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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Natalia gets fired by Jesse, so she can go undercover. At the casino, Randi warns Ryan about Madison. At ConFusion, Annie asks for Liza’s help with Adam. Annie tells Liza that she saved J.R.’s life, but they are now treating her like dirt. Annie blames Brooke for destroying her marriage to Adam. At the Chandler Mansion, Adam tells Greenlee that David has to leave because J.R. is moving back into the mansion. Brot and Jesse go over their plan with Natalia in which she will be an undercover cop (model) at Fusion in order to find out where David is hiding. David and Greenlee quickly hide when Brooke comes into the living room. Annie lets Liza know that she doesn’t want a divorce from Adam. Brooke tells Adam about her talk with Annie. David tells Greenlee that his trying to hide from the police is over. Greenlee offers to help him, but David refuses. Madison and Craig talk at ConFusion and get better acquainted, but realize they are not compatible. Madison has her eye on Ryan. Ryan meets up with Liza at the bar.

Annie lies in bed, waiting for Adam. Adam comes out of the closet and sees Annie. Annie wants to make love to Adam, but he remembers what David told him. Adam begs off sex, saying he wants to rest. Ryan manages to make Liza laugh and open up. Liza invites him back to her place, but then realizes that that was a mistake. David says good-bye to Greenlee and locks her in the attic. After Annie is asleep, Adam sneaks out of bed and goes downstairs where finds Brooke. Annie wakes up and finds Adam gone. In searching for Adam, Annie finds him holding hands with Brooke in the living room. David bumps into Liza in the park and asks her to be his lawyer. Liza tells him that she will think about it. Greenlee manages to escape from the attic.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Henry walks into the bar and orders a breakfast drink from Lloyd. Barbara comes up behind him and kisses him on the cheek. Barbara asks Henry how was his night. Upstairs, Vienna holds up dresses in front of her and asks herself why she cannot satisfy Henry anymore. Dusty brings Janet breakfast from Al’s diner, but Jack comes out of the kitchen insisting that he is cooking Janet her favorite breakfast. Carly visits Craig but finds him more apprehensive than the day before. Carly wonders what is wrong with him. Craig lies to her and tells her that he has some meetings and can’t discuss business. Craig lets Carly know that he is meeting Barbara for lunch. Jack finds out that Dusty and Janet are buying a house and this unnerves Jack. Carly walks in and asks why Jack cares what Dusty and Janet are doing. Barbara and Craig meet for lunch and to talk business. At the Metro, Vienna asks Henry to dance with her. Craig and Barbara walk in and see Henry dancing with Vienna. Liberty calls Janet to come and visit. Carly takes Janet to the airport and goes with her to Minneapolis. Vienna sits in Henry’s lap and whispers to him to take her back to the room and make love to her. Henry makes up an excuse to get away from her. Craig asks Barbara if she is trying to dig up dirt on Monte Carlo. Barbara denies the accusation. Henry watches Barbara coming on to Craig. Janet is surprised to see her father visiting with Liberty. At the police station, Jack looks at the divorce papers. While Janet visits with her father, Liberty has a talk with Carly and asks for her help in keeping Janet calm if she dies. Carly assures Liberty that she is not going to die. Dusty attacks Mr. Cane over the house and tells him what is going on with him and Janet and Liberty, but he still refuses to sell Dusty the house.

Janet calls Dusty to tell him where she is, but Rocco takes over the phone. Janet is reluctant to tell her father that she is getting a divorce from Jack. Carly offers Liberty encouragement. Barbara tells Vienna to back off from Henry. Henry asks Craig if he is on a date with Barbara. Craig lets Barbara know that she cannot win against Vienna. Vienna tells Henry about another man that was interested in. Rocco finds out from Dusty that he is engaged to Janet and they are getting married. Jack blasts Carly for letting Janet go to Minneapolis. Barbara sees Henry and Vienna kissing. Rocco sees Dusty and Janet with Liberty.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Whip that Ridge may still back out of their double date tonight with him and Taylor, but she’s keeping good thoughts. She warns him that Taylor has never gotten over Ridge so Whip should be careful if he is falling in love with her. He admits he needs to see this for himself. Ridge asks Taylor what it is all about. All she can say it was not her idea. She thinks it might be some sort of test for Whip to see if she is still emotionally attached to Ridge. She tells Ridge that she knows their time together has come and gone, and she has been intimate with Whip but he needs to know for himself that she is not attached to Ridge. She doesn’t want him to feel second best. Ridge thinks she is putting too much pressure on herself by doing this. Eric tells Stephanie that he has his muse back; he is feeling more inspirations to design. And everyone in the building and industry is happy to have Stephanie back at FC. Katie tells Bill that she does not miss Spencer/Forrester Creations at all. She has loved all the long walks at the beach and being alone with her hubby. Donna interrupts Eric and wants to rag on Pammy for not treating her with respect.

Brooke is not sure one date is going to tell Whip what he wants to know. Ridge laments to Taylor that she is doing a lot of unnecessary soul-searching. Brooke and Whip arrive and Taylor says she is as ready as she will ever be. Ridge tells Brooke that this is going to be one interesting evening. Bill informs Katie that he has bigger fish to fry. He has more big plans for Spencer Publications. Donna tells Eric that she feels like she is being shut out and that he doesn’t have time for her. She asks him to get rid of Stephanie and Pam… least Pam. Stephanie is part owner now so she can stay, but she puts Eric on the spot to get rid of Pam. Whip tells the group at dinner that he realizes this is awkward with a table full of ex-wives and husbands. He wants to make a toast to what he hopes will be an enlightening evening and to this beautiful woman who has consumed this thoughts and his dreams.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nathan confronts Melanie about the letter she wrote, but she claims that she simply wanted to say good bye, and asked him if they could be friends. Angry, Nathan hurries back to Stephanie to tell her that he wants to give their relationship another shot. Brady and Arianna prepare for their wedding as Nicole arrives in Santo Domingo, ready to win Brady back. Anna flies out of the country, thinking that she is finally free. Rafe rushes to the governor for an explanation as to why he freed Nicole. Not satisfied with the reply, he rushes home to tell EJ and Sami what has happened. Sami wants her and Rafe to make up, but Rafe isn’t sure that is possible. Later, Rafe goes to see Victor about the fundraiser, and EJ heads off to confront the governor. They both learn that Anna was behind Nicole’s pardon. Bo warns Victor that he will kill Vivian to keep her from hurting Carly. Worried that Bo will go to jail, Victor asks Vivian to call off the vendetta, offering her his hand in marriage in exchange for her complicity. Vivian claims that she will have to think about it.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Luke tells Sonny that Ethan is innocent. Sonny thinks Ethan is guilty. Luke wonders if Kristina was “confused” and offers to find the real attacker. Luke tells Sonny to stay clear of Ethan. Carly thinks Kristina is “protecting” her real attacker who Carly believes is Kiefer. Carly tells Jason she saw Kiefer mistreating Kristina at Kelly’s. Jason is skeptical about Kiefer’s guilt. Kiefer lurks outside Alexis’ house while Lucky is inside. Kristina doesn’t name Kiefer as her attacker to Lucky. Claire thinks Dante is “trying to protect Sonny” by keeping Michael out of the situation. Robin hopes Lisa won’t “be swayed” about Sonny by the media. Robin and Patrick once again disagree about Sonny. Lulu tells Ethan that Luke raped Laura. Kiefer gets upset with Kristina when she says she’s not pressing charges against Ethan. Jax confronts Carly about her visit with Kristina. Lucky and Luke discuss the possibility that Ethan is “innocent.” Sonny discusses his day in court with Jason. Kristina tells Sam and Sonny separately she doesn’t want Ethan to be hurt or prosecuted. Sam promises to try and talk Alexis out of prosecuting Ethan. Sonny tells Jason that Ethan can’t and won’t go unpunished.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Schuyler reveals to Tea that Alison Perkins kidnapped Sierra Rose and warned him not to call the police. Tea says they have to call the police because Allison probably killed the social worker she was impersonating. She tells him that as an officer of the court, it is her duty to report a crime but he talks her out of it. After the custody hearing has been postponed at Schuyler's request, Gigi tells Rex that confronting Schuyler will not help her get custody of Sierra Rose. Kimberly arrives and tells them that the hearing is a waste of time because Stacy said she wanted Kim to raise her child. When Gigi tells her that she doesn’t have a chance, she informs them that the high-power lawyers that her new husband Clint Buchanan hired have a different opinion. Dorian runs into Kimberly at the courthouse and is shocked to discover that Kimberly and Clint are married. Rex goes to the police station and tells Bo to stop Clint and Kimberly from pursuing custody of Stacy's baby. Gigi goes to Schuyler's apartment.

Todd overhears Kelley asking about tracing a call. She reveals that a man called her about her mother's death. Todd hires a private detective to look into it. Dorian goes to the Sun and expresses her disapproval of Kelly working with Todd. Jessica continues to pursue Cristian. He continues to keep her at arms length. Brody asks Cristian to keep an eye on Jessica because Alison Perkins is out. Bo and John discuss Alison Perkins' escape. Bo tells John that he thinks Alison is awaiting instructions from Mitch Laurence. Bo notices that Roxy went to visit Mitch twice in one day, so he asks the guard to identity the visitor from a picture. He doesn’t quite recognize Roxy or Alison. When he sees a picture of Alison's face with Roxy's hair superimposed, he confirms her as the visitor. Alison is at Foxy Roxy's Salon with a gun when Natalie goes there to see Roxy. Roxy suggests that Natalie come back another time but Natalie refuses. Natalie finds Sierra Rose and demands to know whose baby she is. Roxy says she is babysitting. Natalie notices the baby blanket has "Sierra Rose" embroidered on it and figures out that it is Schuyler's daughter. Roxy tells Natalie to leave, but Natalie picks up the phone to call Bo. Alison pulls her gun on Natalie and tells her it is great to see her again for the last time.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

A nurse brings Adam a brown manila envelope. Adam opens it and upon seeing its contents asks the nurse for a phone and calls Victor. Victor confronts Jill about her article in “Restless Style” and promises to make her pay. At Restless Style, Billy reads the article on the internet. Billy asks Jill to call him back. Jack walks in and confronts Billy about the article. wondering why he trusted him again. Jana runs into Ryder and begs him to let her go. Daisy comes up behind Jana. While Kevin meets Alison at the Athletic Club for dinner, Gloria and Jeff spy on them from afar. Michael looks at the pics of Lauren kissing Paul. Lauren tries to explain to Michael that she was drugged. Michael believes her explanation and offers to help her find out who set her up. Lauren gets a call from Paul about the pills that he had analyzed. Kevin tells Alison that he is married. Michael begins to have an awful, pounding headache just like Lauren’s experiences. Lauren and Michael come to the conclusion that something in the office is causing her headaches. Jack finds out from Billy that Jill wrote the article behind Billy’s back. Victor arrives at Restless Style to confront Billy, too, about Adam's article. Daisy demands that Jana be put back into the crate. Jill walks into the office and defends Billy against Victor and Jack.

Jill lets Victor and Jack know that she wrote the article. Jeff joins Kevin and Alison to see how their date is going. Gloria arrives to drag Jeff away. Michael has a toxicology report run on the materials in Lauren’s office. The reports show that there is a high toxic level in the paint. Lauren wants to blame Sheila. Michael thinks that it must be Daisy doing this to Lauren. He also begins to suspect that Daisy had something to do with Jana’s disappearance. Lauren wants to confront Daisy, but Michael comes up with a plan to make Daisy think they are breaking up in order to catch her at her game. Michael finds out that Daisy did indeed take pics of couples in the bar and that Mac saw her. Michael and Lauren let Daisy see them arguing. When Lauren confronts Daisy, she denies the accusations. Daisy orders Ryder to put Jana in the crate.

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