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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee and Kendall discuss the night that she "died" and how Kendall felt. Greenlee asks Kendall what really happened that night. At the hospital, Tad is with Damon in his hospital room. J.R. and Annie have sex in a hotel room in D.C. In the courtroom, everyone hovers around an unconscious Adam, waiting for the paramedics. Brooke joins David in his pleas to be allowed to help Adam. When the judge finally allows it, David delivers a blow to Adam's chest which gets it beating again. J.R. and Annie lie on the bed, regretting their actions. Kendall remembers the night of the accident and what really happened. She tells Greenlee that she is so sorry. The EMTs arrive to take Adam to the hospital. The judge agrees to let David go to the hospital with Adam as long as Jesse accompanies them. At the hospital, Brooke tells Colby and Scott that she persuaded the judge to let David help Adam. As Colby calls J.R., Scott urges her to tell her brother to stop his plan against Annie. Marissa surprises J.R. in D.C. and finds him very upset. J.R. makes up a lie to tell Marissa. Marissa hugs J.R. when Annie walks up and sees them.

In the courtroom, Jack is against Liza wanting Greenlee to testify in David’s case. Backed into a corner, Kendall finally tells Greenlee what happened the night of her accident. Greenlee wants to know why Kendall's involvement was covered up. Kendall explains that it was all Zach’s idea. At the hospital, David gives Adam fair warning that he has to start taking things easy by eliminating the stress in his life. Adam insists that he will never give up his business. Brooke brings Adam home from the hospital and promises to be there to take care of him. Colby calls J.R. to let him know about Adam. Annie regrets that she had sex with J.R., and they agree to keep it quiet. Tad suggests to Damon that he could have ADHD. Damon balks at the idea of seeing a psychologist. Liza calls Greenlee and tells her that she needs her home to testify in David’s case. Greenlee accuses Kendall of trying to kill her so she could have Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dusty wants to leave the hospital and does what he can to get released. Janet worries about him, but Dusty is more interested on having Jack promise, on the sly, that he will look after Janet, because he is worried about her safety. Jack feels Dusty may know more, but he doesn’t let on. Dusty tells Janet that he can’t move in with her right now, as Janet runs off and Carly is irate to see Jack once again go after her. Carly confronts Dusty, as he admits to what is going on and enlists her help. Carly isn’t sure at first, but then agrees to help him by using himself as bait. Carly later has a conversation with Rocco, Janet and Jack about Dusty, which causes Rocco to excuse himself quickly. Janet is unsure as to why, but Carly thinks she knows. Someone shows up with a gun at Metro, as Dusty is leaning down in front of the safe trying to remember the combination. Craig doesn’t like Gabriel and continues to make his feelings known. Johnny tells his dad that Gabriel was the one trying to talk with him on the playground causing Craig to confront him. Gabriel shows his true feelings when he talks about what he knows about him stealing Parker’s money; he blackmails Craig into giving him 6 or 7 figures out of it. Craig doesn’t take kindly to this, but has no choice since Gabriel threatens to got to the police. Liberty pulls away from Parker, who doesn’t know how to not hover over Liberty for fear that she will cause herself a relapse. Liberty and Gabriel connect at the diner and they share some laughs. He gives her his cell phone number to talk. Liberty and Parker later have a conversation on how she feels suffocated by Parker, as Parker agrees to heed her and his mom’s advice and give her some space. Liberty later calls Gabriel and asks him if he wants to hang out after he gets off of work. Jack realizes he is spending too much time with Janet and ignoring Carly; he reminds her that she is his priority and promises she will always be first, as Carly is thrilled to hear that but is also preoccupied with Dusty’s plan.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Jackie that Owen can’t stand the beefcake, but he does it for her. They need to compensate him with a special vacation or sports car. Donna returns home to find her dad sitting on the couch. Immediately she is worried that something has happened. He explains the cruise was wonderful at first, but it was just too much for Beth and he wanted to come home. He admits that she is getting worse. Beth comes in and her appearance is a little unsettling. She’s more confused than usual. Eric offers for Steven and Beth to stay with him and Donna. Donna is so grateful that he would do this for her. Bridget shows Owen the pee stick which indicates that she is indeed pregnant. He questions her every move, just before the beach house and afterwards; this baby could be Nick’s. He and Bridget were together only once and this is not some sort of punishment for her cheating on Nick. He’s not sure what they should do, but he absolutely does not believe that she should tell Nick until they know whose baby it is. He begs her not to say anything tonight. Owen returns home to find Jackie playing little Miss Homemaker ready with supper although she quips that she isn't that cruel; she did not prepare it herself. Bridget slips in also and Nick is waiting with a glass of wine. He wants to see her model some lingerie despite that she is nervous and doesn’t feel very sexy. She stammers that she has to tell him what happened.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope and Carly get into an argument about Bo. Hope claims that Bo has tried to move on from her before, but wasn’t successful. She predicts that Bo and Carly will eventually break up. Carly advises Hope to move on from her relationship from Bo and storms off. Hope goes to bed with a terrible headache. When Justin learns that Adrienne plans on selling the Cheatin’ Heart, he suggests that she stick around. The two later get into an argument over Hope and their marriage, and Adrienne decides to sell the bar after all. Later, she finds Justin unconscious outside. Nicole confides in Chloe that she plans on breaking Arianna and Brady up. Chloe worries about Carly, and Nicole urges her to fight for Daniel. Chloe later comes home to find that Carly has already moved in. Brady writes a large check in a bid to get Nicole to leave town. Arianna delivers the check, and she and Nicole argue about Brady. Nicole takes the money, but vows that she isn’t giving up on Brady. Stefano tries to show Sami the DVD of Anna’s confession, but Sami refuses to listen to anything he has to say. She asks EJ to talk to his father about Will moving in, and goes to meet Brady to ask him to intervene as well. When Brady learns that EJ has moved in with her, he goes off on her. Sami tries to convince him that EJ has changed, but Brady doesn’t buy it. Meanwhile, Stefano reveals that he is proud of EJ for what he has done, and promises to keep his secret--on one condition.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Alexis confesses everything to Mac. Alexis says she “was paralyzed” when Kiefer ran in front of her on the road. Mac understands that Alexis was “overwrought” at the time. Mac tells Alexis to get a good attorney, and says he will release her out on her own recognizant. Ethan gets upset with Kristina for accusing him of killing Kiefer. Lucky tells Ethan to back off Kristina. Dante comes to the courtroom to get Morgan but the judge has Dante arrested for contempt. Luke still thinks Dante set up Ethan’s beating. Carly steps in and says Morgan was called in without her approval. The judge allows Morgan to leave the courtroom. Lucky comes to the casino and tells Ethan (in front of Luke) that Kristina can’t cope with him “lashing out” at her. The judge fines Claire for calling Morgan as a witness without his parents’ knowledge. Dante and Ronnie argue when he’s taken to the PCPD. Morgan tells Jason and Carly how Ronnie manipulated him before his testimony. Jax isn’t happy with Claire for calling on Morgan to testify and he threatens to have her “removed” from the case. Morgan is torn and tells Carly and Jason he “loves” Dante, Sonny, and Jax. Sonny visits Dante in jail and they argue over “the justice system.” Alexis tells Kristina what really happened with Kiefer. Kristina tells her mom she understands “it was an accident,” but she worries about the repercussions. Lucky gets word from Mac about Alexis’ confession. Mac tells Kiefer’s mom Alexis accidentally ran him down – he also says Kiefer “assaulted” Kristina. Luke thinks Alexis, Sonny, and Kristina all owe Ethan an apology. Kiefer’s mom confronts Alexis and Kristina. Carly confronts Jax over what happened with Morgan. Lulu agrees with what Dante did in the courtroom. Sonny wants Jason to have Claire killed. Claire comes to Sonny’s office to offer up a “deal.”

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the custody hearing, Gigi tells the judge she does not plan to fight Oliver and Kyle for custody and believes that they should have the right to raise Oliver's daughter. At that point, the judge rules in their favor. Langston is ready to admit to Markko that she is breaking up with him. But she never gets a chance when he is ready to plan a big date and Dorian comes by and tells her how lucky she is to have Markko. Meanwhile, Ford has forgotten all about Langston and is sleeping with the pizza girl. Starr reveals to Cole that they have broken up and he is very disenchanted. Destiny is disappointed to have gotten the role of Langston instead of Starr in the musical. And Matthew is similarly disappointed to get the role of Markko instead of Cole. Dani gets Starr and a new boy gets Cole. Bo proposes to Nora. At first she says no, but he convinces her to take the leap of faith. Brody is trying to get back what he had with Jessica, but she is still clearly disinterested in him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Michael hugs Fen as Gloria and Jeff walk in to the coffeehouse. Michael tries to explain about Lauren, but Gloria interrupts him. Michael tells Gloria about Lauren being missing. Daniel and Amber arrive to see Kevin. After a few moments of conversing, Amber asks Kevin who Sarah Smythe is. Jana and Lauren are together in their cage. Lauren is concerned about what Sarah will do to Fen. Sarah, Daisy, and Ryder visit Lauren and Jana. Neil and Malcolm discuss Adam and the things that he was accused of. Neil and Malcolm talk about Lily and her cancer treatments and her other options. Lily sits on a park bench, watching the children play, when Cane comes to join her. Cane encourages Lily to hope for the best. Neil and Malcolm argue over his attitude. Amber assures Kevin that they will find Jana. Amber wants Kevin to use a Ouija Board to find Jana. Sarah tells Lauren that she is going to destroy her life. Sarah shows Lauren a pic of herself and Sheila. Lauren tells Jana that Kevin never stopped loving her. Michael, Kevin, Amber, and Daniel look through documents and pics relating to Sarah Smythe. Lily confesses to Cane that she is scared that her babies may grow up without a mommy. Olivia arrives to lend support to Lily; they hug. Olivia offers her help in dealing with this cancer. Gloria asks Jeff what he is up to. Kevin finds incriminating evidence against Sarah which relates to two children. Lauren and Jana try to get Ryder to help them get out. Malcolm tells Neil that they will never be best friends, but they need to put up an appearance for Lily’s sake. Olivia tells Lily about her options when Neil and Malcolm arrive. Olivia is surprised to see Malcolm. Jeff gets a call, but Gloria intercepts it before he can answer. Gloria tells Jeff that she doesn’t want a private investigator involved in finding Jana. Daisy asks Ryder what Lauren and Jana are up to. Daisy is also concerned about Abby. Kevin finds out that Daisy is his sister. Jana has a bad headache. Lauren (Sarah) comes home to Michael, and they hug.

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