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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Jesse lectures Damon about texting while driving. Damon takes the blame for the accident. Adam tells Frankie that Brooke should be on the top of the list for attention instead of Damon. Annie calls Adam to go to D.C. with her, but he refuses. When Colby finds Adam in the waiting room, she asks about Brooke. Adam apologizes for the way he treated her. Frankie informs Adam and Colby that Brooke has a ruptured spleen. Tad wonders what he will tell Jamie about his mother’s condition. Liza asks Colby why she is still here covering up for Damon. Liza meets up with Tad in the waiting room and tells him to keep Damon away from Colby. In Erica’s office at Fusion, Erica stops Greenlee from finding out where Kendall is. Adam remembers his past with Brooke. Greenlee eavesdrops on Liza and the D.A., then insists there is no way she's letting David go to jail. Adam sits by Brooke’s bedside as she comes to from her surgery.

At home, Colby tells J.R. and Annie about the car accident. J.R. reprimands her for being in the car with Damon. When Colby insists she is going to help Damon get his G.E.D., J.R. is against the idea. Annie insists that she is going to the hospital to be with Adam. Although she thinks Damon is brilliant, Angie tells Tad that his son needs to see a psychiatrist. Greenlee tells Liza she wants to testify in order to get David off. Greenlee begins to question Liza about her accident. At the casino, Erica warns Ryan that Greenlee is investigating her accident. Ryan takes Greenlee’s side and tells Erica that she needs to know the truth. Annie arrives at the hospital to comfort Adam, but he sends her home. At the Chandler Mansion, Annie pours out her heart to J.R., hoping that Adam would accompany her to D.C. Annie is happy when J.R. assures her that she will be on his arm in D.C. Liza gives in and tells Greenlee that someone else was involved in her accident.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Parker wants to use his trust fund money to fly Liberty's doctors to Oakdale so that she can continue her treatments at home and won't have to return to Minnesota. Liberty tells Parker that she won't allow him to spend all his money on her. Liberty feels suffocated by Parker and takes a walk in Old town when she gets dizzy Gabriel gives her some water. Liberty tells Gabriel about growing up and finding Brad and him dying recently. Gabriel doesn't tell Liberty much about himself except that he is new in town and that Carly hired him as a handy man for Monte Carlo. Parker isn't happy to see Gabriel with Liberty and they argue until Gabriel leaves and Parker and Liberty go back home.

Carly demands that Craig show her the books for Monte Carlo but he is saved when Jack sends Carly a message for her to meat him at the Lakeview. Gabriel bumps into Ellis in Old town and steal his cell phone from him. Gabriel is looking at the people Ellis has spoken to when the phone rings and Gabriel answers it and pretends to be Ellis. Craig asks "Ellis" to make a fake set of books for the company so that Carly can look at them. Craig reminds Ellis that Carly can't find out that he is using Parker's trust fund to fund Monte Carlo.

Dusty awakens and briefly loses consciousness again but then he wakes up again and tells Jack he doesn't remember anything about the shooting. Rocco is happy to hear that and he makes a call to Ralph telling him Dusty doesn't remember anything and the best thing for him to do is leave Dusty alone. Dusty sees Rocco and remembers the heated conversation they had in front of the house he bought for Janet. Jack sets up a romantic evening for Carly at the Lakeview to prove to her that no matter what is going on in their lives she will always be the most important person in his life. Carly is happy to finally have some time alone with Jack and then they make love.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna has lunch with her sisters at her house and informs them that Stephanie is staying in the guest house. She knows she is trying to get her husband back though and that bothers her. Nick notices the difference in the office and Bridget explains that she and Aggie have come to an understanding and things should be better from now on. Stephanie confesses to Thorne, Steffy and Pam that she believes she can get her husband back. She wants to pay tribute to him for his legacy. Thorne says he feels it. Donna may be in Eric’s bed, but Stephanie is in his head and soon will be back in his heart. Whip surprises all by not going on a honeymoon right now, but he wants to put all his efforts on the newest campaign first. It involves Jackie with a new summer sports line and Owen as her cabana boy. She tells Owen that she promised him that she would not use him again if he didn’t feel it. Reluctantly he says he does.

Eric comes home during lunch. He is only after some sketches he left behind and he doesn’t have time for Donna. She begs that she needs time with him. Brooke marches to the office and reads Stephanie the riot act for trying to horn in with her sister and Eric. She’s warning her – don’t interfere. Stephanie says she won’t have to; Donna is doing that on her own. She jumped ship with Bill and Katie, then did the Catwalk and put herself front and center. She was there with Eric in the beginning, but when the going got tough she slipped away. Squeezing honey out of a bottle isn’t going to be enough now.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Will finds EJ and Sami hugging and explodes, calling Sami to task for the revolving door of men in her life. Furious, he ends up moving out. Later, Will confides in Kate about it, and she offers to let him live at the mansion. Kate asks Lexie to talk to EJ about ending his war with Stefano. Lexie does so, but EJ vows never to forgive his father for lying to him about Sydney and siding with Nicole. Lexie advises him to try to move on so that he can build a new life. EJ admits that he would like to do so with Sami. Stefano doesn’t believe that EJ could have planned to kidnap Sydney, but Anna plays Stefano an incriminating phone message that EJ left for her a few months ago, and Stefano has no choice but to believe it. Anna warns Stefano that putting EJ in jail will mean that he’ll lose his grandchildren and his son. Stefano tries to call EJ to talk, but EJ refuses to speak to him. Stefano decides to make sure that EJ sees the error of his ways. Nicole asks Brady for the loan he offered earlier and that she turned down, but she makes sure she does so in front of Arianna. Brady agrees to give her the money, and furious, Arianna lays into him for not talking about it with her first. Later, she calls off the wedding. Bo and Carly have a romantic date. Bo receives bad news about Kimberly from Caroline.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason tells Lucky that Carly thinks Kiefer beat Kristina. Ethan worries about Kristina’s condition when Maya tells him about her latest beating. As Sonny listens in at the door, Kristina admits the truth about Kiefer to Alexis and Dante. Kristina worries that Sonny will kill Kiefer. Sonny hears Kristina tell Alexis she “trusts Dante.” Dante calls Lucky and fills him in. Sam and Molly come upon Kiefer’s body in a ditch so Sam calls an ambulance. Kiefer tells Sam he saw who hit him, and then he passes out. Kiefer arrives at GH with Sam and Molly right behind him. Kiefer’s dad is in a business meeting with Jax when Olivia tells him about the accident. Luke and Skye advise Ethan not to leave town. Jason heads to GH to check on Kristina’s condition. Kiefer’s father lays into Lucky for trying to question Kiefer. Lucky says Kristina identified “Kiefer as her attacker.” Sonny thanks Dante for “helping” Kristina. Dante blames Sonny for Kristina’s lies, saying she only lied because she was afraid of Sonny’s reaction to the truth. Olivia arrives and Sonny lays into her for keeping Dante from him all these years. Olivia tells Sonny where to get off, and leaves. When Sonny makes a remark about Olivia, Dante hits him. Dante says he “hates” Sonny for “who” he is. Jason tells Sam that Kristina named Kiefer as her attacker. Sam tells Jason about Kiefer’s hit and run and wonders if he was involved. Kristina tells Molly that Kiefer hit her. Molly tells Kristina about Kiefer’s accident. Lucky tells Ethan about Kiefer’s accident and Kristina’s confession but he questions Ethan’s dented car. Alexis watches from the outside as Kiefer flat lines and Steven tries unsuccessfully to save him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Schuyler completely loses it now that he's lost Gigi, baby Sierra and everything. And he accidentally shoots Bo intending to shoot Rex. Bo gets rushed to the hospital OR and everybody is worried. Everybody is ready to nail Schuyler except for Tea who is going to be his lawyer and advocate. Roxy is also stunned now that she's found out that he is her son. Oliver is with Kyle, Cristian and Layla wondering how he's going to handle being the father to baby Sierra. They are all happy that she's there but not certain what to expect. Natalie and Jessica argue about Natalie's issues with John and Jessica's issues with Cristian.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chance and Chloe wake up in bed together. Chance suggests taking a shower together in order to conserve water. Victoria looks at the invitation to the ball as she remembers her time with Billy. J.T. brings Victoria some coffee and lets her know that he still cares about her. In Katherine’s living room, Billy carries Delia around as Mac comes in to join him. Mac asks Billy about the gas leak at the club. Cane and Lily discuss her cancer and how that they should tell Mac. At the coffeehouse, Kevin looks at his message and wonders where Jana is. Michael walks in and wonders where Lauren is. Lauren yells for someone to answer her. Lauren hears Jana yelling. Jana asks Lauren if that is her. Lily lets Cane know that she is not strong enough to go through chemotherapy. Cane suggests to Lily that they make a video diary for the babies. Kevin tells Michael that Daisy and Ryder have Lauren and Jana. Jana yells for Lauren. Lauren and Jana have a talk as Jana is trapped in the crate. Paul brings Nina home. Nina worries as to how Chance is. Chance and Chloe come out of the shower with towels wrapped around them when Nina barges in. Victoria secretly visits Billy to tell him to forget what happened last night at the ball. Lily lets Mac know that the cancer isn’t gone and it is more aggressive.

Lily explains everything to Mac about how she had kept the results of the PET scan a secret. Lily thanks Mac for having the twins for them. Victoria watches anxiously out the window. Chance leaves for work, thus leaving Nina and Chloe alone. Nina blasts Chloe that she will get pregnant in order to get Chance to marry her. Paul and Michael discuss the body that was found in the basement. Lauren begs Jana to talk to her. Jana begins to explain everything to Lauren as to what had been going on. Lauren begs Daisy to let her know that Jana is ok. Michael tells Chance that he wants an APB put out for Lauren. Chloe gets a call from Chance telling her that he will be a little late. Chloe lets Nina know that Chance asked her to marry him and she turned him down. Cane and Lily make a video for the babies. Daisy lets Lauren know that she and Ryder are twins, that Tom is their father and Sheila is their mother.

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