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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Damon takes the blame for everything that had happened to Brooke and Colby. The probation officer pays a visit to Damon. Congressman Wilton visits J.R. and Annie in a hotel in D.C. J.R. finds out from Colby that Brooke has been discharged from the hospital. Adam brings Brooke home to care for her. Liza visits Adam and asks him to testify for David. Adam refuses. Liza and Brooke have a confrontation. J.R. and Colby discuss his plan for Annie while they are in D.C. Jake, Amanda and Opal discuss Amanda’s photo shoot. Amanda leads Jake to believe that there is nudity involved, but then owns up and tells Jake the truth. Angie lets Tad know that she had talked to a psychiatrist about Damon. Tad tells Colby and Angie that Damon may get a break. Angie compares Damon to Teddy, her late brother. Annie lets J.R. know that Adam lied to her about Brooke. Brooke lets Adam know that they can only be friends. Annie begins to open up to J.R.

Liza speaks to Damon's probation officer about the need for him to be tough on someone who texts and drives or there might be retribution from his bosses. The probation officer returns to see Damon and refuses to help him. Natalia lets Brot know that she not only wants to be a cop but also a model. J.R. and Annie start to kiss, but she pulls away and leaves the room. Jake, Amanda and Opal watch the photo shoot online. An unknown man also watches the photo shoot via the internet.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Barbara and Katie argue over Barbara’s relationship with Henry and the fact that Katie wants Henry to get back with Vienna. Vienna gets down on one knee and asks Henry to marry him. Henry stalls in giving Vienna an answer. Luke and Dr. Oliver discuss how that Luke had defended Dr. Oliver against the man, who was suing him for malpractice. Noah walks up. Faith is with her friends at school when Faith gets a call from Holden, who asks how she is doing. Lily comes to see Molly at the television station to thank her for helping in this situation with Faith. After Lily leaves, Faith comes out of hiding. Faith thanks Molly for not ratting her out to Lily. Faith tells Molly that she has had a package delivered here that is a surprise to Lily. Molly finds the package in the mail and gives it to Faith. Luke and Dr. Oliver exchange smiles while talking to Noah. Luke gets a call and walks away. Dr. Oliver watches Luke. Holden catches Faith at the police station with Molly. Katie orders Barbara to back off of Henry and to let him get back with Vienna. Henry and Vienna kiss passionately.

Vienna pours out her heart to Katie about her problems with Henry. Vienna agrees to take Jacob out for a while. Lily brings Faith home from school and questions her about the pills. Faith denies using drugs and that the drugs aren’t his. Lily refuses to believe her and asks to check her purse. Faith refuses to let Lily see her purse until Lily insists. Lily pours out the contents of Faith’s purse and finds the book. Opening up the book, Lily finds the drugs. Lily questions Faith about the drugs. Holden and Molly share some intimate time together when they are interrupted by a call from Lily. Lily tell Holden about the drugs. Faith denies once again that the drugs are hers. Lily decides to take Faith away to the cabin in order to get her off the drugs. Katie tells Dr. Oliver that Henry and Vienna are back together. Henry visits Barbara to let her know that he is confused as to what to do about this situation. Barbara finds out that Henry and Vienna have been in bed together. Barbara puts Henry out. Katie finds out that Dr. Oliver has feelings for Luke. Dr. Oliver calls Luke to tell him that Noah has some good news to tell him. Luke meets up with Noah. Dr. Oliver sees them holding hands. Henry catches up with Vienna and presents her with an engagement ring and tells her that he will marry her. Barbara starts to buy a new dress when she finds out that Henry had bought an engagement ring. Molly also buys a new dress for her date with Holden. Holden tells Lily and Faith that he is coming with them to the cabin. Molly walks in on awkward situation between Lily, Faith and Holden.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owens finds Bridget in an anguished state in the office. She sinks down to the floor and he rushes to get her a drink of water. She bemoans the fact that she’s not sure she can keep up the pretense anymore, lying to her husband. She confides that she went to the doctor today; she could be pregnant as they speak. She is late now, but Owen thinks her imagination is going wild. Nick walks in before they can talk more. Nick hugs her and tells her all is going to be fine. Ridge sees some new furniture being moved into the showroom and questions Stephanie as to how things are going since he heard she had moved back into the guesthouse on the property. He thinks it is only a matter of time before she is back in the main house. Eric’s relationship with Donna has taken its toil. Ridge states that he believes Eric wants her back. She fills him in on the tribute that she is planning. He says something special needed to be done for his dad and she is doing it. It is exactly what he needs and Eric needs her in his life again. Donna and Rick come to Eric for some answers. Rick learns then that Donna has some issues with Stephanie having moved into the guesthouse. He laments that is a disaster waiting to happen.

Ridge brings up Donna to Eric. Eric says that Donna is upset; that is putting it mildly. He sides with Eric that Donna sided with Bill and Katie when they banished Eric to the basement. When the chips were down, his wife was not there for him so he has every right to be upset too and ask Stephanie to stay there at the house. Donna seeks out Stephanie and explains that Stephanie needs to stay out of her and Eric’s life. She loves Eric and is his wife now and Stephanie needs to respect that. She needs some alone time with him and she can’t do that with her on the grounds. She asks Stephanie to please move out. Stephanie informs her that she won’t. And besides Donna’s marriage has nothing to do with her. Donna chose the limelight over her husband so if her marriage is teetering then it is her fault and nothing to do with Stephanie. Owen rushes back from the pharmacy and tells Bridget that he got a pregnancy test. He wants her to stop beating herself up. Perhaps her body is just off kilter and out of whack from guilt. She is wound way too tight and he wants her to take the test and she needs to know; put her mind at ease. He begs her to take the test.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope questions Rafe about the attack on D.A. Woods, but he is unable to provide an alibi. Sami intervenes and claims Rafe was with her, but Rafe refuses to lie. Later, he admits to Sami that he doesn’t believe there is any hope for them as a couple. Chad talks to Gabi about the attack, and asks his father if he is sure Rafe attacked him. Charles goes ballistic as Madeline tries to smooth things over. EJ tries to deny that he took Sydney, but Stefano has proof thanks to Anna, and EJ is eventually forced to admit it. Chloe has a special brunch planned for her, Daniel, Melanie, and Philip. Daniel is called into the hospital to assist on a surgery with Carly. Afterwards, Chloe finds the two and Melanie sharing a family moment and is upset. Hope learns from Maggie that Bo went to L.A. to donate bone marrow to Kimberly. Hope admits she didn’t know because she has been deleting messages from Bo. She decides to try to get along with him for their daughter’s sake.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Diane stops by GH to lend her support to Alexis and Kristina. Alexis privately tells Diane everything that happened, including how she ran Kiefer down. Diane fear Alexis may have to “serve some time.” Sonny’s trial continues. Before it starts, he wonders if Olivia will make him look bad like Johnny did. Olivia says she’ll tell the “truth” on the stand. Olivia is questioned about Michael’s whereabouts on the night of Claudia’s party. She doesn’t say anything to damage Michael. Jax sets up some quality time with Morgan. Later, Jax enjoys some alone time with the baby. Ronnie thinks Dante knows where Michael is hiding out. Claire tells Dante she wants Michael to take the stand. Jason fills Spinelli in on Kiefer. Jason thinks Alexis knows more than she’s admitting about Kiefer’s accident and he wants Spinelli to do some digging. Steven lends Elizabeth a hand at home as she gets ready to return to work. Bobbie offers Alexis some advice on Kristina, and suggests counseling. Nikolas talks about Liz and the new baby with Robin. Ronnie is frustrated when even Johnny doesn’t think Michael should testify at Sonny’s trial. Steven wonders if Liz needs more time in Shady Brook. Spinelli finds footage of Alexis running Kiefer down. Morgan is called to testify at Sonny’s trial.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex is with Nora, Matthew, Clint and his daughters professing their love for Bo and their need for him to wake up after surgery and be ok after Schuyler has accidentally shot him when he took the bullet for Rex. But Roxy admits that she wants to be there for Schuyler after finding out for the first time that he's her son. She tells Rex and Natalie she knows she's failed with them and wants to get it right for him when he's all alone and needs her. Tea represents him. Starr urges Langston to get over Ford. But Langston admits she is breaking up with Markko instead. Blair is seeing Eli. Todd and Kelly are working together, appearing to be friends and showing signs that they might become more than friends.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the ranch, Chance informs Sharon that the body in the basement is Adam’s. Sharon seeks comfort in Victor’s arms. Chance serves Victor with a warrant to search the premises. Phyllis finds blood on Nick’s coat and wonders what happened. Jack finds out that Patty is pregnant, but he is less than thrilled about it. Lauren yells for Jana, but she doesn’t answer. Ryder says Jana has been moved but refuses to tell Lauren if Sheila is alive. Abby joins Ashley and Victor in the living room and finds out that Adam is dead. Ashley asks Victor who he thinks the murderer is. Sharon lets Nick know how she felt when she saw Adam with Faith. When Eddie knocks on her door, Phyllis gives him everything to be cleaned and asks to have it back immediately. Emily promises not to ever hurt Jack. Ashley comes to visit and tells him about Adam being dead. Nick gets a call from Phyllis asking to talk to him. Nick lets Phyllis know that the body in the basement was indeed Adam’s. The officer finds some very incriminating evidence in a brown paper bag and gives it to Chance.

Ryder tells Lauren that things have gone too far to turn back now. Lauren tries to talk to Ryder, but he doesn’t pay much attention. Nick tells Victor that they are all suspects. Sharon stops by Phyllis’ to pick up Faith and finds out that blood was on Nick’s coat. Sharon and Phyllis begin to wonder if Nick killed Adam. Jack’s house is searched. Owen confronts Jack with a handkerchief which was stuffed down the victim’s neck. Jack denies all accusations. Abby comes face to face with Ryder outside of Lauren's location. Ryder makes Abby promise that she will not tell anyone where she saw him. Victor tells Nick to let him handle this and do as he says. Chance arrives to search Nick and Phyllis’ house. Chance begins to question Phyllis. Owen questions Victor about the watch that was thrown over. Lauren calls out for Sheila to show her face. Nick arrives home to find them searching the house. Phyllis tells Nick that they won’t find anything. Phyllis lets Chance know that the clothes they wore to the ball were at the dry cleaners. Sharon throws away Nick’s jacket. Daisy and Ryder discuss Abby’s part in all this. Lauren comes face to face with Sheila .

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