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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Jack asks Erica to give him another chance because they belong together and he came back home because he missed her. Erica tells jack that she can't be with him because he would always put his daughter Greenlee ahead of their relationship and although Jack tries to persuade her that isn't true Erica won't change her mind.

Amanda is thrilled to sign her new contract with Fusion to be the new model for Erica's new cosmetics line but Jake feels left out and a bit like Mr. Amanda Martin. Jack senses the problem and tells jack that if he can handle being with a successful famous model there can be some very passionate benefits for him.

Brooke tapes an interview with Annie and JR which she streams over Tempo's website to promote the story on bone marrow donation. Adam is moved when JR tells Annie during the interview that he has been hard on her in the past but he is grateful that Annie was able to put her anger toward him aside in order to save his life. Colby doesn't like how slowly JR's plan to get Annie out of Adam's life is going so she takes matters into her own hands. Colby's steals Annie's phone and later snoops in Liza's briefcase to discover that Liza has drawn up divorce papers for Annie. Colby sends a text message to Liza from Annie's phone telling Liza to deliver the papers to Adam. Adam is given the papers by a process server but he doesn't know what is in the envelope yet. Colby smiles as she tells Annie she will soon be out of Adam's life.

David Calls Greenlee from Liza's house and tells her to get out of town so that she will be out of the line of fire in case he gets caught. Liza wants to use Greenlee as a witness for the defense but David doesn't like it they argue and he fires her as his lawyer. Greenlee hears Liza's voice on the phone when David calls her and figures out that David is at her place. Natalia overhears a bit of Greenlee's phone conversation and asks Ryan to call Jesse and tell him that David could be hiding at Liza's house. Greenlee arrives at Liza's and tells David to leave before it is too late but Ryan arrives and tells David the police are on their way to arrest him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly is disappointed when Jack doesn't want to go to a Monte Carlo buyer party because he wants to go to Janet's check up but she tells him to let her know what the doctor says about Janet's condition. Janet's doctor tells her the pregnancy is going well so Jack rushes to go to Carly's party and that makes Carly very happy.

Craig feels the pressure when Parker tells him that the bank called him because of high activity on his ATM card. Parker wants the password to his trust fund account so that he can check about the problem. Craig tells Parker not to worry because he will take care of the problem. Craig gets very nervous when he gets a note delivered to him at the Monte Carlo which says "nice party enjoy it while you can." Craig talks to his friend Ellis who tells him that he shouldn't worry about the note.

Faith has a meltdown when kids from school write slut on the wall of her Facebook page because she wore the sexy dress she stole from Fashions to school. Lily asks Parker if she and Faith could go with him to visit Liberty because Lily hopes that the trip will help Faith realize that she is lucky not to have a really serious problem like cancer. Faith tells Lily that Liberty is lucky to have a guy like Parker in love with her.

Janet feels hopeful for the first time in her life because she is happy with Dusty and they will soon move into their dream house. Dusty discovers that Janet's father Rocco uses his hardware store as a front for Ralph Manzo's business. Dusty tells a drunken Rocco that he will tell Jack everything unless Rocco stops interfering in his relationship with Janet. Rocco later sends a goon to kill Dusty and the goon and Dusty struggle for the gum and later Jack and Carly find Dusty on the floor of Metro in a pool of blood.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget enjoys the kisses from Nick and gushes that all of this was just because she re-hired Aggie. He doesn’t need an excuse. She laments that talking about a woman who is in love with him does not make her happy. He thought she was past all of that. Oliver finds a poem that Aggie has obviously written about Nick. He doesn’t want her to obsess about Nick, but just admit she has feelings for him. Ridge and Brooke finish dessert at the Café Rousse while discussing how fast Whip and Taylor got out of there and seemed to be deliriously happy. She asks him to admit that it must have hurt his ego just a little bit. Taylor tells Whip that tonight for the first time that she feels like she is free of Ridge. Whip says he had gone as far as he thought he could with Taylor so he needed to see this for himself.

Owen finds Bridget in a downbeat mode and suggests she just go home and get some sleep. She admits she does not need sleep……she is just trying to learn to accept this new person she is…..the one who would cheat on her husband. He moves closer and tells her there is too much at stake here, she will have to continue to lie to Nick and keep this secret. Nick talks to Aggie and thinks they should talk more about this thing with Bridget. She knows that he is committed to his wife and she will not criticize her. She knows he befriended Aggie because that is the kind of guy he is and he can’t and shouldn’t try to get her to feel otherwise. Taylor thinks she might get a trophy or something for the way they behaved tonight, but she is shocked when Whip pulls out an engagement ring and asks her to marry him. They agree that next week will be perfect. Robert asks Ridge and Brooke to have one last dance while he sits at the bar and watches as Café Rousse’s closes.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Arianna and Brady decide to get married after all, but Arianna has her doubts after the garden they were to have their ceremony in becomes flooded. She worries that the woman at the hotel was right, and that she and Brady weren’t meant to get married here. Faye shows up and manages to convince Nicole that she must move on with her life without Brady. Rafe and EJ discuss Anna’s involvement in the kidnapping. At first, Rafe is sure that Anna must have had a flunkey helping her, but later decides that someone else was pulling the strings, and that Anna was their accomplice. Later, he and EJ confront Stefano, but he claims he had no idea what Anna was up to. Rafe believes him, and decides to go to Santo Domingo to question Nicole. Thanks to Gabi, Chad accidentally learns that Will dumped Mia, even though she lied and told him she broke up with Will. Chad figures out that Mia was stringing them both along and tells her it’s over.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam wonders why Kiefer seems so upset. He claims it’s because Kristina doesn’t want Ethan to pay for what he did. Johnny tells Claire that Sonny “destroyed” Claudia so she decides not to call him to testify. Claire says Johnny warned her that he wouldn’t make a good witness. Johnny tells Claire that Dante will “protect Sonny.” Sonny says he’ll go along with Kristina’s wishes, so long as Ethan is being “watched.” Lulu pays Maxie a visit at the hospital. Alexis is hostile toward Luke. Ethan is released because the charges against him are dropped. Carly returns from the island and heads to Sonny’s house. Jason tells Carly and Sonny that Morgan, Kristina, and Molly know the truth about Claudia’s death. Lucky pays Jason a visit and the two discuss the boys. Tracy is skeptical of Ethan’s innocence. Lucky tells Jason that Alexis had the charges dropped against Ethan. Lucky fears that Ethan is now a “target” for Sonny. Dante runs into Morgan at Kelly’s and Sonny soon joins in their conversation. The two try to smooth things over for Morgan’s sake. Spinelli, Lulu, and Robin worry about Maxie’s health. Lulu confides her worry that Maxie may die in Carly. Dante tells Olivia he has mixed feelings about Sonny going to prison. Johnny confronts Dante about protecting Sonny in front of Olivia. Sonny tells Jason he’s “making some progress with Dante.” Jason tells Sonny the charges against Ethan were dropped. Sonny has a violent reaction which Claire witnesses. Claire also hears Sonny tell Jason he wants Ethan “dead.” Maxie gets a visit from Georgie’s ghost. Alexis warns Ethan to stay away from Kristina. Luke pays Kristina a visit and asks her to “tell the truth” about her attacker.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr finds out that Langston had sex with Ford and does not understand how she could do that to Markko. Langston admits that it's complicated and she wants to have somebody else besides Markko. Starr tells her she won't be able to have both guys and will have to choose. Meanwhile, at Buenos Dias, Markko overhears Hannah telling Cole and Ford that she knows that Ford got Langston in bed and used Langston just like he used her. Cole tells Markko that he knows that Langston would never cheat on him. But Markko rushes home to find out what is going on. Schuyler is determined to get his baby daughter back at any cost. While Allison keeps Roxy hostage, she has him pretend to take Mitch to the jail infirmary after Mitch has staged a heart attack. And Allison reveals to Roxy and to Kyle that only she knows the big secret involving what happened when Roxy gave birth to Rex many years ago. Todd and Kelly are determined to find out from Mitch how her mother got killed.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, Emily (Patty) is getting ready to smother Phyllis with a pillow when the phone rings. It is Nick. Nick lets Phyllis know that Faith is his and Sharon’s baby. Phyllis asks Nick how is Sharon. At Ashley’s house, Jack comforts Ashley on the loss of Faith to Sharon. Tracey arrives. In a cab in New York, Chance asks Chloe to marry him and Chloe refuses. Outside of Ashley’s home, Billy and Victoria kiss. Victoria pulls away from him by reminding him that she is still married. Victoria and Billy kiss again. Victoria pulls away from him, once again, by reminding him of the article that he had written about Adam and Ashley. Billy denies writing the article. Nick and Sharon spend time with Faith. Phyllis asks Emily why she is here. Emily lies to her and tells her that it is because of Jack. Traci tries to comfort Ashley. Emily, at home, gets a call from Jack telling her that they need to talk. Chance tries to tell Chloe that he is not Cain and he is not Billy and she needs to take a chance on him. Chloe lets him know that she is not ready to commit to him.

Chloe admits to Chance that she is scared of getting too involved with him. Sharon lets Nick know that for now, they need to be the only ones to have a hands on relationship with Faith. Sharon tells Nick that she is moving back to the Athletic Club. In talking to Traci, Ashley thinks that her child is still alive. Nick visits Phyllis and lets her know what he and Sharon had decided. Emily and Jack talk. Emily tells Jack that she wants to take his last name. Jack is surprised. Jack asks Emily about her past, but Emily refuses to discuss her past. Jack and Emily kiss. Ashley and Traci find out that she had suffered a miscarriage. Traci urges Ashley to say good-bye to her baby, but Ashley insists that she needs answers. Chance and Chloe arrive home. Chloe tries to explain, but Chance doesn’t want to hear it. Billy and Victoria make love.

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