Monday 3/22/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse is at the police station when Jake arrives, holding an ice pack to his jaw. When Jesse asks what happened, Jake claims he fell over some toys. At the Chandler mansion, David warns Adam about his wife’s fidelity, but Adam insists that he trusts his wife. At the hospital, Annie blurts out that she was the one who donated her bone marrow to save J.R.’s life. J.R. begins to laugh because he doesn’t believe Annie, then he yells for her to get her out of his room. Angie confronts Damon about stealing some meds off the medicine cart, but he is reluctant to give her an answer. Liza asks Tad if he is dumping her. As they argue, Liza throwing up to Tad that he slept with her mother. Scott comes in and helps J.R. back to bed, then demands that Annie leave. Adam finds that his liquor has been removed. Brooke insists that he needs to take care of himself. Adam apologizes for his rudeness toward Brooke. Damon empties his pockets, insisting he didn't take any pills, so Angie believes him. After Angie leaves. Damon takes one of the pills he stole. Tad and Liza argue over Krystal and her knowing that Damon is Tad’s son. Annie arrives home and is not happy to hear that Adam has gone to the hospital. Jake gives Jesse helpful advice on how to get the upper hand on David. Adam tells Scott, Colby, and J.R. that Annie did indeed donate her bone marrow donor. J.R. reprimands Adam for letting Annie be his donor, because he will now be forever be in her debt. Annie blames Brooke for confusing Adam. Brooke accuses Annie of only caring for herself. Brooke wonders if Annie really does love Adam. David listens to their conversation. David sneaks out of hiding to call Greenlee but can't find her. Angie tells Jesse that Tad needs to tell Damon he is his father. Liza and Damon run into each other at ConFusion. Tad tells Jake that he is Damon’s father. Jake thinks Tad should find Liza and make things right with her. Damon asks Liza what is wrong . J.R. takes Colby in to his confidence. When Adam confronts Annie about what she told J.R., she feels unappreciated and starts packing to leave. Adam wonders if she just wants him to beg her to stay. David hears on TV that Greenlee has been arrested for aiding and abetting him. David comes out of hiding. While Tad watches, Damon manages to steal two shots from Liza.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly would like to go public with she and Jack’s reconciliation, but Jack is a bit more hesitant because he is still married to Janet. Carly tries not to be annoyed when she reminds him that Janet is already engaged. Lily lashes out at Molly when they can’t find Faith. Holden tries to diffuse the situation and tells them that he is going to look for Faith, as Lily tells him that she is going too. Faith shows up unannounced at Parker’s. She lies about being out of school for a few days and asks to stay with him. However, when Lily and Holden arrive at Parker’s house, she freaks out and Parker wants the truth. Faith downplays the suspension and pot smoking, but Parker thinks she is acting stupid. Faith plays on his guilt and he finally agrees to hide her. Jack, Holden and Lily go to the station to try to find Faith. Carly later tells Parker how proud she is of him and how much he has grown up recently, which makes Parker feel terrible causing him to make a phone call. Carly and Molly talk about relationships, as Molly lashes out frustrated. She wonders if Carly has got her head in the clouds when it comes to Jack walking away from Janet. Dusty wants Janet to marry him immediately, but she wants to go through the proper channels and that may take time. Dusty has an alternative; he wants them to go to Santa Domingo and she can get a quickie divorce. Janet is very hesitant at first, but Dusty convinces her to be happy and move on with her life so they throw caution to the wind. Janet doesn’t want to face Jack so she texts him their plans. Faith is about to light up a joint when Parker comes back in his room, forcing her to hide the baggy under his bed. He tells Faith she can hide out better at the farm; when they go there, however, Holden and Lily are waiting. Faith feels betrayed by Parker. Holden and Lily talk about what is going on with her and an aggravated Faith explains that she never fit in and will not go back. Holden allows her to stay home, but he wants her to promise never to do drugs again. Lily wants to work on her relationship with Faith, but she asks her not to be friends or turn to Molly. Faith is furious thinking that she just wants their relationship to improve to one up Molly, as Faith stomps off. Lily goes to see Molly and lays down the law; she tells Molly to stay away from Faith. Molly won’t do that; she offers her help with Faith because she lived through it with Abigail. Lily doesn’t accept and Molly is sure this is about her and Holden’s relationship; she wants her to butt out. Faith tells Holden about Lily‘s demands for her to stay away from Molly. Holden is surprised but asks Faith to cut her mom some slack because she is just worried about her. Dusty and Janet are blissfully on their way to the airport to go to Santa Domingo when Jack arrives home and sees Janet’s text. He is enraged, as Carly doesn’t understand why this is bothering him. He thinks it was not right for her to do this without speaking to him; she is carrying his baby after all. Carly stomps off when Jack gets on the phone promising he will stop this. Later, an irate Janet and Dusty arrive at Carly and Jack’s wondering why Jack had the plane grounded. Carly is surprised he did that, as a casual Jack explains that he won’t be left out of the loop of his marriage and his baby. The discussion escalates with Dusty and Jack fighting, but they are interrupted when Janet screams out in pain holding her stomach and telling them it is the baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie senses that something is weighing heavily on Owen’s mind and asks if he wants to tell her about it. She’s glad that he was able to comfort Bridget about losing Aggie’s baby, but it seems to be taking so much out of him as well. Aggie stands and looks at Nick and Bridget all entwined in each other and asks Bridget if she wants to tell Nick or should she….. just what his wife is up to and capable of. Nick stops Aggie and says his tolerance level is drained and he doesn’t want to hear any more. They all are losers in this game. He’s sorry but they all lost this baby and he wants the animosity between them to stop now. He asks them to put themselves in the shoes of that baby….. what it would think how these two once good friends are now acting. Behind stage Steffy spies on the high school dance. Marcus catches her and teases her about it. He warns her about setting her sights on Oliver since he really seems to be into Hope. He introduces her to his current girlfriend.

Steffy feels so dumb and frustrated in being interested in a guy so turned on by Hope, yet she keeps going back and watching them through the curtains. Aggie still keeps wanting to tell Nick the truth. He still insists that he knows the truth and he wants them both to rise above this. He’d like Bridget to give Aggie back her job. Aggie agrees that it was good here, like a family, until the end. She glares at Bridget and says she would not have done what she did, but she realizes everyone deals with grief in different ways. She will accept the job and hopes they won’t ever be enemies again.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

The governor refuses to grant Nicole a pardon. Anna, undaunted, comes up with a new plan, finds the governor’s hotel room, and drugs his drink when he orders room service. Nicole, worried that Anna won’t be able to get the pardon, calls Rafe and tells him that they need to talk. Lexie overhears Theo saying that Sydney was with EJ the whole time. EJ, worried, tells Lexie that he thinks Theo just misunderstood Johnny. Lexie suspects that Stefano might have been behind Sydney’s kidnapping, and that Johnny saw or heard something. Rafe refuses to write Sami a recommendation for a job at the FBI, claiming that she would never pass the background check. Sami, furious, insists that she and Rafe take a break. EJ is there to comfort her, and she thanks him for being so great since Sydney’s return. Will dumps Mia for stringing both him and Chad along. Mia taunts Gabi over the fact that Chad broke up with her. Arianna and Brady decide to elope in secret thanks to a suggestion from Gabi. Bo calls Vivian down to the station to warn her to stay away from Carly. Daniel is unconvinced of Bo’s ability to keep Melanie and Carly safe, but Carly defends him. Vivian hatches another plan and has Gus start researching poisons.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason tells Carly he’s suspicious about Kristina’s story. Sonny’s trial begins. Diane gives her opening statement and stresses that Sonny “acted” to “protect” Carly and the baby. Dante gets called to testify at the trial. Carly tells Jason Kristina could very well be lying about Ethan. Sam finds Ethan with Kristina so she calls the police. Ethan takes off. Later, Lucky gets upset with Ethan and arrests him. Lucky tells Elizabeth he knows Nikolas is the baby’s father. Maxie is closely monitored at GH. Liz has separate talks with Nik and Lucky. Carly pays Kristina a visit and they discuss Ethan. Carly urges Kristina to tell the truth just as Alexis comes home. Robin tells Patrick she’s concerned about Maxie’s health. Spinelli presents Maxie with a picture book of their relationship on his computer. Lisa, Alice, and Coleman sit on the jury during Sonny’s trial. When Dante arrives at the courthouse, he calls Sonny a “criminal” to his face. Lucky tells Jason the paternity test results. Jason tells Lucky he thinks Ethan may be innocent. Luke shows up at the PCPD to see Ethan. Dante takes the stand at Sonny’s trial.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Allison has gained access to Schuyler's home by having him believing she's the social worker, she pulls a gun on him and reveals that she is going to take his baby. She drugs him so he cannot get up and she takes baby Sierra out the door. Gigi asks Rex to marry her and tells him she wants them to get back what they had. He tells her he wants to help her get custody of the baby but getting married won't work at this time for him after all they've been through and the trust issues they have. Langston is, once again, tempted by Ford. But he's already found another bed partner. Cole is spending time alone with Hannah who reveals to him that it was Ford who used her for sex and made her suicidal. Blair decides she wants to have a proper date with Eli and get to know each other beyond sex partners. He enjoys talking to her. Tea appears jealous. Brody plays basketball with Jessica determined to win so that he can get her to go out with him. At first, she has no interest in him and only has Cristian on the brain. But she seems to enjoy interacting with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Outside of Patty’s padded cell, Michael and Paul prepare for her appearance in court. Paul finds Patty panicking over the injection that Emily gave her the night before. Emily stands in front of a mirror and prepares her statement for the judge that Patty not be released. Victoria and Victor discuss the DNA test that Ashley agreed to. Victor lets Victoria know that Ashley let Sharon hold the baby. Victoria informs Victor that J.T. is suing her for full custody of Reed. At the bar, J.T. is on the phone when Mac walks in and joins him. J.T. tells Mac that he just cannot make Victoria out to be a bad mother. Chloe meets up with Chance at the hospital, standing outside of Adam’s room. Chloe wants a clue as to the special plans that Chance has for them, but he refuses. All Chance will tell her is that she will find out soon enough. Chance goes into Adam’s room to question him. At Restless Style, Jill is on the phone when Billy walks in and tells her that Ashley’s baby is really Nick’s and Sharon’s. Jill wants to write a story about Ashley, but Billy stops her in her tracks. Adam tells Chance the whole story of what the Newmans and the Abbotts did to him at the cabin. Adam tells Chance that he wants the Newmans arrested. Jack interrupts Emily practicing her statement in front of the mirror. Jack can’t understand why she would even have to practice. Jack tries to get Emily to let this go, but she refuses. Victoria asks Victor not to get involved in this lawsuit with J.T. Chance joins Chloe at Restless Style” Chloe thinks that Chance came to tell her the plans for the night, but he only brought Delia’s pacifier. Billy tells Chloe to get to work on what they were discussing. Chance asks Billy what they did to Adam. Jack gets a summons to appear in court to testify on Patty’s behalf.

Billy gives Chance his statement about what happened at the cabin with Adam. Jill visits Adam to get him to tell her what happened at the cabin. Patty’s hearing begins. Michael asks for Emily to be removed from Patty’s case. Jack testifies on Patty’s behalf. Chance also questions Victor about what happened at the cabin. Patty pretends that she is going to be sick so the guard will leave her side and she can run into the courtroom. Patty yells out for Jack. Adam insists to Jill that he is innocent. Jill promises to get Adam’s story out. After the hearing, Michael tells Paul that it is not over. At home, Jack finds it strange that Patty mentioned going ice skating. Adam has a nurse throw away the annulment papers. Jill begins the story about Victor.

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