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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda comes to the hospital to show off her outfit for Jake that she intends to wear for the photo shoot. A orderly drops what he is doing when he sees her outfit. Jake asks Amanda about her audition. Annie asks Adam hadn’t he gotten any sleep the night before. Annie asks him what had kept him up. Brooke tells J.R. that she intends on doing a story on him for Tempo. Greenlee and Madison prepare for the photo shoot auditions. Ryan offers her help. Erica and Randi arrive for the photo shoot which unnerves Greenlee. Liza comes downstairs in her apartment and suddenly screams. David sits on the sofa, reading a newspaper article. Liza wants to know how he had gotten in here. Ryan talks to Erica about her being here for the photo shoot. J.R,. agrees to give his story to Brooke. Marissa wonders what J.R. is up to. Annie questions Adam as to what was going on between him and Brooke. J.R. offers to at least try to make it work with Annie. Tad comes to visit Liza and apologize for his actions. Natalia arrives for her photo shoot auditions. Greenlee confronts Natalia and lets her know that she doesn’t’ know where David is. Annie pours out her heart to Adam about her feelings. Colby intercepts a call from Annie to Liza in which Annie tells Liza to go ahead and draw up the papers.

Greenlee looks at pics of Natalia and agrees to give her a chance. Greenlee tells Ryan that Erica had pulled Amanda right out from under her. Jack reprimands Erica for her business motives toward Greenlee. Jake checks on Damon’s condition. Tad finds out that Amanda is trying out to be a model for Fusion. Liza and David have a talk. Erica finds out from Jack that he is staying in town. Jake and Amanda celebrate her being picked as a model for Fusion. Liza agrees to be David’s lawyer. Liza urges David to turn himself in. J.R. comes home from the hospital.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Lily lets Faith know that her grades have been transferred and she is ready for school. Lily offers to take Faith shopping for new school clothes, but Faith refuses. Holden meets up with Luke at Old Town. Holden questions Luke as to how if is going after the breakup with Noah. Bob and Reid discuss the new wing for the hospital. Reid, looking through the plans finds out that there is not enough money for what Reid wants to do. Chris and Alison meet up at the hospital and they have a conversation about his being on Katie’s television program. Faith comes to visit Molly at the ranch and asks Molly to go shopping with her. Chris asks Alison for her help with the television program, but she refuses. Lily and Holden meet outside of the ranch. Lily finds out that Faith had asked Molly to take her shopping. Molly intervenes and tells Faith to go shopping with her Mother. Faith reluctantly, agrees. Reid tells Katie about the money shortage, but he knows where he can get the money. Reid goes to see Luke and is actually civil to him. Luke sees through him and wants to know what Reid wants. Reid tells him about the money. Luke refuses. Bob and Alison discuss two patients’ condition. Bob gives Alison a promotion. Katie and Chris begin a practice run of the talk show in which Chris bombs. Alison arrives to help out .Lily and Faith go shopping . Lily picks out some dresses for Faith and while she goes to pay for them, Faith steals the dress that she really likes. Molly tells Holden that she is taking a step back from them. Holden wants to know why Molly would do this. Gabriel confronts Faith about stealing the dress, but he fixes it that Faith won’t get into trouble. Alison gives Chris pointers on his television performance. Parker confronts Faith about the pills that she had left under his bed.

Faith lies to Lily and tells her that Parker was reminding her that she hadn’t’ called to see about Liberty since she had been home. Parker offers to drive Faith home. Gabriel takes up for Faith and tells Parker that the pills were his. Molly tells Holden that she wants to be his sexy girlfriend. Chris gets a call and has to leave. Katie gives Alison some helpful advice concerning Chris. Gabriel is introduced to Parker, but Parker doesn’t like him too much. Parker questions Faith about Gabriel . Molly join Faith and finds something amiss with her. Reid tells Luke about the patient, who had died. Faith denies playing Molly against Lily. Lily finds out from Luke that Faith is taking drugs. Holden arrives and Luke tells him about Faith being on drugs. Faith arrives home and hears Lily and Holden arguing over her. Lily and Holden question Faith about her taking drugs. Faith owns up to it and tells Lily that it is all her fault. Katie, Chris and Alison film “Oakdale Now.” Luke agrees to give Reid the money, but places conditions on it. Molly questions Parker about Faith. Faith comes to the dress shop looking for Gabriel.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric is caught in the middle….Pam begging to stay at Forrester and Stephanie even wanting her to and Donna insisting that he let Pam go. He says it will be his decision. He wants team players on the same page to help the company and he would like Pam to stay. Donna understands that he wants unity, but she does not think this will work. He blasts her for being able to work with Pam at the Catwalk when he asked her them to quit that show. He says he wants some loyalty from her and some leadership. It’s not debatable, Pam is staying and that is his final decision. He tells Donna that if she can’t accept that, then he is very disappointed. As she leaves, she questions what is really going on here with Stephanie. The Café Rousse is going to close after tonight and Taylor and Ridge begin to reminisce about the good old times there. It becomes uncomfortable for Whip and Brooke who singularly excuse themselves from the table. Brooke sides with Whip that the evening is a disaster. She tells him that she warned him. He came here with questions and now the answers are staring him in the face. She may have feelings for Whip, but Taylor obviously is still in love with Ridge and always will be. Taylor realizes what is happening and tells Ridge that Whip is a good man and she does not want to lose him.

Shirtless Bill is doing his workout exercises when Donna shows up in a panic and wants to talk to Katie. She cries and stammers while not being able to take her eyes off of him either. She claims this is all his fault since he was the one who took the company away from Eric and now he is out to prove a point. Bill advises her to calm down, go home and get some sleep and things will look better tomorrow. Eric will never choose Stephanie over her. Eric tells Pam that she stays, but must be on her best behavior. She agrees. The Maitre de mentions he is retiring and managing his own little ranch and says the words man and his horse which breaks Taylor up. She about has a cow in retelling the story of her and Ridge at their last wedding when Brooke showed up on her horse and the minister pronounced them “man and horse”. Eric tells Stephanie that the company has never been the same without her and he likes her around. She says she will stay, but she will never be really happy until she is back in her home and back in his heart and the only one there. The look at each other adoringly and kiss.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Justin tells Hope that he loves her, and Adrienne overhears. Both Justin and Adrienne suspect that Hope is trying hard to get them back together because she is having trouble accepting that her marriage to Bo is over. Vivian decides to marry Victor, and to break Bo and Carly up in order to psychologically torture Carly. Victor approves of her plan. After EJ and Rafe learn that Anna was behind Nicole’s pardon, EJ tries to do damage control with Sami. Rafe figures out that Anna must have kidnapped Sydney, and EJ blames himself, saying that Anna must have done this because she hates him and his family. Neither Rafe or Sami are sure that that is all that is going on. Nicole meets Brady in Santo Domingo, and he tells her that he is here to wed Arianna. Nicole is prepared to say goodbye, but Arianna interrupts the two before she can and throws a fit, telling Brady that she doesn’t want to marry him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Alexis worries that Luke will get Ethan out of the country. Lucky tells Alexis that Kristina doesn’t want to press charges. Ethan tells Luke that Lulu told him about the rape of Laura. Luke briefly explains himself to Ethan. Later, Ethan has a candid talk with Lucky. Diane strategies with Sonny before they head back to court. She’s worried about Johnny and Maxie’s testimony. Sonny is more concerned with punishing Ethan than he is about the trial. Michael calls Kristina from the island and she tells him about the beating. Carly arrives on the island just as Michael insists he wants to return home. Jason wonders if Sam is channeling her own past experience when dealing with Kristina’s situation. Olivia helps Johnny prepare for his testimony. Alexis isn’t happy when Sam stresses that Kristina doesn’t want charges pressed against Kristina. Michael tells Carly he thinks Ethan is innocent and Kiefer beat Kristina up. Luke pays Sonny another visit and begs him to get the “truth” out of Kristina. Jason tells Diane about the time “discrepancy” in Kristina’s story. Diane doesn’t want Sonny to know anything about the discrepancy while he’s on trial. Kiefer confronts Kristina about her decision not to prosecute Ethan. Jason tells Sonny to keep it together during court. Sonny tells Jason he wants Ethan to go through “the justice system.” Claire discusses some possible questions with Johnny at the garage. Sam arrives at Kelly’s just as Kiefer has a meltdown with Kristina.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Allison holds Natalie and Roxy at gunpoint so that they do not tell John that she has escaped. She has baby Sierra with her although they cannot figure out what she'd want with her now that they know she is not related to Mitch. Starr is able to put two and two together and figure out that Langston's big secret is that she's sleeping with Ford. And Markko is ready to do the same. Schuyler and Tea do not know what to do after Allison has taken baby Sierra or what to tell Rex and Gigi.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick goes to visit Phyllis in the hospital. Nick feels bad for Ashley and Victor over Faith not being theirs. Victor and Nikki spend time alone together before he goes over to Ashley’s. Sharon visits. Victoria also arrives and shows Victor, Nikki and Sharon the article about Adam and Ashley. Ashley reads the article about her and the baby in the newspaper. Ashley blames Billy for the article. Ashley orders Billy to stop it. Emily (Patty) sits on the sofa and mumbles to herself that all it has been all week is Ashley. Jack comes in and Emily (Patty) is overjoyed to see him. Emily goes off on Jack and tells him that he has been spending all his time with Ashley. Jack is surprised by Emily’s attitude toward Ashley. Emily apologizes to Jack for her comments. Chloe and Chance are on their way to New York. Chloe is thrilled. Chance reminds Chloe of the surprise he has for her and informs her of his plans for their evening. Sharon reads the article on Adam and wonders how Billy could do this to Ashley. Nick gets a call from Sharon about the article. Ashley begins to cry that she may lose Faith. Jack wonders how Emily could make this all about herself. A nurse tries to feed Adam, but he refuses to eat. After the nurse leaves, Adam begins to eat bread that he has hidden under the cover. Nick and Phyllis kiss. Jack interrupts them. Jack lets Phyllis know that Emily just hasn’t been herself. Phyllis tells Jack that they may have gotten married too fast. Emily overhears their conversation. Ashley spends some quiet time with Faith before the family gets there. The Newman family begins to gather for the DNA test results.

Nikki comes to visit Phyllis while the Newmans find out the truth about Ashley’s baby. At Ashley’s house, Jack calls the lab about the DNA test. Emily visits Adam and finds him as psychotic as ever. Jack gets the DNA test results. Victor opens the envelope and finds that Faith is indeed Nick and Sharon’s. Ashley refuses to give them the baby. After a little persuasion, Ashley gives Sharon the baby. Chloe and Chance get stuck in New York traffic. Chance gives Chloe an engagement ring and proposes to her. Billy tells Victoria that he has feelings for her. They kiss. Adam remembers a conversation he had with Patty and realizes that Emily is indeed Patty. Emily vows revenge on Phyllis.

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