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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie and J.R. are in a hotel room in D.C. after their appearance before Congress and congratulate each other. Brooke insists on going to court with Adam and kisses him. Jack visits Ryan at the casino to check on Greenlee’s whereabouts. Ryan informs Jack that Greenlee went to find Kendall. Greenlee finds Kendall on the yacht in Mallorca. Kendall looks like she's seen a ghost. Erica tries to call Kendall but doesn’t get an answer. Jack asks Ryan why he didnít try to stop Greenlee from knowing the truth. Davidís trial begins. During questioning, Liza makes Gayle look bad before the jury. Gayle loses her composure on the stand and admits she was jealous of Greenlee and wants revenge on David. While they talk, Greenlee lets Kendall know that she married David. J.R. continues to compliment Annie and make her feel comfortable with him. Ryan insists to Jack that Greenlee is not his responsibility. After talking with Tad, Ryan decides he needs to go visit his son. Erica walks in on Greenlee and Kendall. Kendall wants to know why her mother didn't tell her that Greenlee is alive. After Erica insists that Greenlee is irrational, Kendall asks her to leave her alone with Greenlee. J.R. helps Annie with the zipper on her dress. While Liza interrogates Adam, he begins to have trouble with his heart and collapses. As he's secretly recording them, J.R. and Annie kiss. Everyone gathers around Adam while a guard holds David back. David worries that Adam may die before the paramedics get there. Kendall thinks Greenlee is upset about her sleeping with Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At Al’s diner Luke finds out the good news about Noah’s eyes. Luke wants to plan something for the evening, but Noah has other plans. While having lunch together, Bob suggests to Kim that they have a honeymoon that never ends. Bob receives a call which ends their lunch. Lily, Holden, and Faith plan to go away to the cabin for a while. Molly comes into the farmhouse, wearing her new dress, and tells Emma that she and Holden have plans for later. Faith tells Lily and Holden that she will only go to the cabin if Molly can go too. Faith is surprised when Lily and Holden bring preparations for S'mores. While Lily and Holden get the rest of the groceries, Faith finds a bottle of whiskey under the counter and pours herself a glass. Faith staggers and almost falls. Upon smelling her breath, Holden finds out that Faith was drinking. An argument breaks out between Lily, Holden, and Faith. Faith begins to cry and falls to pieces. Dr. Oliver is having a conversation with Bob and Kim when Luke drags him away.

Reid lashes out at Luke for dragging him away from Bob and Kim. Kim gets some help for Dr. Oliver and his problem with the lawsuit. Emma gives Molly the address of the cabin so that she can join Holden and Lily. Lily is taken aback when Molly arrives. Molly spends some quality time with Holden while Lily and Faith talk. Luke encourages Dr. Oliver to fight for his freedom and says he will join him in Chicago. Holden and Molly kiss as Lily and Faith rejoin them. Lily invites Molly to dinner. Kim calls Molly and tells her about a story in Chicago but doesn’t tell her what the story is about. Luke goes into the diner to pick up his order and finds Noah with his date. At the television station, Bob has a cameraman tape him giving Kim a photo album of their wedding pictures. Molly arrives at the courthouse and finds out that Silas is having a press conference on his acquittal. Silas sees her and stops her from leaving then vows to Molly that he will have her back. Lily and Holden relive the past while with Faith at the cabin.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget holds the bag with the pregnancy test Owen just brought her. She has a worried look on her face, but Owen assures her they can be cool about this. They made a mistake, but they can put it behind them. She laments that she feels so stupid. He says he knows, but she only forgot to take a few pills so she needs to quit beating upon herself. She can just take the test and stop worrying. Jackie hands the Cabana Boy photo shoot proofs to Nick. She thinks they are hot and Nick admits they are and that he was so wrong about Owen. Jackie can’t wait to show these to Owen and Bridget. Thorne tells his mother that all is ready to go. She thanks him and says they could not have done this without him. He calls the troops around – Taylor, Pam, Marcus, Ridge, Steffy and Thomas. Even Jarrod from the press is invited for this special showing. Taylor says it is a surprise to Eric; he has no idea this is happening. Marcus interjects that Eric thinks it is a fashion preview. Pam gets in that this will open his eyes to the one true love of his life. Brooke and Donna walk up and Stephanie is glad they are there; this can begin. They all raise their glasses to Steffy for starting this. Eric and Rick join in and Eric asks what are they previewing here today. Stephanie hands him a glass of champagne and says he will know soon enough. Owen tells Bridget that she is making way too much out of this. She can not be pregnant, but just go take the test so she can stop worrying. Nick pops in with the proofs. She puts the bag down on the desk. Nick does notice some intensity and asks if all is okay. She assures him they were just going over some stuff from work. Jackie tells Bridget that work can wait; they have something for them to see. Nick has two large displays rolled in and unwraps them to show a very large one of Jackie and Cabana Boy and then one of Nick and Bridget wrapped up in each other. Nick kisses Bridget and tells her that she is beautiful and that he loves her very much. Eric wants to know what is going on. Stephanie tells Thorne and Jake that it’s time for Eric to take his seat so they usher him to a special seat beside the stage. Stephanie starts by saying what struck her when she walked back into the building after he gained control of the company again was the energy that emanates down the hallways out of every office from every worker, whether a family member or non family member. And that energy was unique because it all came from Eric. He’s had a very positive effect on every person who has passed through this building over the years. And indeed on people all over the world who have bought his designs; beautiful fashions that he has created. She tells him that he is a master of art and this is just for him. She stands by his chair as the lights dim and the film begins “Eric Forrester: A Legend in His Own Time.”

Nick goes public. He makes an announcement that he was wrong about Owen. He thought he was going to break his mother’s heart, but they all make mistakes. Jackie chirps they have all made mistakes, but they can be forgiven. Bridget seems distracted with the mention of mistakes. Nick asks again if she is all right. Jackie reminds him they have a press conference so Nick tells Bridget they will talk later. She has the heebie-jeebies, but Owen says first things first. She needs to take the test. Eric’s tribute begins starting with his childhood and humble beginnings and fashion king all over the world; all his awards and the fact that he is the youngest member of the prestigious Fashion Hall of Fame. It ends with his family with Stephanie giving the parting words that they celebrate his genius but most of all their love for him. They all clap. With Donna skeptically looking on, Eric takes Stephanie by the hands and walks her back to the stage and gives her a hug. Later Eric finds Stephanie sitting while she enjoys a martini with olives. He says he feels like a celebrity. She tells him that he is. He thanks her for putting this whole thing together. She says he is welcome; it just seemed like the perfect time now that he is back in control. But she is worried that she may have upset Donna without giving her more notice. He says he is amazed that Stephanie did this for him at all as she is the one person in this world that he has hurt the most. And yet there she was by his side as always. She is always by his side, at home and at work. She tells him that is a lovely thing for him to say. He says it’s the truth. They’ve had a lot of accomplishments and they have done it together. Everything that he has accomplished, he could not have done it without her. He did it with her and he can never thank her enough. She says just for the record she did not sacrifice her life for him; she fulfilled her life with him. She tells him that she loves him….she leans in and says she has always loved him. He smiles and leans even closer and says he loves her too, always will. He kisses her and there is Pam behind the curtain taking a picture on her cell phone. Bridget returns from the bathroom and tells Owen it will be a few minutes. She paces while he says the timing is such that it could be his baby….or it could be Nick’s. It can’t be his. He’s married and Jackie would never forgive him if she knew. Bridget tells him to quit acting like this. She can’t lose Nick either. He’s her whole world. She prays that she can not be pregnant. It’s time to check the stick. She looks down at it and her eyes close and the room rocks. Owen asks what it says. She can not utter a word.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie decides to go back to nursing school, and asks Carly for a recommendation. After Vivian confronts Carly, Daniel is more determined than ever to have her move in. Chloe reluctantly agrees, but confides in Father Matt that she isn’t in favor of the arrangement. Later, Vivian overhears her saying that she hates Carly. Roman warns Sami about EJ. She’s later furious to discover that Will plans on moving into the DiMera mansion. Madeline gets to know Gabi and promises to help Rafe. Kate and Madeline see each other at the café and clearly recognize one another. EJ tries to kill Stefano with a letter opener, but is unable to bring himself to do it. Nathan saves Stephanie from a date with a pill addict, and the two set up another date so that Nathan can try to get over Melanie.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Ronnie and a social worker pick Morgan up from school to take him to court. Spinelli and Jason watch the footage that proves Alexis could have run Kiefer down. Jax and Carly argue about Sonny. Claire and Sonny argue over Michael. She calls Sonny “a coward and a bully.” Luke bails Ethan out of jail but not before he gets a bad beating. Luke angrily confronts Dante over Ethan’s beating. Luke warns Dante that the PCPD better “stop using” Ethan “as a scapegoat.” Later, Luke tells Lulu that “Dante deliberately tossed Ethan into a cell with a felon he knew would beat” him up. Lulu and Luke argue over Dante. Luke questions Dante’s “integrity” and says Lulu must choose sides, which enrages her. Maya gets the official new employee tour from Epiphany. Elizabeth returns to work. Alexis tells Sam the truth about hitting Kiefer with her car. Dante gets upset when Carly accuses him of yanking Morgan out of school to testify. Dante gets on the phone and tries to find out where Morgan is. When Dante learns Morgan is at the courthouse, Carly heads there with Jason at her heels. Morgan is cautious around Ronnie and wonders why Dante isn’t with him. Ronnie says the purpose of Morgan’s testimony is to save Dante. Patrick tries unsuccessfully to cover for Liz’s error in front of Steven. Alexis sets Kristina up with a psychiatrist. Morgan takes the stand. Kristina accuses Ethan of killing Kiefer. Alexis goes to the PCPD to see Mac. Jason stops Carly from bursting into the courtroom to get Morgan. Claire asks Morgan if Michael told him Sonny killed Claudia. Before Morgan can answer, Dante bursts into the courtroom and says he’s there “to retrieve” Morgan “on behalf of his parents.”

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Langston concludes, to Starr, that she has to break up with Markko. She does not want him anymore. Yet, he has no clue and is making big plans for her. Bo awakens and assures everybody he is ok. But Roxy wants to be there for Schuyler. In the courtroom, he confesses to shooting Bo Buchanan and accepts the charges. Meanwhile. Oliver and Kyle are ready to raise baby Sierra, and Gigi is not certain what to do. Kelly is ready to go with John to L.A. to find out how her mother died. Todd is jealous.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick questions Phyllis about his jacket. Phyllis gets a call from Sharon that she had disposed of Nickís jacket. Phyllis lets Nick know that his jacket had blood on it. At the farm, Victor tells Owen he broke the watch and disposed of it. Victor also tells Owen that he had a confrontation with Adam in the basement. Victoria tells Billy that everyone who was at the cabin the night that Adam was tortured is under suspicion. At home, J.T. and Reed hear police cars pull up. Chance asks for J.T.ís help. Chance asks J.T. for the clothes that Victoria wore the night of the ball. J.T. finds out that Victoria is a person of interest in Adam's death. At the coffeehouse, Michael and Kevin discuss Lauren and Janaís disappearances and that there was no activity on Laurenís cell phone. Lauren comes face to face with her look-alike, who she thinks is Sheila. The woman lets Lauren know that she is not Sheila, but will not disclose her true identity. Billy and Victoria go over what they are going to tell the police. Victor relives his last moments with Adam. Nick tells Phyllis what happened between Victor and Adam and himself. Chance arrives at Nickís to let him know that his tuxedo jacket was not included in the clothes that Phyllis had sent to the dry cleaners. Kevin, Michael and Paul watch the footage of Lauren, supposedly, bailing Daisy and Ryder out of jail.

Sarah releases Jana from her prison and takes the handcuffs off. Jana, believing that she is Lauren, hugs her and thanks her for releasing her. Paul, Kevin and Michael cannot believe that Lauren would bail Daisy and Ryder out of jail. Victor tells Phyllis and Nick about the visit from the D.A. Lauren and Jana are truly reunited. Chance questions Billy about where he was the night that Adam was killed. J.T. lets Victoria know that he is seeking full custody of Reed. Chance asks the police to check Billyís room at the club. Victoria begs J.T. not to do this. J.T. takes Reed and leaves the house. A homeless man finds Nickís jacket in the dumpster and puts it on. Sarah tells Lauren that she is Sheilaís sister here to avenge her death.

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