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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie asks Colby what she is up to. Adam signs for the letter at the door for the process server. Tad takes a pic of Damon as he comes downstairs in order to remind him what he looked like with a hangover. Ryan follows Greenlee to Liza’s after calling the police. Ryan stops David from leaving. Jesse arrives and takes David into custody. Krystal doesn't feel safe letting Damon spend too much time alone with the little girls. Randi offers Damon a job interning at Fusion. After the process server sneezes, Annie grabs the divorce papers out of Adam’s hand and throws them into the fireplace with the excuse that they had germs on them which could make J.R. sick. Annie accuses Colby of setting her up. Tad takes Damon for an interview at Fusion where he flirts with Randi. Brooke informs Adam that the website about Annie being the bone marrow donor is receiving lots of visitors. Brooke offers to move out if it would help things between Adam and Annie, but Adam refuses. Colby tells J.R. about Annie filing for divorce. At the police station, Greenlee asks Liza what she is up to. Ryan tries to talk to Greenlee, but she doesn’t want to hear it as she no longer trusts him. Liza goes to visit David. J.R. sees Adam kiss Brooke on the cheek. Tad tells Krystal about how Damon acted at the job interview. Greenlee finally succeeds in seeing to see David in his cell. David lets her know that when his trial is over, their marriage is too. Adam spends quality time with his family. J.R. lets Annie know that he knows that she sued for divorce. Damon tells Tad that he dropped out of high school because he can't do math. As Ryan listens from the shadows, Greenlee tells David that she has fallen in love with him.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Jack and Carly find Dusty unconscious on the floor behind the bar. Jack finds that Dusty is bleeding from the back of his head. Jack mumbles to himself, “not again.” Janet is on the phone with Liberty and realizes that this is all meant to be. Jack comes in and tells Janet that Dusty is hurt and was taken to the hospital. Craig is going berserk because he is trapped on the elevator at the Lakeview then calls Margo for help. Carly is given Dusty’s personal effects at the hospital. Janet and Jack arrive at the hospital. Janet wants to see Dusty before his surgery. Janet talks to Dusty and lets him know how much she loves him. Luke and Reid have a meeting about the new wing of the hospital. Margo and a repair man manage to get Craig off the elevator. Craig insists to Margo that someone is stalking him, but when Margo gets a call to come to the hospital, Craig suddenly thinks it must all be in his mind. Craig accompanies Margo to the hospital. Jack insists to Carly that he is going to find the man who did this to Dusty. Jack makes a mistake and calls Dusty “Brad.” Janet joins Jack and Carly and informs them that they are taking Dusty into surgery. Craig finds out from Carly that Dusty was shot. Craig notices Dusty’s personal effects and the cell phone with a pic of Johnny. Carly lets Craig know that he must tell Johnny what happened to Dusty. Craig takes Johnny to Al’s diner for an ice cream sundae and tells him the news. Johnny tells Craig about the man at the playground. Craig is alarmed that someone is stalking him. Craig urges Johnny not to go anywhere with the man. Carly accompanies Janet to the chapel. Luke and Reid are stuck on the same elevator that Craig was trapped on. Reid gets a page from the hospital about a critical patient. Luke and Reid are let out of the elevator. Luke meets Noah and lets him know that Grimaldi Industries is funding the new wing of the hospital. Noah also finds out that Dusty was shot. Thanks to the bar’s surveillance footage, Margo and Jack discover that this was not a random robbery; it had been planned. Craig feels that someone is following him. Janet suffers cramping again and is admitted to the hospital. Carly sees Jack holding Janet’s hand. Reid lets Luke know that the operation was a success. Reid gets served with papers that he is being sued for malpractice.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Lounging around in bed, Steffy calls Oliver. She flirts with him outrageously and invites him over to take care of her. He says that would be trouble and has to decline. She tells him that is okay. She likes the chase so she will catch him later. He goes to the FC office where Ridge and Brooke are listening to Hope’s top three choices for music to highlight the Hope line. They seem surprised when they find that their choice is actually Oliver’s contribution. Thomas and Steffy are shocked speechless when Taylor and Whip tell them they are getting married and must decide on the living arrangements with them and Stephanie. With Whip’s prodding, they finally manage to say congratulations. Whip suggests that Ridge be at the wedding, it’s Stephanie he is worried about. When Stephanie joins them late for breakfast and they are planning the wedding, Whip fills Stephanie in on the wedding proposal and plans.

Whip is relieved when Stephanie says she is happy for the both of them if this guy is the one Taylor wants. Of course she will move out. He must be bonkers to even suggest that she stay. She puts him on notice. He better treat Taylor like she deserves. Stephanie quips that she has a way of eliminating people. Thomas catches Steffy spying on Oliver kissing Hope. She admits Oliver is hot and this thing with Hope won’t last. He is not a teenager. Romance is in the air at weddings. This is when she will make her move with her being the bridesmaid and Oliver being the best man at Whip and Taylor’s wedding.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel tries to talk Melanie into giving Carly a second chance. She refuses. Later, she and Carly argue, and Daniel ends up falling and hitting his head chasing after Melanie. Philip warns Chloe that Carly may come between her and Daniel. Chloe vows not to let that happen. Hope tries to apologizes to both Adrienne and Justin, but both are furious with her for what she has done. Justin accuses her of bringing Adrienne to town to humiliate him. A hurricane keeps Arianna and Brady from marrying. Nicole changes her mind about giving up on Brady, and even Faye is forced to admit that Brady still has feelings for Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Luke asks Kristina to tell him who really beat her. Luke is patient as Kristina explains she thought Ethan had a romantic interest in her. Luke tells Kristina he had an abusive father. Sam arrives just as Kristina seems ready to tell Luke the truth. Sonny has a meltdown when Jason tells him the charges were dropped against Ethan. Claire sees Sonny’s rant and hears him say that Ethan must die. An unconscious Maxie leaves her body and has a visit with Georgie’s ghost. Dante and Johnny argue over Sonny. Claire goes to Jax for advice on how to set Sonny off in court. Jax tells Claire that Sonny is a “psychological” abuser of women. Johnny visits Maxie, frustrated about Olivia and Dante “defending” Sonny. Maxie listens as Johnny and Spinelli discuss her condition. Spinelli pours his heart out to an unconscious Maxie and she finally decides she wants to live. Georgie gives Maxie the choice of “going back” and forgetting why she decided to live, or leaving with her and dying. Alexis is upset to learn of Luke’s visit so she confronts him with a warning to stay away from Kristina. Luke suspects that Jason believes Ethan is innocent. Morgan goes to the PCPD to see Dante but sees Ronnie instead. Ronnie is subtle but he grills Morgan about Michael. Dante arrives and angrily warns Ronnie to stay away from Morgan. Maxie wakes up and Spinelli is at her bedside. With Johnny’s testimony, Claire is able to make Sonny lose control in court. After Johnny makes Sonny out to be a physical and mental abuser of Claudia, Sonny loses control. He yells that he’s “never hit a woman” and Claudia “got what she deserved.” The courtroom is utter chaos.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Allison holds Kyle and Roxy hostage until she learns that Schuyler could be endangering Mitch unless he gets his baby daughter back. And she's not going to let that happen. Natalie and Tea try to find them. Rex and Gigi don't know what happened to Schuyler or baby Sierra. Marty passes out and gets taken to the hospital afraid she might be miscarrying. Starr finds out that Langston cheated on Markko with Ford and is very disappointed in her. Yet Markko still does not believe what he heard alleged by Hannah that she "suspected" that ford was sleeping with Langston.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Victor, Jack and Katherine plan the masquerade party. Emily comes up to join them. Jack reminds Emily of the speech that she is going to give the night of the Masquerade ball. Sharon dreams that Faith is crying frantically and Sharon tries to comfort her when Adam comes in and tells Sharon that he has come to get his two girls. Sharon awakens with a start. Nick walks in to see what is going on. Victoria visits Phyllis. In talking to Victoria, Phyllis realizes that Victoria is seeing someone. Heather and Billy discuss the article in “Restless Style” when J.T. and Reed walk up to join them. J.T. takes Reed and leaves. Adam yells for a nurse to make a phone call for him. Adam remembers when he had Patty hid in the tool shed. Ashley and Traci come to visit Adam. Ashley tries to talk to Adam into telling her what had happened to her baby. Adam refuses to tell her anything. Sharon tells Nick that she is moving to the Athletic Club today. Nick is against her moving. Phyllis apologizes to Victoria for meddling in her business. Victoria owns up and tells Phyllis that there is someone in her life. Emily lets Jack know that she had forgotten about the speech. Mac brings Reed a book on “Pirates.” Billy comes in with Heather to join Victor, Jack and Katherine. Billy picks up Emily and twirls her around. Billy tells the group that Adam had been found fit to stand trial. Ashley pleads with Adam to tell her where her child is. Adam refuses to tell her anything. Ashley attacks Adam. Victor visits Adam to tell him that he will be taken away to jail and no one will be getting him out. Victor and Heather tell Adam that he is fit to stand trial.

J.T., Reed and Mac play pirates. Victoria tells Billy that she needs to focus on Reed right now. Adam lets Victor know that he wins. Victor tells Adam that he is not finished with him yet. Victor also lets Adam know that there will be no trace of him ever being at the ranch or Newman Enterprises. Adam calls for a nurse to deliver a message for him. J.T. and Victoria discuss the ball. J.T. tells Victoria to go and have a good time. Victoria calls Billy to let him know that she is going to the ball. Mac walks out with Victoria on the phone. Ashley stops by to see Faith, but Victor tells her that Sharon had moved to the Athletic Club. Ashley tells Victor that she had gone to see Adam. Nick lets Phyllis know that Sharon had moved to the Yacht Club. Jack offers Sharon his help which Emily resents. Emily gets a call from a nurse, who delivers a message from Adam.

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