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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the casino, Tad sits at a table gambling. When Tad asks for a $10,000 increase in his credit limit to be approved, Ryan okays it. Annie stops Brooke from going upstairs to check on Adam. As Jack gives Krystal a job as his paralegal, Erica walks in and hears them laughing together. Krystal gets a text message and leaves. Natalia tells Greenlee that she got her job back at the police department. When Greenlee tells Natalia how much she would have made had she taken the modeling job with Fusion, she has second thoughts about declining it, then wonders if she could do both jobs. Liza visits David in his cell and insists on using Greenlee’s testimony to save him, but he refuses. David wants to know Liza’s plan to get him off. After J.R. tells everyone that Marissa has H1N1., he also informs them about Congressman Wilton wanting him and Annie to speak to Congress about bone marrow donations. Erica thinks she shouldn’t have let Jack kiss her. Annie tells J.R. that everyone is falling all over Brooke, but she doesn't trust them. Tad and Krystal sit at a table at the casino and gamble, looking for a thief. Brooke and Adam take a walk in the park while he enjoys a cup of ice cream. Annie lets J.R. know that she doesn’t believe that his attitude has changed toward her. Caught pilfering some of Krystal's chips, the casino manager is arrested. Jack and Erica continue to argue over whether or not they should date. Jack accuses Erica of being jealous of all the women in his life.

David warns Greenlee that her presence in court will make him look as though he is guilty. Krystal blasts Liza for taking David’s case and wonders if that's why Tad broke up with her. While she's staying with Krystal, J.R. talks to Marissa on the phone to see how she is. J.R. pressures Annie until she agrees to go to D.C. with him. Adam tells Brooke that he slept well the previous night, then remembers that she was sleeping in his arms. Jack tells Erica not to interfere in his life if she won't date him. Ryan wants Tad to manage the casino, but he says he's too busy. After he chases her to her office, Erica finally agrees to have dinner with Jack at ConFusion. Marissa feels guilty that Krystal has a full house to take care of. J.R. calls the congressman’s office and thanks them for inviting him but he wants them not to let Annie know that he was behind this. Greenlee sees through David and knows that he is hiding something from her.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

As Carly and Jack kiss before she leaves, Janet interrupts them with a special envelope from a messenger. As Gabriel goes through the letters on the desk, he hears someone coming and quickly hides. Craig turns around and sees Gabriel hiding. At the Lakeview Hotel dining room, Kim and Bob celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Jack opens the envelope and finds his divorce papers. Craig asks Gabriel who he is and what he is doing there. Chris and Katie discuss Bob and Kim’s wedding anniversary. Since Katie is upset that she will never find love again, Chris assures her she will. Kim and Barbara spend some time together when Kim gets a call from Bob that he is waiting for her. Barbara gets a call from someone who will be attending Bob and Kim’s party. Jack and Janet discuss their divorce. Dr. Oliver calls Janet to let her know that there is no change in Dusty. Craig fires Gabriel . Carly finds out that Craig objects to her hiring Gabriel. Craig looks through Carly’s designs and loves them, then they hug. When Carly asks Gabriel his opinion about her designs, he honestly tells her they all look the same. Janet looks through the divorce papers and sees that there is no provision for child custody. Janet tells Jack that she wants this taken care of immediately. They discuss the baby and want to be good parents no matter what. Carly realizes that her designs are awful. Carly and Gabriel discuss Morris Calman. Carly calls Morris and finds out that Morris is not backing Monte Carlo at all. Bob tells Kim that Dr. Oliver is staying in Oakdale. Carly attacks Craig for lying to her about Morris backing Monte Carlo. When Carly demands to know who the investor is, Craig owns up that it is he. After Carly walks out on Craig, he fires Gabriel. Carly arrives home just in time to learn that Jack is taking Janet to the hospital to check on Dusty. Gabriel visits Carly and lets her know that Craig fired him. Carly re-hires him and tells him to keep his eyes open at Monte Carlo. Gabriel overhears Craig talking to Ellis about Parker and his trust fund. Jack tells Carly that the divorce papers are signed and dropped off at the lawyer’s office, then he suggests making out on the sofa. Kim surprises Bob with a cabin which is currently renovated. Bob refuses to leave Oakdale at the current time. Kim becomes upset at Bob.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge stands up and says he can’t let this happen. He has to speak up or he can’t live with himself. He tells Taylor and the entire room that he loves her and he is remembering all the memories here in this house. He feels Phoebe is here looking down on them. He knows Whip loves her and he hopes they will have new memories. He could not continue without saying that to her. Aggie reads a poem followed by an Emily Dickinson one read by Stephanie. There is a pregnant pause when the minister asked Taylor to say “I do”. Taylor and Whip have no prepared vows as they want to speak from the heart. Afterwards, they are pronounced man and wife. They kiss as the guests applaud. Donna cries to Hope that she feels Stephanie everywhere, here at the office and at home. She feels like she is being pushed out. She is afraid that Stephanie will milk this wedding for all it’s worth. Hope feels the same about Steffy.

Donna can’t help thinking about it. She can see all the stupid drinking of martinis and dancing between Stephanie and Eric. Taylor tells Ridge that it wasn’t funny that he tried to scare her on her wedding day. He says that was not his intention; he just wanted to let her and Whip know they had his blessing. As best man, Oliver makes a toast. During the wedding, Donna calls Stephanie and tells her they need to talk more about the living arrangements. She needs to do them a favor and not walk through that door tonight. Steffy makes a toast and says she takes responsibility for this match as she turned her mom on to online dating. Whip thanks them and says from that very first date he knew Taylor was the one – the love of his life and he wants to thank her for making him the luckiest man in the world. He quips now they can all go home.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie confides in Adrienne about the letter from Melanie to Nathan, and how she hid it from him. Adrienne warns her that Melanie being married may not squelch Nathan’s feelings for her. Later, Nathan tells Stephanie that he can’t date her because he still has feelings for Melanie. Vivian tells Carly, Melanie and Philip about her marrying Victor. Carly suspects that Victor is only marrying Vivian to put her on notice in regards to Bo. Adrienne warns Carly not to get comfortable with Bo while Hope is still around. Rafe questions Nicole, but she refuses to give Anna up. EJ pays Benny off to get out of town, but Rafe catches up with him before he is able to do so, and has him arrested. Nicole is suspicious when EJ questions her about what Anna told her about the kidnapping.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Luke is happy to see Skye and wants some alone time with her. Tracy isn’t thrilled to see Skye. Dante grills Kiefer about Kristina. Diane is worried because Sonny’s outburst made it obvious to the jury how he felt about Claudia. Maya goes to the Spenser house and runs into Lucky outside. Maya tells Lucky she’s in medical school and staying with the Q’s. Lucky gives her a friendly warning about Edward. Dante and Lucky are both suspicious of Kiefer. Robin gets called as a witness in the trial. The second paternity test says Nikolas is the baby’s father. Later, Helena pays off the GH employee for helping her change the independent lab results. Kate wonders if Olivia feels “compassion” for Sonny. Olivia says, “Sonny’s crossed a line” and is “a gangster.” Johnny is back on the stand and questioned by Claire. Johnny says by the time he got to the birthday party, Sonny had learned Claudia was responsible for Michael’s shooting. Johnny says he went to the party to “warn” Claudia. Dante and Lucky question Kiefer after Lucky gets some info on the party he attended the night of the beating. Tracy brings Jax to the casino to interrupt Luke’s visit with Skye. Robin does her best on the stand to make Sonny look good. Claire asks Robin what Sonny said to Claudia in his toast at the party. At first, Robin hesitates but then tells the truth about what was said. Robin admits Sonny called Claudia “a faithless bitch.” Jason tells Carly only she can turn the trial “around.”

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr tells Langston she has to come clean with Markko about cheating on him with Ford, but she has more excuses, although Markko is catching on. Schuyler is shocked to find out from Allison that Mitch is his father. Then Oliver drops another bombshell that he proves with the DNA test, that baby Sierra is his child and not Schuyler's. Blair is spending time with Eli as Dorian watches over them. Rex is devastated to find out for the first time in his life that Roxy is not his mom, and he hasn't a clue who his biological parents that abandoned him at birth.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

The Masquerade Ball gets off to a roaring start with everyone who was anybody in Genoa City in attendance. Jack tries to call Emily, but cannot get an answer. Jack begins to wonder where Emily could be. Adam and Emily carry the guard into the bathroom and leaves him there. Emily starts to call jack, but Adam gives her an injection and she falls to the floor. Adam searches through Emily’s purse and steals her money. Murphy and Chance have a talk before Murphy leaves to go to the ball. Chloe walks into the living room just as Murphy leaves. Chance tells Chloe that they need to talk. Delia begins to cry and Chloe goes to check on her. Chance waits patiently until Chloe comes back. Chance tells Chloe that he doesn’t want to give up on them and invites her to the ball. Chloe accepts. Daisy, Ryder and Sarah arrive at the ball. Daisy notices that something is bothering Ryder. Ryder lets Daisy know that he is worried about Jana. Momma Bear approaches Daisy and Ryder and reminds them of their plan. Ryder worries about their plan as Momma Bear maneuvers amongst the crowd. Victor sees Victoria with Billy. Victoria accuses Billy of trying to get her drunk. Victoria gets a call from J.T. Victoria sings a lullaby to Reed. Victoria hears Mac talking to Reed. J.T. tells Victoria that Mac had stopped by before the ball. Victor orders Billy to stay away from Victoria. Michael tells Lauren about Sarah Smythe. Momma Bear encourages everyone to try the punch and that this will be a memorable night.

Adam appears at the ball and has a small chance meeting with Phyllis. Momma Bear gives Daisy her instructions which Daisy obeys without hesitation. Daisy walks by Lauren and drops food on her dress. Paul tells Lauren and Michael about Sarah’s shady past. Chance and Chloe arrive at the ball. Mac calls Katherine to let her know that she will not be attending the ball. Mac spends the evening with J.T. and Reed. Jack questions Nikki about Emily and if she had seen her. Victoria starts to leave the ball, but Nikki stops her. Victoria is confronted by Billy, who had changed his mask so that he would not be so conspicuous to Victor. Lauren gets the stain out of her dress when Momma Bear comes up behind her. Momma Bear just watches Lauren. Paul tells Michael about the connection between Sarah and Tom. A guard finds the other guard in the bathroom. A nurse sees to Emily’s well being. Emily calls jack to lets him know that Adam had escaped. Sharon finds Adam in the room with Faith.

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