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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad, Krystal, and Opal are having breakfast when Damon comes in ready for his community service at the hospital. Tad lays down the law to Damon about his first day at work. Jesse sees Angie at the hospital and informs her he has plans for them for the weekend. Randi and Frankie arrive at the hospital. Seeing his hand hurts him, Randi asks if he's taking his pain medication. Frankie says he cannot use it before he does a procedure. Greenlee and Madison discuss her new cosmetics line. Adam brings David his breakfast upstairs to the attic. Although he admits to shooting Stuart, Adam accuses David of putting the gun in his hand. David still tries to lay the blame on Gayle. Madison tells Greenlee all that Erica did for her. Angie tells Jesse that she will have to cut 3 of her interns because of budget cuts and Frankie is one of them. Tad confesses to Krystal that Damon may be his son. Krystal can’t believe her ears. Tad tells her he hasn't told Liza. Liza comes to visit Tad. Adam has yet another attack with his heart. In treating Adam, David steals Adam’s cell phone. Tad comes to the hospital to apologize to Damon for his remarks of that morning. Frankie assures his mom that his hand feels fine. Angie wishes Frankie good luck before his procedure. He throws the bottle of pain meds in the trash can before entering the O.R. Adam forbids David to leave the attic. David sends Greenlee a text message to meet him.

Greenlee and David are reunited at the Chandler mansion. Liza asks Krystal if she noticed something different about Tad. Liza asks Opal if Krystal has a love interest. Adam finds his cell phone lying upstairs in the attic, then asks Greenlee where David is. Greenlee refuses to tell Adam that David is hiding in the tunnel again. Jesse walks in and asks Adam if he is harboring David within his walls. Greenlee pretends she is there because Adam is funding her new product line. Jesse tells Adam that he and his officers are going to search the premises for David. Tad gets the DNA results. Damon takes Frankie's bottle of pills out of the garbage. When Angie asks what he planned on doing with the pills, Damon claims he was going to turn them in.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

In Henry’s hotel room, Vienna kisses him, but he pushes her away. Surprised by his actions, Vienna suggests that they have a real courtship with flowers, candy, etc. Barbara, in her hotel room, looks at a card which says “Fashions.” At Al’s diner, Bob, Kim, and Chris discuss the new wing of the hospital. At home, Katie tells Reid that he can stay in town now and head up the new wing of the hospital since Henry donated the money. Noah lets Luke know that he and Reid aren’t leaving town. Luke gets the idea that Noah will move back in with him. They hug. Noah lets Luke know that he needs to be by himself right now. Luke and Noah kiss. Chris catches up with Alison outside of Al’s diner. When Alison asks him if he is back home for good, Chris says he will be working at the hospital. Katie and Reid visit Vienna and Henry to get the check signed for the new wing of the hospital. Henry is reluctant to sign the check. Bob asks Chris what is going on with Alison. Reid and Katie present Bob with the check. Reid sets conditions on his being the head of the new wing of the hospital. Kim tells Barbara to tell Henry how she feels about him. As Barbara and Henry share a special moment, Vienna interrupts them for the start of the show in which they announce that they are donating the money to the hospital. Vienna tells Henry how much she loves him for doing this. Luke and Noah say good-bye to each other. Katie brings Jacob to see Chris because of a rash. As Bob makes a toast to him, Henry cannot keep his eyes off Barbara. Alison catches up with Noah at Old Town. Alison and Noah decide to move in together. In the elevator together, Henry says Barbara knows how he feels about her, but he wonders how she feels about him. Barbara is reluctant to answer. A strange man confronts Reid. Luke watches the goings on. Barbara lets Henry know that he needs to dissolve things between him and Vienna. Vienna comes looking for Henry, but he hides from her. The man calls Reid a murderer.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie decorates the office and welcome Nick and Bridget back. The guilty looks continue between Owen and Bridget. She assures them they couldn’t be happier and they just want to be normal and get back to work. Hope shares with Brooke that Steffy and Oliver kissed. Hope assures her that she isn’t worried about that relationship at all. Oliver runs into Steffy exercising in the executive lounge. Steffy continues to take potshots at Hope while flirting with Oliver. He thinks this trying to blackmail Brooke is beneath Steffy and wishes she would change her mind. Oliver meets Brooke in the office when he comes to see Hope. Brooke warns Oliver about Steffy saying that she has been out of control lately….if he wants to have relationship with her sweet little daughter, then he should just avoid Steffy as much as he can.

Owen warns Bridget that she has to get back on track and show no signs of what happened between them. She says that night felt so ugly and what they did was ugly. She is so sick of lies and betrayal. She so desperately wants to tell Nick the truth, but because it was with Owen she can’t do that. Owen agrees it is not the same, but he only had sympathy for her which was the same as he and Jackie not having a baby they wanted. They have to make this work. Nick confesses to Jackie that he does not want to go back and re-live that night that Agnes lost the baby and Bridget ran off. He’d just die if he lost her. He walks in and finds Owen and Bridget in deep discussion and wants to know what is going on. Brooke finds Steffy and has a few things to say to her. She says this is not the Steffy she knows. Brooke tells her that she has the company back, she has her father back so why can’t Steffy end this feud. Steffy says she may have the company back, but she does not have her dad back….there is always Hope and R.J. She’s calling in justice. Brooke warns Steffy to stay away from Hope. They both think Steffy is just using Oliver to get what he wants. Steffy tells her to just keep pushing; she will see. Oliver tells Hope this is a big night and he is glad he is taking her to the dance. He kisses Hope, and Steffy is about to enter the room and spies them. She stops long enough to say to herself that Hope better enjoy this as she will not be going to the dance with Oliver tonight.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Carly prepares to plead guilty at her hearing, despite both Bo and Hope warning her not to do so. Daniel tells Melanie about Carly’s plan, and she interrupts the hearing just as the judge prepares to sentence Carly. Vivian has Lawrence’s ashes placed in Salem’s cemetery. She’s delighted to learn from Hope that Carly will plead guilty, and tells Lawrence that victory is finally theirs. Max and Philip butt heads over Melanie and whether or not Philip is good enough for her. Stephanie tells Nathan about Melanie’s letter, and he’s furious with her for not giving it to him. Nicole remembers that Anna took Sydney and calls her to have her come to the prison. Once Anna gets there, Nicole accuses her of stealing her baby.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Kristina tells Alexis and Sonny that Ethan caused her injuries. Kristina gives her statement to Lucky. Sonny confronts Ethan at the Haunted Star. Sonny wants to shoot Ethan but Dante and Lucky stop him in time. Sam gets a call from Alexis about Kristina's assault. Sam feels guilty because she confronted Ethan earlier in the night. Sam apologizes to Kristina for not protecting her against Ethan. Dante visits Kristina in the hospital; they have a bonding moment. Sonny tells Jason that Ethan needs to die tonight. Johnny is at the police station when he finds out Ethan has been arrested for Kristina's assault. Johnny runs to Jason and says that Ethan is innocent of the charges. Sam and Alexis have an intimate chat about Kristina. Alexis is not happy to find out that Kristina got contraceptives at the clinic. Kiefer shows up at the Davis home. Molly informs Kiefer that Kristina is in the hospital because of Ethan. Sonny breaks down while he speaks to Kristina about Deke. Dante listens from the hallway.

Elizabeth and Nikolas patiently wait to hear if the paternity results are ready. Helena pays the lab technician for the results. Helena is amused that the baby is Lucky's but still plans on switching the results, making Nik the father. Nikolas receives a phone call that the results have been delayed. Helena visits Liz at Shadybrook. Helena implies that Nikolas is the father of Elizabeth's baby.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dani is getting into trouble in school and acting out. Cristian confronts her. Starr encourages her to participate in a school musical. Jessica is still obsessing over Cristian since she has no memory of loving anybody else. Todd is determined to get Kelly to work with him for the Sun even though she wants to get back to England. Langston is secretly going off and messing around with Ford. Hannah cannot accept being used by him. Cole goes to find Hannah and finds her unconscious on her bed.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon and Nick discuss the possibility of their baby being alive and Ashley having him. Phyllis and Malcolm meet for lunch and a heart to heart talk about her marriage with Nick. At Crimson Lights, Emily (Patty) sits at a table and calls Jack to check on Ashley. One of Emily’s patients walks up to have a talk with her, but Emily doesn’t recognize her. The woman tells Emily that she needs her help. Neil and Jack keep Ashley and the baby company. Ashley tells Jack and Neil that she will do anything to help Sharon find her baby. Jill meets with an Immigration lawyer. Katherine walks up to join Jill just as the lawyer leaves. Jill suggests that they bury the hatchet just for today. Lily apologizes to Cane for lying to him about her PET scan results. Although Malcolm tells Phyllis that her marriage to Nick is doomed., she insists it is not over. Ashley tells Jack that she needs to call Nick and Sharon. Jack tells Ashley that this situation is in her hands. Sharon tells Nick that she had had a visit with Cassie. Victor shows Adam the annulment papers and says he doesn’t care what happens to him in jail. Heather walks through the double doors just as Victor leaves Adam’s room. When Heather goes into Adam’s room, he asks her for help. Lily urges Cane not to escape from custody. Jill and Katherine visit Cane and Lily. Katherine tells Cane that they will take care of Lily. The officer arrives to take Cane away. Phyllis comes home to find Sharon with Nick. Emily (Patty) listens to her patient's problems with her mother. When Emily (Patty) suggests that the patient find a safe place to go, she accuses her of patronizing her. Ashley tells Victor about the DNA test. Emily (Patty) lashes out and tells the woman to get another psychiatrist. Emily (Patty) bumps into Jack and is thrilled to see him. Nick and Sharon receive a call from Ashley. Phyllis watches Sharon and Nick together. Cane and Neil say good-bye. Emily (Patty) gets a call from her boss at the hospital. Nick and Sharon arrive at Ashley’s -- it is an awkward situation for all. Katherine tries to comfort Jill concerning Cane. Ashley agrees to the DNA test and tells Sharon and Nick that she will respect the results. Emily becomes Adam’s new psychiatrist. While returning to the cabin, Phyllis is involved in an accident. Cane escapes from custody.

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