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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie wanders around the Chandler living room when J.R. comes in to join her. Erica has breakfast in an out of way diner. Brooke comes in and seems quite acquainted with the man, who runs the diner. Jake is ready to go home from the hospital when a nurse tell him that he has another patient. Jake walks into the exam room and sees Amanda sitting on the table . Amanda lets Jake know that she couldn’t sleep. They kiss. Colby finds Damon hiding in the attic of the Chandler mansion. Tad and Ryan meet up in the park. Tad congratulates Ryan for David being locked up. Greenlee brings David a suit to the jail. Greenlee lets David know that she loves him. David doesn’t’ believe that she really loves him but only said so for Ryan’s benefit. Jesse surprises Angie with a special dinner and a romantic getaway for the weekend. Angie tells him that she wants to go to the Evergreen Motel, Room 12. Erica and Brooke run into each other at breakfast and girl talk about Adam and Annie. Damon lets Colby know that Tad tried to find him a job at Fusion. J.R. tells A.J. that Annie saved his life while Marissa listens from the doorway. David warns Greenlee about his track record with women and his wish not to hurt her. After Greenlee asks David if he loves her, he confesses that he does, but it scares him. Jack urges Erica not to be afraid of love. Marissa tells J.R. about David being locked up. As Adam and Annie cuddle in bed together, Annie asks Adam to tell her that he loves her, which he does. Angie finds out that Tad is looking for Damon and tells Jesse but asks him to give them some time. Amanda worries that she will mess up as a model. Jake and Amanda make plans for the evening. Ryan decides to back away from Greenlee. Ryan runs into with Madison in the park and they decide to have breakfast together.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Liberty gets great news from the doctor her blood count is up to almost normal so she can get out of the isolation bubble. Janet is thrilled when Liberty tells her the news but tells her she can't go to Minnesota to see her right now because Dusty has been shot and is recovering from his injuries. Liberty wants to go home and be with Janet and asks parker to help her but he refuses telling her its better for her to wait until she is in remission. Liberty calls Faith and asks her to help her get back home to Oakdale.

Craig tells Johnny that if he sees the man who talked to him at school he should tell his teacher to call him right away because it is important for him to be safe. Craig senses someone following him and tells the person to come out and vows to find out the person's identity. Craig tells the person to stay away from Johnny and chases after the person but the person gets away from him. The audience sees Gabriel a short distance away from Craig.

Gabriel tells Faith that he lost his job at Fashions because he helped her steal the dress that Lily didn't want her to wear to school. Faith later admits to Holden and Molly that she stole the dress and she feels badly Gabriel got fired because of her. Faith asks Holden to give Gabriel a job at the farm but Holden is suspicious of Gabriel because Faith likes him and he doesn't know much about him. Molly saves the day by persuading Carly to give Gabriel a job in the Monte Carlo Office. Faith cries and tells Holden that she is sorry she has caused him and Lily so much trouble and when she thinks of Liberty she feels badly that she doesn't appreciate being healthy and all she keeps doing is messing up her life.

Carly tells everyone she is fine but the pressure of her situation with Jack and Janet keeps building as she fears that if Dusty doesn't survive Jack will do the right thing by Janet an the baby even if it kills him. Carly almost takes a drink when she finds a bottle of Champagne in the Monte Carlo office but she is interrupted by Gabriel who arrives for his job interview. Janet gets out of the hospital and Jack persuades her to stay with him and Carly until Dusty recovers. Carly arrives home and finds Jack and Janet there and jack asks her if Janet can stay with them. Carly tells Jack it is fine but takes out her anger by chopping up some food as she fixes something to eat for all of them.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Jackie aren’t sure what position they will find for Aggie, but they’ll find something. Aggie overhears an intimate conversation between Bridget and Owen. He tells Bridget that Nick and Jackie aren’t perfect and neither are they. He can accept that and Bridget needs to also. Taylor pops into FC and announces to all that she is getting married tomorrow. They are all happy for her. Eric even agrees not to bring Donna if that is what Taylor wants. Donna doesn’t take the news well though. And is even more non-plussed when Eric invites Stephanie to stay in their guest house if she has to move out of Taylor’s. Whip asks his cousin, Oliver, to be his best man. Then he announces to Jackie’s office that he is getting married tomorrow and like him or not, they all have to come. Steffy gloats to Hope that now she will be Oliver’s boss if he is working at FC. She latches onto Oliver and tells him that officially he is her date since she is maid of honor. Hope tells her to lay off trying to catch her man.

Steffy gives Oliver a little run through of what might happen at the ceremony. When she reaches into Oliver’s pockets for the rings and seems to be having a little too much fun, Hope steps in and calls time out. Eric tells Donna that he’s not going to have a member of his family walking around homeless when he has a place to put them up. End of conversation. Jackie assures Aggie that while she is the only single one now, her time will come. Aggie smiles and says she will just have to wait a little longer. Taylor and Stephanie have a last minute “are you sure?” talk. Neither want regrets.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami frets over her relationship with Rafe. EJ tries to convince her that it’s over for good, as Rafe will probably never fully trust her again. EJ later realizes that he is in love with Sami himself. Roman tries to get Rafe to apologize to Sami, worried that EJ is going to come between the two. Rafe refuses to do so and claims that his and Sami’s issues stem from the fact that she doesn’t trust him. Nicole and Arianna argue about which one of them Brady loves more. Brady assures Arianna that he only wants to focus on her, but calls Nicole once he gets home, telling her that they need to talk. Arianna cautions Rafe that Nicole is back in town. Victor warns Chloe about Carly, and tells her that he would rather her be with Daniel than that murdering psychopath. Daniel is rushed to the hospital due to his head injury from his fall. Carly tries to assure Melanie that Daniel’s fall isn’t her fault, but Melanie becomes angry and blames Carly for what happened. Chloe shows up and demands to know what Carly did to Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Luke and Alexis argue over Kristina and Ethan. Luke says he wants Lucky to find the real attacker. Sonny gets upset when Johnny paints him as abusive. Sonny and John continue to argue until the judge finally gets control of the courtroom. The judge issues Sonny a warning about his behavior. Unbeknownst to him, Kristina watches her father’s display in the courtroom. The judge notices how upset Kristina is but she rushes out of the courtroom. When Sonny tries to go after Kristina, the judge stops him with another warning. Later, Kristina tells Alexis what happened in court. Dante warns Morgan not to talk to Ronnie. Dante calls Carly and warns her to “keep Morgan away from all cops.” Dante promises to always look out for Morgan and Carly warns him that he better be worthy of her son’s trust or else. Jason tells Sam he needs “proof” of who attacked Kristina, especially considering the discrepancy in her story. Liz tells Steven she’s checking herself out of Shady Brook. Nikolas says Liz isn’t “ready” to go home. Tracy and Nikolas disagree on Ethan’s guilt. Luke is unhappy to learn Ethan plans on leaving town. Luke asks Ethan to wait “a few days” before leaving. The judge calls for a recess and issues Claire and Diane a warning about their behavior. Johnny tells Lulu what happened in court. Sonny tries to explain his behavior in court to Kristina. Carly tells Jason what happened at the PCPD. Diane tells Jason “Sonny is as good as convicted.” Kristina believes that Sonny “abused” Claudia.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Roxy is ready to drop a bombshell on Rex and Natalie that she just found out from Allison Perkins. She confesses that although throughout Rex's life, she believed that she conceived him with Mitch, he is not the child of either of theirs. While Allison is in the infirmary room with Mitch, Schuyler, and the baby, she reveals to them that Schuyler is Mitch's son and not Rex and that would make Sierra Mitch's granddaughter. Yet, Oliver opens the envelope with the DNA results from the hospital and learns that Sierra is his child. So he's determined to save her. Jessica wants to get Cristian back.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lauren and Michael are in the living room when Daisy comes home. Lauren informs Daisy about the toxic wallpaper they had found in her office. Daisy apologizes for the pics that she took of Lauren and Paul. Lauren tries to talk to Michael, but he walks out on her. Lauren pretends she has another headache. She takes a pill from the bottle and asks for a drink of something. After Daisy leaves, Lauren spits out the pill and calls Paul. Lauren sets up a meeting with Paul. At the hospital, Phyllis talks to Summer on the phone when Nick comes in and tells her that she is being released. Phyllis is ecstatic. A nurse calls Emily for Adam and gives her the message “Meow.” Emily leaves immediately to go see Adam in the hospital. Jack offers to go with her, but Emily insists on doing this alone. Adam thanks the nurse for doing the favor for him. Jill comes to see Adam and accuses him of using her. She also vows that he will pay for what he did to her. Michael thinks about the talk he had with Lauren about Daisy being responsible for Lauren’s headaches and for Jana disappearing. Michael gets a visit from Chance, who with the help of a laptop sends Ryder a message. Lauren meets Paul at the bar and kisses him on the cheek. Daisy takes more pics of Lauren and Paul. Ryder arrives at the apartment and is confronted by Michael and Chance. Adam insists to Jill that everything at the cabin really happened. Nick finds Jill coming out of Adam’s room. A confrontation arises between Adam and Nick which results in Nick threatening to kill Adam. Lauren catches Daisy leaving the bar. Paul takes Daisy’s camera. The D.A. tells Jack that without Dr. Taylor’s testimony they do not have a case against Adam. Jack sees Jill walk in and tells the D.A. to blame her. Emily comes to visit Adam, who pretends he has a cat under the covers. After Emily tells Adam that he cannot have a cat, she pulls back the cover and sees that it is a stuffed cat. Adam tells Emily his plan, but she refuses to help him. Adam threatens to tell Jack and Paul that she is really Patty and Emily is locked away in the psych hospital. Michael and Chance ask Ryder who is behind this, but he refuses to tell them anything. Chance arrests Ryder. Michael and Lauren ask Daisy who is behind all this, but she also refuses to tell them anything. Adam wants her to help him escape.

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