhears Stephanie accusing Melanie of writing a love letter to Nathan on the day of her wedding.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claire offers Sonny a deal, (which would put him in prison for five to ten years) for “Rico violations,” instead of “murder.” Claire says Morgan and Kristina will be called to testify if Sonny refuses her deal. Kiefer’s mom doesn’t believe he beat up Kristina and she promises to see to it that Alexis will be punished. Carly is frustrated with Jax and she compares him to Sonny and calls him (Jax) a hypocrite. Lulu stays at the PCPD with Dante. Lulu gets uncomfortable when Olivia comes to visit and starts talking about being a teenaged mother. Alexis admits to Jax that she killed Kiefer. Alexis then asks for Jax’s help at keeping Kiefer’s parents from badgering Kristina. Morgan tells Sonny he’s nervous about testifying again. Ethan apologizes to Kristina for “yelling” at her. Jason tells a nervous Carly he has faith that her testimony can Sonny. Kiefer’s dad pays Kristina an insulting visit. Jax and Alexis catch Kiefer’s dad badgering Kristina. Jax does his best to get Kiefer’s dad to back off Alexis and Kristina. Lulu tells Carly she’s afraid to tell Dante about her abortion. Claire tells Dante she “used Morgan for leverage” and offered Sonny a “deal.” Dante says he wanted Sonny to “get life” in prison. Jason offers to take the fall for Sonny, saying he can “handle” prison.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Langston is able to please her friends by affirming that she is breaking up with Ford and stay with Markko. But Starr and Cole both know that it may not be realistic. And she reveals to Ford, privately, that she's lying to all of them and will stay with him secretly. Blair is at the palace waiting for Eli who has forgotten their date and runs into Todd and Jack. Todd is incomplete about Téa. Rex and Gigi go to talk to Allison in Statesville to find out if she knows who his real parents are. She admits she does not know. But she remembers the very uncommon name of a nurse who was there when Rex was born who might know.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

As Lauren looks around the cage for ways to escape, she calls out for Ryder to help Jana. Ryder and Daisy come up to the cage. Daisy assures Ryder that Jana will be fine. When Sarah comes home to Michael, he is glad to see her. Everyone wants to know what happened to her, but Sarah just needs to talk to Michael alone. Olivia asks Malcolm why he told the family that he saw her in Heathrow airport. When Neil accuses Malcolm of having something to hide, they begin to argue. Lily gets her purse and leaves. Daisy and Ryder discuss what Momma Bear will do next to Lauren and Jana. Ryder calls Abby for help. Jana screams out in pain from her headache. Amber tells Kevin to take her to the old amusement park. Lily joins Daniel at a table at the coffeehouse. Sarah begins to explain to Michael that she slept with a man she met. Michael feels that if could be hallucinations, He demands to know who the man is, but Sarah refuses to tell him. After Michael informs Sarah about the surveillance footage in which he she was bailing Daisy and Ryder out of jail, she acts confused and surprised. Lauren yells for Ryder, but Daisy appears instead. Daisy suggests to Lauren that she should be kissing up to her instead of Ryder. Abby arrives at the amusement park with a bag of groceries, but she hears someone coming and quickly hides. When she accidentally makes a noise, Amber and Kevin hear her. Amber yells for Jana. When Lily shares her feelings about her cancer with Daniel, he tries to lift her spirits. Olivia tells Malcolm that they have a problem when his lies affect the family. Kevin and Amber find Abby outside the amusement park. Abby asks Ryder if he had anything to do with Jana’s disappearance. He pretends to be hurt by her accusation. Lauren begs Michael not to leave her. Fen comes running out to see Lauren. Amber and Kevin arrive back at the coffeehouse, and Amber sees Lily with Daniel. Daisy eats French fries in front of Lauren. When Jana mentions Max to Daisy, she quickly leaves. Sarah and Michael discuss her possibly being drugged. Sarah rants and raves about her boutique and leaves. Michael calls Dr, Walker for an appointment and a referral to a psychiatrist. Upset by Abby’s attitude, Ryder refuses to show her where he lives. Cane orders Neil and Malcolm to work this out .Olivia tells Lily that her babies may hold the key to her recovery. Malcolm is on the phone to his accomplice. Ryder brings Jana medicine and some water. Sarah dresses provocatively for Michael, but he turns her down.

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