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AMC Recap Written by Eva

David pleads with Greenlee not to testify at his trial because reliving everything that happened could cause a setback in her recovery but Greenlee knows that David is keeping something from her and is determined to find out what it is. David tells Liza that if Greenlee finds out Kendall caused her accident it could really hurt her emotionally and he asks Liza not to allow Greenlee to testify at his trial. Greenlee interrupts Jack's date with Erica to ask him help her figure out what happened the night of her accident. Jackson asks Erica to call Kendall so that she can tell Greenlee the truth about her accident, but Erica thinks the truth will only cause Greenlee more pain. Jack and Erica's date isn't going well because Erica thinks Jackson is being rude when he doesn't allow her to choose a table at ConFusion and then he orders for her. Erica later softens toward Jack when he tells her that after they made love for the first time, she told him that all she wanted in a date was that he give her his full attention and take care of her and that is what he was doing when he saw that the salmon dish she ordered had a parsley sauce which she doesn't like to eat.

Brooke encourages Adam to tell his family about his illness, because she doesn't think its right that he depend on her so much instead of Annie. Brooke also isn't happy when Adam shares that he had a dream about her yesterday and tells him to stop it. Liza isn't happy when Colby tells her she is going to get college credit for tutoring Damon for his GED, because Damon reminds her too much of Tad when he was that age and she doesn't want Colby to be hurt by Damon. Colby is determined to help Damon and tells Liza that her relationship with him is different from Liza's relationship with Tad. Tad is thrilled when Angie tell him how well Damon connected with a troubled foster child that came to the hospital. Tad and Angie and Colby encourage Damon to think about a career working with troubled kids. Damon feels like they are all trying to control his life and can't take the pressure, so he borrows Colby's car to go for a drive. Colby follows Damon and gets into the car with him because she thinks he needs to talk. Tad tells Angie that he doesn't know how to be a parent to Damon since he is a younger version of himself and doesn't even know that he is his father. Colby tells Damon to stop driving so fast and text messaging at the same time, but Damon doesn't listen crashes the car.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Kim is still very angry with Bob because she is convinced he puts his work at the hospital ahead of their marriage. Reid manages to get Bob over to Tom and Margo's for the party and Bob tells everyone about their big fight. Kim and Bob both remember important memories from their marriage in flashbacks. Barbara finds Kim and tells her about the surprise party and that Frannie is even coming to see them because she has a lay over on her way to Haiti too help with relief efforts. Barbara persuades Kim to come to the party even though she is still angry at Bob because he takes her for granted. Henry can't stop thinking about Barbara so he accepts an invitation from Katie to go to the party once he finds out Barbara will be at the party. Katie invites Alison to the party hoping to play matchmaker between Alison and Chris but Alison leaves before going inside the house because Casey is still very angry with her. Tom and Margo's anniversary surprise backfires when Margo discovers that the Minister that married Bob and Kim is in jail for performing fraudulent marriages because he was never an ordained minister. Kim tells Bob that she needs him to decide if it is wise to marry him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy literally grabs Oliver and they introduce Whip and Taylor with their first dance as a married couple. Whip then introduces his friend, Beau Davidson, to put his words into a song – You’re All I Ever Wanted. Aggie notices the quick glances between Owen and Bridget although both are sticking close to their spouses. Stephanie is hesitant about going home with Eric since Donna called and asked her not to come back to the guest house. He won’t hear any negativity and says he will get the car. Donna tells Hope that she doesn’t believe Eric will do this to her. Steffy plants a big kiss on Oliver in front of Thomas and others and declares she is ready for the fun to begin.

Oliver manages to get Aggie away from Bridget before tempers flare. Steffy teases Oliver that the guests are leaving soon, the newlyweds will be going upstairs, leaving the entire place to themselves. Donna greets Eric and is glad that he is home. She wants to fix him some supper…..only to find Stephanie is right behind him and she’ll have to set a third plate. Hope stops over to pick up Oliver. Meanwhile Steffy has changed into a hot red sexy skimpy number. Hope makes a remark of how desperate Steffy is acting. Steffy throws it back at her that she is just a schoolgirl; Oliver needs more. When he excuses himself to get his phone and they will go out for ice cream, Steffy offers Hope cake instead. She drops the knife and when Hope bends down to pick it up, Steffy gives a tiny shove to the cake and it come tumbling down on top of Hope. Steffy quips that now she can have her cake and eat it too. Donna confronts Eric that she loves him, but this is where she draws the line. She knows he was upset at her for the whole Bill and Katie takeover, but she had nothing to do with that. She can put up with Stephanie and Pam at the office but now here in her home. She begs him to tell Stephanie to go. Firmly, he tells her that Stephanie is staying.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole is suspicious of EJ in regards to what he is hiding and what it has to do with Anna. EJ is concerned, but has bigger fish to fry when he learns that Benny has been arrested. He works on taking care of that problem, but unbeknownst to him, Stefano has found Anna. He confronts Anna at the hotel she’s staying at. Nicole says goodbye to Sydney. Sami tries to convince Rafe to work on their problems, but Rafe thinks he and Sami are the problem, and that they can’t work out their differences. Sami is devastated. Victor threatens to call off the wedding when he learns Vivian told Philip about it. He later confides in Maggie about having to marry Vivian, but doesn’t tell her why. Kate learns the news about the engagement from Philip, and vows that it won’t happen. Vivian confronts her, and the two trade insults. Later, Vivian and Victor reconcile, but Victor warns her not to interfere in his relationships with his family members. Melanie and Philip sneak off to a hotel room to make love and celebrate the honeymoon they never got to take.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky and Dante question Kiefer. An angry Kiefer leaves Kelly’s. Dante and Lucky are convinced Kiefer beat Kristina. Kristina gets upset with Alexis when she (Alexis) says Lucky and Dante are still investigating her attack. Claire questions Robin about the night of Claudia’s birthday party. Claire makes Claudia look like the victim. Diane does her best to show Sonny in a better light when she questions Robin. Skye spends some time with Jax at the casino. Luke isn’t happy about it but Tracy is glowing. Maxie is feeling better but still in the hospital. Max and Milo still have their hands full on the island with Michael. Jason and Carly discuss Robin’s testimony and if it will hurt or help Sonny. Carly is sure Robin’s words will hurt Sonny. Jason says Sonny may have to leave the country. Jason worries Michael will “confess to protect Sonny.” Kiefer goes to his father and says he’s under suspicion of beating Kristina. Kiefer’s dad tells him to go talk to Kristina and smooth things over. Patrick gives Robin props for “telling the truth” about Sonny on the stand. Michael calls Kristina and she tells him what happened in court. Patrick watches and listens as Robin apologizes to Sonny. Maxie gets called to testify but given her condition, the judge and attorneys come to GH. Maxie says she saw Sonny with “a stain on his shirt” the night of Claudia’s party. Maxie says the car Sonny was in was “silver.” Maxie is asked if Michael was “in the car” with Sonny. Lucky and Dante tell Luke they’re close to “solving” the case. Luke shares the news with a skeptical Alexis. Kiefer goes to see Kristina and tells her Lucky and Dante “figured it all out.” Kiefer wants Kristina to press charges against Ethan. When Kristina refuses, Kiefer beats her then runs into Alexis on his way out of her house. Dante and Lucky question Kiefer’s parents.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Schuyler is devastated after Oliver informs him that Sierra is his (Oliver's) daughter and not Schuyler's. He secretly takes Allison's gun when she is distracted. He declares that he must get Gigi back because she is his life and the only thing that broke them up is a lie. Allison reveals to a devastated Roxy who assumes the baby she gave birth to died all those years ago, that he did not. Yet Roxy has no clue whom her son would be. Starr is really angry at Langston for putting her up to lying to Markko for her and not admitting that she is sleeping with Ford. Markko knows that Langston is lying to him about something and asks Cole what he might know and asks him to attempt to find out from Starr. Kim knows she has to break it off with Clint. So she tells him she's cheated on him after David has blackmailed her in order not to take his birthright from him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Katherine gives a “thank you” speech for everyone attending the ball. Nikki also makes her apologies that Emily is not there to give her keynote speech. Owen tells Heather that he wants a meeting with her. Billy changed his mask in order to spend time with Victoria to keep Victor from seeing him with her. Victoria and Billy dance. When Sarah approaches her in the ladies room, Lauren asks if she knows her. Sarah says “no”, even though she does. Phyllis comes in and interrupts their conversation. Lauren tells Phyllis that the woman freaked her out. Kevin, alone at the coffeehouse, gets a text message from Ryder about Jana’s whereabouts. Daisy catches Ryder texting and wants to know who he is writing to. Ryder lies to keep her from knowing he texted Kevin. Jack lets Victor and Jack know what happened to Emily. Sharon catches Adam with Faith in his arms. Sharon urges Adam to give Faith to her. Adam begs Sharon not to call anyone that this is between them. Owen tells Victor that there is an APB out on Adam. Adam lets Sharon know that he wants to take care of her and Faith. Sharon orders Adam to go, but he refuses. Kevin shows Michael and Paul the text. Kevin goes looking for Jana. Tucker asks Ashley to dance. Michael and Lauren discuss Tom and his connection with Sarah. Jana tries to get out of the box when she hears Kevin yelling for her. Jana yells for Kevin to help her. Chance and Chloe leave the ball. Billy and Victoria decide to go upstairs to a bedroom. Adam confesses all to Sharon. Nick comes in and finds Adam with Sharon.

Katherine and Murphy are surprised by Tucker’s hefty donation. Adam escapes from Sharon’s room. Sharon comes downstairs and tells everyone that Adam is in the building. Adam and Emily have a confrontation at the ball. Lauren sees Daisy and follows her. Adam calls Sharon and tells her to meet him in the basement. Victor, Jack and Nick overhear the conversation and go to find Adam. Daisy, Ryder and Sarah encircle Lauren. Everyone searches for Adam. Nick discovers a gas leak and tells everyone to get out. Chloe and Chance make love. Victoria and Billy get intimate. Phyllis gets her dress hung on a table when the club explodes.

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