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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby talks to J.R. about his trip to D.C. and how that he should leave Annie stranded by the side of the road. Annie comes in and asks about Adam that he hadn’t came home last night. J.R. assures her that Adam must have stayed the night with Brooke to keep an eye on her. Brooke awakens and calls out for Adam. Tad and Ryan discuss Damon. Liza visits David in jail. At Fusion, Greenlee asks for Natalia’s help as a cop. Annie tries to back out of the trip to D.C. but J.R. talks her into going. Brooke tells Adam that they have to put things right between them. Brooke gets a note from Damon. Krystal is busy at work on her laptop when Marissa comes downstairs to look for something to eat. Krystal tells her that she should be in bed. Ryan lets Tad know that he has other things to worry about. Greenlee asks Natalia to help her find out what had happened the night of her accident. In looking on the computer, Natalia finds out that the accident reports have been sealed. Greenlee marches herself into Erica’s office and tells her that she knows everything about the accident. Fuming, Erica leaves the office. Natalia and Greenlee hide until Erica leaves and then they go into Erica’s office. David demands from Liza that he get him a deal. Colby shows J.R. a receipt that she had found from the SpyTech Shop and demands answers. Brooke and Adam are together when Annie arrives. Brooke urges Adam to talk to Annie. Brooke goes to see Damon while Adam talks to Annie. Annie tries to get Adam to come with her to D.C. but he refuses. Krystal visits David to discuss David’s treatment of Marissa. Erica urges Ryan to help her keep the truth from Greenlee about the accident. Ryan refuses.

Greenlee and Natalia find that Kendall is on a yacht called “The Red Wing.” Greenlee decides to go see Kendall to find out what had happened. Krystal lets David know that he will never change. Brooke finds out from Damon that he was texting on his cell phone and that was what had caused the accident. Brooke becomes very quiet and Adam wheels her out of Damon’s room. Greenlee visits David and lets him know that she will not be attending his trial. Erica and Ryan find out that Greenlee knows where Kendall is. Annie arrives home and tells J.R. that she will be accompanying him to D.C. Greenlee urges Liza to get David off no matter what she had to do.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Vienna visits Katie to ask for her help in finding out what is troubling Henry. Henry visits Barbara in her hotel room. Barbara urges Henry to take their relationship public. Henry has his doubts. Janet and Rocco stand by Dusty’s bed while Dr. Oliver looks at his chart and asks him questions about his memory. Luke talks to the man, who is suing Dr. Oliver. Luke offers the man money to drop the lawsuit. Jack visits Dusty to asks him some questions about who had attacked him, but Janet urges Jack not to do this now that Dusty isn’t strong enough. Outside in the corridor, Jack questions Rocco about Ralph’s being involved in this situation. Rocco gets on the defensive and believes that Jack is accusing him of being involved in this. Vienna tells Katie about Henry’s attitude since she came back. Katie tells Vienna not to blame herself for this change in Henry. Vienna urges Katie to talk to Henry. Henry tells Barbara that he owes it to Vienna to at least try to make things work with Vienna. Barbara becomes angry. Katie appears at Barbara’s door. Katie remarks that she knew that she would find Henry here. Barbara urges Henry to tell Katie what they were discussing. Henry refuses to do as Barbara asks. Barbara forces Henry and Katie out and tells Henry not to come back. Katie urges Henry to walk away from Barbara. Dr. Oliver visits Dusty again and wonders why Dusty is hiding that he can remember what had happened to him. Dusty tells him that he is doing this for Janet. Dr. Oliver lets Dusty know that he is not going to keep his secret. Dusty tells Dr. Oliver just to keep his mouth shut. Janet witnesses the argument between Rocco and Jack.

Janet wants to know what is going on. Jack tells Janet that they were discussing Dusty’s condition. Rocco lets Janet know that Jack is linking Ralph to this happening to Dusty. Rocco urges Janet to get Jack to back off of him. Janet agrees to do what she can. Katie and Henry have a talk about Vienna vs. Barbara. Katie urges Henry to walk away from Barbara. Jack sees through Dusty and knows that Dusty remembers more than he is saying. Katie confronts Barbara about her feelings for Henry. Katie urges Barbara to walk away from Henry. Luke brings Dr. Oliver some coffee. Dr. Oliver thanks Luke for his help in talking to the man, who is suing him for malpractice. Rocco calls Ralph and lets him know that Dusty may never regain his memory. Dusty refuses to tell Jack anything about the accident. Vienna asks Henry to marry her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric wonders what Thorne and Stephanie are up to. Thorne is proud of the video he has made about Eric and gives all the praise to Stephanie for thinking of this tribute. Jarrett adds his praise that the Forrester’s are back in control. Thorne champions Stephanie’s cause to Eric, hinting that she wants him back. Donna is the only obstacle now, but he thinks Eric and Stephanie are at their best when they are together. He tries to hide it, but Owen doesn’t care for this cabana boy thing he is doing for the campaign. At her regular checkup with her Ob-Gyn, Bridget realizes she must have skipped a few days of her birth control pill. With her history, she knows she should not risk a pregnancy. Bridget gets fidgety when Nick mentions that Owen is taking this Cabana Boy flashing his pecs really well. He’s doing it because he loves Jackie so much, even putting the situation over the fact that he really wants a child. Bridget panics when she looks at the calendar and remembers again that she probably forgot to take the pills a few days and that taking St. John's Wort may make the others less effective that she did take.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

We learn that Bo’s sister, Kimberly, has leukemia, and he must fly out to L.A. to donate bone marrow to her. He and Daniel are both concerned about Carly’s welfare while he is gone, and Daniel suggests that Carly move in with him and Chloe. Carly refuses. D.A. Woods is mugged, and he blames Rafe for the attack. Hope questions Rafe, who doesn’t have an alibi for the time of the attack. Charles lays into Chad when he learns that he is friends with Rafe’s sister, Gabi. Chad’s mother, Madeline, defends him, and promises to support him no matter who he chooses to be with. Sami tries to convince Will to move back home. Will considers it, but refuses after he learns EJ and Sami had breakfast together. Abe calls Sami to tell her about Rafe being questioned about the attack on Woods. Stefano lures EJ to the mansion with the promise of handing the house over to him. Once there, Stefano explains that he knows everything, and that he knows EJ masterminded Sydney’s kidnapping.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Kiefer dies in the ER and her mother lashes out at Alexis. Lucky wonders why Ethan’s car has a dent in it. Dante apologizes to Olivia and says she did him a favor by keeping Sonny out of his life. Dante says Olivia gave him a great life and the two connect again. Sam blames herself for not being “objective” with Kristina’s situation. When Molly tells Kristina about Kiefer’s accident, Kristina is sure Sonny is behind it. Sam and Alexis tell the girls about Kiefer’s death. Kiefer’s father offers a reward for information on the hit and run. Alexis is on the verge of telling Mac the truth but she pulls back. Dante vents his worries about his siblings to Jason. Jason tells Kristina that he and Sonny had nothing to do with “Kiefer’s accident.” Jason tries his best to assure Kristina that the abuse by Kiefer wasn’t her fault. Mac says, “Ethan’s car has a person sized dent in it.” Lucky is forced to arrest Ethan. Dante’s talk about Olivia being a teenaged mother makes Lulu uncomfortable. Lulu leaves Dante and remembers her talk with Luke about her abortion. Alexis sees on the news that Ethan’s been arrested for Kiefer’s hit and run.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Marty is at the hospital after a fainting incident. Bo Buchanan is taken to Llanview Hospital after being shot by Schuyler. Dr Gregory Evans stabilizes him so he can go to surgery. Rex tells Nora that Schuyler was aiming at him but Bo jumped in front of the bullet and saved his life. Roxy visits Schuyler at the police station where he is waiting to be booked. She tells him that she is going to be his mother from now on whether he likes it or not. Gigi goes to visit Sierra Rose at Oliver and Kyle's house. Oliver wonders if she s going to fight them for custody. John stays in Marty's hospital room with her.

Starr confronts Ford about taking advantage of Langston. He protests that Langston is an adult and makes her own decisions. Markko is afraid he is losing Langston because she has been distant for the past couple of months. He tells her he doesn’t know what he would do without her. When Ford calls Langston and asks her to come over, she tells him she doesn’t want to. Langston stays home and plays video games with Markko. Ford calls a pizza place and asks if Cara is delivering tonight. When he finds that she is, he orders a large pizza for delivery.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lauren paces the floor in her cell when Daisy comes to see her and tells her who she really is. Daisy promises to make Lauren pay for all the time that she spent away from Sheila. Victor comes downstairs and has a few words with the maid just as Ashley comes to visit. Ashley asks Victor about the man who died in the fire. Emily looks out the window as Jack comes into the room. Jack lets Emily know that Adam is not coming back. Chance comes to visit Jack and Emily to ask her about the night that Adam escaped from the hospital. Emily, remembering to herself what really happened, tells Chance what she wants him to know. Nick tends to Faith while Sharon is in the hospital. Sharon dreams that Adam appears in her room. Sharon wakes up, screaming, and sees her doctor in the room with her. The doctor lets Sharon know that he is releasing her. Emily becomes angry at the constant questioning. Phyllis tells Nick that according to Sharon that she is to stay away from Faith. Victor tells Ashley that the body in the basement was so badly burned that he couldn’t identify the remains.

Lauren doesn’t believe that Daisy and Ryder are twins and begins to put the pieces together. Lauren begs Daisy not to do this. Faith begins to cry and Phyllis has to pick her up to soothe her. Jack tells Emily that he is going to see Phyllis. Emily follows him to Phyllis’ and listens to their conversation from outside the window. The dog begins to bark which draws Jack and Phyllis’ attention. At home, Emily comes up with a plan to hang on to Jack. Emily tells Jack that she is pregnant.

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