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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad reads the DNA results and finds out that Damon is his son. Angie confronts Damon about his finding the pills in the garbage. Damon has cruel remarks to say about Angie until he finds out who she really is. Jake join Ryan at the bar at Confusion. Amanda works behind the bar when Gary gets too friendly. Jake reminds Gary that Amanda is his wife. Jesse and his officers search the Chandler mansion for David, but cannot find David. Greenlee reminds Adam of his deal with David. Adam notices that Greenlee cares for David. Madison tells Ryan that she messed up and Greenlee will probably fire her. Jake finds out that Ryan is buying the casino from Zach. Tad lets Krystal know that Damon is his son. Angie gives Damon another chance to prove himself. Angie calls Frankie to discuss the pills. Amanda tells Jake that she wants to go back to work at Fusion. Amanda asks Madison for help and Madison tells her to talk to Greenlee about the new product line and modeling. Jake is against Amanda going back to work. David and Greenlee kiss.

Greenlee reminds David that they are married friends. Ryan and Madison are at the casino. Ryan gives Madison helpful advice on how to deal with Greenlee and if Greenlee fires her then Ryan will give her a job at the casino. Tad tells Jesse that he is going to Ohio to talk to Hillary. Angie confronts Frankie about throwing his pain medication into the garbage where anyone could find it. David tells Adam that he wants him to get him off from these charges and to reinstate his medical license. Madison tells Greenlee her idea and Greenlee likes it.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Paul, Emily and Eliza go shopping in Old Town. Meg’s doctor encourages her to go for an outing in town. Meg has her reservations about going to town. Lily leaves Lucinda in charge of her children while she goes to get Holden out of jail. Lily arrives at the police station and finds out that someone had already picked Holden up. A man jumps Reid for being responsible for the death of his daughter. Holden invites Molly to move back into the ranch. Molly accepts. Lily walks in, surprised to see Holden and Molly together. Paul leaves Emily alone with Eliza to buy Eliza some new dresses. Emily runs into Meg outside of Al’s diner. Emily, immediately warns Meg to go back to the sanitarium. Meg informs Emily that she is only on an outing. Reid gets attacked by the man as Luke watches. Holden asks Molly to accompany him to see the children, but she refuses. Lucinda blasts Faith for her attitude toward her mother. Lucinda wants Faith to go back to school, but Faith insists on staying home. Holden is reunited with his children. Holden lets his children know that he is not moving back home. Faith lets Holden know that she cannot go back to school. Thanks to a phone call, Molly finds out that Faith had been suspended from school because of smoking pot. Molly arrives at Lily’s to confront Faith. Molly gives Faith an ultimatum either Faith tell Lily and Holden the truth or she will. Faith suddenly decides to go back to school. Lily and Holden decide to drive her. Meg sees Eliza. Paul offers to let Meg hold Eliza. Meg has her doubts about holding Eliza. Paul, Meg and Eliza spend some time together at Al’s diner. Luke confronts Reid about his argument with the man. Faith promises Molly that she will tell Lily and Holden the truth.

Lucinda and Molly have a chat about Molly’s being involved with Holden and that it wouldn’t last. Holden, Lily and Faith arrive back at school. Lily and Holden want to go in with Faith, but Faith refuses to let them. A nurse offers to help Reid, but Reid refuses the help. Reid visits Luke. Reid tells Luke about what was going on with the man. Holden gets a call concerning Faith. Meg tells her doctor that she feels good after going into town. Meg asks to spend more time with Eliza. Reid finds out that Luke and Noah have broken up. Molly lets Lily and Holden know that Faith had been suspended from school because of pot smoking.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy stops by Oliver’s and tries to persuade him not to take Hope to the dance. She doesn’t think he really wants to spend his time hanging out with teenagers. She whips out her laptop and wants to show him something; she has a musical job for him if he is interested. She can put in a good word for him to her dad. He tells her that he can not let Hope down. This will have to wait until morning. Steffy comes on stronger, admitting that she is turned on and has feelings for him. Hope tells her friends and Brooke at the dance that Oliver is on his way and will be there soon. Nick accepts Bridget’s explanation that she and Owen were just discussing what had happened to Aggie. Aggie comes in and welcomes them home. Bridget tells her under the circumstances with Stephanie quitting, her job has been eliminated and she is fired. Taylor entertains Whip poolside.

Whip surprises Taylor with a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings. She thinks they are too much for her to accept, but he insists they are not; it’s just a token of his appreciation for loving her. She admits she loves him too. Nick is unhappy. He wishes Bridget had discussed Aggie with him before she fired her. She says she wished they had discussed a lot of things about Aggie, but their relationship wasn’t good for her now and she had to let her go. While Steffy is on the phone with her dad, Ollie manages to reverse the Owen/Bridget video Steffy has back to his phone. He’s watching it on large screen when Aggie walks in and sees it. She can’t believe that Bridget is acting like Aggie doesn’t even deserve to breathe the same air as she does and here she goes and has an affair. She takes the phone and tells Oliver that little Miss Perfect has some explaining to do. Bridget convinces Nick that she does want to start over and asks him to take her right there in the office. She asks him to lock the door. Nick is on top of her and they are going after it when Aggie uses her key and walks in. She tells them that she is sorry to intrude, but she knows what Bridget is up to and it’s time her husband knew as well.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole confronts Anna about kidnapping Sydney. Anna continues to deny it, but finally breaks down and asks Nicole what it is she wants. Stefano and Kate come up with a ruse to see Sydney, but EJ catches Stefano and lays into him. Chad dumps Gabi because he can’t get Mia off his mind. He’s delighted when Mia tells him that she and Will aren’t that serious, and that she wants to date him. Later, Mia accidentally drops the necklace Will gave her while kissing Chad at the pier, and Gabi finds it. Thinking it’s Chad’s necklace, she tells Will as much when he asks why she has it. Melanie tells the judge that Carly shot her on accident, and that she didn’t mean to kill her. The judge gives Carly probation. Bo is elated, but Carly fears that the only thing keeping Melanie safe was the fact that she despised her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam consoles Kristina. Later, Sam tells Jason she feels guilty about what happened to Kristina. Tracy bails Ethan out of jail but Lucky fears for his brother’s safety. Kiefer visits Kristina in the hospital. He gives a tearful apology and says they can “forget” what happened and move forward. Kristina says she blamed Ethan because she knew Sonny would kill Kiefer if he learned the truth. Spinelli sees Johnny visiting Maxie and he feels jealous and unworthy. Mac gets upset when he finds Spinelli in Maxie’s room. Alexis tells Jason if Ethan is killed, Kristina will never “recover.” Lucky questions Kiefer and his parents about the night Kristina was beaten up. Kiefer’s parents clearly disapprove of Kristina. Nikolas tells Lucky the paternity results should be in soon. Nik goes to pick up Elizabeth to wait for the test results to come in at GH. Claire presses Carly about Michael’s whereabouts. Claire pressures Jax to get Michael’s location and says she’s determined to have him testify against Sonny. Jason tries to get Kristina to open up to him and asks her for details on the night of the beating. Jason notices a discrepancy in Kristina’s story (given what Sam told him) and wonders if she may have “made a mistake.” Helena tells Alfred she’s moving into Wyndemere. Lucky shows up at GH just in time to hear Epiphany say Nik is the baby’s father. Ethan tells Tracy he wants to clear his name. Later, Lulu catches Ethan packing up to skip town. Ethan says his DNA was on Kristina because she scratched his face. Mac tells Alexis that Kristina’s DNA test just came back.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Cole goes to Hannah's place and finds her unconscious with an empty bottle of pills on her nightstand. He induces vomiting to get the pills out of her system. He tries to encourage her to tell him why she wanted to kill herself. Langston is waiting in Ford's office, shirtless when Markko knocks on the door. She quickly dresses and opens the door. She lies and says she was looking for Markko. Markko notices a missing button on her blouse and she says she lost it earlier but couldn’t find anything to repair it. He gives her his Jacket so she can cover her shirt. After she leaves, he finds her missing button on the floor in Ford's office. Starr is angry that Langston wrote her musical about Starr and Cole's lives. Blair slips and reveals that Langston confided something to her and Starr tried to pressure her to reveal Langston’s secret.

Jessica goes to Llanview High and sees Blair with Cristian. She tells her to stay away from her boyfriend. Cristian tells her once again that he hasn’t been her boyfriend in years. Jessica asks him who else he has been with. He reluctantly discloses that he was once with her cousin Sarah, he was married to her sister, Natalie, and that she was once married to his brother, Antonio. Marty goes to Llanfair looking for Jessica. Natalie apologizes to Marty for spilling the beans about the baby to John. She asks her if they are getting married. John tells Bo that Marty is pregnant. Bo asks John when he and Marty are getting married. One of Todd's goons drags Kelly to the Sun so he can try to persuade her to work for him. Kelly concludes that Todd only wants him to work at the Sun as a way to stick it to Blair. He says his only reason for offering the job to her is that she is qualified. Blair walks in just in time to hear Kelly telling Todd that she doesn’t want to stand between him and Blair.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

No new episode airing today.

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