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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam comes into the Chandler Mansion, opens the doors to the study, and sees someone standing in front of the window. Thinking it is Brooke, Adam begins to apologize to her. Annie turns around and wonders what Adam is apologizing to Brooke about. Adam lies and tells her that it was about business. David tells Liza that Kendall was the one responsible for Greenlee’s accident, but refuses to let her use the info to get him off. At Fusion, Greenlee asks Erica what she knows about her accident, but Erica refuses to tell her anything. Tad and Ryan discuss Tad’s new job at the casino. Damon texts Bailey for some pics of the baby when he, Colby and Brooke are involved in an accident. Madison and Ryan discuss Craig embezzling money from the casino. David wants to take the plea deal offered by the D.A. J.R. interrupts Adam and Annie’s conversation. Jesse arrives to take Angie away on their vacation when he gets a call that there was an accident involving Colby’s car. Adam calls Brooke but gets no answer. Jake pours out his heart to Angie about his and Amanda’s treatment of the nanny, Jane. Ryan refuses to extend Madison’s credit at the casino. Colby and Damon are brought into the hospital. Greenlee wants Jack to tell her about her accident, but he refuses. Erica visits David to discuss Greenlee’s accident. David lets Erica that he saw the accident and wants to protect Greenlee. David orders Erica to keep Kendall away.

Scott questions J.R.’s about his motives toward Annie. J.R. admits that he's trying to get Annie to trust him, so he can then crush her. Adam looks for Damon in the hospital and finds Brooke on a stretcher. Liza blasts Colby for being with Damon, especially when she finds out that he was driving. Tad sits with Damon and asks him about the accident. Jake brings in an orthopedist to operate on Damon's shattered arm. Adam asks Angie about Brooke’s condition and finds out that she is bleeding internally and needs surgery. Colby rushes to Damon’s side when she hears he's hurt. Damon worries when he hears that Brooke has been severely injured. Tad goes to see Brooke before her surgery. Jesse confronts Damon with the cell phone they found at the scene and accuses him of texting while driving.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

When Bob asks Kim if she is going to marry him or not, she asks for time to think. Kim thanks everyone for coming then leaves Tom and Margo’s home. Everyone tells Bob to go after her. Bob catches up with Kim outside and tries to talk her out of leaving. Tom and Margo stop Katie from leaving until Bob and Kim are through talking. Kim leaves despite Bob urging her to stay. Tom tells everyone that they need to come up with a plan to reunite Bob and Kim. Chris asks Tom his plan is. Everyone is devastated by this fiasco, because if Bob and Kim cannot survive, then can anyone? Chris gets a call from Tom that he found Bob at the Lakeview. Barbara lets Kim know that Bob is downstairs in the bar. Kim remembers when she was pregnant with Bob’s child, but he was with her sister. Kim breaks down and tells Barbara and Margo that it is Bob’s job that is keeping her from marrying him. Bob thinks about his past life with Kim when Tom joins him. Bob tells Tom that he won’t have Kim running his life. Lisa tells Bob that there had been a spark between them in the past and since it is over with Kim, then maybe they can rekindle that flame. Bob lets Lisa know that he still loves Kim even if they are never together again. Barbara offers Kim help, but she refuses. At the hospital, Katie talks to Alison about Casey and Chris and Alison’s feelings for them. Katie urges Alison not to give up. Bob, Chris, Tom, and Casey have a men talk.

Bob resents it when Chris begins to psychoanalyze him. Casey gives Bob some helpful advice in dealing with Kim. Bob comes to see Kim and they have a heart to heart talk about their feelings. Bob shows Kim his letter of resignation that he was going to give to the hospital board. Kim tears it up. Kim opens up and tells Bob what she wants from him. Bob asks Kim to marry him, and she accepts. Bob and Kim are married with everyone in attendance. Barbara and Henry have sex in the bathroom. Katie sees Barbara buttoning up her blouse. When Katie finds Henry in the shower, she asks him if he was in there with Barbara. Frannie arrives for the festivities.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna tells Eric that he must ask Stephanie to leave. She feels like there is an ultimatum here, and she puts up with her all day at the office but she does not think Stephanie belongs here in their home. With Stephanie out of the room, Donna says even with Stephanie across the courtyard, she feels like an intruder in her own home. Eric dismisses that and says she is making too much of this and does not have to feel that way. Donna says that she is fighting for her marriage and she doesn’t know why he isn’t helping. Donna sees that she is wasting her breath as Eric will always consider Stephanie as part of his family. He says he is not trying to hurt her. She informs him that he is. Stephanie is coming between them and either he doesn’t see it or just doesn’t want to. Donna leaves and says if that is the way it is gonna be, she can’t stay here. Katie interrupts Bill practicing vigorously with his punching bag at home. He tells her that she doesn’t need to hurry home. She can stay with her friends a little longer and he hopes to meditate a while without any other interruptions. Both Bridget and Owen end up back at the office after the wedding. She claims she got some inspiration and wanted to put down some new designs. She’s sorry that things are awkward every time they see each other, but she hasn’t changed her mind. She hates lying to Nick, but she does believe they have to keep the secret. Aggie pops in too; seems they all had the same idea of getting an early start on the job.

Bill is none too happy to be interrupted again with Donna just dropping by with another emotional crisis. He tells her that she made a mistake by just leaving Eric. She thought she had no choice; it was either fight or just leave. He explains that by leaving, she is giving up. She left and Stephanie is with him right now. She needs to go home now. Do not let Stephanie win by default. Get in there and fight. She gives him a hug and thanks him. Over martinis, Stephanie tells Eric that she can see this is taking a toll on his marriage. He’s trying to figure out what he has in common with Donna as being in the bedroom isn’t enough. He can’t build a future on that. She points out that he needs someone to bring out the best in him……someone Eric says like herself. Aggie is a little freaked out that Bridget was so upset with her and now being so nice. Bridget admits they both have made mistakes and he made a really big one that she will regret the rest of her life. She likens their circumstances that the person she thought she was or wanted to be is no different than the persona that Aggie created for herself. She says she is sorry. She sees now that she didn’t handle the situation with Aggie well at all. She judged her unfairly and she would appreciate it if Aggie could forgive her. They were friends and she’d like to be again. Aggie only wonders why now? They hug. Eric tells Stephanie that not every day of their marriage was pure bliss, but she reminds him it was more good than bad. They are being cozy when Donna returns. She puts on her happy face and kindly asks Stephanie if she might be with Eric alone for a few minutes. She apologizes to Eric for leaving and not trying to work things out. She doesn’t want to disrespect him or disappoint him. She hopes that he can find it in his heart to forgive her. They hug as Stephanie walks back in and see them.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe and Nicole reunite. Nicole warns Chloe about Carly. When Chloe later learns that Daniel’s double vision has returned, and that he is glad that Carly and Melanie were able to make up because of his accident, she is furious. She tells Melanie that Carly was the one that was glad about the accident, and Melanie confronts her about it, ending by storming off. A confused Carly gives chase. Brady tells Melanie about the hurricane stopping his and Arianna’s wedding. Rafe confides in Arianna about his break-up with Sami and tells her about Nicole vowing to take back what is hers. Nicole asks Brady for a job at Titan, but he refuses. When Nicole learns Arianna is coming over to the mansion, she sticks around on purpose to greet her at the door. Sami confides in EJ about her breakup with Rafe. EJ tries to get Sami to focus on him and the kids. When Stefano divulges to Anna that he plans on killing her, she offers to give him information in exchange for her life. Stefano agrees, and Anna tells him that she was working for EJ, and that he masterminded Sydney’s kidnapping. When Rafe learns that the D.A. let Benny go, and that Benny has disappeared, he goes ballistic and attacks Woods.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny and Carly worry about Maxie’s testimony. Jason doesn’t think Maxie will “name Michael’ when she testifies. Sonny says he doesn’t want to leave the country because his kids need him. Carly thinks Sonny is risking his freedom by staying in the country because of Dante. Under oath, Maxie says she could only “see Sonny at the gate because the headlights were on him.” She doesn’t mention Michael’s name. Max stops Michael from leaving the island. Alexis finds a beaten and bruised Kristina and takes her to get help. As she’s driving down the road to GH, Alexis remembers running into Kiefer coming out of her house, and then she literally runs into him with her car. Sonny says only Carly can help him with her testimony by saying he killed Claudia in order to “protect” her. Maya goes to GH to meet with Steven about her internship. Edward gets overbearing with Maya and Steven so she sets him straight. Ethan tells Skye what really happened with him and Kristina. Dante and Lucky find Alexis’ house empty. Lucky gets a call saying Kristina was admitted to GH. Jason is appreciative that Maxie’s testimony didn’t hurt Michael. Spinelli admits the truth when Maxie asks him if Michael killed Claudia. Michael is frustrated being stuck on the island and regrets how he handled the entire situation with Claudia. Sonny goes to the ER immediately after Alexis’ phone call. Sonny tells Jason to kill Ethan. Dante visits Kristina at GH and she tells him Kiefer beat her. Sonny listens from outside the door. Meanwhile Kiefer lays unconscious after being struck by Alexis’ car.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kelly asks John to help her find her mother's killer. But he asks her not to tell Todd what they are doing or trust him. Todd finds that his daughter, Dani wants to be part of Langston's play that incriminates him regarding Starr and Cole. Schuyler holds Gigi hostage and tells her he won't let her go because he's lost her due to a lie. He declares that he has nothing but knows she still loves him. Rex and Bo go to negotiate with him. But he does not put down the gun and fires a shot. Jessica is still determined to get Cristian back and Natalie admits that she is not "complete" with John and Marty having a baby and living together. Allison drops the bombshell upon Roxy that her son is not Rex. Her son is Schuyler.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

The Athletic Club has exploded. Victor helps Nikki from the rubble inside the club. Nikki worries as to where Victoria is. Upstairs in the club, Victoria and Billy get out of the bed where they have been making love. Victoria wonders if it had been an earthquake. Victoria tells Billy that they cannot go downstairs together. Michael calls to check on Lauren, because he cannot find her anywhere. In the ladies’ powder room, Finding Katherine unconscious, Jill urges her to wake up. Phyllis comes to and calls out for Nick, who had just come into the club. Nick quickly helps her up and back into her chair. Phyllis urges Nick to go upstairs and check on Sharon and Faith. Emily (Patty) comes to and starts to whimper for Jack. Jack finds Emily and helps her out of the club. Emily worries about Adam’s whereabouts. Victor, Nikki, and Victoria are reunited. Nick finds Faith all right, but Sharon is unconscious, lying on the floor. Jack tells Billy that Adam is to blame for the explosion. Phyllis questions Emily about Adam. Ashley, Jack, and Billy arrive upstairs to see how Sharon is. Nick stays with Sharon while Billy goes for help, and Ashley takes Faith out of the building. Owen tells Victor that Adam cannot be found. When Owen hears that a body was found in the basement, Victor insists on going with him to investigate.

Sharon is brought out of the club on a stretcher. Ashley gives Faith back to Nick, but then asks if she can take her home with her. Nick reluctantly, agrees. Michael calls Kevin about Lauren’s whereabouts. The body is brought out of the club. Jill, Katherine, and Lauren are still missing. As Jill and Katherine sit alone in the ladies’ room, they begin to panic and start to pound on the door for help. Sharon awakens and finds out from Nick that Adam may be dead. Katherine and Jill are found by Victor. Nick tells Sharon that Ashley has Faith. Sharon has objections, but Nick tells her that he will go after Faith when Ashley and Neil bring her and place her in Sharon’s arms. The group outside the club are told that the man in the basement was dead before the fire. Michael and Ryder discuss where Lauren could be.

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