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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At home, Tad tells Angie and Krystal that Jesse needs to be called about Damon’s disappearance. Angie informs them that Jesse already knows. Colby sneaks Damon out of her house. Annie sits alone in the living room when J.R. comes in and asks about Adam. Annie says that Adam is still sleeping. Marissa comes into the room and tells J.R. that she is leaving him. Erica, Jack, and Brooke meet at ConFusion. When Jack asks Brooke to what is keeping her at the Chandler Mansion, she Brooke gets defensive and thinks that Jack is accusing her of trying to take Adam away from Annie. In the park, Jake and Amanda interview with a nanny for Trevor. Colby brings Damon home, but Tad doesn’t want to hear any of his explanations. In Erica’s office at Fusion, Opal tries to convince her friend to give Jack another chance. Colby eavesdrops on J.R.’s conversation with Annie, then interrupts them. Annie gets a call and leaves the room. Colby asks J.R. if he is willing to take this sham all the way to the bedroom. Jake and Amanda have lunch at ConFusion, but both have their minds on Trevor. Amanda and Jake both call Jane to check on him.

Annie tells Colby and J.R. about the call from Congressman Wilton’s office. Annie is completely beside herself with worry and tells J.R. that he will have to handle it. Erica asks Brooke to do an article on Amanda for Tempo. Brooke asks Erica what she's feeling for Jack. Brooke warns her not to hurt him. Marissa calls J.R. and tells him that she has H1N1. Krystal meets with Jack over a business deal and immediately starts to organize his law books. As Jack offers her a job as his paralegal, Erica walks in. Angie watches Damon with a boy. Brooke comes into the living room and asks about Adam. Brooke becomes alarmed when Annie tells him that Adam is still asleep. Brooke starts to go check on Adam, but Annie stops her.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Faith is on the computer in the living room when Lily walks in and tells her she is taking her to school, but Faith insists on walking. When Lily leaves the room, Faith steals money out of a book in the bookshelf and leaves. Faith calls Liberty and lets her know that she is on her way. Liberty insists to the doctor that she wants to go home. Molly and Holden get intimate. Parker calls Liberty to see how she is doing before he goes to school. Jack comes in just as Parker is leaving. Janet sits by Dusty’s bedside and urges him to wake up. Janet wonders who would do this to Dusty as Rocco listens outside the door. Jack insists that Janet get some breakfast. As they leave Dusty’s room, Rocco calls one of the prisoners in the jail. Lily calls Holden to stop by the house so she can tell him what happened. Lily tells Holden about the argument that she and Faith had. Lily checks and finds that Faith stole $700.00 from her. Lily wants to call the police, but Holden stops her. Janet is with Dusty when Liberty comes by. Janet agrees to go home with Liberty while Rocco offers to stay with Dusty and call Janet if there is any change in his condition. Rocco calls Janet’s uncle and tells him that it would be better if Dusty never woke up. When Jack walks in on Rocco, he immediately hangs up and lies about the phone call. Rocco pretends he thinks something of Janet, but Jack sees through him. Liberty and Janet arrive home to Carly’s. Liberty cannot believe that they are staying here. As everyone begins to panic about Faith, she walks in, saying that she brought Liberty home. Faith gets the heat from everyone including Parker, who doesn't want to hear her explanation. When Lily orders Faith into the house, she runs off. Lily asks Molly for help in finding Faith. Molly catches Faith with a cigarette and convinces her to go back home. Molly and Faith come home to Lily’s. Molly asks Lily to back off and let her handle this. Liberty and Parker argue over her leaving the hospital. Janet sits by Dusty’s bedside and urges him to come back. Jack watches Rocco’s attitude toward Dusty and Janet.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Whip calls Taylor on their wedding day; he’s ready to skip to the honeymoon. Pam gloats to Donna that she is not invited to the wedding and it’s only a matter of time before Eric gets back with Stephanie. Steffy states to Thomas that tonight Oliver will be hers as he will be with a woman, not a little girl. She literally jumps into his arms when he arrives and hints of what could happen after the wedding. Ridge tells his mother that he’s really happy for Taylor, only his face belies that. She reminds him of the happy memories they once shared here and now she will be sharing them with Whip. Whip summons Ridge and wants to be sure they are cool. He tells Ridge that he loves Taylor and is not going to try to replace him in her life or with his children. Taylor is very special and it must be hard to let that go. Stephanie is happy for Taylor, but wishes things could have turned out differently. Taylor says she is happy and today is her wedding day, so for Stephanie just to be happy for her and not dwell on what could have been with Ridge.

Donna shares her feelings with being excluded at the wedding. Hope joins in as she knows Steffy is batting her baby blues at Oliver. Brooke offers congratulations to Whip and declares they will all have a marvelous life together. Taylor reflects back on her other wedding days with Ridge. He interrupts before she has on her wedding dress. He gives her a big hug and tells her there is just something he wants to say. Brooke sees Aggie sitting besides Nick and cautions Bridget not to let Aggie get to her today. The wedding ceremony begins and at the appropriate time when the minister asks if anyone has something to say, now is the time or forever hold their peace, Ridge stands up and shocks all when he says he is not going to let this happen.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nathan tells Stephanie that he wants to start over, and the two plan a date. Daniel awakens to find he has double vision. His doctor orders more tests, and Melanie, Chloe, and Carly all worry about him. Melanie defends Carly when Chloe blames her for Daniel’s fall. Melanie then blames herself for what happened, but both Carly and Daniel assure her that it was an accident. EJ confides in Lexie about his realization that he loves Sami. Later, Arianna informs him that Nicole is back in town. EJ decides to look for her, as he is worried she may know about his involvement in Sydney’s kidnapping. Sami and Nicole get into huge fight at the pier. Rafe drags them both down the police station, and threatens to charge Nicole with obstruction of justice unless she gives Anna up as Sydney’s kidnapper. After a tender moment with Rafe, Sami begins to have hope that they may get back together.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Ethan has an encounter with a beautiful young woman over a traffic mishap. Dante wonders how much he’s like Sonny. Olivia tells Dante that Sonny “would never” hit a woman since he never hit her. She tells Dante about a time when she punched Sonny “in the jaw” and he “froze,” then “walked away.” Olivia says Sonny wouldn’t hit a woman and either would Dante. Kristina asks Carly if Sonny ever “beat” her during their time together. Carly says Sonny never raised a hand to her but they were both “emotionally and verbally abusive” at times. Carly says neither she nor Sonny knew “how to be in a functional relationship” at the time. The Q’s wait on Maya Ward’s (Edward’s great granddaughter) arrival and she turns out to be the woman Ethan had the run in with. Patrick gives Liz a ride home from Shady Brook. Luke asks Dante to help Lucky find out who really beat up Kristina. Dante agrees to help Lucky. Luke says Dante’s word will make Sonny believe in Ethan’s innocence. Later, Dante has a chat with Kristina. When Kiefer comes upon them, both he and Kristina get nervous. Dante takes note of their behavior. Tracy doesn’t welcome Maya with open arms. Patrick is angry when he catches Robin trying to talk up Sonny before Olivia testifies. Helena pays Liz an unwelcome visit at home and asks her to move to Wyndemere. Liz says she has the “independent paternity test” results in her hand. Luke tries to send Tracy and Ethan out of town. Skye returns to town and shows up at the Haunted Star, much to Tracy’s dismay.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Roxy tells Rex that she and Mitch are not his parents and that she doesn’t know who his real parents are. Fish tells Bo that he is Sierra Rose is his daughter. Alison tells Schuyler that he is Mitch and Roxy's son. Schuyler tricks Alison into giving him her gun and the baby in exchange for the antidote for Mitch, but then he throws the syringe and takes the baby. Oliver tells Schuyler that Sierra Rose isn’t his daughter.

David Vickers tells Kimberly to divorce Clint tonight or he will reveal information about her. Layla is jealous of Jessica. Cole reveals to Starr that he has been spending so much time with Hannah because he is worried about her and tells Starr about Hannah's overdose. Hannah confronts Ford while Langston listens from the other room. Langston tells Ford that Starr knows about their affair. Langston asks Ford what he thinks about her breaking up with Markko and he says she should stay with Markko.

BONUS OLTL Recap Written by Lisa

Roxy and Rex find out that they have no idea who really is Rex’s parents.  Jess continues to find a way to get in to Chris’s life and causes an argument between him and Leila over a letter he wrote to Jess in high school.  David Vickers is blackmailing Kim to divorce Clint.  Allison is cuffed and taken away.  Mitch is dying and needs the antidote to save him, but Bo is not giving the ok to give it.  Fish tells Bo that he has DNA results to prove he is Sierra’s father.  He tells Schuyler that he is not Sierra’s father and can’t take her home.  Cole and Starr tell each their recent secrets.  Hannah threatens Ford that she will go to the dean if he doesn’t stop bad mouthing her. Ford tells Langston they should break up until the semester is over.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Adam tries to unlock his handcuffs when Nikki comes to visit him and orders her to get out. At the Athletic Club, Jack reminds Emily to hurry back since she has a speech to give. Jack tells Victor that he talked to Owen Pomerantz about Adam’s case. Michael admires Lauren’s new dress for the Masquerade Ball. At home, Ashley has her doubts about going to the ball since Sharon will be there with the baby. Lauren gets a call from the boutique that a customer’s dress cannot be found. Lauren tells Michael that she will meet him at the club. Everyone begins to gather for the ball. Victor tells Jack, Nick, Phyllis and Billy that there is no way that he is going to let Adam get away. J.T. and Reed admire Victoria’s new dress for the ball. J.T. encourages Victoria to go to the ball and have a good time. Mac brings some pizza by for Reed, but J.T. says that Reed already ate and went to bed. Nikki urges Adam to tell her what happened to Victor and Ashley’s baby. Adam refuses to tell her anything and instead slurs her every word. Nick visits Sharon and the baby and asks to spend some time alone with Faith while Sharon enjoys some of the ball. Daisy joins Ryder to see what is going to happen next. Ryder worries if Jana will try to escape again. Momma Bear appears and tells Daisy and Ryder that she paid their bail. Momma Bear presents two masks and tells Daisy and Ryder that they are going to a ball. Sharon comes downstairs and sees Ashley with Neil. Ashley asks about Faith. Sharon tells Ashley to go up and see Faith. Nikki begins to lash out at Adam for his remarks until a guard forces her to leave. At the ball, Nikki tells Victor that she visited Adam, but he wouldn’t tell her anything. Billy and Victoria spend some time together at the ball until Victor pulls her away to talk to her. Michael tells Victor and Jack that someone was trying to set up Lauren. Adam forces Emily to hand over the syringe. Ashley and Neil dance together and discuss her visit with Faith. Billy and Victoria wonder if she can trust J.T. to do right by her in the custody suit. Mac encourages J.T. to call Victoria. Nick and Sharon spend time alone with Faith. Emily and Adam put their plan into action for his escape.

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