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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie, looking around in the tunnels, listens to Adam’s conversation with Brooke. Annie hears a noise and screams, running into the room where Adam and Brooke are. Tad asks Krystal how he can just keep quiet about Damon being his son. Krystal asks Tad why Liza talked to Hillary in the first place. Liza advises Colby to stay away from Damon. Damon stops Angie from calling his parole officer. Angie visits J.R. and gives him a good report. Adam asks Annie what she saw. Krystal tells Tad that Opal gave her a warning about Liza and her jealousy. Krystal suggests to Tad that he track down Hillary. Damon walks in and tells Tad that he has once again messed up at the hospital. Annie confronts Adam and Brooke about what they were talking about. Brooke accuses Annie of spying on her and Adam. Tad offers to help Damon. Tad confesses to Damon that his parents are in Europe. Imagining that Adam will leave her for Brooke, Annie refuses to work with her today. Liza tries to see Tad but is met at the door by Krystal. Angie asks Adam if he isn’t’ ready for a cardiac check. Adam blows her off by telling her that he has it under control. Adam visits J.R. and suggests that he move back home. Scott asks Annie what is going on. Annie begins to rant and rave about Brooke trying to take over the household. Annie asks Scott if he still cares about her. David listens from inside the tunnels. Adam lets it slip how much Annie has done for him. J.R. calls Annie and tells her to come to the hospital. David tells Adam what has been going on between Annie and Scott. Adam begins to have chest pains. Damon steals a bottle of medication from the medicine cart at the hospital. Tad accuses Liza of being jealous and breaks up with her. When J.R. confronts her, Annie admits that she was his bone marrow donor.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

ATWT is not airing today.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

No new episode airing today.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Anna runs into the governor at Victor’s mansion and asks him for a pardon for Nicole. He refuses. Anna then works on seducing the man to get him to agree. Daniel suggests that he and Chloe attend therapy together. Chloe confides in Nicole about it, and Nicole advises her to keep reminding Daniel of what Carly did to him so that she can hold on to him. Vivian threatens to do harm to Carly, but Daniel intervenes, warning her to never threaten Carly or Melanie again. Vivian threatens to take him out too, but Daniel dares her to try. Cowed, Vivian rushes off to give the news about Carly’s exoneration to Victor. Brady and Arianna break the news of their engagement to Sami and Rafe. Brady counsels Sami not to let EJ live at her house. Sami ignores his advice and later, asks Rafe for a letter of recommendation for a job opening at the FBI. Rafe refuses to write one for her. Lexie accuses EJ of living with Sami because he has feelings for her, but EJ refuses to admit it. Later, Theo tells EJ that Johnny told him his secret--that Sydney was never gone, and was safe with EJ all along.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Dante gets settled into his new apartment. Ethan goes to the penthouse to see Jason. Carly finds Sonny an emotional and physical mess when she goes to check on him just before the trial. Sonny says Kristina’s beating has taken him back to his abusive childhood. Sonny says he blames himself for not being around to warn Kristina about the dangers of abusive men. Kristina gets emotional when Kiefer comes to visit. Jason is still unsure of Kristina’s story. Sam vows to support Kristina no matter what. Carly does her best to console Sonny. Claire asks Diane if Sonny skipped town since he’s not at the courthouse yet. Spinelli and Lulu worry about Maxie’s health. Robin says Maxie’s test results aren’t good and puts her on oxygen. Dante tells Olivia he appreciates what a good mother she’s been. Alexis gives Ethan a piece of her mind then says there’s a restraining order against him. A number of people gather for jury duty, including Coleman, Alice, and Lisa. Sonny gets to the courthouse and is surprised to see Kate kissing Coleman. Carly tells Jason how disheveled she found Sonny. Jason worries that Sonny may suffer a “breakdown.” Jason tells Carly about the “discrepancy” in Kristina’s story. Ethan goes to Kristina and asks her why she lied. Sonny’s trial begins.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tea is determined to win the case for Schuyler. But Eli is determined to win the case for Gigi. He has a social worker come by to inspect Schuyler's home to see if he's fit to raise a baby, assuming he will fail their inspection. Yet unknown to everybody, Allison knocks out the social worker, takes the badge, and tells Schuyler she is from Child Services. She reveals she knew his mother, and she pulls a gun on him. Jessica cannot let go of Cristian. Blair is still not over Todd and Eli is tired of being "used". She later decides to go and reconcile with him. But it's too late. He is ready to spend the evening with Tea. Todd is determined to get Kelly to work with him. But she is going to fight him for his office.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Patty (Emily) lies on her bed at the psych hospital. Paul comes to visit her. Patty (Emily) wants to know if he had gotten back the results of the DNA, but soon finds out that he had not even had the test run. Paul immediately goes to see the doctor about Patty’s (Emily) condition. At the hospital, Adam has a meeting with Emily (Patty) who tells him that she is his court appointed psychiatrist. Emily (Patty) remembers when Adam had hidden her in the tool shed on the Newman property. Sharon thanks Ashley for letting her hold the baby. Phyllis is brought into the hospital on a stretcher. Nick gets a call about Phyllis and her accident .Amber tries to get Daniel to talk, but he is preoccupied. Daniel gets a call from a nurse about Phyllis and her accident. Neil, Devon and Malcolm question Lily as to where Cane had gone. Michael interrupts their meeting . Billy, on the phone, gets a surprise visit from Cane, who lets Billy know that Lily’s cancer is back. Cane asks for Billy’s help. Lily tells the family that her cancer is back and is spreading. Everyone begins to arrive at the hospital to check on Phyllis. Jack tells the group that Phyllis had been at the cabin. Victor suggests to Ashley that she should have the DNA test done tonight. Ashley lets him know that she is not prepared to say good-bye to Faith tonight. Adam suggests to Emily (Patty) that he be institutionalized. Emily (Patty) promises to do what she can. Billy arrives at the Immigration office and hugs Lily. Billy whispers something in Lily’s ear. Neil notices that Billy wasn’t’ a bit surprised when they told him that Cane had escaped. Ashley and Victor arrive at the hospital.

Michael tells Neil, Devon and Malcolm how that Cane had really messed up. Neil lets Michael know that Billy knows where Cane is. Billy reunites Cane and Lily. Adam and Sharon have a conversation about how much he loves her. Sharon asks Adam to tell her where her baby is. Adam refuses. Emily (Patty) tells Jack that she had been court approved to evaluate Adam’s condition. Emily (Patty) gets a call from Fairview. Emily and Patty have a confrontation. Paul lets Emily know that he doesn’t want her treating Patty. Neil confronts Cane and Lily. The men from Immigration arrive and arrests Cane . Michael gets a call about Phyllis. The preparations are made for the DNA test. Emily (Patty) gives Patty (Emily) an injection which will affect her performance in court the next day.

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