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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In her office at Fusion, Erica covers up a pic of Greenlee. Erica signs the final papers for her deal with Greenlee. At the hospital, Angie and Krystal discuss how much J.R. has improved. Angie and Krystal also discuss how that Damon is Tad’s son. A volunteer comes out of the supply closet, clinching her clothes close. Damon comes out, smiling and is startled when he sees Angie and Krystal watching him. At home, Tad and Liza argue over Tad’s not being able to talk to Hillary about Damon. Tad finds out that Hillary has gone out of the country with her husband. Tad gives Liza the brush off which upsets her. In his bedroom at the Chandler mansion, Adam refuses to help David regain his medical license. Annie begins to pound on the door for Adam to let her in. Adam tells her that he is on a business call. Greenlee and Madison arrive at the casino. Greenlee lets Madison know that her job is saved. Greenlee finds out from Ryan that he has just purchased the casino. Greenlee asks Madison did she know. Annie continues to pound on the bedroom door and demands to know who is in there with Adam. Angie questions Damon as to what he was doing in the supply closet with one of the volunteers. Tad asks Liza what had she been doing in Ohio. Liza questions Tad as to what is going on. Tad confesses that Damon is his son. Adam denies to Annie that anyone is in there with him. Erica finds out from Randi that Greenlee has planned her photo shoot at the casino. Erica calls Craig and he tells her that Zach had sold the casino. Angie advises Krystal to be careful of Liza. Liza calls Damon and cancels their luncheon. Damon is upset and tells Colby that Liza had cancelled their luncheon in which he was getting to see pics of his son. Damon expresses how that he hates his job at the hospital. Colby offers her help. Erica calls Ryan about him letting Greenlee use the casino for the photo shoot. Greenlee tells Erica to stay out of her business. Annie finds Brooke in the living room, getting a fresh start on the day. Brooke lets Annie know that she had talked to Lucretia in planning Adam’s meals.

Greenlee opens up to Ryan about David . Tad and Krystal discuss Hillary being out of the country with her husband. Annie searches Brooke’s cell phone when Adam walks in. Annie, pretending to get Adam a sweater, goes to their bedroom and sees the door open to the tunnels. Annie roams around inside the tunnels. David sees the glimmer of the flashlight and hides. Liza advises Colby to stay away from Damon that she doesn’t want Colby involved in the fallout .Adam advises Brooke to keep Annie busy at Tempo. Brooke demands to know why. Annie hears something inside the tunnels and gets scared. Annie overhears Adam tell Brooke that Annie must never know what they are doing .

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

No new episode airing today.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

No new episode airing today.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole asks Anna to obtain a pardon for her from the governor, whom Anna dated years ago, in exchange for her silence about Anna’s role in Sydney’s kidnapping. Anna agrees to do so and learns of a fundraiser for the governor at Victor’s house. Kate is thrilled to be able to tell Vivian about Melanie exonerating Carly. Vivian, furious, confronts Carly about not holding up her end of the deal. Philip interrupts an argument between Melanie and Carly, and takes Melanie to their new home, Maggie’s house. Melanie is pleased to learn that she and Philip will be living with Maggie and assisting her due to her illness. Later, Maggie tries to get Melanie to see that Carly will be a part of her life whether she likes it or not, but Melanie thinks Maggie is the only mother she needs. Chloe confronts Carly about Daniel, and Daniel interrupts. Later, Daniel is furious when he overhears Chloe telling Philip that she is lying to him about something. Daniel confronts her about it.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Ethan’s DNA is on Kristina’s test. Ethan tells Lulu he would never hit a woman – she wants him to stick around so he doesn’t look “guilty.” Dante shows up on the island because he’s sure Michael is there, but Max and Milo won’t reveal anything. Things are tense between Elizabeth and Nikolas. Nik says he ordered another test “from an independent lab.” Claire meets with the mayor and wonders if he’s under Sonny’s thumb. Sonny isn’t happy to find Jason questioning Kristina. Later, a visibly upset Kristina begs Sonny not to hurt Ethan. Alexis arrives just as Kristina gets hysterical with Sonny. Michael listens as Dante tells Max and Milo about the subpoena. Kate pays Coleman a playful visit. Coleman wonders if Kate can get him out of jury duty. Tracy tries to track a missing Luke down. Jason tells Sam the timeframe for Ethan’s arrival at the lake house is off. Alexis and Sonny argue and she tells him in no uncertain terms “not to lay a hand on Ethan.” Lulu asks Jason to spare Ethan’s life. Jason says he wants to learn the “truth” about what happened. Nik comes home to find Helena waiting for him. She pretends to be surprised to learn the baby is a Cassadine. Sam physically attacks Ethan but he doesn’t fight back. Jason arrives and misreads the situation. Kristina tells Alexis she doesn’t intend on pressing charges. Jason says Ethan is “safe” for now and only because of Luke and because he didn’t “run.” Kristina has a flashback of the beating. Dante tells Sonny that Claire has a solid case against him, even without Michael’s testimony.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Langston admits to Starr that she is envious of Starr and Cole's relationship that seems to be complete. Yet she doesn't let on as to why she is not complete with Markko. Meanwhile Cole helps a distraught Hannah who was popping pills over the hurt of being forgotten by Ford. Jessica relives when she first met Cristian and they started dating years ago as high school students. He remembers but urges her to know they've both moved on. Bo and Nora are successfully together. Yet Brody is incomplete with Jessica's present state. Oliver appears happy. John is incomplete with the fact that Marty is pregnant. Layla wishes Jessica would get over Cristian. And Natalie is not certain what to do with John. Blair and Kelly argue and appear competitive while Todd is determined to get Kelly to work with him on the Sun.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

No new episode airing today.

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