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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie goes to visit Tad to discuss Damon, but Krystal answers the door instead. At the Confusion bar, Damon steals, yet, another drink from Liza. Tad join them. Tad pulls Liza away for a talk to see what is going on. Damon takes another pill. At the hospital, J.R. and Colby discuss Annie and her saying that she had been the bone marrow donor for J.R. J.R. takes Colby into his confidence about how he is planning on getting rid of Annie permanently. At the Chandler mansion, in the bedroom, Annie rants and raves about how J.R. goaded her into telling him what she did for him. Annie grabs a suitcase and begins to pack. Adam doesn’t try to stop her at first. At the police station, Greenlee is brought in, in handcuffs. Ryan walks in and sees Greenlee handcuffed. Greenlee lets Jesse and Ryan know that she doesn’t’ know where David is, but they do not believe her. J.R. tells Colby his plan for getting rid of Annie. Marissa walks in J.R.’s room. J.R. tells Marissa that they are moving in to the Chandler mansion. Tad forces Damon from drinking at the bar. Brot and Natalia have dinner. Randi join them. Jack arrives at the police station, to find out what is going on with Greenlee. Greenlee asks for Jack’s help in getting her released. Jack talks to Jesse into releasing Greenlee. Greenlee realizes that Ryan was in on this. Angie tells Krystal about Damon stealing pills from the medicine cart, but he profoundly denies it. Tad brings Damon home while he is still drunk and Angie is still there to witness Damon drunk. Liza arrives and apologizes to Tad for drinking with Damon. Tad doesn’t’ accept her apology. Tad blames Liza for getting Damon drunk. J.R. asks his doctor to release, but the doctor wants to keep him a few more days. Randi tells Brot and Natalia about what is going on at Fusion between Greenlee and Erica. Brot encourages Natalia to be a model for Fusion. Greenlee goes into her office at Fusion and encounters David. Greenlee wants to know what he is doing here. David tells Greenlee that he is going to turn himself in. Greenlee is against David turning himself in.

Randi and Madison have a confrontation over Ryan. J.R. refuses to tell Marissa about his plans to rid themselves of Annie. J.R. calls Adam and tells him that he will be coming home tomorrow. Upon hearing this, Annie walks out. Angie questions Damon about how many pills he had taken. Damon refuses to give her a straight answer. Angie finds out that Damon had indeed taken pills. Tad asks Angie to keep the fact from Damon’s parole officer that he had taken drugs. Tad asks Angie to protect his son. Damon overhears and asks him what had he said. Tad denies what he said and tells Damon that he was talking about J.R. Angie decides to keep Damon’s secret. Madison tells Ryan that Craig had asked her out and if he had any problem with it. Ryan gives his consent. Brot suggest to Jesse that Natalia go undercover at Fusion to find out where David is. Jesse fires Natalia. Randi warns Ryan about Madison. At the bar, Annie encounters Liza. Annie asks Liza for her help. Greenlee arrives on Adam’s door with a huge crate. Once inside and behind the closed doors of the study, Greenlee reveals that David is inside the crate.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At Carly’s home, Janet begins to have cramps and almost doubles up. Jack and Dusty fly to help her which unnerves Carly. Craig finds some papers missing and questions Johnny if he had been around his desk. Johnny denies having anything to do with it. Barbara has a drink. Henry and Vienna come in. Henry notices Barbara sitting alone at a table. Vienna is cordial to Barbara and asks her to join her and Henry. Both Henry and Barbara refuse. Craig asks the hotel clerk, who had been cleaning his room. Carly puts Janet in hers and Jack’s bed and lets Janet wear her bathrobe. The doctor examines Janet and finds that Janet only needs bed rest for a couple of days. Barbara sees Craig, and wanting to make Henry jealous, asks Craig to join her. Barbara lets Craig know that Carly had told her about Monte Carlo. Barbara asks Craig to trust her. Henry doesn’t like seeing Barbara with Craig. Janet asks Carly to talk to Dusty and relieve his worries. The doctor tells Carly, Jack and Dusty about Janet’s condition and that she needs to prevent stress and needs bed rest. Both Jack and Dusty agree that Janet needs to stay where she is. Dusty wants to take Janet home, but jack insists that she stay right where she is. Janet lets Dusty know that she doesn’t want to stay here. Henry pulls Barbara away from Craig for a talk. Henry wants to know why Barbara is with Craig. Vienna interrupts them. Craig and Ellis discuss the missing papers from his room when Carly interrupts them. Carly wants to know what is going on.

Carly lets Craig know that Janet had started cramping and she is staying at Carly’s and in Carly’s bed. Craig asks Carly does she want to go through with this. Carly insists that no way is she giving this up. Barbara imagines herself being very old and on a walker. Barbara goes to the dress shop and buys a sexy new dress. Vienna asks Henry if there is someone else. Henry stalls to keep from telling her the truth. Vienna walks out on Henry after telling him that she is sorry that she had come back to him. Barbara comforts Henry. Henry comes to Barbara’s room where they make love. Vienna calls Henry to come to the diner to talk to her. Craig calls Barbara for lunch the next day. Barbara agrees. Someone sneaks into Craig’s room and looks at a pic of Johnny. Carly overhears Jack and Janet professing their love for one another. Carly lets Jack know that she had overheard his and Janet’s conversation. Jack lets Carly know that he is with her forever.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget and Owen are awkward with constantly running into each other at the office. They both confess that they love their spouses so what happened between them has to just remain their secret. But Bridget feels so guilty that she is not sure how much longer she can do that. Hope can’t concentrate on work; she tells Ridge and Brooke that she can’t think of anything but Oliver. Oliver crashes at his beach digs and Aggie gives him back his phone. She said she e-mailed the video to herself and she has not shown it to Nick yet. She admits she likes Nick a lot so why should she respect that marriage when his own wife doesn’t. It’s not fair that Bridget had sex with Owen and then manages to just sweep it under the rug. She is glad that Oliver has found someone like Hope to spend his time with and not worry about Aggie. Thanks to Nick she now realizes that she is good enough for any man, even Nick. Whip walks up and overhears her tell Oliver that she will tell Nick everything. Steffy manages to snow her dad that she was not at the dance to see for herself, but she thinks it is cute that Hope has a crush on Oliver. Hope realizes that Steffy has no intention of staying away from Oliver.

The Whipster congratulates Aggie for getting her job back. He hopes it does not become an impossible situation to work with Bridget. Brooke and Ridge end up in the steam room discussing Oliver and how good he is for Hope. Steffy shows Hope some videos with Oliver’s music. Just as Oliver walks up, looks like he has the job. Hope rushes to his side and makes sure Steffy notices her claim on him. Bridget cries to Owen that something in her changed that night and she can’t be in the same room with Nick right now. Owen was a lifeline to her that night, but she had no right to turn to him instead of Nick. He hugs her and says Jackie is the love of his life, but he is not sorry he was there for Bridget that night. Aggie shakes her head as she walks in on this.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nathan, still upset about Stephanie’s deception, tells her that he wants to take a break. Stephanie tells Philip about the letter, but not what was in it, and warns him to watch out for Nathan. Philip isn’t concerned. Melanie confides in Maggie about her feelings for Nathan, and Maggie advises her to make a decision as to who she wants to be with. Nathan confronts Melanie about the letter, and she agrees to tell him what it said. Adrienne returns to town when Hope calls to tell her that Justin is in trouble. Justin tells Adrienne that Hope just wants the two to make up. Adrienne is furious with Hope and tells her to butt out of her life. Anna takes compromising photos of the governor while he is sedated, and blackmails him with them. Meanwhile, Nicole prepares to tell Rafe that Anna is the kidnapper. The governor calls at the last minute with a pardon. An elated Nicole claims Kate was the kidnapper, but Rafe doesn’t buy it. Nicole learns Brady is in Santo Domingo and plans to find him to talk about their future. Rafe confronts the governor about pardoning Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason tells Lucky about the “discrepancy” in Kristina’s story. Jason says Kristina’s story doesn’t “match up” with Sam’s. Lucky is skeptical of Ethan’s guilt so he heads to GH to question Robin, Patrick, and Epiphany. Patrick thinks Ethan is guilty. Carly tells Alexis she thinks Kristina possibly “made a mistake” pointing the finger at Ethan. Kristina is visibly upset and Alexis blames Carly. Alexis tearfully turns to Jax for support. Luke says he will “stand by” Ethan, no matter what. Robin continues to worry about Maxie’s health. Patrick does his best to cheer Robin up. Dante testifies that he accidentally shot himself. Johnny gets ready for his own testimony and gets very angry in the process. Dante testifies that he thinks Michael “witnessed” Claudia’s murder. Later, Claire and Dante argue over Michael. Diane says it doesn’t look good for Sonny “to keep Michael in hiding.” Lucky pays Kristina a visit after he leaves the hospital and she starts to tell him what happened when she went to the Haunted Star to see Ethan. Kristina refers to her attacker as “he.” Lisa tells Patrick some details about the trial. Robin comes upon the two of them talking. Carly goes to Jason and says she’s certain Kristina lied about Ethan. Luke heads to the house to see Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Allison has knocked Schuyler out and taken baby Sierra right before the hearing. Tea struggles to find out what is up. Allison takes the baby to see Roxy and asks if she remembers something very similar happening when Rex was born. Jessica is still determined to get Cristian back. John and Marty announce that they are having a baby. There is an audition in the high school for the musical that Langston wrote about Cole and Starr. Both Destiny and Dani sing a song and audition to play the role of Starr.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Katherine has a meeting with Neil, Victor and Jack about Jabot. At the coffeehouse, Kevin is on the phone with Lauren, urging her to tell Michael the truth about the pictures. Lauren tells Paul that she is going to tell Michael about the pictures. Ryder gives Jana something to eat. Gloria tries to match Kevin up with Alison, who lives down the hall from her. Victor offers to give Jabot back to Katherine. Ashley lets Tucker know that she may lose Faith. Gloria tells Kevin all about Alison. Michael gets a call from Lauren and tells her he has a meeting when she asks for him to come to her office. Daisy, hiding in the shadows, watching Michael leave the coffeehouse. Tucker takes pictures of Ashley and Faith. Katherine refuses to take Jabot back. Kevin refuses to take out Alison. Daisy lets Jana know that Kevin is moving on with his life. Jana begins to go berserk in her cage. Lauren tells Paul that she will take all the blame for what happened. Michael meets with Victor, Neil, Jack and Katherine, and distributes some brown envelopes. When they open the envelopes, they find that they are the pictures of Lauren and Paul. Victor tells Michael that this will not leave this room. Michael promises that he will get to the bottom of this. Paul tries to calm Lauren down and suggests that someone may be setting her up and drugging her. Paul asks for the pills so that he can have them analyzed. Neil visits Ashley and finds Tucker there. Jana tries to escape from her prison. Tucker has a meeting with Katherine, Victor and Neil. Michael confronts Paul and Lauren with the pictures. Michael stops being Paul’s attorney. Kevin agrees to go out with Alison. Daisy and Ryder see that Jana is gone. Making her way through the tunnels, Jana hears Ryder yelling for her and comes face to face with him.

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