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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Fusion, Greenlee asks Madison to help her with the new product line that she is working on. Madison asks Greenlee where Erica is. Jack comes in to join Erica at ConFusion and wonders why she is not upstairs at Fusion. Adam has chest pains while David watches him from the tunnel. David comes out of his hiding place and stands over Adam, exclaiming that he looks like a dead man. Ryan comes running in the Chandler mansion looking for Emma. Just before he enters the living room, Emma comes in. Ryan and Emma leave without knowing David was there. David dunks Adam’s head into a bowl of ice water in order to revive him. Erica asks Jack to be completely unbiased in his arbitration meeting between her and Greenlee. Randi comes into Fusion and lets Greenlee and Madison know that Erica is downstairs eating. Greenlee goes downstairs to get Erica and Jack. Opal arrives at the police station where she finds Tad waiting for Damon. After Tad tells her about the judge's decision, Opal fears that Damon will go back to his old ways of stealing. Jesse reminds Tad that Damon could be his son. Adam demands to know what David is doing here. Annie begins to pound on the door for Adam to tell her why the door is locked. David promises to keep Adam’s health a secret as long as he gives him sanctuary. Upstairs at Fusion, Erica notices how Greenlee has redecorated the office. Jack suggests that they share the office, but Erica and Greenlee refuse. Scott and Annie barge into the living room and find Adam alone.

Adam tells Annie that he was asleep. Annie wants to resume where they left off, but Adam tells her that he is tired and he goes upstairs. Annie blames Brooke for Adam’s sudden refusal. Tad tells Damon that Hillary is staying away from Pine Valley because of Tad. Madison runs into Ryan and Emma at ConFusion. With Jack’s help, Erica and Greenlee come up with a plan. The one who has the most successful cosmetic line will win Fusion. Jesse suggests that they run a DNA test on Damon to see if he is Tad’s son. Brooke returns to the Chandler mansion and tells Annie that J.R. wants her to keep an eye on her. David and Adam join forces. Greenlee sees Emma at ConFusion. Emma hugs Greenlee and says she misses her. Greenlee asks Madison to be on her team.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dusty and Jack disagree vehemently about the role Dusty will play in his baby’s life. Carly and Janet disagree about Carly’s role in regards to the soon-to-be baby. Liberty calls home because the doctors need to talk with her, as Parker tells Janet that Liberty needs her. Barbara sees Henry and Vienna in a passionate kiss and interrupts them. She stays mum about their relationship even as Vienna says some things that bother Barbara. Janet rushes to tell Dusty that she needs to get to Liberty, as Jack and Carly are there too so they all go. Henry seems torn between Barbara now that Vienna is back, but she wants to save face and tells him that there is nothing to worry about because what they had was fleeting and he can go back to his real love now. The doctors worry about how Liberty is responding to the treatment. She has to choose whether to go forward. Parker is adamant that Liberty continue to fight, but ultimately it is up to Liberty. Although she is exhausted, she agrees to continue with treatments. Janet can’t help herself and tells Liberty about the baby. Liberty is not happy and wishes they had not chosen to have a baby who may not even save her; then they will be left with a baby that was unwanted. Janet, Jack and Dusty convince her that the baby is wanted no matter what. Liberty is still upset and bothered that her mom is tied now to someone that no longer loves her. Dusty and Liberty speak alone where he admits to his love for her mom and how he wants to marry and be a family with her. Liberty and Dusty convince Janet to accept Dusty’s proposal with ease. Jack interrupts the moment, but he wishes her all the happiness and they talk about moving forward with an annulment. Carly tells Parker about the baby; he is happy there is hope, but he worries what this means for his mom and dad. They will get through this; she promises that they will not give up on one another again. Vienna wants to get frisky with Henry, but he seems preoccupied and even excuses himself to call Barbara, who is returning the dress to Lisa that he bought her. She talks of how silly she was to be with Henry, but Lisa thinks she should cut herself so slack because she has seemed very happy. Vienna plays dress up and Henry is enamored by Vienna even though he has mixed feelings. Barbara is about to knock on Henry’s door when she hears Vienna laugh; she leaves unnoticed, but soon after Henry stops Vienna from kissing him, as Vienna is shocked. The actual end of his marriage saddens Jack, as he watches Janet, Dusty and Liberty together as a family. He heads over to see Carly and wonders where his place will be with his child now. She promises the baby will always be his as will she. This makes Jack very happy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While stopping by Taylor’s to deliver some photo proofs, Hope spies Olivier kissing Steffy. She doesn’t buy their excuse that it was just a friendly kiss. They trade barbs and Hope leaves with Oliver close behind. Brooke tells Ridge that Hope seems smitten with this new guy, Oliver, a D. J. She’s real excited for Hope on her first official date. She hopes he doesn’t disappoint her. Before she can get her car started, Oliver catches up with Hope and begs her to give him a chance to explain. When Taylor comes home, Steffy explains why Hope was there and left so suddenly. She is not admitting that she is interested in Oliver too, but they were kissing. So now Hope will go tell Brooke and she will think the worst of Steffy of going after another guy that is already taken.

Oliver confides in Hope that his relationship with Steffy is complicated. He says he needed something from Steffy, and Hope says yeah she bets she knows what it is. Hope wants to go home, but Oliver won’t get out of her car with her thinking the worst. Steffy slips to her mother that she has information now that she can use to get Brooke out of the company for good. Her mother tells her she should not consume herself with that. She and her grandmother can handle that. Steffy needs to let this go and go out and have some fun. Steffy gloats that not to worry. If she wants Oliver she know she can get him. Hope fills Oliver in about Steffy, but gives him carte blanche if that is what he wants. He kisses her. He tells her he wants another chance. He wants to be with her tonight and to take her to the dance tomorrow night. She agrees and they kiss again.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Carly decides to plead guilty to shooting Melanie, but Bo tries to change her mind. Hope speaks to Melanie about the shooting, but is unable to get her to see that Carly only meant to protect her. Later, Carly tells Hope that she thinks her going to jail would be better for Bo, as then, he and Hope can reconcile. Hope tells her to go to hell. Max returns to Salem for a brief visit and tries to convince Melanie to forgive Carly, but she refuses. Rafe calls EJ and Sami to Anna’ s hideout to see if they recognize anything from the video, but they both say they don’t. Anna begins to panic when her flight to Costa Rica is delayed. Nicole remembers that Anna was the one that took Sydney from her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam gives Ethan a hard time for “knocking Kristina around,” which Ethan denies. Kiefer continues on his violent tirade, beating Kristina. Steven is suspicious when he sees Helena with the lab tech. Lucky tells Elizabeth they have no future, regardless of the baby. Jason isn’t happy to find Sonny talking with Dante about Michael. Sonny tells Jason he’s conflicted and is certain Dante will show “compassion” for Michael. Kate and Lulu take Maxie to GH to get checked out. Dante spends a little time with Alexis and Molly at Kelly’s. Luke tells Tracy he’s “stuck in parental Hell” because of the Ethan and Kristina situation. Ethan goes to the house and finds a beaten and bruised Kristina – she’s frightened and scratches his face. Ethan rushes Kristina to GH. Dante discusses Michael with Lucky. Spinelli feels guilty about Maxie’s health condition – he tells Jason he’s “bad for Maxie” so he must “let her go.” Monica says Maxie has pneumonia. Patrick calls Sonny and tells him about Kristina. Alexis comes home to find the house a mess, and then gets a call from Epiphany. Ethan tells Lucky that he found Kristina. Lucky asks about the marks on Ethan’s face. The paternity test results are handed to Helena. Kristina lies and says Ethan beat her up.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Roxy is ready to tell Gigi about the big secret involving Allison Perkins delivering Rex for her and then taking him. But when Kim comes to inform them that Schuyler got custody of baby Sierra, she can't tell her more. Allison tells Mitch that Schuyler Joplin is his ticket out of jail even though Mitch does not know what she is talking about. Natalie wants to go with her mother and Bree to England until she finds out that her father has married Kim and she concludes she needs to stay there to look out for Clint. Rex and Schuyler have a big brawl. Oliver hears from Kyle and from Dr. Greg the suspicions of Schuyler and is having mixed feelings about whether to accept him raising the baby that might be Oliver's. John finds out that Marty is pregnant with his child. She tells him that it's not the right time given both of their situations. But he tells her he wants to commit to her and to the baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

As she and Michael sit alone at a table at Crimson Lights, Lauren asks him how Ashley is doing. Lauren wants to call Ashley, but Michael advises that she hold off on it. While serving them coffee, Kevin questions Michael about Cane being deported. Michael tells Kevin that he has files in his briefcase that he asked for. Kevin opens up Michael’s briefcase and finds a brown manila envelope containing pics of Lauren and Paul, kissing. At the Athletic Club, Neil thanks the person for calling. Daniel walks in to join them. Lily lets Daniel know that Cane is being deported today. Daniel still wonders why Lily hasn’t told Cane and Neil the truth. At Jimmy’s, Mac is trying to figure out how green to make the green beer for St. Patrick’s Day. J.T. comes in to join her. J.T. lets Mac know about the argument that he and Victoria had the night before. Billy joins Victoria at her table at Crimson Lights and discuss how their families banded together to bring down Adam. Ashley finds it annoying that Jack watches her every move and suggests that he go to take a shower, then she takes Faith and leaves. Michael gets a call and leaves Lauren alone with Kevin. Kevin confronts Lauren about the pics. Lauren declares that someone is trying to ruin her and Michael’s lives. J.T. vows to Mac that he will fight for full custody of Reed to keep him away from Victor. Michael tells Victoria about J.T.'s plan. Lily goes to see Cane before his deportation. Ashley and Faith sit alone at the airport when Tucker walks in from a recent trip. Tucker keeps Ashley company and begins to ask where she is going. Jack calls Billy to let him know that Ashley is gone with Faith. Neil and Jack argue over Ashley and her whereabouts. Billy tries to call Ashley, but she refuses to answer her cell phone. Tucker finds out that Ashley is disappointed in her family and offers comforting words about her state of mind. Mac visits Cane. Cane says good-bye to the twins. Lily refuses to let Daniel visit Cane. Victoria confronts J.T, over his fighting for full custody for bad mouthing her family over what they did to Adam. Michael lets Lily and Cane know that the appeal was denied. Kevin inform Lauren that he found the pics of her and Paul in Michael’s briefcase. Lauren decides to tell Michael the truth. Tucker brings Ashley and Faith back home. After Lily tells Cane that her PET scan came back positive for cancer, they hug.

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